Rated R


Passion. Raw unbridled passion. She arched her back and moaned in pleasure at his ministrations. His hands worked wonders on her body.
“Do you like it, Imzadi?” His husky voice asked her. If she liked it?! Oh Gods, never in her whole life had she felt better! She opened her eyes, drew his head down to hers and looked deeply into his stormy gaze. Both were panting heavily. She could feel his hardness against her leg and ached to feel it inside her.
“I love it Imzadi! And I love you!” She whispered and claimed his mouth in a searing, hungry kiss. His was just as passionate and in the next moment he had lifted her onto his lap.
He had removed every clothing which could be a disturbance from her body already, while he still was nearly totally clothed. She had only ripped open his uniform, to be able to caress his chest. She had opened his pants also, but he still wore them. She began to gently rock back and forth and he had to lean his head back, close his eyes and moan in pleasure and need. She smiled devilishly and caressed his chest. She could feel him growing even harder. She leaned down to his ear and her tongue snaked out, to follow the form of his ear, briefly dip into it, to then bite his earlobe gently. All the while she softly moaned into his ears, driving him wild with want. His strong hands kneaded her ass and when she began working on his ear, one of them claimed her breast. She leaned into his hand and moaned louder. He gasped, short of breath and she could feel him tremble.
“Oh God! You kill me Imzadi!” He breathed hotly into her ear and she could feel delicious Goosebumps rise all over her body. He wanted to nibble at her neck, but she laid a finger on his lips and leaned back, to be able to look into his face. A familiar glassy look was in his eyes.
“If you are a nice boy, maybe I will play.” She breathed and again seized his mouth in an earth-shattering kiss. She leaned closer up to him and he helped her with his hands on her back. He was so focused on their kiss that he didn’t realised where her hands were going.
She closed her hands around his hard manhood. He gasped and threw his head back. Gently she rubbed him and smiled at him lopsidedly. His right hand moved to her breasts and played with her nipples. Soon his left hand joined it. Within seconds they were both panting heavily and when his hand shifted attention to her most intimate parts, they were well underway on their stairway to heaven. They shifted place and he now nearly lay on her couch. He clung onto her for dear life, while she was letting go completely.
“Yes! Oh God, yes!” He could feel the delicious pain of his nearing orgasm in his lower stomach. He opened his eyes and saw that she had cast her head back and was enjoying every second without being ashamed. He wanted her! He wanted her entirely, not like this! This wasn’t remotely satisfying enough.
She opened her eyes when she felt the shift in his attentions and saw the shift in his emotions. With one arm he lifted her and with his other, he tried to get rid of his pants and underwear. Her legs snaked around his middle and helped him. She too wanted more...needed more!
“You are so strong Imzadi!” She murmured in appreciation and felt his bulging arm. His other arm helped support her and both neared the other for another kiss. First only their tongues touched. Then they caressed the others lips and enticed the other to open his mouth. When they at last kissed and their tongues duelled wildly, she simultaneously thrust herself upon his hardened cock. A deep groan was audible from both, but neither stopped kissing or moving. With hard, short thrusts they quickly neared completion and when she reached out for him and brought them together in an altogether other way...he couldn’t describe it. It heightened their pleasure and he poured all his love into her. The way she made him feel when she walked into a room, when she looked at him. His mouth wandered from her mouth down her neck, to her breasts and began suckling on one of her nipples.
Nobody could make her feel like he did. He filled her completely and his emotions made her feel cherished. In his eyes she was a goddess and she knew that. But in her eyes, he was just the same. A damn good looking god, who knew a lot about how to send her screaming over the edge. She could feel it draw nearer. She pressed his face into her bosom and began to move faster. Both panted and wanted to scream, but that wasn’t possible. Oh delicious torture!
It echoed in both their minds and then they were one completely and went spiralling over the edge. The universe shattered for one perfect moment, which stretched on for a small eternity all their own.
Panting heavily they lay on her couch. She atop of him and waited for their hearts to beat slower. She purred satiated and caressed his chest languidly. He chuckled and kissed the top of her head. After another few moments they sat up and parted, only to snuggle up again. She sighed happily and kissed him on the cheek.
“That was wonderful.” He smiled down at her.
“Yes, it was. Do I see you tonight?” A familiar light shone in his eyes. She knew what that meant. He had thought of something new for them. She smiled coquettish and batted her eyelashes.
“Maybe.” She whispered and kissed him another time on his mouth, before she rose to collect her discarded clothing and dressed again. She knew he did the same behind her. When she closed her uniform jacket, she felt his arm around her and his mouth at her ear.
“Until tonight then.” He whispered and kissed her on her cheek. At the door he turned around.
“I love you, Counsellor.” She blew him a kiss and he winked, caught it in his hand and held it to his heart, before he was off to the next lift.

William Riker was greeted on the bridge with curious stares. He sat down at his station without seemingly noticing them. To his left sat his Captain and arched an inquisitive eyebrow. Riker looked up.
“Is something wrong, sir?” He asked. Picard shook his head and smiled.
“I thought I would never see the day, when you willingly would go and see Counsellor Troi for treatment. That is all.” Riker smiled and scratched his beard.
“We found a lot to work out and have agreed on meeting at least once a day.” Now Picard’s eyes grew round.
“Every day, Number One?” He had never thought that his First Officer was carrying so much emotional ballast. Well, even Will Riker grew old and entered his Midlife Crisis. It had to be difficult too, to be ‘young’ again for a brief period, thanks to the Briar Patch, and then return to the normal, a bit cranky self you had been before. It could throw the best out of line and it seemed that this phenomenon had not spared his First Officer. “Well then. I hope you will be better soon.” He turned to the viewscreen and felt a bit uncomfortable. Will Riker on the other hand had a huge grin plastered all over his face.
“Oh yes, sir. I think Counsellor Troi will work wonders with her techniques.” Picard looked puzzled up again, but Riker had turned to his own station and his face was no longer visible.