Author: IzzY
Rating: R
Paramount owns the name, I hold claim to the body

This is an answer to two challenges. One by Sarajayne  weeks ago, and one by Sarah. Oh, and this was written in like twenty minutes, so its worse than normal :)

**Setting: a few months after the Briar Patch



"Commander, may I have a word with you?" Doctor Crusher's blue lab coat billowed behind her as she raced to catch up to the long legged officer.

Will Riker, clad in the skin tight, blue neoprene Parrises Squares uniform, stopped just shy of the holodeck door and faced her. "If you're going to warn me about playing today...forget it!" He jabbed a long pointed finger in the general vicinity of her face. "Today is my birthday, and I'm going to do whatever I want to." He nearly sounded like a pouty fourteen year old, and realized so just as he spoke the last word.

"Will, I know what day it is, and I promised Deanna that since she was away at the conference and unable to celebrate with you...I'd, well, I'd try and..."

"Play babysitter?" He crossed his arms and leaned heavily against the arch.

"Something like that." The doctor's face turned a pale shade of red at the acknowledgement of her friend's request. Every year since she'd known the commander, he'd schedule a match of the highly dangerous game on his birthday. Though it seemed to be nothing but ritual to others, she and Deanna knew better. The commander seemed to use it as a way of refusing to declare that another year passed by, a way of proving that his body was still in perfect shape.

Crusher eyed his large frame as he continued to lean into the door. There was no question that he was still in wonderful condition. She could see his muscles flexing beneath the thin neoprene, and if he hadn't just had a physical, she would have sworn he'd lost weight. Muscle weighs more than fat, she reminded herself as her eyes slowly and inconspicuously roamed farther downward.

Tearing away her gaze before her eyes inadvertently became affixed to the large bulge between his legs, she starightened up and placed her nervous hands in the pockets of her coat. "Will, she just doesn't want you to get hurt."

"I've done this for thirteen years...I'm not going to get hurt!"

"Famous last words." She placed a hand on his forearm. "Look, she made me promise that I would not allow you inside a holodeck on your birthday. Don't make me break that promise. Please?" she pleaded.

"Bev, Deanna had no right to ask that of you. She should have known my stubborness would prevail." He flashed the cocky Riker grin and turned to enter, but she grabbed his arm and swung him back to face her.

"Will..." she began to admonish him using the same tone she reserved only for her son, Wesley. "If you go in there, I'll..."

"You'll what?' he chuckled.

"I'll make you perform that little stint from my last play. You know, the one that she's already asked you to perform for her, but you've refused so far."

His arms fell akimbo to his sides and he visibly paled in color. "You wouldn't?"

"Yes, I would."

Riker shook his head as he realized that she and Deanna had talked about this behind his back. "She told you she wants me to..."

"Strip? Yep!" It was Crusher's turn to chuckle. "It took a lot of guts for Ensign Williams to that in front of an audience. I'm sure you'd have no problem doing it in front of just a camera."

"But he only stripped to his underwear. Deanna wants me to go all the wa--" he flung an open palm to his forehead. "Why am I telling you this?"

"Don't worry loverboy..." she gently ushered him to his awaiting holodeck. "I know all about her little wish. And then some."  The last few words were silenced by the sound of the doors opening. Pushing him into his pre-programmed game simulation, Beverly placed her hands on her hips.

"Okay...go ahead and play. But just remember," she waggled her finger, "should you get hurt, you're baring it all! And I don't mean just on my biobed."

Will, mouth set in a half-amused, half-scared grin watched the doctor back out of the holodeck and into the hall.

"Have fun!" he heard her words as the doors closed between them.


Leaning against the biobed, Doctor Crusher placed a warm and gentle hand to a patient's forehead. "Give him 30cc's of haladrol," she ordered to the nearby nurse. "Thats one heck of a lump on your head. We're going to keep you here for a while under observation."

The young man smiled wearily and accepted a cool cloth to his face. "Remind me to never play with the children in the nursery again!" Ensign Calloway snorted and relaxed down into the softness of the bed.

