I have a challenge. Its a scene that I have always wanted to see
written, but not brave enough to have a go myself. So I would love to see
some of you guys have a bash at it.

In the book, 'Imzadi' when Will is at Chandra's wedding, the first time
we see Deanna is at the actual service. I often wondered if there could
have been a scene 'behind the scenes' ie: Deanna's first sight of Will,
before the service. I would love to read some scenario's from Deanna's
POV BEFORE the service.

Feeling Nostalgic
By Jester

Answering a challenge to Carol. I don't know if this is what you
wanted…but anyway here it is. Haven't wrote anything lately I felt by
this challenge that this was a good opportunity to get my writing
back. This one is a quickie one. Hope you all like it.

Rated: PG

Disclaimer: I don't own them, only let them fool around a bit when
they are free of their own jobs…

Personal log stardate 70000.2:

Having just come from a wedding  I find myself back in the past and
thinking of the first time I met Will:

As I Come into the room I see all the people are sitting down or
standing enjoying a cup of tea.

The whole room was very quiet, which was very normal on Betazed. When
I walked through the door everyone turned around and smiled lightly
at me curious before turning back to each other company.

When I was walking through the crowd I suddenly heard talking in the
corner of the room. It was only custom to talk when there was someone
in the room who doesn't come from Betazed so my curiosity peaked up,
so looking in that direction I saw a tall man with the back toward
me. Starfleet uniform he had on, and subconscious hated him directly
in a way. Always had that with Starfleet people. Most of them had
some cockiness around them. But somehow this man was different.

Before I could think more he turned around and looked directly toward
me. His blue shining eyes were twinkling while they went downwards
and upward again. How dare he to do that at me…He doesn't even know
me. Or does he do that with every woman? The arrogance he has.

Before that he has a chance to say hi or something else I turn my
back to him and walk out of the room. With every step I take the more
angrier I become, because the things he is sending although he
doesn't know that he is sending these thoughts are not so decent at
this moment. Does he even realize that he is around with telepaths? I
don't know but am thinking that that little detail doesn't bother him
to much as his thoughts are turning more indecent with every breath.
For one moment I close my eyes and let my own thoughts wander a bit
too. His blue eyes are so blue as the sea. The eyes really do the
trick with me. I never saw such blue eyes before. On Betazed almost
everyone has black eyes and that does get boring after a while.

As I walk into Chandra's room, the bride to be I quickly turn out my
thoughts or I will never hear the end of it. Chandra is my best
friend but when she knows something embarrassing about me, she can
tease the hell out of it.

While I am helping Chandra with her hair my thoughts do go back to
the room, toward him. Again he turns around and smiles at me…oh dear
heaven help me to get rid of these thoughts.

When the moment finally arrives that everyone is going into the
dressing room to undress themselves. It is the custom to go nude by a
wedding. For us Betazoïds it's our second nature to undress
ourselves. I don't even give it a second thought.

As I put my dress in the closet I turn around and look for the man
with the blue eyes and can't find him so I almost jump a bit to get a
glimpse of him. And there he is standing, still with his trousers on
and his head almost as red as a  lobster I now smile widely. The
arrogance he had on his face earlier had gone with the wind. I could
see him looking around and toward me. I give him a wide grin before
going into the church where the ceremony will begin soon.

Although the man doesn't know it, I have my sort of revenge for the
indecent thoughts he had earlier.

Now the only problem is that it is now my turn to get rid of the
thoughts in my head of that tall man with the blue eyes and way too
perfect body.

The end.

End personal log of Deanna Troi.