captains personal log:

while enroute to pick up the Titan's CMO from a seminar on Maricopa,
we had the unfortunate news that Dr. Osborne is currently being detained
by local authorities for something described only as lewd behavior.
having never met Dr. Osborne personally, I am finding it difficult
to not pass judgement on the situation. I have discussed this with
Counselor Troi and she has encouraged me to keep an open mind.
We are due to arrive at the planet within forty-eight hours, at which
time we will hopefully find out the entire situation.

The second problem I am dealing with revolves around my first officer.
I am having continued difficulty communicating with Commander
Hampton. He has been nothing short of disrespectful toward myself and is
often evasive with his answers. Though his work has not suffered yet, I am
fearful that his attitude may directly affect the ship's moral.
After consulting with Counselor Troi again, she has offered to speak
to him in hopes of salvaging this man's career.


Deanna Troi-Riker stood outside Commander Hampton's door trying to get a sense of what she may encounter from the man she wanted desperately to know. Expecting to feel anger, hatred, jealousy...she suprisingly felt nothing. It was almost as if he knew she was there and purposely blocked her out. Just as she raised her hand to the door alarm, the door swished open revealing a
dimly lit room. Poking her head inside she called out, "Commander Hampton?"

Hampton appeared from the far end of the cabin and stood in the shadows, making it difficult to see his face. "I figured you would drop by sooner or later," he said sounding terribly depressed.

Troi folded her arms acrossed her chest. "So you must have programmed the door to open every few seconds...just in case I dropped by? Or is it because you are telepathic in some sense...and knew I was there?"

Hampton remained in the shadow, silent.

"Commander, if we are going to work with each other, then I would like to help you. I know how you must feel-"

"Know how I feel?" he hissed. "Honey, you ain't got a clue as to how I feel."

"And why is that? I mean, why can't I get an idea as to what you are feeling at the moment?"

There was silence again as Deanna watched him lean against the wall and fold his hands in back of him. "Because," he whispered.

Troi took a few steps toward him but stopped as he shrunk further into the darkness. "Are you telepathic?"

"Just who the hell are you," he yelled, "to think that you can invade peoples minds? Search their thoughts...their most private feelings?"

"When it is in the best interest of this ship-"

"Bullshit! Did Captain Riker send you here to find out why I hate his guts? To find out why I think he is nothing but a pompous self-righteous arrogant son of a bitch?"

Deanna stood aback, not expecting to hear all of that.

"Is he that insecure that he needed his pretty little wife to come to his rescue? I mean, hell...he let Picard hold his hand most of his career. Are you going to hold the other hand now? The demure Counselor Troi protecting her burly husband from little ol' me. How heroic."

His sarcasm was more than she could take. "Just because you were picked over by Starfleet for someone you can't hold a candle to...doesn't give you the right to mock your captain. And if you are hell-bent on losing your career, then I suggest continue on with this attitude Mr. Hampton."

"Losing my career? Shit sweetheart...its gone."

"No it isn't Roderick." Deanna bravely took a couple of more steps to him. "You are way too young to let one little setback throw a shank into your plans. Be strong, be confident that you will get another chance."

Hampton stayed in the darkness even as she neared, a sadistic smile growing on his ashen face. He waited until she was within a couple of steps before he bombared her with his pent up emotions all at once. Blasting her with every malicious image he could conjure.

The outpouring of emotions caused Troi's knees to buckle and she fell forward. Catching herself against a chair, her mind swirled with absurd images of her imzadi writhing in agony. "Will..." she cried out.

"Get out," he said nervously, very much scared and ashamed of what he allowed her to see.

Deanna slowly regained her composure and watched him enter the bathroom, closing the door behind. She wanted to help this man. She needed to help this man, if only for the safety of her captain...her husband. "Roderick?" she called out again.

The door remained closed but the voice on the other side sounded like a frightened sobbing child. " I said...get out."

Deanna only nodded even though she knew he would not see, and turned and left his quarters.


"Great. So what you are telling that I now have a first officer who is menatlly unfit for duty?" Riker massaged his temples with his two index fingers. "And a doctor who is in jail for Lord knows what..."

'I'm sorry." Troi walked around the captain's desk and stood behind him. Using the tips of her fingers, she started at the base of his skull and began to slowly massage her way down to his shoulders.

"So is this why Captain Picard always asked you for your advice, in private? Ouch!" Will rubbed his tricep area that had just been pinched.

"I guess this isn't how you wanted to start your first command."

"Not exactly." He started to turn in his seat to grab her when the door alarm chirped. "Come."

It was Langau. "Sorry to disturb you sir..." He looked apologeticly to Troi who had quickly taken a seat opposite Riker.

"Not a problem Leiutenant. Is something wrong?"

"Engineering informed us they are having trouble containing the warp bubble and will need to decrease speed to impulse until they can correct the problem."

"Very well. Inform Inez that I will be there shortly. I might have an idea as to the cause of the problem."

"Aye sir." The lanky officer exited the ready room with three quick steps.

