Title - Perfect Rhythm

Author - Jaclyn Riker

E-mail address - Jrussell78@aol.com

Rating - PG13 (?)

Category - R

Spoilers - Nope

Keywords - All R/T

Disclaimer: Not mine. Never were mine. Never gonna be mine. Cause if they were mine this wedding (in the next movie) would have happened a LONG time ago. Nuff said. Hope you don’t sue me.

Summary - You’re just gonna have to read it J

Note: This came to me at a twenty after midnight when I couldn’t fall asleep. Of course the second I finished this I was out like a light. Hope you enjoy…please give feedback.


“Perfect Rhythm”

by Jaclyn Riker


Their bodies swayed to a rhythm as old as time

Her dark hair tumbled down her back

His hands lost and tangled in it

He would move forward and she would step back

Each caught up in the dance that their souls played

Along with the music only they could hear

He slid down her body with his hands following

Eliciting gasps of pleasure from her mouth

Seconds later she did the same to him

Her nails causing him to shiver

Rising again she leaned forward to trap his lips

Only to pull back at the last second

His blue eyes twinkled at her tease

Her laugh rang out like silver bells across a clear night

His deep rumble of a laugh made her ache in places a lady never mentioned

The movements started to become faster

Almost frantic as each tried to stay in tune, yet make it last as long as possible

Their breathing quickened and hearts felt as if they were about to burst

Round and round they went

Over and under

Finally the climax came and they froze

Legs entwined and her head lying on his chest

Listening to his heart beat underneath her ear

Finally breathing returned to normal

He stopped back and gave her the smile

That made her heart leap into her throat

“Who knew?”

“Knew what?”

“That anything like that existed!”

“Oh. Remind me to thank Beverly for teaching you how to...what was it called again?”


“Right. Even the word sounds passionate.”



“I wonder. If that if what it is like vertically...”


He just looked into her obsidian eyes and after a moment they widened.

“William Riker!”

“You read my mind, Imzadi.”

Hand and hand they left the darkened dance studio the passionate music rising again, only this time it would be danced to in the privacy of Will’s quarters.