Trick or Treat 
Author: IzzY
Paramount owns the names
Setting: Sometime after Generations

I took a very minimal of time writing this first part. And it clearly shows. Bad grammar, terrible spelling and even worse humor. Moreso than usual. Boy are you guys in trouble!!


Part 1

Stepping through the doors of Ten Forward, Will Riker dipped his head in acknowledgment of the group of crewmen leaving the lounge before he set his sights on the woman occupying a corner table.

Carefully dodging the throng of thirsty patrons standing at the bar, he maneuvered towards her table with the grace of an ally cat, swift and strong, and with purpose.

"I'm not sure I've ever seen a more lovely site," he said, standing directly in back of her. His eyes twinkled with excitement and amusement as he continued. "It seems as though we've been graced by the heavens this evening...a star as lovely as you shouldn't be alone."

Deanna Troi laughed. "My mother warned me about men like you," she said as she gently nudged out the seat adjacent to her own.

"Your mother would have fallen for me in a heartbeat," he said smiling.

"She nearly did," she said, remembering the incident years ago when her mother was in phase.

Riker winced. The thought of being married to Lwaxana while she was in phase made him slightly queezy. Pushing that particlar thought to the side, he reached out and held her hand. "Now...where was I?"

"You were about to tell me how you've dreamed of a galaxy where my eyes were the stars, and how the universe worships the night." She smirked.

He pulled back, feigning a letdown. "You've heard about that, did you? What is it with women? Can't your gender keep anything a secret?"

She gently patted his hand. "You should have learned that by now, Commander."

Deanna heard him chuckle as her gaze slowly drifted back to the window, back to the galaxy outside. She sensed his jovial mood the moment he stepped foot into the lounge. His spirit always seemed to stand out from everyone elses even though they were no longer in an intimate relationship.

Will Riker was like an oasis set within the most desolate of deserts; there for her in desperate times, there for her when she needed him most. And as the years passed by, she seemed to realize more and more that she needed him regardless of the situation. He was her best friend, and she liked to think she was to him, the same.

"You seem quite happy tonight," she noticed aloud.

"Its been a good day," he agreed.

She sensed a sort of boyish anticipation--excitement--in his voice, as if he wanted to tell her something more. Yet, as she probed deeper, that anticipation seemed to mask a nervousness she had not felt earlier. She slowly turned from the window to see him gazing directly at her.

"Data programmed a new scenerio in the holodeck and I was hoping we'd be able to experience it tonight," Will said as he took a drink from the glass recently placed in front of him.

"A new scenerio? Is this another one of his 'emotional studies'?" The corners of her lips turned up at the edges making Riker think she was eager to see what the android had in store.
The last time Data invited the senior staff to one of his 'studies', they all ended up in sickbay with  severe headaches from the rollercoasters they rode.

"Yep. It appears he is now trying to connect with fear."

"Fear?" Deanna shook her head. "I would think he's seen enough fear from us every single day on the bridge. What more could he want?"

"Well," Will's blue eyes sparkled with mischief and his anticipation grew even more, "You do know the significance of today's Earth's calender date, don't you?"

He watched her brow furrow as she thought about what he might be getting at. Then it hit her. "Halloween."

"MmHmm. Goblins and ghouls galore are waiting for us." Will took her hand. "That is, if you're not too afraid to go along with me," he chided.

Deanna looked about the lounge as if she was searching for someone. "Well, I suppose it beats waiting around here for my Prince Charming to arrive."

This time it was Will's brow that furrowed.

Deanna rose from her seat, smiling and offering her hand. "Are you coming or not, Commander?"

Taking her hand, he nestled it within the crook of his arm and whispered into the hair just above your ear, "Suppose I change into a werefolf at the croak of midnight?"

Stepping back to look at him, she shook her head in confusion, "Now, why would midnight be any different?"


Will entered in the access code Data had given him and watched in awe as the scene took shape before his eyes.

Through the dense misty fog, a very gothic looking mansion rose high into the low laying nightime clouds. Standing in a soggy field a short distance from the home's front door, Will looked around and smiled as he quickly noticed various tombstones sticking up from the ground.
Bending down for further investigation, he read out loud, "John Smith, RIP."