Will rose from his chair and pulled Deanna into his arms with a short jerk. "I might not be back until late tonight."

"I figured as much," Deanna said as she brushed her lips against his. The last couple of days were so full of taking care of ship's business that they hadn't had much time together. Sleep had taken precedent over any extra-curricular activities and now both were wanting desperately to give in. Unfortunately this night would not lend to their growing desires.

Will groaned and reluctantly pulled away from the warmth of her embrace. "Bye."

Deanna gave him a waning smile as he left. The images of what she sensed earlier continued to pop back up in her head. Visions of Will's tortured and disfigured body would not go away. She had tried unsuccessfully to convey her fear to him and now that he was out of her sight, the terror returned.
Taking a deep breath, she staggered out the door to their quarters, hoping peace might find her there.





Deanna twisted in her sleep, writhing in repulsion to the beginning of the same dread that wracked her psyche during the soudless hours of darkness. It was as if the darkness had become her enemy- the antithesis to every desire her pores of her body contained. Beyond the moment of dread came the terror, and then the wanton pleasure that she reviled.

The first sensation came as a slight tingle across her scalp followed quickly by feather-light touches against the smooth skin of her face. His course hands traveled the length of her body and back up again, stopping when they returned to her cheeks. Those hands...those hands that violated her mental solitude, those hands that explored the inmost secrective corridors of both her heart and body. And once again, as those sadistic hands began their mordant dance against her soft skin, she became a victim to the breach of her safety.

In her subconscious, there was a fine line between reality and the nightmare she was reliving in her dreams. She tried desperately to wake up but her body wouldn't allow it. The hands came closer and closer to her firm thighs, and then as if to seal her pain, they clasped onto her mouth. Deanna felt the same familiar panic rising into her throat. She wanted to run, to escape his brutality. The pain that ripped through her body every time she relived the assault terrorized her. She couldn't forget the pain...she just couldn't let go of it. The pain rose once more in her mind, and her body was subject to those evil hands yet again. She cried, unable to stir herself to reality. Within the dreamscape, burning tears seared down her cheeks. The tears felt as if they were from the depths of a human hell raised only by the pain and ignominy of the charge. Her emotions, as real as they seemed, began to toy with her mind. Real tears, echoed within her dark quarters, stained the silky pillow she hugged close to her convulsing body.

Deanna couldn't resist the pain now, and her nerves began to register the forbidden feelings writhing deep within her. Every natural force of sex was controlling the man over her; every drive of power and control filled his turbulent mind and spilled out into Deanna's intellect. She registered his want for her. She could feel the blood beginning to race deep inside her chest, and she could hear her heart thudding and struggling to continue its function. Her telepathic mind was besieged by the Reman, and in the darkness, she could see his thick silhouette over her...hovering, and judging her. Shadows played behind him, and the smell of sweat inflamed Deanna's sensitive nostrils.

Everything he did from there on, resembled Will's own actions- except these actions were a cheap counterfeit of her true love. The man's procedures were more sinister, and his mind peered cruelly into hers every time she endured the trial. Every time he found out a little more about her, and the more he knew, the more pain it caused Deanna It was if her own mind and body were being stolen from her- raped from its rightful owner and stolen by a sleauth of the lowest order of existance. His hands clasped down on her mouth, and the same sequence continued.

Deep throated moans escaped her pursed lips as she felt him enter her repeatedly. Every moment of the repetitive sexual act was like an addition of time to an eternity of hell. It was only when he removed his stealthy hand from her mouth was she able to open her eyes and scream.

Reality returned like a respite from her own mind. The images of him were still fresh and imprinted in her mind as if the whole violte had just occurred, and the tears that poured down her face stained her flesh and made her look almost like a wraith.

Sitting straight up in bed, Deanna franticly looked around for Will, but he still hadn't returned. She placed a hand to her heaving chest and felt the moisture as it dripped down between her breasts. Her satin nightgown clung to her soaked body, and she wiped a drenched lock of hair from her face.


Captain Riker stopped in mid-sentence and stared off into emptiness for a moment.

"Sir, are you alright?" Inez placed a hand on his captain's shoulder. "Sir?"

Will shook his and walked to the door. "Finish out the diagnostics and get back to me."

Inez gave him a curious glance as Riker raced down the corridor..


Deanna crawled to the far side of the bed and curled into a fetal position, trembling. She was sure she had put that terrifying incident behind her, but it seemed that sometimes when she closed her eyes, it came back in full-blown horror. It had been nearly two weeks since the last nightmare, and only now,  she realized that he still haunted her. More hot tears filled her eyes...would she ever be free from his grasp? Will promised he would take care of him...he promised!

She did not hear the door open nor did she feel him gather her up into his strong arms. It was only until she heard his calming voice did she realize that he had returned for her.

"Ssshhh Dea. I'm here...I'm here."

She grabbed fists-fulls of jacket and buried her sobbing face into his chest. "He's gone sweetheart. He can't hurt you again." He held her tight against him.