Beverly laughed. "You're the lucky one. Last week, their teacher came in hear with a bead lodged in her ear!"

"Monsters. Their all monsters!" he quipped and shook his head.

"They're not so bad after you've-"

<Riker to Crusher>

At first Beverly appeared surprised by the pain-filled voice coming across her communicator, but when she remembered the circumstances regarding that particular voice, an amused and devilish grin grew across her face. "Yes, Commander, is there a problem?"

After a short undiscernable grumble, the voice changed into a rather sheepish sounding tone <Can you come to the holodeck please?>

She covered up her chuckle. "I'm on my way. Uh, Will...is there anything special I need to bring?"

<Bone regenerator would be nice>

Beverly nodded toward Alyssa as the nurse handed her the instrument. Stopping as she reached the door, Beverly called back to her nurse. "Oh, can you hand me the vid-camera, also?"

Curious, Nurse Agawa reached into a cabinet and retrieved the desired object and handed it to her with a puzzled looked on her face.

"Thank you," Crusher smiled and left the Sickbay.


"So tell me, did you at least have a fun birthday while I was gone?" The petite Betazoid curled up onto Riker's lap after she handed him a drink.

"Oh, it was nothing special. Just the usual stuff." Riker sipped his drink and set it down.

"Usual?" Deanna's concerned look was wiped away with a sweltering kiss. "Usual?" she repeated.

"Mmhmm." He kissed her again, hoping she'd forget about it. "I have a surprise for you too."

"For me?" She knew he was dodging the question but decided to play along.

"Mmhmm." He nibbled along her jawline.

"Will, you're scaring me."

"Why? Can't I give my lovely Imzadi a gift?" Riker's hands traveled down to her thighs and he began to lift up the thin skirt from her skin.

"It depends." She gasped when he quickly flipped her onto her back on the couch.

Standing up beside the couch, he towered over her before he leaned back down. "You have to promise not to laugh?"

The look on his face was a mixture of embarrassment, amusement, and fright. Curious, she answered, "Okay...I promise. What is it?"

Will kissed the tip of her nose and pulled a computer chip from his pocket. "This," he slid it into her cleavage, "is for you."

Sitting up, Deanna placed the disc in the nearby terminal and sat back to watch.

The smiling face of Will Riker appeared on the screen and Deanna turned to look at him as he cowered in a far corner. "Is this what I think it is?" she asked, a grin from ear to ear showing.

"Just watch." He pointed back to the screen.

Deanna covered her mouth with excitement as she watched her Imzadi begin to dance just like she had seen Ensign Williams perform in the play. In the background, Deanna saw a birthday cake adorned by many candles, giving offall the illumination for the video.The music was a low sultry jazz mix, and with each new phrase, Will Riker removed one item of clothing until the camera focused on nothing but his black Starfleet issued briefs covering his delightful rearend.

Placing his fingers on either side of his waist, he gently played and pulled at the briefs and as the music crescendoed to the next stanza, he ripped them from his body and dangled them infront of the camera. The torn briefs dropped and he walked back to the cake and blew out the candles.

Deanna could control her laughter, but not the grin. Smiling, she turned to see Riker, red faced and sweating, still hiding in the corner. Deanna rose from the couch and went to him. Holding his hands out in front of her, she began to sway with the rhythm of the song that played in the background.

"Can we do that dance together?" she asked in a low, husky voice.

He moved against her as she rubbed into him. "Only if you'll help?"

"I think that might be possible." Deanna reached for his clasp on his tunic and removed his jacket. Seconds later, he was devested of everything but his briefs and she  of everything but her undergarments.

Will fumbled with the clasp to her bra and as the video came to an end, Deanna pressed into him once more. The bra was dropped to the floor and as he bent down to receive his reward for his achievement, he felt to fingers pressed to his lips.

Will opened his eyes to see the sultry dark Betazoid eyes staring back.

"Is there a problem?" he asked, impatience growing by the second.

"Well, I was wondering..."

"About?" he changed positions and began to nibble his way down her neck.

"About the video. Will...who helped you record it?"

Will froze. So much for Birthday wishes.

                                                         THE END