One minute is already to long…..

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I have one day off and already am bored as one can be, so I thought I 
would is the result, more to come

Disclaimer: I don't own them, only let them fool around a bit when 
they are free of their own jobs…

Personal log stardate 7.6008.4

The waiting. That is the worst thing in life. Whoever thought of that 
really must have had the worst time of her or his life.

I waited for this my whole life and now that it is so near the 
minutes, even the seconds go so slowly. I haven been cleaning my 
quarters, from top to bottom. Even cleaned in the back of the 

My friends try to keep me busy by organising girls night out, or 
poker games but my mind is not set up for that. I want it to be over. 
A woman has so many patience before she is going crazy. 

Everything is set up and ready. My mother is calling me everyday for 
a update and everyday I tell her the same thing, that it is not time 

In the time that I am waiting you really need to rely on your man but 
my husband and I must have forgotten to read that particular chapter, 
because he is again gone on a away mission. Send by his own captain, 
captain Picard. This was supposed to be a short mission. To check out 
a starbase. In and out in 3 days. 
Now it is already way over 8 days….and still he hasn't returned. 
There are some problems over there. I don't even want to know the 
problems or want to understand them. I want my husband to be with me. 
I know this doesn't sound like a counselor, sometimes you need to 
put the counselor in the closet and be a normal person and think 

I can ramble like this for hours but I promised to pay a visit to 
Beverly, but I can promise you that my rambling is going to continue.

End personal log of Deanna Troi-Riker


One minute is already to long…..2 of ?
By Jester

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Disclaimer: I don't own them, only let them fool around a bit when
they are free of their own jobs…

Personal log stardate 7.6008.4

This day is never ending. Problem after problem is stacking up. First
the accomadation wasn't good enough for the Admiral. In the end he
did settle for a suite the size of the Enterprise, or so it seems.
Then Geordi finds some serious glitches in the system. He tried to
explain them to me but thankfully he quickly saw it in my eyes that I
don't understand a word what he was saying so he just said it would
take at least a day to fix it.

I am not all that cranky about staying longer on the starbase then it
was planned. Above, there with the stars lies the Enterprise, waiting
patiently for us to come back. But there is also a woman waiting for
me and I am losing my mind with her. One minute she is happy, then
the very next second she cries her heart because I lifted a book of
the shelf which she just cleaned up.

I know it's only temporarily but I will be glad when it is over.
Beverly warned me that this could happen but I didn't listen to well
then. I was ecstatic with the news as everyone should have been.

Mrs Troi is checking up on us every day and in the beginning I found
that very irritating, but not anymore because then there is a pause
between Dea and Me and I can't say anything stupid anymore for about
fifteen minutes which is a very good thing.

For now I will say goodnight to my love and tomorrow is a new bright
day to look forward to. Also will sent Dea a communique to let her
know how everything is.

End Personal log of William Riker.

One minute is already to long… 3 of ?
By Jester

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Disclaimer: I don't own them, only let them fool around a bit when
they are free of their own jobs…

Personal log stardate 7.6008.5

Still I am alone in our quarters. But I feel so much better then
yesterday. Spent the whole evening with Beverly and Wesley. He has
come back to pay a visit to his mother.

He has been telling so many interesting stories that I totally forgot
about my own bad mood. You should have seen Beverly. She was so
psyched up that her son is back that she kept saying I am so glad
that you are back, so glad. It was midnight before I knew it.

I came back in my quarters and saw the message light burning, but I
decided to go to bed and leave the message until tomorrow. I almost
knew it for 100% that it was my mother. And this morning when  sat
down to check my mail it was indeed my mother. But this was not a
message like usual. She didn't ask how I was doing or anything.
Mother had sent a communiqué to us to let us know that she was coming
in one weeks to stay with us the last few weeks. I know for a fact
that Will isn't going to like that but I need a shoulder to lean on
and while he isn't here I can surely use my mothers.

And Will sent a message with his usual boring words. Well they aren't
boring but all he talks about is business. About how unsatisfied the
Admiral was about his room.  And he looked to happy on screen. His
smile was to bright. I haven't seen his smile like that is months….I
know that there aren't any women on that starbase otherwise I would
have thought he was cheating on me. I wouldn't even blame him if he
was cheating on me. Just look at me and every man would run away from
me. The captain looks at me with a gentle smile but I can sense it
that he finds me disgusting. I can't help how I look. It's all Will's
fault. He put me into this situation. That is really the last time he
will touch me.