Deanna sat back, unable to look at Will. She had been with Will when she had first felt the beast enter her mind only a short time ago. "You're wrong. He is here." She pointed at her head with a quivering finger, indicating where the pain luked like a virus, only to erupt if provoked. "He still hurts me." She was certain now that her meeting with Hampton was the catalyst for this latest incident.

Seeing her like this ripped Will's heart to pieces. With every ounce of his being he hated what happened to her. And even though he personally took care of the violator, he could never replace what was stolen.

That was what hurt Will most of all. A part of his beloved was lost, and it was a part of her that he always treasured and loved. The beast had taken a part of Will away when he took his Imzadi and raped her like an animal. The only question left was when things would return to normal...

If they ever really would...


At some point during the night, Will wiggled out of his uniform and was able to hold her against his bare skin. Somehow, that always made him feel better. Whether or not it helped Deanna...he wasn't sure. He layed awake for some time listening, as her breathing became more rhythmic, more controlled. She was asleep again, he was certain of it.

Will cradled her slim body within his arms and prayed desperately for her nightmares to end. This wasn't the first time she had been mentally raped. Years ago, she had endured an incident by a Ullian delegate. And though both he and Doctor Crusher also suffered what was termed a rape, by the same man, it was nothing compared to the violation she battled. With time and help from Ullian doctors, they all bounced back quickly. Even Deanna.

Gods how he admired her strength. For someone so slight, she was by far the strongest person he knew. And stubborn too.

Will smiled at that thought and kissed her forehead. She was not the type of person to allow something to bother her for too long. In time, she would deal with the problem then use it to her advantage. He just hoped this instance would hold true to her past.


Deanna awoke to the coolness of the early morning hour to find that she had slipped from Will's embrace. Instead of curling back up to his warmth and running the risk of waking him, she slid from the bed and made her way to the bathroom. Stopping in the doorway, she glanced back to his sleeping form and registered a sense of apprehension and anxiety. Undoubtedly in regrards, but not exclusive to, the problems he was having with his senior staff. She probed a little deeper and found disappointment in himself. And this, she was certain, came from his broken promise to her. Though he had killed the Reman Viceroy, the man resposible for her torment, he was unable to stop the assault that plagued her in her dreams.

Deanna had learned from her father, many years ago, that it is in the human males nature to want to fix anything broken. Whether it was a ruptured manifold or a fractured relationship, they wanted everything to work as it should. Only Will couldn't fix what was happening to her now, and she tried to explain that to him after the first nightmare when his guilt was so very evident. Somethings needed to be worked out on their own, without any outside influence, she told him...and this was one of them.

Deanna reached out to touch his face but stopped as he rolled away from the soft light radiating from the bathroom. His strong muscled back was to her now and she studied his body, imprinting every last minute detail as if she would never see it again. Then, with a soft sigh, she turned into the bathroom and closed the door.


It certainly was not the the type of rest he would have preferred before a day promised to be filled with tension. The Titan was due to arrive at the Maricopa colony in five hours, late, thanks to the problem in engineering. And he was without a first officer and potentially an empathic counselor whom he would need for guidance in dealing with the little known government of the colony.

Will heard the shower racing and could smell the delightful soap Deanna was using. Very enticing, to say the least as the humid air found its way to his nostrils and he groaned as he sat up from the bed. He opened the door slowly and peeked in, making sure she was hidden from his view before he relieved himself.

"Morning," he grumbled as he washed his hands in the sink.

Deanna poked her head out from behind the opaque door and smiled. "Hi."

That smile alone lifted his spirits a thousand percent. "How are you feeling?"

"Better. Thanks to you." She dipped back into the water.

"I didn't do anything." He leaned against the counter and waited for her to emerge once again.

"But you did." She spit out a mouthful of water and looked out. She sensed his frustration over not being with her when the dream occurred and boldly decided that that monster would not take any more away from her...them. She looked down the length of his body and spotted his boxers seductively resting just below his hips, exposing the flattened area of skin just above his more private region.

Sticking an arm out of the stall, Deanna grabbed a front portion of the elastic band and pulled him toward her, letting it snap back into place when he reached the barrier. She giggled at his mocked pained reaction. "The water is warm," she suggestively ran a soapy hand over breasts. Needing Will to completely erase the memory of the night's dream, she summoned him in using her index finger.

Will grinned and needed no further invitation. He removed his boxers and stepped into the oversized stall and immediately blocked the pulsating waterfall from her body. He reached behind Deanna and turned on the second shower head. She had laughed at him when he first ordered it installed, but now that she understood why, she couldn't have been more pleased. There was something to be said about making love in the shower and not getting cold.

He felt her mental intrusion, something that he had gotten rather used to, and allowed her to borrow from his strength and his love. If this is what she needed to help get over what had happened, then who was he to argue. Especially now, as he felt her nails rake up his inner thighs and her soft lips pressing aginst his chest. He wanted to be gentle for her, knowing what she had endured, but it seemed as though she was the aggressor now. She nipped and bit until he lost control and pushed her against the wall with his body. She placed her palms flat aginst his chest and pressed him back away from her.