"Not very original," Deanna noted.

Spying a narrow trail that appeared to lead to the house, Will gently nudged Deanna in that direction. Taking the lead, Will jumped slightly when a decompsing hand reached up from one of the graves, through the recently layed dirt and touched the top of his boot.

Deanna chuckled at his reaction. "Be brave, Commander. I'm sure the safety protocols are engaged."

Having stopped walking, he stepped aside and motioned for her to take the lead. "After you, Commander."

Unwilling to play the frightened girl part, she confidently strode forward ahead of him. "Think of this as if it were one of those simulations from the Academy. You know, what ever could happen, probably will." She felt Will was closely behind her and so she stopped suddenly, letting herself bounce off of him. "Just be aware of everything around you."

Will recovered quickly from his stumble and caught a glimpse of something just above her head. No sooner did she finish her sentence when an apparition of some sort began to fly down from the gabled roof top directly at her.
She noticed his eyes widening and just as she turned to look, she became face to face with the hideous apparition. 
Grotesquely disfigured, the ghost opened its jaw wide and looked like it was about to chomp down on her neck when Deanna let out a loud yelp, and scurried behind Riker.

Holding him at the waist, she pulled him in every direction the ghost came at her from. When it finally disappeared, he chuckled softly, only to receive a quick blow to his shoulder for his effort. "Ow!"

Not quite willing to take the lead again, Deanna remained standing behind Will. Reaching back, he grabbed her hand and pressed onward until they were standing on the rickity front porch.

"Should we ring the doorbell?" he mused.

Deanna wrapped her hands around her face and peered inside the nearest window, careful not to disturb the cob webs that collected in the corner of the panes. "I don't think anyones home," she said as she quickly moved back to Will's side.

Will gave a gently push on the door latch and it slowly opened with a moan. "Hello?"

Candles flickered along a narrow hall leading from the entryway to the staircase. "Someone must be here to light the candles. I guess we go up to see," he said.

A musty smell hung in the air as if the place had not been opened for years. "He sure thought of everything," Deanna said as she felt the tickles of a sneeze coming on.

The stairs creaked with each step and Will couldn't help but notice that it seemed as if the celing was collapsing down on them. In the faint light, he held his hand along the wall and watched as it slowly moved upwards. "Go back down, quickly!"

Before they could take a step, the stairs folded down into some sort of slide, sending them both spiriling through an opened passageway. Moments later, Deanna landed with a thud onto an old filthy mattress in what she assummed to be the basement. Fearing that Will would land atop her, she scrambled a short distance before she found him pinning her beneath him.

He must have slowed his descent because he was able to control his landing somewhat.

For the next moment, Will's head lay cradled in Deanna's lap and she desperately fought the urge to bend down and kiss him right there. He was smiling up at her with such devilish grin that she found it to be incredibly endearing.
For the next second, there was nothing else in the universe except the two of them staring at each other, gazing wildly into each others eyes, wondering what might happen next.

But what occurred was not in either's plan.
Deanna felt movement under the hand that supported her upper body and when she jerked it away,  a gigantic beetle had attached itself to her palm.

Screaming and shaking her hand violently, the bug released its grip and dropped to the floor.
By this time, Will was on his feet preparing to squash it when her arms encircled his waist, much in the same fashion the beetle had attached itself only moments earlier.

Allowing the beetle to scurry away, Will wrapped his long arms around her thin body and pulled her close.

After a few silent seconds passed, Deanna giggled. "Now I know, when I was at the Academy, why guys were always trying to get me to go to haunted houses with them."

Will knew perfectly well what she was talking about because he too managed to get a couple of girls to go with him once. He was the talk of the dorm that night when he emerged from the house with the two of them wrapped tightly around his body. He smiled fondly.

"It certainly does have its advantages," he felt her body tremor slightly as she laughed.

"I think I'm ready to quit Data's little experiment," the sneeze that had tickled her nose since the moment they stepped inside finally burst forth.

"We've had our tricks. Now how about a little treat?" She shifted from her position to look up at him. He could tell she was completely unclear as to what exactly he meant. And even though his body began to betray him instantaneously, he tried to keep his hopes from giving too much away. So he said simply, "Chocolate sundaes, with your name on them, are waiting as we speak."

