Commander Riker broke away from the kiss and tried to slide past Kamala. "I think I'm beginning to feel the pheromones you were speaking of."

The tall woman cupped her hand on his cheek and turned him to face her again. "You were curious, weren't you?" she whispered.

Will smiled , "Curious isn't exactly how I'd describe it."

Kamala pressed her body into him, trailing her long fingers across his broad chest. "You know what's remarkable about empathic metamorphs?"

Riker looked amazed. "You mean there's something even 'more' remarkable about you?"

"We learn so quickly what stimulates a man," She said smiling as she could feel the Commanders warm breath against her face, his heart pounding against her chest. "And the second even better than the first."

Will felt his breath catch as she pressed her moist lips to his. Sensing his desire, his need...Kamala deepened the kiss, seeking out his tongue with her's.
Her gentle fingers probed the contours of his neck and jawline, causing Will to shudder in her arms.

Raw lustful emotions engulfed his thoughts. To have someone like 'this' acting eagerly, knowing what pleased him before even knowing himself...was something boy's would only dream about. But this was no dream. She was here...with him...pressing her warm breasts against his chest, capturing his lips like no other woman since...since...

Will surprised himself and backed away, clinching his fist in frustration. "Listen," he licked the taste of her from his lips as he continued backward, "this has been very educational. But I make it a policy to never open another man's gift."

Kamala drew her eyes along Riker's long body. "I know my role in history Commander." But it's going to be a long voyage," she said as she once again took in his form, focusing her seductive eyes on his lower half, longing for what she knew he had to offer.

Will grinned bashfully. "It certainly is." He pulled his spine straight in a poor attempt to regain his commanding pose, "We'll try to make you as comfortable as possible," he spit out before turning to leave.

Safely outside her quarters, Will looked back one last time watching the door close. Letting out the breath he knew he was holding, he wiped the sweat from his upper lip. "Riker to Bridge," he didn't wait for a reply, "if you need me I'll be on holodeck four."

Kamala had gotten the train, and in spite of his ability to remove himself from that situation, it hadn't been soon enough and the locomotive was in need of a depot...quickly.

Will would have wanted nothing better than to have been able to go to Deanna at this moment, but what would he tell her? 'Hey Dee, I was just seduced by one hell of a woman...could you help me out please?' or 'I know its been awhile, but for old times sake, could I fuck you right now?' Will laughed at himself as he rounded the last corner before the turbolift.

Will had been staring at his feet when the doors to the lift opened. And as fate would have it, he walked right into Deanna Troi, nearly knocking her to the floor when he marched forward.

"Oh god...Deanna are you okay?" Will reached out to steady the shaken and stunned Counselor.

"I...I think so." Deanna looked at Will, "I think I should ask that of you?" She studdied his reddened complexion. "You don't look so good. Can I help you to sickbay?"

Will jumped slightly at her genuinely innocent concern. " I'll be fine. I think I just need to lie down a bit. Really." He backed against the wall of the lift as Deanna stepped out, this time unobstructed.

Her eyes narrowed in confusion. She was sure he was hiding something. "Okay," she said as the doors closed.

Deanna walked a short distance and came to a stop infront of Kamala's quarters. She didn't have to wait long before the door opened to a dimly lit room and Kamala standing to greet her.

"Ship's Counselor Deanna Troi." Deanna smiled and held her hand out. "Captain Picard asked me to see if you needed anything."

Kamala shook Deanna's offered hand and returned the smile. "He's a kind man, but I am quite comfortable. Thank you." She studied the smaller woman carefully. "Betazoid?"


"So you are the one he was thinking of when he left." Kamala circled Troi as if she was sizing up her competition. "He's very handsome and very...large, you should be proud."

Deanna shook her head. "I'm afraid I don't know what you are talking about?"

"I sensed that he is quite the lover. Am I right?"

"Kamala, really...I don't understand?" Deanna was beginning to realize why Will had been in the state of mind he was when he ran her down in the turbolift.

