Little Fault

Don’t own the figures from Star Trek the Next Generation, just occasionally
take them out of their routine.

Tom Riker, the twin brother of William Riker. Because of an accident Tom
Riker became alive. Now there were two Riker’s and had desame dreams.
Although that is the logical answer. William Riker has the dream to become
the youngest captain in Starfleet. For Tom Riker was his dream to get
married with Deanna. And that day is getting nearer.

Not like in series Tom stayed on the Enterprise and gained a position on the
bridge as lieutenant.

Tom and Deanna started all over again with their relationship. And she
realized that eight years can change a man. He was gentle like Will but Tom
took the time to really talk to people and help if needed. Deanna expected
that he wanted to become a captain but in the eight years he was alone on
the planet surface and had enough time to think and get his mind straight
about what he really wanted. Tom still wants to stay in Starfleet but his
number one priority was to get Deanna as his wife and succeeded to do so
after a new start.

They dated at first but it went a little faster then normally but that you
could expect from two people who already knew each other. It was just the
small things that were new.

Ten Forward, it was late in the night and most of the crew were gone but not
everyone. In the back of the lounge you could hear laughter. People who were
enjoying. It was Deanna, Beverly, Geordi, Tom, Data and Will. It was the
night before the wedding and they enjoyed a late night drink. It was a
relaxed sphere especially between tom and Will. They talked about the

So Tom tell us about the day you got lost on the Enterprise. Beverly almost
couldn’t hold her laughter when she asked him. It was really nothing Tom

Tell tell, do tell Deanna urged him.

Well okay. Tom took a sip of his drink before telling them his big mistake. 
It was in the first week I was on board here. I just came out of the bridge
and was pretty tired and my only wish was to go to bed and get some sleep
but I must have said it wrong in the turbolift and didn’t notice it. With
almost my eyes closed I walked to through the corridor on my way to my
quarters although I thought I was. I noticed some things that were normally
not in the corridor where my quarters were but that just went by me. I
stopped in front of the door and tapped my code but the door wouldn’t go
open. I tried it many times…

While Tom told them the story Beverly couldn’t stop smiling as she heard
about it.

I tried it many times and again Tom took a sip of his drink now a big sip
before continuing. So at last I got pissed and just used the override code
and walked into the quarters. The quarter was dark and I let the lights off
as I wanted to go to sleep. Walking to my bedroom I undressed myself and lay
down on bed. All of the sudden I heard someone breathing and it wasn’t me.
So I thought but I said it out loud that is nice of you Deanna to warm my
bed, while those words came out of my mouth I heard a voice which weren’t

Indeed Lieutenant. Tom turned around but he already knew who it was.
And I might say Tom you have a cute but. Blushed like hell he looked to the
ground so he wouldn’t have to look at his companions. Oh my….. Guinan Deanna
yelled. Everyone started laughing and Geordi fell of his chair. Only one
person stayed quiet and a little bit confused and that was Data for he still
could not understand the humans humour.

Okay okay so I made a mistake but lets us not get started on that road
because then we have to know about Deanna little mistake 12 years ago.
Deanna stopped abrupt with laughing and looked directly at Tom. You wouldn’t
Tom, you promised to keep that between us. Tom continued as if he didn’t
heard her. Why don’t I tell it….He looked at Deanna to see a very angry
Betazoid with a big chocolate sorbet in her hand. He could not get up fast
enough to get away from the Betazoid. He ran to the door with Deanna after
him. The ones who were left behind laughed to the ground.

The morning after everyone looked perky in their Dress uniforms. Tom and
Deanna stood at the ail as captain Picard began his speech.

What Tom didn’t knew is that Deanna had a little surprise for him after the
ceremony. An ensign was waiting for the sign in the back row.

I know pronounce you as husband and wife, you now may kiss each other. That
was the sign for ensign and ran towards the new couple and threw a chocolate
sorbet right in Tom’s face. Everyone was shocked at what the ensign had done
but Deanna had her laugh.

Last night, my husband you ran to fast for me Deanna said with a twinkle in
her eye. Before he could respond she kissed him and whispered Now I really
love you with the chocolate taste.

The End.