"What are we waiting for?" Her voice held a bit of promise to it that made him smile.

"Computer, end program," Riker ordered.

Expecting the program to terminate immediately, he looked around the basement area, completely baffled. "Computer, end program!" he said again, then added, "Authorizarion Riker, delta, gamma, five!"

Still, no change.

"What the hell!" Will exclaimed and looked to Troi in confusion.

After a few unsuccessful tries herself, Deanna shrugged. "What now?"

"All I know is Commander Data is going to get an earful after this!"

Will walked around the basement and came upon some more stairs. "This way," he called.

When Deanna had finally caught up to him, they were standing back in the foyer where they'd originally entered.

Reaching for the door knob to exit, Deanna grabbed his arm and pulled him over to a large window and made him look out.

What was once the field and path they walked through was now littered with body parts, as if all the buried bodies broke through the dirt.

Will clutched Deanna to his side and watched as two zombies headed their direction. "Safety protocols can only be changed by you or the captain, right?" she stuttered. "Right?" then repeated.

Will swallowed hard before he spoke. "Or Data."


Trick or Treat pt.2
Author: IzzY
Paramount owns the names
Setting: Sometime after Generations



"Riker to Data!" Will smacked his combadge. "Riker to Picard!" Static filled the communication system once again. "Dammit! Whats going on?"

Deanna cast Will an amused glance.. "If I wasn't empathic, I might think you were doing this on purpose."

Will shook his head and leaned up against the door. "I wish all this really was a  joke!"

Deanna took a step towards him when something smashed through the window next to her. Letting out a startled yelp, she quickly brushed away the hand that gripped a handful of her uniform and jumped away.

Riker was there immediately and lunged out with a closed fist, hitting the undead body squarely in the jaw, knocking its lower mandible clean off.
When the body didn't go down, he retracted his hand for another blow when his forearm sliced against a piece of broken glass, creating a long deep gash into his skin.

"I guess that answers the question about the safety precautions," said Will, holding the injured arm to his chest. "Let's move."

Directing Deanna to move towards the back of the house, they found another door and now stood on the creaky planks of the back porch.

Appearing to be safe for the moment, Deanna took in a deep breath. "How's your arm?" she asked, trying to catch a glimpse of his wound in the pale moonlight.

"I'll be fine. Have you tried your com-"

Will pivoted on his heels when what sounded like zombies rummaging through the house echoed to the porch. " C'mon." He grabbed her hand and led her into the tall grass field nearby.

"Will, I don't think this was a good idea," Deanna whispered, thinking that any second, another hand was about to reach up from the earth to grab her.

"Well, it was either stay there and offer them cookies and tea, or try the front yard again!" He sounded exasperated and knew immediately he'd snapped at her. "I'm sorry. I'm just a little frustrated."

"A little?" she snorted. Tapping her badge, she heard the exact static that filtered through when Will tried his.

"Computer, end this god damned program!" screamed Riker.

'I don't understand..." Deanna began but was silenced immediately by Will's hand that had cupped over her mouth.

"Sshhh. Do you hear that?" he whispered.

They turned in the direction of some nearby trees as a howling sound began to filter through the thick wooded area, growing in strength by the second.

"I don't like this." Deanna pulled Will's hand from her mouth and gripped it tightly with her own.

"Me either," he answered and took off running, pulling Deanna with.

A rustle through the weeds stopped their progress and turned them another direction. After a short distance, Will saw an opening in the brush and headed that way.

The thick undergrowth gave way to a large clearing surrounding what looked like to be a small lake. Spotting a row boat beached along the shoreline, Deanna yanked on Will's arm and ran towards the beach.

Deanna jumped inside but before Will could push the boat away, a pack of wolves emerged from the brush and went tearing after Will's legs.
Tossing him an oar, Will smashed the first wolf in the head and hit the second one in the ribcage. The third stayed back and provided a hideous view of its fanged teeth.

Edging back into the water, he pushed the boat out until he was knee deep before hopping in.

Panting from the run and the fight with the wolves, Will lay motionless on the floor and watched as Deanna eagerly rowed away from the shore.