For a split second the look in her eyes was shear terror, but as soon as she removed herself from being pinned against the wall,  she relaxed again.
Will now understood that she needed to be in control. In spite of the love he poured out, he could not do anything that would make her defenseless. And as long as the end justified the means, he reminded himself again...who was he to argue.


Thanks to the little twist with Deanna in the shower earlier, Will felt completely at ease when he stepped onto the bridge later that morning. Its amazing what a little sex can do for a man's ego, he thought. But then again, sex with Deanna was never little. It was an all out, full blown calisthenic exercise that would bring any other man to his knees. Or at least that was the way he had always perceived it.

There was even a slight bounce to his step as he walked down the short ramp to the lower level...and everyone noticed. He was greeted with numerous "hello's" and "Captain's". And even the occasional "Good Morning, Sir."

He hadn't been to sure what to expect. Afterall, he had just confined the former captain and current first officer to his quarters. Something he hated to do. But until Hampton realized his poor attitude was a hazard to those around him, it was something he had to do. Hampton was also ordered to undergoe counseling. Unfortunately, Deanna was the only one available on the smaller ship so she was forced to face the person somewhat indirectly responsible for her latest nightmare. Except Will did not know that, or else he would have blown Hampton out the nearest torpedo hatch and sent him reeling into space forever.

Will slid into his command chair and checked all the vital information, noting that Inez had indeed fixed the warp engine and they were now expected to arrive at the Maricopa Colony in one hour.

"Are we within communication distance yet?" Riker asked Langau.

"Thay have no way of communicating with us, Sir. They lack the technology."

Riker turned and looked up to his security chief. "Takol, may I speak with you in my ready room please?"

The brunette nodded her head and walked down the ramp but not without noticing the envious smirk on Ensign Pearson's face. Mora gave the younger woman an enigmatic smile as she followed her captain into the room.

"Have a seat." Riker motioned to a chair opposite the one he moved into. "I don't enjoy speaking about someone behind their back...but this is different. Tell me bout Commander Hampton."

Takol crossed her legs and placed her hands in her lap, trying not to appear nervous. It wasn't like she even had a reason to be nervous, but she was, and she couldn't deny it. Perhaps it was because everytime she looked at her captain, she saw him standing naked in front of her. She felt her face turning a bright shade of red as she remembered their last time together. She had walked into his quarters just after he returned from a work-out in the gym and caught him in nothing but a jock-strap. Oh, what an image that was, she recalled. She forced a nervous cough and began, "Well, he grew up on the Luna Colony and entered the academy with high expectations-"

"I can read his biography Lieutenant. Tell me about him."

"How he got this far, I'm not sure, Sir. We have tried to befriend him and include him in our get-togethers but he seems to be quite the loner. Prefers to be by himself."

"Even before I was handed the promotion?"

"Not quite to this extent, but yes."

"Has he ever shown any evidence of being violent?"


"Counselor Troi picked up on some images that she seemed to think was on the edge of ...insanity." Riker paused for a moment. "What I'm trying to find out is if there is anything that would make me want to post a guard outside his door for a while. There is nothing in his history that would support my inclinations, but I also know that not everything gets reported."

Mora expelled a long breath of air. "After Captain Numara died, Commander Hampton exploded on  an Ensign...for apparently no reason. The incident was only ever discovered after that Ensign was found dead, from  an apparent suicide and his personal log reviewed. By that time, it could only be considered hearsay and nothing was ever done about it."

Riker looked amazed at the story. "How and why did that crewman committ suicide?"

"No one ever knew for sure but his last personal log stated that he wanted to explore other 'dimmensions'. There was a hypospray of a sleep inducer found near his body."

Feeling Deanna's magic was wearing off quickly, Riker rubbed the back of his neck. "Since we have no first officer, per say, I am sending you and Counselor Troi down to Maricopa to fetch my CMO. Let's hope everything goes well with that."

"Aye, sir." Takol rose from her seat to leave but slowly turned back around. "Just for the record, sir..."

Riker looked up from the PADD he had begun to study, "Yes?"

"Everyone feels as though you did the right thing, I mean, with Hampton. He needed a good kick in the butt."

Riker grinned. "He's just lucky thats all he's gotten so far. Thank you Lieutenant."


Counselor Troi stepped onto the transporter pad next to Mora Takol and ordered the chief to energize. This was the first away mission she could remember where she actually was the leader. And she liked it. Though she would admit it did feel different not having Will around.

The women materialized in the government building at the center of the small colony. From the reports Deanna read, Maricopa was a founded by a group of religious extremists looking for their utopia. How many times had that happened throughout history, she had thought to herself at the time. Of course paradise was never achieved and in this particular instance, the group reverted to an exitence based on the worship of their sun rather than the God that supposedly led them here.

A group of Starfleet doctors came here to study different forms of healing techniques the colonists discovered and all had returned to their respective positions in Starfleet except Doctor Osborne.

