Author: JanF

Summary: Will and Deanna have been together a short time and this is one late night’s thoughts. Set after ST:First Contact


Poster’s Note: This was my first foray into fanfic. I still like it, for better or worse :)

Standard Disclaimer: Paramount owns all the characters. Other far more talented people created and developed them. I’m just having some fun.

Late Night Thoughts


Will looked down affectionately at Deanna as she lay on his shoulder, sighing contentedly in the aftermath of their lovemaking.

‘Love you Imzadi’ he thought to her.

‘Love you too’ he heard back as she smiled up at him, snuggling further into his arms.

For a long time, Will had never thought he would hear her clear voice in his head again. After both transferring to the Enterprise-D and finding that things were too awkward between them to have a stop-start relationship they had settled into being "just good friends". They were able to be happy, if not completely for the other, as they fell in and out of love. Amiable companions. Reliable fall-backs. It was only recently after the destruction of the Enterprise-D and the long re-fit of the Borg "modifications" to the Enterprise-E that Will had realised that he wanted more - and, more surprisingly, felt able to give more.

The first time Starfleet had pulled out the "big chair" Will had decided that he wanted to stay on the Enterprise. He had refused more than one Captaincy since then for the same reason. With the Enterprise-D destroyed he had finally decided to "sit down". Deanna had journeyed to Vulcan for further studies. Jean-Luc had gone with Beverly to France to lay his family to rest. Worf had gone to Deep Space Nine. Data was learning to control his emotions. Earth held little for him - so he’d left on a six-month mission as Captain of the new Intrepid-class Melbourne. Whilst the Captaincy was enjoyable he’d missed his family on the Enterprise. Especially Deanna.

Will smiled and gently kissed her hair. Deanna looked peaceful as she drifted off to sleep. Her hair was different now to the first item they’d loved - longer, lighter and straighter. He suppressed a giggle as he thought ‘And she does a few things with it that she didn’t do before’. When he missed her he thought he was just missing his best friend. When she and Worf had begun to see each other he had missed her company, however while away on the Melbourne he began to realise how her presence was an important part of his life.

She hadn’t been there next to him to share a smile on the bridge. He couldn’t walk into the ship’s bar and find her hoeing into a chocolate sundae. At poker he didn’t have to worry about an opponent who knew him well enough to out-bluff him, at least occasionally. Also she wouldn’t have been able to crash the Melbourne - it could at least land and take off again. Deanna not there just hadn’t seemed right and he missed her terribly.

His time on the Melbourne had been a success. He had done well and Starfleet had offered to make the position permanent. They were particularly impressed on his report on the large number of inherent faults in the Intrepid Class ship that made it unsuitable for missions of more than six months in length. Will had enjoyed the experience - but had requested transfer to the Enterprise-E as soon as she was ready for a full crew.

Deanna shifted and rolled away, breathing regularly and deeply now. He snuggled into her back and pulled the covers across them. He had not been this happy before. It was so much better than the first time. It had been easy then - he had known what he wanted and calculated the sacrifices necessary to get it in the shortest possible time. Now things had changed. He had learnt how to wait.

This time he had waited until Deanna was ready. He knew he was falling in love again as they’d tried to sort out Zefram Cochrane and the Phoenix. She had been so beautiful and vulnerable whilst she was drunk. After she fallen unconscious he’d picked her up and carefully covered her with a jacket against the cold. He’d listened to her moans about tequila-induced headaches with a mixture of sympathy and amusement. He’d also realised how much Cochrane’s open lechery towards Deanna had disturbed him.

So he’d waited. The other females on the ship had written off his lack of attention after the refit to a "hang-over from acting like an uninvolved Captain around Starfleet HQ". Bets were placed as to whom the First Officer would land his roving eye on first. Months had gone past without anyone collecting.

Then Deanna had started to return his flirtation. It was wonderful and frightening. He knew that this time that there would be no going back to a comfortable friendship. It was either Warp-9 forward or destruction. Progress or nothing. It was unspoken, but understood. Will smiled to himself ‘I’m not old enough yet to not be frightened - but this time I know what I want’

"I’m glad" - Deanna opened one sleepy eye and smiled at him.

"How long have you been listening in? I didn’t think I was projecting!"

"Long enough" Deanna smiled wickedly "Tell me about the things I do with my hair?"

"Better yet, I’ll show you" and with that Will kissed her and started to do just that.