The howling and growling quieted until the only sound that remained was the sound of the water gently lapping against the side of the boat. Resting the oars along the side, Deanna bent over to look at Will, who had yet to move.

"This is the last date you'll ever take me on, Will Riker," she scolded then smiled and brushed away a lock of hair from his forehead.

Sitting up, the boat rocked with his movement and he leaned against a seat. "This is ridiculous! Something must have happened to the computer system."

Deanna looked around and saw nothing but water and a bit of steam rising up. "Well...let's hope we're safe out here." She looked at his arm. "Has it stopped bleeding?"

"I think so."

She kneeled down between his outstretched legs and before she could find her balance, the boat was rocked by wave, tossing her face first into him.

He caught her torso by the shoulders but couldn't stop her knee from plunging into his groin.

Deanna saw the anguished look and immediately felt his distress. "Oh, Will...I'm so sorry," she said as she moved to his side.

Holding the afflicted area with one hand, he quickly covered his face with the other and cursed silently.

Deanna truly felt terrible but for some reason, couldn't quell the light chuckle from escaping.

"You think this is funny?" he growled.

"Well...yes," she looked out of the boat, making sure they were still far from shore before she playfully nuzzled into him. "The absurdity of it all, I mean. Not the fact that you keep getting injured."

He nodded then began to chuckle as well. "This is crazy, isn't it?" He pulled her into him and for a moment, his frustration was pushed aside and he was almost glad they were stuck in this predicament.

It had been a long time that he'd held her this way- smelling the shampoo in her hair, feeling her warmth against him, admiring they way her body molded easily into his own. His eyes slowly drifted down to her and saw she seemed perfectly content laying aginst him as if it was the most right thing in the world.

"Its getting cold," she commented and snuggled in closer yet.

Will glanced over the edge of the boat and cringed. "There's a fog rolling in."

Deanna reluctantly released her embrace and looked out but the chilling breeze sent her diving back into him. "I think I'll stay where its warm."

Will wrapped his arms around her and squeezed. "I wish we could stay like this too, but unfortunately, we've drifted too close to the shoreline."

Cautiously moving up to the seat, Will reset the oars and began to row into the dense fog. After a short time, he pulled the oars in. "I can't see a thing."

"Good. That means nothing can see us either."

"I can't even see you!"

"I'm still here...freezing."

Will smiled and was happy she was unable to see the smirk behind it as he kneeled down. A roaming hand reached out and felt what he thought was her knee and moved upwards, feeling her hips, her ribs, her...


"Oops. Sorry," he said too quickly, making it sound like he had every intention of doing that.

"Somehow, I'm not sensing your sincerity Mr. Riker," Deanna mused.

"It was a good try, now, wasn't it?"

"Not quite your style." He felt her chuckle against him as he wrapped an arm over her shoulders.

"You're right. In that case, I truly am sorry."

"This time," she added and tried to bury herself more into him as the wind was picking up, making it downright cold now.

"We're blowing back to the shore again," he said, noticing the fog was being blown clear by the wind.

A large wave crashed against the side of the boat, knocking the small vessel sideways. "We can't blow back in!" Will picked up the oars again and began a losing battle against the increasing waves.

Deanna held herself against the forward bench seat and held on tightly as the small boat seemed to be pushed every direction all at once.

Will manuevered the bow of the boat so that it faced directly into the oncoming waves. "Big waves for a small lake," He braced himself as he saw the biggest wave yet approaching. "Hold tight!"

The wave crested and hit the side of the boat, soaking both Deanna and Will. "Find something to bail with!" he ordered, struggling to get the boat pointing in the right direction again.

Wave upon wave crashed against the wooden boat, spraying more water in than what Deanna would bail out with the a small bucket she'd found. "Will, I think we're going to sink!"

The cold water began to numb his hands and it was becoming more difficult to hold to the oars. "Can you see the shore?"

"Now you want to go back?" Deanna exclaimed.

"If we have to swim, I'd rather know which way to go!"

Will felt the oar slip from his frozen finger tips and watched it slide into the brackish water. "Shit!"