The away team was greeted by three stunned men wearing nothing but a thin cloth over their groin area. Streaks of paint were plastered across their cheeks and chest and their hair was cropped short. Takol quickly likened them to the ancient African natives from Earth she had seen in pictures. Deanna wasn't sure what to think.

The three men slowly walked around the women. Deanna leaned next to Mora and whispered, "I don't think they were expecting women."

Takol nodded and moved her hand to the holstered phaser.

Deanna offered her hand and spoke confidently, "We are here for our fellow crewman. We were told he was imprisoned on charges that were not very specific."

One of the men raised his hand as if he was about to strike Deanna across the face but was stopped by the tallest of the three. "We will take them to see Arah. Let her make the decision to listen to them or not."

The ladies were led into a courtyard and were told to remain there until they were summoned, then the men left. Deanna walked around the grassy area and admired the rich looking flora and various statues adorning the yard. Takol did the same until she found the heat was becoming unbearable and sought out a shaded area. Shortly after, Deanna too slumped to the ground. "Now I know why those men hardly had any clothes on."

Takol wiped her forehead free of the dripping sweat. "How long are they going to make us wait?"

"I guess they want to see how we are handling the situation. I don't sense any more hostility, though."

"Thats good, I guess."

"But you seem a bit nervous." Deanna observed.

"A little." Mora didn't want to admit that she was nervous being around the Betazoid. If Riker had not told his wife of their prior relationship, she sure as hell did not want to be the one to spill the beans. "I think its the heat."

"Or else its because you're afraid that I might not know about you and Captain Riker?" Deanna was smiling as she plucked a blade of grass from the ground.

"He told you?" She sounded very relieved.

"Yes. Don't worry Mora, if I kept ill feelings towards all the women from Will's past...I think I'd be the lonliest person in the universe. Let history be just that, okay?"

"Sounds wonderful. Thank-" Takol jumped to her feet as a small procession entered the courtyard.

Four men, clad similarly as the ones earlier, hoisted a chair high above their heads and paraded around the walkway, followed closely by four nude women wearing gold jewlery around their necks carrying large palm branches. Seated on that chair was another nude woman fanning herself with what appeared to be one large feather. The men lowered the chair once they made it to the front of the courtyard and stood off to the side. The women stood in silence in back of their leader.

Deanna felt her jaw drop to the ground as soon as the seated woman dropped the fan to her side. A quick look to Takol revealed she had the same reaction. This woman's breasts looked like two ripe watermelons hanging from a twig. She was absolutely gigantic. And her attendants were no small grapefriuts either.
Presuming this to be Arah, the one whose name was mentioned earlier, the counselor composed herself as best she could and stepped forward. Proper decorum would have meant for her to offer a handshake...or something. But the empath sensed that the woman was in not in the mood for etiquette.

"I am Commander Deanna-" she was silenced by the young woman's raised hand.

"Your name means nothing to me. Why have you come?"

"We are here to retrieve a doctor from our starship who has been imprisoned by your...your authorities."

"Are you in charge of this spaceship you speak of?"

"No. I am a commander and this is-"

"They send a pathetic being such as yourself to speak with ME?"

Deanna looked dumbfounded and glanced at Takol. All she could offer was a shrug of the shoulders. "May we ask what our doctor has done?"

"I will answer only to your superior officer." Arah began to fan herself again. Her breasts swung heavily back and forth with the movements of her arm. "Send her to me and we will discuss the prisoner's release."

"She is actually a he, and I will inform him of your request." Deanna tapped her badge. "Troi to Captain Riker."

<Riker here. Go ahead>

"He have met with the leader Arah and she says that she will only negotiate with you."

There was a short pause before his voice echoed back. <I'll be there momentarily. Riker out.>

Deanna bounced to the balls of her toes and smiled at the...the...whatever the heck she was.
Godawful huge, was the first thing that came to mind but she certainly couldn't describe her like that in her report.

Ah yes...Will's first reaction was going to be priceless, she decided.



Yeah, she probably should have sent him a warning.
In fact, the thought passed through her mind more than once. But the idea of catching the Spartan-like Captain off guard was...well, was very enticing. Especially after quickly remembering her vow for vengence after his last telepathic seduction of her during a social gathering.
It was during a regal banquet on the Enterprise that he first sent to her images of what he wanted to do right then and there on the banquet table. The images caused her to cough and lose an ornate cocktail sword into her cleavage as she sipped from a glass. And it would not have been so bad had she not been talking to Data, who casually watched the  adornment slip further and further down, as she struggled for restraint.
When the shock from the cold liquid-covered pick sliding down to her naval and the sultry images subsided and she looked up, the ever-polite android was about two centimeters from her chest and gazing straight down asking if she needed help in obtaining the lost garnishment.

Oh yes, Will Riker deserved this.


Captain Riker materialized in the courtyard next to Mora Takol. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the glare off the stone walkways and to notice the smirk on Troi's face. The question he was about to ask melted away from his lips as soon as he felt his body begin to succumb to the intense heat. Within seconds, his forehead became drenched in sweat beads and when he lifted his forearm to wipe them away, he caught site of  her... or rather...them.