So, now with that out of my system I can start the day with a good
breakfast in Ten Forward

End personal log of Deanna Troi-Riker

One minute is already to long… 4 of ?
By Jester

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Disclaimer: I don't own them, only let them fool around a bit when
they are free of their own jobs…

Personal log stardate 7.6008.7

Yesterday I missed a entry. That hasn't happened to me in years.
Geordi did warn me that there were glitches in the systems but didn't
knew it was that bad.

But anyway, now I can write again I might as well tell you about the
communiqué I had with Deanna yesterday. I can assure you that it
wasn't all that pleasant. It took some time for her to come by the
computer and acknowledge me but she did. After the hello's and how
are you's my computer fell out. It must have been a stupid sight to
see me watching a blank screen but I didn't knew what to do, perhaps
she was is a bad mood again. I didn't knew. So again I sent her a
communiqué. This time she acknowledged me quicker. I smiled gently at
her in the hope she would smile back which she did.

She gave me a quick update on how everyone was doing back there and
before she could say how she was doing the screen fell blank again. I
was very thin when she now sent a communiqué and looked at me for a
few seconds before continuing her talk. Her check up was good, no
problems were there. I felt relieved by that news. The news that her
mother would come to wait until the end was a bit of a shock. And my
smile fell directly away which Deanna noticed immediately. What is
the matter she asked me. I told her that nothing was wrong but she

For almost ten minutes she threw the most excruciating words at me
that I will not write down. Because I am now smarter because of her
mood swings I kept my mouth shut and nodded a few times.

Then the worst thing happened at the worst time. The communication
fell out again in the middle of her outburst. I tried quickly to get
it back on but no use was it. It was out for the whole night. It
turned out that the whole system was destroyed by some rookie. Now,
just half an hour ago everything went back online. Now I am pondering
if I should try to sent a communiqué to her or wait a bit longer. She
is really pissed at me. I can feel it. She is deliberately sending
all her anger through our bond. I don't know how much longer I can
take that.

Oh man, I am The Commander of the Enterprise and am afraid to
communicate with my own wife. I dearly hope this is over very soon.

End personal log of William Riker.

One minute is already to long… 5 of ?
By Jester

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Disclaimer: I don't own them, only let them fool around a bit when
they are free of their own jobs…

"You don't marry someone you can live with, you marry the person who
you cannot live without."

Personal log stardate 7.6008.8   

Two days ago I finally got a communique from Will. I never want to
have a communique with him like that again. Three times the
communication fell out. At first I wanted to take his head of…but I
came to my senses again when Beverly assured me that it must have
been a malfunction.

At this time I am waiting for him to sent a communique to me. He
doesn't realize it but he must have forgotten that I can sense his
thoughts. He is afraid of me and I can't say I don't enjoy it.

This time is hard on both of us. I do realize that I make it even
harder on him, but after 9 months you do get tense and live it out on
someone else, and that is Will.

For now I want to try and make it easy on both of us, so when he is
back we are going to make a wonderful night of it. Nice dinner, a few
candles. It is going to be perfect.

And I can also make a happier note that my mother has arrived and as
usual she is talk active. Right now she is planning with Beverly a
babyshower. A real Earth babyshower. I never attended one like that
and now I am the guest of honor. Very curious I am. So you can see
that not all my days right now are bad. I am now going one day to
another with the thought that it is going to be a good day. I even
didn't cry in front of Data today like I normally do. Maybe it is
because I can't sense anything from him, I can't be sure. For Data it
was also very confusing is my guess but he stayed the normal him and
is trying ot figure out why I am only crying in front of him. We'll
see what comes from that.

End personal log of Deanna Riker-Troi

One minute is already to long… 6 of  9
By Jester

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Disclaimer: I don't own them, only let them fool around a bit when
they are free of their own jobs…

This part took a bit longer then I anticipated. A hard personal log
this was :)

Personal log stardate 7.6009.1

As it is going now I will be back on the Enterprise in less than 16
hours. Everything is going well. The systems are coming back online
Geordi says. The admiral left this morning and the rest finally is