He lunged sideways to reach for it at the same time another wave broke over the bow. With the boat pitching sideways again, Will's footing slipped against the wet wood and he tumbled over into the blackness.

"Will!" Deanna cried. For fear of falling in herself, she carefully balanced herself on the bench and looked out, spying Will's flailing arms about three meters away.

Within seconds, his strong shoulders pulled him back to the edge of the boat where he pulled himself up to the side and rested there.

She gripped his uniform at the arms and held him as tight as she could knowing full well, however, should he get pulled away, she'd  be unable to prevent it.

"I think the waves are dying down," he sputtered and coughed.

"Get inside before the wind picks back up." Deanna moved to the opposite side of the boat to try and balance the weight but found herself sliding back into him as soon as his body flopped inside.

He lay once again on the floor and she sitting directly over him...smiling. "Had enough yet?"

Riker rolled his eyes. "You know the first thing I'm going to do to him?"

Troi bent down and helped him to a sitting position as he continued, "I'm going make him eat--"

Will slapped the back of his neck with his open palm and felt something squish underneath. "Leeches!"

"Eat Leeches?"

In a panic, Will jumped to his feet and began to franticly remove his uniform top. "Why in the hell...would anyone program in leeches?" he scoured his now bare arms, feeling for more of the slimy creatures.

Deanna felt the boat beginning to rock back and forth with his jerky movements. "Will," she said calmly.

"He programmed in...fucking leeches!"

"Will!" Deanna said, this time with a little more urgency.

"I'm going to strip him down wire by wire--" He yanked off his t-shirt and tossed it to the bottom of the boat. "Then I'm going to--"

"Will! Sit down."

"--melt every last neuro--" his words became muffled when he turned away to unfasten his pants.

Deanna stretched out her arms in a futile attempt to stop the boat from capsizing. "WILL RIKER! SIT YOUR ASS DOWN NOW!"

Riker, astonished by her choice words turned to face her and, without argument...sat down.

"Thank you", she flipped a stray lock of hair from her face and walked on her knees to the bench where he sat motionless. "Now...raise your arms."

Riker did as he was told and immediately felt her fingertips brush against his already goose-bumped flesh in slow, circular motions. Reaching under his arms to his back, she proceded in the same manner, only now, her lips curled into an impish smile she could not contain. It had been far too long since she'd seen his bare body. He was much larger now, more muscular than she remembered. Definitely more attractive, she thought.

"You're clean," she confirmed.

Still on her knees, the smile grew broader the moment her eyes met his. "Now, stand."

The cold water must have frozen his brain because he sat there utterly stunned.

"Will, I would think you'd like to see if any of those things are attached elsewhere."

Wishing more at this moment than ever that he was empathic as well, he nodded in agreement and stood.

And then immediately sat back down.

"Deanna, I don't think this is a good time, to--" he took a shallow breath and hoped he she understood what he was getting at without explaining it further.

Troi's lips once again curled into a smile that was completely lost on Riker. She edged back to the other bench and turned away.
The boat rolled side to side as he, she presumed, raised to check himself. And after a few moments, the rolling ceased and she heard a forced sigh of relief.

"You okay?" she asked, still facing away from him.

"I've been better."

She finally pivoted around on the bench and saw his arms crossed tightly across his body and he was shivering. "I thought you liked the cold?"

Once again, she crept back to him and wrapped her arms around his naked torso, pulling him closely to her.
Not that she wasn't drenched as well, but the feel of her next to him offered all the comfort he needed.

Riker shifted her body so that her head now rested against his chest. "I know we've been in far worse situations than this...but this one, has really gotten to me."

"I know," she admitted knowing full well that he was as frustrated as she'd ever known him to be. "But think of it this way..." she pulled back so that her lips were but a few centimeters away from his. "We might be thanking Data, afterall."

Deanna raised her arm from his back and wrapped it around his neck, pulling his head forward to meet her lips in a tender, yet very promising kiss.

Their current situation was cast aside for the next few moments at least, as the former lovers began to recapture the passion felt years ago. Eager hands grasped his bare flesh while his own hands wandered an intimate path to her ample bosom in a sensually slow route.  As the kiss deepened and the world around them melted away...literally.