He quickly closed his eyes and reopened them just in case the heat was already affecting his brain. Unfortunately, when he refocused, they were still there. All one, two, three...four...five sets of them. He blinked again. "Good Lord," he mumbled quietly enough that no one, not even Mora, had heard him.

All within a split second, Deanna watched his face turn from disbelief to amused amazement, to disbelif again, before finally the face of the consummate leader was forged. Deanna bit her bottom lip and laced her fingers infront of her, praying that Will would not turn around and catch her appeased appearance.

Riker took two steps forward and held his ground. There really was no need to approach further, he decided. "I am Captain William Riker of the USS Titan. I understand that you wish to talk to me regarding my Chief Medical Officer's dillema." Feeling his attention automatically drawn to the woman's chest, he raised his focal point to about six inches above her head and studiously gazed at a green leaf positioned in that spot. That was, until an attendant shifted her stance and her bronze colored boob replaced the leaf. Riker bit the inside of his cheek.

"I am Arah, Crowned Princess of Maricopa. And I find that your inability to look at me very offensive." The woman dropped the feather to her side in disgust.

"My apologies Princess." Will bent his head down and when he looked back up, he made sure to stare directly into her brown eyes. Which by the way, held very little attraction compared to the rest of her body. "May I ask why you are holding Dr. Osborne?"

"He broke one of our laws, Captain Riker. Something of which I have no tolerance for!" She brought the fan back up and began to wave it fiercely.

Riker could easily see that this woman was no more than twenty-five years old, and yet held absurd power over her followers. He wondered quickly if their government wasn't purely based on who had the largest-


Will shook his head and brought himself back to attention, realizing that he just missed the answer to his question. "What about...breasts?" He heard Deanna and Takol both snicker behind him. Riker knew he was aggravating the hell out of this Arah but he couldn't help it. His male intellect seemed to be focused on other 'things' at the moment.


Riker rocked back onto his heels and wiped the sweat from his top lip. "I see."

"You...see?" The feather waving was becoming more frantic. "Is that all you can say? Does this not mean anything to you?"

Will grinned and tried to be persuasive. "Yes. It does mean something. And if I knew the complete story as to how or why...his hands came to be touching one of your attendants breasts...then I might lend a little more-"

"Captain on Maricopa, the female breast is something to be treasured. They are not to be toyed with or groped!"

"We, too, treasure the female breast." Oh god, did he really just say that. He would undoubtedly pay for what he was about say next. "In fact, it is something that we males find great value in. And if we come across women who are as lovely and who are," he swallowed hard and loud, "as naturally well-endowed as you and your attendants...we may tend to be a little too aggressive with our hands." He saw Arah look around him and glare disapprovingly at Deanna and Mora. Both woman, in their own rights, were very satisfactory well made, allbeit, not quite as big as the woman in front of him...but he never complained. "Think of it as a 'reverence' for your bodies."

A proudful grin appeared on Arah's face as she returned a look to her attendants and a frown to the female Starfleet Officers. Deanna and Mora hung their sweaty arms on their waists and glared holes into Riker's head. He never felt as hot as he did right now.

"We will discuss this with the counsel and get back to you. In the mean time, make yourself at home. I will have someone bring you cool drinks shortly."

Will watched the procession leave the courtyard, keeping a mindful eye focused on the back of the chair and not the backends of the nude women. Once the last of the entourage left, his muscles tensed back up as he was flanked by his officers. Deanna to his right and Mora to his left. Will tugged at his collar and wiped sweat from his neck, "Its...a little hot down here...don't ya think?"

Deanna lifted an eyebrow at Mora who only grinned before she turned away and sought out the shade once again.  "You should have warned me," Will growled.

"And miss your reaction? Never. Although I think we discovered some issues we need to deal with," Deanna said half joking.

"Deanna, I've never said anything negative about your...well, about you. You know you make me very happy." His sweaty palms left prints on her shoulders as she turned out of his grasp and headed for the shade. "Deanna?"

"Its hot out here Will. You just said so yourself. Come, sit down." She patted a grassy spot hidden behind one of the many decorative columns. He sighed as he slunk down next to her.

"So, did you get the reaction you were hoping for?"

"Mmhmm. And I am glad you shown enough control to not have made an ass out of yourself."

"Gee, thanks." He watched as she unzipped her jacket and inner shirt enough so that he could see the sweat dripping down into her cleavage. "Are you wanting me to make an ass out of myself now?"

She smiled and pitched a blade of grass his way. "Nope. Just making sure I still had the ability to turn you on. I hated the thought of you knowing what else is out there...and having to concede for little ol' me."

Will looked around the column and spotted Mora sitting so that she had a  clear view of their activities if she chose to look their way. He opted to relax against the column instead of wrestling Deanna down to the soft grass and-

One of the male attendants walked back in the courtyard and gestured for the them to follow him.

"Where are we going?" Takol asked as Riker and Troi passed by.

"The counsel has agreed to release your doctor," the attendant said as he led them into a refreshingly cool tunnel. "Under the condition that you take part in our Sacrifice to the Sun Ceremony this evening."

