Paramount owns all characters but I made up one name. They have the copyrights
but we have the romantic souls.

Western Clichés and Guilty Pleasures aka Durango


"I don't like your kind" snarled Durango. She placed her steely-eyed gaze on
the gambler, so smug in his fancy suit and innocent bearded grin.

"What's not to like?" he asked innocently, while he cut the deck offered by the
dealer. They were in a pool hall in another no-name, dusty town. Durango was
dressed for living on the road. Her denim shirt and trousers were sturdy,
covered by a tan duster. A tan hat almost hid her dark, searching eyes. Her
eyes were quick and her movements efficient. . A braid down her back bound
her long ebony curls. The other card players knew her by reputation. They
were surprised to find that Durango was a woman, and an attractive one at that.
However, the good sense to avoid bullets warned them to keep their opinions to

Was this Gambler Will cheating? Maybe not with these cards, but she could tell
he was up to no good. She watched in this serious poker game. The stakes were
high and the tension was crisp. Durango eyed her cards and anted up. She
pretended to study her cards as she eyed her real prey - Gambling Will. As
much as she did not like him, she had a job to do- tail the man until tonight.
Then her instructions would come about what to do next.

How many cards? Two - she answered coldly to the Yellow Eye dealer. She hated
to lose at anything, even when she was concentrating on a job.

So what had she learned about Gambling Will? He had the devil's charm with a
little boy's grin. He had eyes that disarmed women and laughed at men. He was
infuriating, so sure of his own charm. The man did not believe in anything
except the next hand, good whisky, a shoeshine, and his own pleasure. "Full
House" she said - and he winked at her. How dare he? That pompous ass!

Will grinned at Durango as he showed his straight flush. As he gathered his
chips he gazed at Durango's figure as she walked away in disgust. He admired
the view of her lean form, long limbs, and coal black hair.

He stayed at the table, playing cards until midnight. As the clock started to
chime, he excused himself for an important meeting - with a soft woman with big
eyes, he noted to no one and everyone. Then he left for his room upstairs.

In that same room Durango waited. This was where she was to receive her payment
and her next instructions. She leaned her chair against the wall, one hand on
her pistol and the other near her boot on her lucky knife. She knew this hotel
- it had rules - no killing allowed - just business. Any killing and you'd
receive the same favor. As she waited for the unknown the come through that
door, her spine tingled in anticipation. Her heart quickened as she heard
footsteps. And in came…

Gambling Will! "What the hell?!" She demanded as he greeted her with a grin.

"Here's $200 for services rendered so far…" Will answered.
"What?" Durango was angry and confused.
Will explained - "I heard you were good and I needed a reputation. With
Durango around, Gambling Will became a player - no pun intended."
"So you had me tail you. What do you really want?"
"The company of a beautiful woman."
"Two dollars - next room. - I don't sell my company" replied Durango.
Will took off his jacket and started to undress. "I don't pay for that company
- I don't need to" he said as his eyes twinkled. "Let's just say I have some
business to attend to. I need someone to watch my back but also offer a
distraction. You, my lovely Durango, can do both. Especially if you pretend
to be a real woman."

Pretend! Durango's jaw clenched. If she cared to, she could show him how real
she was. Hmh! She just might offer a hint. Durango loosened her braid and
shook her hair loose. "Will, watch out what you wish for, you might get more
than you can handle." She let her voice sound husky and seductive. She'd show

Will's eyes widened, then took on a devilish air. " I don't know - I don't
scare easily."

Durango looked into his blue eyes (dammit - he's handsome) "So, time for
business - what do you want?"

Will responded with a business like voice but a hint of mischief in his eyes
"I'll pay you $25 a day plus expenses to be my eyes behind my head. I need you
to travel with me as my…companion - off limits to all but me. You'd be all
gussied up so folks won't know you to be Durango. I need you to travel with me
to Texas. When we arrive, I'll pay you in full- plus $200 for completing the
"Why me"
"You're good… and no one knows too much about you. "
"What kind of work will you be doing, Will?"
"Honest gambling, of course. You keep an eye on my back, and I keep my eyes on
my cards."
"Deal" said Durango, and they shook hands. Will marveled at how soft her hands
A week passed as they traveled and gambled. Will was right - Durango had
become a Woman. Curls piled loosely on her head, slim figure with generous
breasts, accented by her deep burgundy petticoats and bodice. Slender ankles
peeped out from her skirts. She was delicious- and definitely drew attention
away from Will. No one could tell that she was watching him, for each man that
saw her fell under the spell of a beautiful, sensuous woman.
Durango, now called Dee, also got Will's attention. For appearances she sat on
his chair, played with his hair, kissed him, and melted his advantage. At
first the kisses were cold and hard, but lately they had become more and more
warm and intimate, turning his cold demeanor into fire on the inside. Will
wanted this Durango, this Dee. No other woman had perplexed him or excited him
so much.

Durango, now Dee, undressed in "their" room after another late night of cards
and carousing. She was tired and frustrated. Tired from the late nights and
frustrated about the way her body was betraying her good sense. Durango did
not like Will, but she wanted him. All the play-acting, sitting practically in
his lap, caressing him, revealed his muscular body. She watched his hands as
they deftly played cards - she knew they could be as skillful on her body. But
how could she succumb to desire without letting him win this game? Maybe they
needed…a truce. Durango smiled at the thought.

Will entered the room after quickly knocking on the door. She covered herself
with a bath sheet but was still wet after emerging from a hot bubble bath. Her
hair, now clean of the smoke, was damp and pinned to the top of her head and
revealed her graceful neck. Her skin still had the rosy flush of the bath.
Without all of the paint of the saloon, her dark luminous eyes smoldered
against her creamy complexion. She smelled of jasmine sprinkled into the bath
water. Dee held the towel to her breasts, leaving her more modest than not. A
flash of thigh and long, tapering legs showed beneath the towel. She was the
picture of an angel with the needs of a woman. "I don't like your kind" she
said huskily, boldly staring deeply into his vast blue eyes.

Will stood there for a moment, suddenly free of the fatigue felt moments
earlier. He stared at Dee, surprised at her boldness and wondering what was
her ulterior motive. He heard the tone and returned her gaze, sensing her
challenge. "You don't have to like me," he said in his rich bass voice. He
stepped forward a pace.
"So, you think you're so good", she said, as she lowered her towel revealing
more of her loveliness.
"So I've been told, her grinned, his eyes turning dark with passion. "Let me
show you" he said as he stepped even closer.
"Oh, you're going to show me, all right, starting now." As she let her towel
fall, she allowed Will to gaze as her completely revealed form. This time she
moved forward, being sure to let Will know that this was her night. Before she
reached him, Dee stopped short and said, playfully "I'm waiting - show me
yours, you've seen mine."
Will stripped hurriedly (damn buttons! Damn boots!) and presented himself for
inspection. After passing, he inched towards Dee, who sprang upon him and
kissed him hard and passionately. Their kiss became a mutual demand as they
devoured each other's lips and bodies. They explored each with an urgency of
having one night to forget all of the rules and gave in to the night as all of
their surroundings were forgotten.

Afterward, they held each other tightly. Their minds gently caressed each
other as Deanna sighed "oh, Imzadi- I didn't know what Durango was missing."
Will drew circles on his wife's skin and just laughed his rich, melodious
laugh. "My heart, the Durango needed a challenge, and Gambling Will is full of
surprises." They relaxed in each other's arms and kissed tenderly, basking in
the memories of their Western fantasy and blessedly real love for each other.