Piece by piece, the scenery began to change into the familiar yellow grid of the holodeck and it wasn't until the boat underneath them disappeared, did they realize what was happening.

Landing in a loud, echoing thud, Riker was unable to prevent Deanna from landing directly on top of him. "What the..."

Deanna extricated herself from his arms the moment she spotted the open archway appear directly behind them with an enitire team of engineers standing wide-eyed in the doorway.

Deanna had the grace to blush and was thankful their eyes were immediately diverted to the soggy, bare chested commander who had finally managed to stand.

"Where's Data?" he growled.

Geordi LaForge stepped forward and nervously cleared his throat. "He...he's still working on the main computer. Per Captain Picard," he added quickly.

"What happened?" Deanna walked to stand beside Will once the others crewmen left the holodeck.

"We're not sure. But little by little, we lost all control of the entire system. Data mentioned he thought you might not want to stay in here too long," he glanced quickly at Deanna then back to Riker, "But I see that he was mistaken."

If it wasn't for the VISOR, Will would have thought for sure he'd seen the man wink.

"I better get back to engineering," Geordi smiled and turned to walk away but stopped suddenly in the doorway. "Oh, and I guess you might want to know the replicators are off line at the moment. It might be a little chilly getting back to your quarters." He motioned the wet mound of clothes on the floor. "Bye."

Will reached for Deanna's hand and gripped it tightly. Holding it to his chest, he softly brushed away the hair from her face. "I guess I'd better find some clothes to put on then."

She fingered a strand of his chest hair and smiled warmly up at him and spoke in a low, sensual voice, "I rather like this look, Commander."

He laughed. "Somehow, I just can't quite see Captain Picard in agreement."

Will felt her hands move around his waist, creating an eletrical shock throught out his entire body. "But I think we are at least due a shower first, don't you agree?"

"That depends, Commander...are you making this an order?"

Their bodies pressed closer and Deanna immediately felt her response. And all she had to do was gaze into his eyes to confirm the desire she had been sensing since the moment they first step foot into this holodeck.. "Absolutely," she heard him growl before his lips gently closed over her own.


All too aware that he was being watched from the women laying in his bed, he confidently flipped the pancake high into the air and caught it in the frying pan behind his back.

"Do I get a show every morning?" the amused soft voice called from the bedroom.

Riker looked up from his make-shift hot plate and winked. "Only if I get that kind of show every night."

Deanna clasped a sheet around her naked body and walked from the bed. "Still no replicators?"

He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Nope," he said then removed the last hotcakes from the skillet.. "The captain must have felt sorry for me because he called and said the computer problem was nearly fixed and that I could have the third shift this afternoon." He grinned widely, "Which means..."

"I have the whole day off?" She wrapped her arms around his middle.


She squeezed tightly and teased. "I always knew you were good for something."

Riker turned in her arms and was about lean down for a kiss she backed away, pulling him with her back to the bedroom. "Okay, fine...I'll admit you're good good for one more thing."

"Its a wonder how you managed for so long without my cooking...or my body," he laughed.

When she turned to respond, gone was her mischievous and teasing attitude. She wanted to be sure he understood what she was about to say would not be taken lightly. "I am too," her voice nearly quivered from the emotion it weeped. "Will, there's a lot we need to discuss..."

"I realize-"

"No. Sshh," she placed a finger on his lips to silence him "Just listen."

Deanna sat them on the edge of the bed and held his hands firmly. "This is it, Will Riker. There's no turning back again. Do you understand? I can't...I won't allow you to hurt me. If you want me now, then I need to know you'll never leave me again?"

He might have laughed at the absurdity of what she might have been thinking, but for fear of being decked, he simply held her face and kissed her. "I'm afraid you're stuck with me, Imzadi. Forever. Because I'm not going, anywhere without you."

~I love you~ she heard him say in her head and held him as though he was about to be taken from her.

~I love you, too~ she echoed and wiped away the unshed tears from her eyes.

And when their bodies merged into one, and the cries of passion echoed from the walls, it was the single word screamed in unison that stood out above anything else.


                                               THE END

Sorry. This is a  completely different ending than what I wanted but I haven't the time to do another chapter. So you can sue me for the lameness.