Who looks at what....? 1/1

Written by Jester

Rate: PG

This is a experimental piece. Don't know if you all understand how I
wrote this but you are all smart.


The camera zooms in on the bridge. Going to the captain of the
Enterprise you that he is staring at something but what the public
Slowly the camera moves to his left and you can see counselor Deanna
Troi. Her black curls over her shoulders, her hands on her knees, she
also is looking at something in front of her. You can hear commander
Riker's voice ordering to change the course from 410.27 to 411.29.
Feeling the humm change for a quick second the camera moves up and we
go to where lt. commander LaForge is standing. His hands are moving
very rapidly over the panel. You can see he is concentrating very
hard on the screen in front of him. Behind Geordi you can see the
back of the lieutenant Worf. He also was looking on his screen to
keep everything in check.

After that the camera stayed a little while on Geordi the camera
moves back to where captain Picard and counselor. Still the captain
looks at desame place as in the beginning. When you look at Deanna
however you can see a little twinkle in her left eye and a small
smile appears on her face.

Again you hear commander Riker's voice on the bridge asking for
another course change from 410.29 to 405.05. the ensign behind the
console pushes some buttons so to alter the course.
The view on the screen moves but no one of the audience can see what
is on the screen.

Captain Picard and counselor Deanna Troi's eyes go a bit more open
then a few seconds before but also the counselor's mouth lift up a
bit into a smile as commander Riker announces the final course
change. As the camera changes it's course also back to where everyone
is looking the audience can finally see what the bridge-crew was
looking at.
On screen you could see a cery large sphere. The color was yellow but
then it changes to red, blue, black and back to yellow every few

You can understand now why the whole bridge-crew was and still in in
awe with the beautiful sphere.

But only one person on the bridge was not looking at the sphere as
that is counselor Troi. She was looking at a far more better view or
so that is her opinion.

Finally after some hours other officers relieves everyone on the
bridge as counselor Troi and commander Riker take a stand in the
turbo lift.

"So did you had a nice view counselor?"

" ...uhm.. yes it was a interesting thing.." She looked a bit
uncomfortable to the door wishing it would open very quickly.

"I had the feeling that you were looking at something else than
rather then the sphere...like my beautiful butt" Looking straight in
his eyes you could see the playfullness in his eyes.

Deanna had the hardest time to look straight but her color of her
face told him everything he needed to know.

The turbolift doors went open and he got out. Before out of his
earshot she called after him "It's not the most beautiful butt I ever
saw commander"

Without taking the time to turn around "No, offcourse not counselor.
That is why you kept staring at it for the most of the time I stood
before you...See you in bed later Imzadi, do try to keep your
thoughts to yourself then to let it out in the open"

It was good he never turned around as he had the biggest grin on his

"Hmmph" Deanna muttered under her breath as the door closed before
her again to take her to Ten Forward.

The end....