"Commander Riker. He 'was' thinking of you when he backed away from me. I just assumed the two of you were lover's. I'm sorry if that was incorrect."

Deanna became nervous and knew that she was unable to hide it from her fellow empath. "Look, if everything is to your liking, I best be on my way."

"Counselor, I have offended and embarrassed you. I am truly sorry."

"No...really. I just thought..."

"Thought what?"

"That Will no longer had those types of feelings for me. I mean, we were once lovers, but that was so long ago." Deanna said softly, almost as if she was speaking to herself.

"Do you know of my type?" Kamala asked, referring to the fact that she was an empathic metamorph whose abilty allowed her to sense a man's desires.

"Yes." Deanna crossed her arms against her chest, slightly jealous.

"Then you know that it wasn't Commander Riker's fault for being seduced by me? Don't be angry at him."

Angry? Why would I be angry at him? He doesn't love me like that anymore? she thought, or at least she assumed she thought those questions.

"You are wrong Counselor. He does love you like that." Kamala watched Deanna's surprised look. "I'm surprised that you have been unable to sense his thoughts for you."

"I am only half Betazoid. I can only sense strong emotions, and with seems my human side tends to take over." Deanna admitted.

"I find it hard to believe that even your 'human side' doesn't pick up any signals from him." Kamala sat on the couch and crossed her legs, smugly. "I mean, it doesn't take an empath to see his huge-"

"Kamala," Deanna tried to not sound annoyed, "that is none of your business. And I'm sorry if 'that' offends you." Deanna stood at the door, waiting for it to open.

"Then in that case, you won't mind if I see him later?"

The door thankfully opened as Deanna glanced back, "No, I don't mind," Deanna said as calm as she could.

When the door closed behind her, she found herself gritting her teeth, thinking about what she had just said. 'No, I don't mind you seducing the only man I have ever loved. No, I don't mind your body laying next to his. No...I don't mind one single little tiny inconsequential...bit.'
"I must be nuts," she concluded. "Computer, location of Commander Riker?"

<Commander Riker is on holodeck four>

Deanna let out a long breath as she preceded down the hall in hopes of talking this 'thing' out, once and for all.

The program was surprisingly simple. The deserted nightclub scene was one he had used in the past and was meant to be nothing more than a quick getaway. There were no musicians, no bartenders, no waitress', nobody, except a beautiful brunette sitting desperately alone at the bar. And it wasn't even Minuette, the holowoman he conjured up years ago that was to be his ideal type of date.

Will looked up from the game of pool he was half-heartedly playing and glanced at his creation. She sat with her legs crossed, her head resting in her hand, watching his every move. He had intentionally programmed her to not speak because the whole idea of the program was to be nothing more than sex on the pool table. No talking, no laughing, no commitments...just sex. Thats all...just sex. Nothing more. Except...
He couldn't bring himself to do it.
Just sex...
"DAMN IT!" he yelled and cracked the cue against a chair, shattering the slim pole to pieces.
He looked at the motionless woman again. Just sex...

Will flopped onto a barstool and buried his face in his hands. All he had to do was go over and lead the agreeable woman to the table and... do it. After all, that was what she was created for...just sex.
"Shit," he whispered. "Computer, remove woman."

A second later, the ardent lady vanished without Will even looking up. Minutes passed as he sat there, with his face covered by his hands.

And that was how Deanna found him.


He turned quickly on the stool, shocked that he had not heard the door open. Of all the people on the Enterprise, she was the single person he did not wish to see right now.

Without a word, Will turned back around to face the bar, unwilling to even look at her.

"May I sit down?" Deanna had moved next to him.

He shrugged his shoulders. "Sure. But I'm afraid I'm not going to be very good company." God, can't she sense that I want to be alone?

Minutes passed before the awkward silence was broken by her soft musical voice. "I left Kamala's quarters a short time ago. She told me what happened."

He shook his head.

"So, I guess, I'm a little stunned by your choice of programs." She looked around the desolate room. "I wasn't quite sure how I'd find you."