Now about Deanna. I was thankful of the captain when he gave me this
assignment. A few days on the planet without Deanna but now after 10
days I can't wait to get back up there and hold her in my arms. I
really miss her. Before I went down here I thought I could handle it
without getting homesick but now I know why she said to me "One
minute is already to long to be without you" I realize why Deanna or
her mother is always complaining when I have to lead a away mission.
It's taking a toll on her, not knowing what is on the planet or
starship and then I have to go there with a small team to
investigate. Most of the times it goes well, no problems but there
are occaisions that things go wrong and usually they go wrong with
me. I care for my crewmates and protect them in the best way I can
offer them and if that means jump in front of them to keep them safe
from a phaserblast or push them out of the way when the sealing comes
down, in the old days I did that without a second thought and got
hurt in the process. But now that I have Deanna as my wife and a baby
on the way I act differently. I try not to get hurt. I found that out
today when I was in the engineering with Geordi and a ensign Dumble.
I saw it happening but I didn't do a thing. What happened was that
Geordi and myself were standing on the other end of the large
engineering and ensign Dumble was moving some crates at the other
corner. I looked up a couple of times to see how he was progressing
and didn't gave it a second thought when I saw that the last crate
was unlid. The lid was not closed as it should have been. I turned my
attention back to Geordi when it connected with my brain that ensign
Dumble was in danger because of the chemicals the crates were
holding. Normally I would have run and shouted at the person who was
getting hurt but now I stood there at a safe distance  for a couple
of seconds and hesitated before running and shouted at him to get the
hell out of there. Luckily Dumble didn't hesistate to get away and
run towards us just in time because four seconds later the crate
Geordi explained later to us that the chemical couldn't stand the
That even wasn't the worst thing that it exploded. I hesitated for a
couple of seconds and that could have been fatal to Dumble.

I don't even want to think about what could have happened. It didn't
so just let us just concentrate on tomorrow and how long it takes for
us three to beam back on board the Enterprise and to Deanna Riker-
Troi. I still love the ring to that.

End personal William Riker


One minute is already to long… 7 of  9
By Jester

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Disclaimer: I don't own them, only let them fool around a bit when
they are free of their own jobs…

"You don't marry someone you can live with, you marry the person who
you cannot live without."

Personal log stardate 7.6009.2

I just got the best news I had in days. Will is back on the
Enterprise. Chief O'Brien just messaged that to me. If I didn't had
this big stomach I would be running to the transporter room but that
isn't the case so I will be a good lady and wait for him to return to
our quarters.

I feel like a little girl again who is getting the best Christmas
gift anyone could get.

Ohhh he is here, do I sound like to much of a little girl here…..?
who cares anyway. This is my personal log and no one is getting them
to read.

End personal log Deanna Troi-Riker

One minute is already to long… 8 of 9
By Jester

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Disclaimer: I don't own them, only let them fool around a bit when
they are free of their own jobs…

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved
in return…."

Personal log stardate 7.6009.2


I still can't believe it but we have a little girl named Xandrita
Deanna Riker. She is perfect. Her little black eyes are as beautiful
as the night. Xandrita has all her little toes and fingers. I even
count them to make sure. I just had to know.

Deanna did so well. I had the most terrifing dream that she would
yell at me and even curse me but she didn't. After six hours of
labour Deanna is now resting with our little girl in the crib right
next to her. It is the most prettiest sight I could ever see.

It happened so fast. I just came back on the Enterprise and walked to
our quarters to my wife. When I got to the door I used the code to
open the door and the smart thing to do was to let it closed because
when I opened it Deanna let out a yell, which you could hear at the
bridge I think. I ran inside to see why she was screaming. I thought
someone is killing her.
There she sat..on the couch with her hands on her stomach and looked
very strained. She looked at me and said it was time.

For a moment I just stood there with my open mouth and still my bag
in my hand I looked at her. Her next sentence got me into action
again, she said to me that I shouldn't be looking so unbelievable
dumb and help her to get to sickbay as this little girl has no
intention to wait any longer. A girl I only could say when I helped
her up. Until that moment I didn't knew what the baby was going to
be. We both chose to not know the sex of the baby but I knew Deanna
already knew almost from the beginning what it was.

Anyhow I helped her up and we got to the door when it swung open with
Lwaxana standing there, looking very happy to know it was finally
time. Without a word we all slowly walked through the corridors,
trying to get to sickbay without getting to much of attention from
the crewmembers who were walking there. Lwaxana said to anyone who
looked to long at us "Why are you looking so strangely. You all women
are going to go through this as men are pigs." That didn't hit me
until Deanna yelled yes in that she was correct.

Finally getting there, Beverly already was waiting for us.
The birth was in one word fantastic and I am very proud of myself
that I didn't faint or anything. The pain for Deanna must have been
unbearable and that she nearly broke my hand is nothing to give it a
second thought when you see your little girl for the first time. She
cried instantly. Beverly did her check ups very quickly before giving
her to Deanna. We both couldn't stop crying. And I am pretty sure
Lwaxana also couldn't keep it dry also.

Deanna stayed in sickbay overnight and I could return the next day to
our quarters with my wife and my little daughter, Xandrita.
As I am writing this I have the perfect view anyone, Deanna nursing
Xandrita. The perfect view it is.

Let it be like this forever…..

End personal log Will Riker