'Sacrifice to the Sun,' Deanna mouthed as she looked to Will.

"May I ask what that entails?" Riker asked nervously.

The attendant chuckled, "Oh, don't worry. Its not a blood sacrifice or anything like that. You," he nodded toward Will, "will be asked to take part by offering your semen to the Sun God."

Will stopped dead in his tracks, causing Mora to walk directly into him. "Semen?"



Will gently pushed Deanna to the side as he took three giant strides catching up to the man leading them further into the tunnel. "Excuse me...but what did you just say?" Will grabbed the man's thick forearm and for the first time noticed how well built this guy really was. 

He turned and stood eye to eye with the captain and yanked his arm back. "I wouldn't worry if I were you...I'm sure Arah already has you picked out."  His words were laden with jealousy.

Will gave a pathetic excuse for a grin. "Look, I'm really confused here. I haven't a clue as to what this ceremony is or what I have to do with it?"

"No more questions." The man resumed walking giving no indication that he cared if the officers were following or not.

"I don't like this," Deanna whispered. "Its apparent that you are making him quite jealous."

"Over what? I haven't done anything!"

"Yet," said Mora, causing Will and Deanna to snap around and look at her. "Well I mean, it sounds like you will take... an... active part in..this," she paused, it was rather clear that they were not sharing in her amusement, "I'll shut up."

Will took a deep breath and headed down the hall in search of the male attendant. The whole time muttering something about leaving the good doctor here, and requesting another one from Starfleet.


Arah was nestled atop numerous pillows at the front of the dimly lit room when they entered. With a snap of her fingers, two male attendants escorted Dr. Osborne from a chamber and led him to the captain.

Other than a few days worth of stubble on the man's face, he looked perfectly healthy for a man slightly older than Will. Osborne looked to Troi first  before giving his captain a rather shame-faced glance. He wiped at his slightly soiled and badgeless uniform then stood at attention infront of Will. "Doctor Benjamin Osborne, Chief Medical Officer reporting for duty, Sir."

Will folded his arms in across his chest. "Doctor." He waited for Arah to focus her attention on her attendants before he began, "You have some explaining to do."

In a thick southern North American accent, he spoke, "Captain, I assure you I did nothing that a well-brought up gentleman would not have done in this situation."

"And what situation was that?"

"The situation was that we were...well you know," he leaned forward and whispered into Will's ear, "playing a little 'truth or dare', if you know whatta mean, and were caught."

"Caught? By whom?"

"Arah, unfortunately. It seems as though she didn't care for me being with one of her servants."

"But it was by this servants own choice that she was with you?"

"Captain! I am a man of honor. I certainly would not behave in the way you are implying."

"I'm not implying anything, Doctor. I just want to make sure before I go before Arah to pleade your case."

Osborne pulled at his bottom lip in a nervous gesture. "About that, sir..."


"Well, I've been here long enough to know what they are going to make you do."

"Don't make me play twenty questions, Osborne. Out with it!"

Just then, Arah motioned for two male attendants to bring Will forward to stand infront of her. "Captain Riker, you are to take part in our Ceremony of the Sun, as payment for release of your doctor."

Will glared at Osborne who was trying to slip away into the shadows. "Princess Arah...could you please indulge me for a moment by explaining...this ceremony?"

Arah laughed rather lustily and leaned forward. Will struggled for composure as he watched the two perfectly rounded orbs dangle from her slight body. "My dear captain, Maricopa was founded in search of peace. When the original colonists began to realize that that was impossible, another sect was formed. Our beloved God of the Sun has graced us ever since with peace and nonviolence. And as a sacrifice to maintain that peace, we indulge ourselves in this ceremony every third day."

Two female attandants walked to Will and pushed him to his knees forcefully. Deanna lunged forward but was held back by the male attendants. Takol reached for her phaser but she too was held by her arms against the wall. Osborne didn't dare try anything.

Arah stood and walked slowly to Will. Applying a finger to his face, she lazily outlined his jaw line. "We have peace at our colony because we keep the men happy. And when they are happy...we our happy. There is no violence, no coveting, no desire...because we all share from each other. The men's spent semen is a sign from our God that he will promise peace. And in order to erase the guilt of your fellow officer, you are required to take part by sacrificing your own." She raised his chin so that he was looking up at her. "And to help with that, you will be mine for the night."

Will tried to stand but was pushed back down. "Arah, as you probably know, our society upholds a sacred vow of marriage when man and woman are joined forever as one. And I can not take part in this ceremony because I have vowed my body to my wife." He raised his arm and gestured toward Deanna. "Surely you can understand that?"

Arah glanced at Deanna and laughed. "But our God will be offended should you back away. And as a man," she leaned forward so that his face was buried within her breasts, "you would never deny yourself this please a God, would you? And unless you want to spend the rest of your lives here in prison for an atonement, then I suggest you willingly accept the plea aggreement."

