Challenge #5 from Imzadi List:

For Challenge #5 the challenge is to do a dialogue driven story. NO detail, no description, dialogue only. Make the conversation tell the story for you. You can involve as many characters as you want, however, this cannot be a log entry.

Thank you for your interest and your participation. Let your imagination soar and your fingers fly!


Answer to Challenge #5

'Peer Pressure'
Author: IzzY
Rating: PG-13 for inference.


"You're kidding, right?
"You know I'm not."
"You honestly want me, to put that my mouth?"
"Will, its gigantic! It'll never fit."
"Sure it will. Just try it."
"Please? Everyone does it."
"William Riker, I am not everyone. I am the Daughter of the Fifth of Betazed, Holder of the-"
"Yeah yeah. Now just try it!"
"I can't."
"The thought alone makes my stomach churn. Let alone the taste. I mean, just look at it. Its disgusting!"
"Okay, fine! Don't try it!"
"Don't go all pissy on me now, Commander!"
"I'm not pissy. I just thought you'd enjoy it."
"I see no gratification of putting *that* in my mouth."
"But I'll make it worth you're while, Counselor."
"Oh yeah?"
"Will, I swear to you, if this makes me puke-"
"Its not going to make you puke. Trust me Deanna. Please?"
"What do you call this again?"
"Well, I call it, Havana's little Temptation."
"Little? I think thats an understatement."
"Are going to put it in your mouth or not?"
"Bring it here, Commander."
"Thats my girl! Data, deal us in! Counselor Troi has officially joined the club. Now, who else wants a cigar?"

                                                  The End