Will let out a low chuckle then turned to face her. "I can't do this anymore Deanna."


"This." He waved his hands around. "Going through the motions...acting like I don't have a care in the universe...thinking I'm the only person that I want to satisfy."

She stared at him for a moment, feeling his desire to want to tell her more. Deanna took his hand that was resting on the bar. "What is it that you do want?"

He chuckled then turned away, pulling his hand from hers.

Sensing that he lacked the courage to say what he was feeling, Deanna took the initiative. "She also told me why you left her room." She pushed his shoulder back so that he faced her again. "Will, I had no idea you felt that way."

"No idea?'re the damn empath. You couldn't tell how much I still-" he was unable to finish his sentence.

"Still what?" she urged him on.

He frowned. "This is stupid," he muttered. "I need to get back to the bridge." Will stood up but found her hand grabbing his arm harshly pulling him back.

"You're not skipping out again on this conversation! Still WHAT?" Deanna was losing her patience.

He looked into her eyes and saw the determination that there was no way she was letting him escape this time.

"Alright, fine! You want got it! You want to know what I'm thinking and feeling right now?"

Deanna nodded, letting his arm free.

Will sucked in a deep breath then exhaled slowly. "I can't continue through life knowing that I screwed up a long time ago, and that I am unable to fix it. I need...I want more in this world than just simple, short term pleasure." He caught her dark eyes and held them with his own. "I want you."
There. He said it.

Deanna found herself unable to breathe as his face neared hers. "Deanna, I you." Will caressed her face with his large hands. "I want to be with you again." He surprised himself with being able to continue expressing his feelings.

Deanna moved her hands so that they covered his, then she turned her head and kissed the palm of one. Will felt wetness on her cheeks. "I have waited too long to hear you say that," she sobbed.

Wiping away the tears with his thumbs, he bent down and kissed her trembling lips, tasting her for the first time in years.

They continued rediscovering each other with intense eagerness. Fervently touching one another, they couldn't get close enough to satisfy their passion. An eternity had passed before Deanna pulled Will toward the pool table. Sensing that he was somewhat surprised, she said, "I just assumed that his is why you placed this in the program?" Her eyebrows arched as if she was asking for his approval.

But Will shook his head. "No. Well...yes. But this isn't what I would ever intend to do with you. You mean so much more."

Deanna studied him and his emotions and without hesitation ordered up another program. One she knew he wouldn't not be embarrassed about.
"I might not be a metamorph...but I know what you like."

Deanna broke away from Will's grasp and layed down in the warm sand of one of Betazed's beaches. She watched as his face beamed with delight and he leaned down. "You're too much," he whispered in her ear as he layed down beside her body.

Deanna's lips pulled into one of the wickedest smiles he had ever seen. "What?"

"She was right. I am proud." His confusion quickly cleared when he felt her hand unzipping the front of his trousers.

They devested their clothing quickly, succumbing to the throes of each other's erotic thoughts.

"Oh God...WILL!" Will had placed his hand between her thighs as he breathed in the unmistakable scent of her arousal.

Deanna was utterly helpless against his touch. Drawing a deep breath, it had taken only minutes before she felt her body explode into violent shuddering as she came rapidly.

Unable to wait any longer, Will rolled on top of her, holding himself up with his elbows. And it wasn't long before he found himself experiencing the same pleasurable shuddering Deanna had, just moments earlier.

Minutes later, Deanna was resting her head on Will's chest, teasing the hair by gently blowing across it, watching it dance from the breath. Looking up into his eyes, she grinned devilishly again. "Kamala was right about something else."


"You truly are 'quite the lover'."

"She said that?" Will furrowed his brow.

"Ummhmm," Deanna purred, trailing her fingers down his midline.

Will sucked in a quick breath as her he felt her touch continue downward. "Well then, I guess I had better live up to that reputation, shouldn't I?"

Deanna giggled as his body loomed over hers and her mind swirled into oblivion.

                                       THE END