Will closed his eyes for just a moment and felt Deanna's rage. Luckily it wasn't directed at him but rather towards Arah and her relentless attitude. He opened his eyes when he felt his badge rip from his chest and saw that a male guard had collected Takol's and Troi's as well.

Osborne finally got up enough courage to step forward. "Princess Arah, I am the guilty one. Please, don't make Captain Riker pay the price."

"Doctor, you have annoyed me enough! Send him back to your ship!" Arah grabbed one of the badges and tossed it to Osborne.

"And the women?" Will asked in hopes of at least them be able to return and come up with a plan.

"They stay, as a guarantee that you will fulfill your part of the bargain."

Will nodded to Osborne who then signaled for the beam out. "If I refuse to take part in this sacrifice?"

Arah laughed again and seductively  ran her hand down into his jacket massaging his chest. "Lets just say I've never before had to deal with someone who was unwilling to cooperate." She placed both hands under his chin and persuaded him to stand. "Come now."

"I can't." Will stood firm, refusing to be pulled into her pillowed bed.

"You can't? Or won't?"

"Does it matter?"

"No. In the end, I guess not." Arah looked to the male guards. "Take those two, to the men who are awaiting the ceremony."

"NO! WAIT!" Will yelled. Shit, this was bad and getting worse by the second. "If all you need is semen, then can't my wife and I make that sacrifice together?" Will pleaded. 

After a moment of thought, the young woman asked, "How can I trust you?"

Happy that she was at least open to the idea, he spoke the first thing that came to his mind. "Leave a guard, or someone as a witness."

~WILL!!!~ Deanna was mortified. Will gave her glance and lifted his hands as if to signal he had little other choice. This was certainly the least distressful way and she knew it.

Arah agreed and had Takol moved into another room until the agreement was finalized. "My attendant Jaselya will watch the sacrifice. She will let me know if you deserve to be freed." Arah summoned the remaining attendants and walked out of the room, leaving a very awkward couple staring at each other.

Will caught the eye of the attendant as he walked toward his wife. Of all the times he had had sex with a woman...of all the times he and Deanna had had sex, this was by far the most stressful and awkward moment ever. It even surpassed the his 'first time' with Jenna Harfield back in Alaska.He sensed Deanna's displeasure immediately and gathered her up in his arms. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

Betazoids may be known to be open about their nudity, but much like humans, they preferred to keep their sexual habits behind closed doors. Deanna could walk through a crowded room wearing nothing more than her birthday suit and feel completely comfortable, but this was totally different. Having an audience while she and her imzadi made love was down right disgusting. "Will, I can't do this." She felt like the one thing in their lives that they treasured the most was being exploited and used for a preverse reasons.

Will looked over his shoulder and spotted the woman looking very bored. "Maybe if we take our time, she'll fall asleep."

Deanna looked around him and saw that she was now walking their way. "Perhaps you two need help after all," she said.

Will bent down and kissed Deanna hard and long, hoping that would appease the woman for a moment. It did, and she kneeled down on one of the pillows awaiting the next part. "You know, Arah never said how my sacrifice had to be obtained. Maybe your modesty can be saved afterall," he mumbled as he nibbled on her earlobe.

Deanna leaned into his neck, "But that doesn't help you at all."

"I think I could overcome my humility easier than you." His body shivered in spite of the still high temperatures when he felt her hands move down his back to his rear.

"How do you want it?" she growled.

He spoke very softly, "You keep talking like that, I might forget all about your innate modesty and throw you to the floor."

Deanna removed his jacket and unzipped the maroon shirt underneath leaving his glistening chest heaving in the candle light. She stood in front of him, shielding his front side the entire time her hand was down his pants.

Will clutched her head in the crook of his elbow as she continued her fondling. Though she would never admit to it, feeling him in her hand was exciting her almost to a point where she was about to give up. But not quite. She still held too much control for that.

Will looked around and motioned that he needed to lay down. Deanna gladly removed herself from his strangle hold and pulled him to a large wooden table against the wall. She had no desire to head for the bed for fear of contracting Lord knows what type of diseases. He layed his long body on top and pulled her to him for a quick kiss. She stretched out against his side and put her hand back to use, thankful that her sweaty hand acted as a lubricant.

Deanna draped her leg over his thigh, hoping to shield him even further. But moments before Will succombed to her stroking, Deanna sensed the woman directly behind her to witness the final triumphant explosion of the pearly-white juice.

Will was sweating profusely when he finally opened his eyes from the after-shocks. Deanna had found a towel and was cleaning him up when he saw the woman staring at him. More specifically, staring at his groin area. He sat up and fastened his pants quickly as he did not like the look in her eyes. "Was my 'sacrifice' worthy of our freedom?"

The woman gave Deanna an envious smile and left the room, returning shortly with their badges.
"You may leave."

Takol was escorted back in and tried hard not to look at her superiors for fear of embarrassing both herself and them.

Will stood erect and touched his recently reattached badge. "Titan...three to beam up."

Just as the glittering stream of light surrounded them, Will heard Deanna say, "I'm glad I won't be writing the report for this away mission."