The Fight Which Has His Grinch And Elfs
Written by: Jester
Date: 14-01-2002

Story rate: Pg, perhaps NC-13 because of the language, guessing here

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Star Trek characters, never want them way
to much cleaning. I do want to play with them on occaision.

The fight was getting so worse that Deanna used up her whole patience to
stay calm at him but he didn’t even try to do desame. It got to the point
that he got up and left his own quarters to cool down.

After the worst fight she ever had with Will she asked  permission from
Captain Picard to take a two week leave. He gives her permission and she
leaves the Enterprise within three hours after the fight.
She goes to Betazed, her home to enjoy the calmth what the planet always is
giving her. A lot of time she is spending in the Jalahara Jungle where she

On a friday night she made plans to a good friend of hers to go to a little
A long bright purple dress she is wearing which leaves no imagination, every
curve is visible with that dress. She feels like she is home again. Her
whole mind is at ease.
Because it is a beautiful weather they decide to walk to the party which is
held at the beach near the Jalahara Jungle.

But Deanna never reaches the party.

Three days later the government of Betazed notifies the Enterprise to let
them know that Deanna Troi has been kidnapped from Betazed.

Picard is horrified with the news and asks for the whole senior crew for a
urgency meeting.

As everyone is taking their seats Picard takes his time to look at each one
of them. He knows that counselor Troi is well respected member and a good
friend of them. How can he tell  the bad news to them easy…there is no way
he is guessing

After captain tells them the news everyone is quiet and expresses their
feelings about the kidnapping except Will. He keeps his mouth shut and
looked outside through the window at the stars.
Beverly looks at him wondering why he is saying nothing.

Captain Picard dismisses everyone and tells to Data that he could change the
course to Betazed with warp 6.

“Yes sir” Data acknowledged him with his steady voice as usual.

As Will’s shift doesn’t start for another three hours he goes back to his
quarters to get some lunch. Beverly catches him at turbolift 4.

“Why were you so quiet in there” Beverly asked Will a bit curious.

“Should I have screamed? Or better, threw a chair through the window?” He
said with a bit of sarcasm.

“You know what I mean. Deanna has been kidnapped and you didn’t even
volunteerd to captain the away team Jean-Luc is sending when we arrive at
Betazed.” She now said with a bit impatience.

At desame time the doors open at deck 8 where his quarters lay.

“Can we talk about this some other time, I have to get ready for work” Will
said with a neutral voice.

She couldn’t say another word as he has left the turbolift with a big haste.

Back in his quarters he walked to the replicator and asked for a cup of
coffee and took a seat on his couch. The day that Deanna and himself had a
very nasty fight he hadn’t slept well. Now he had trouble to stay awake. One
moment he was awake and the next the cup of coffee fell on the floor and
Will fell in dreamland.

It was four hours after Will had fallen asleep as he suddenly woke up by
some noise coming out of his bedroom. Curious as he was he stood up, gave a
quick glance at the broken cup which was stay laying on the floor in a
puddle of now cold coffee Will walked to his bedroom where he immediately
saw that the bed was unmaked, like someone had slept on it. But he knew for
a fact that he made the bed up before the meeting. But then someone stood up
from behind the bed….It was Data, but  he looked a bit funny. Normally his
face was a bit yellow, gold looking but now his face was as white as
possible and the clothes he was wearing, a white suit.

“Data! What are you doing here, and you’re dressed in white?”

Will had to take a good look at Data to confirm that it was really Data in a

Data cocked his head aside as he always does when he finds himself in a new
situation where he has never been.

“I am Christmas past.” Data said.

“Christmas past?? Have you been reading to much christmas stories again from
Charles Dickens?” A half laughing Will said.

“No sir, I have not. I am here to show you a bit of your past. Now if you
are ready we are on our way” Data replied as it was nothing unusual to say
this sentence.

“Well please go ahead.”

Then as Will looked closely he could see that his walls were vanishing and
trees were coming back in it’s place. The place looked very familiair to him
someway and then it hit him…Betazed.

From out of distance he could see a person walking up the road, he could see
that it was him but a lot younger.

The young lieutenant walked up the road which would lead to the Troi
mansion. He was never nervous of anything except now. He had heard a couple
of stuff of Lwaxana Troi, that she was hard, unhuman and very protective of
her little girl Deanna Troi.

At desame time the older Will Riker stood in the grass with Data next to

“What are we doing here Data?” Will asked.

“Well as I am the ghost of the past I have to show you a bit of the past
which made you who you are today” Data said serious as he always is.

Will looked strangely at him but didn’t say anything else because he saw the
door opening with Lwaxana popping her head outside to see who is there.

“What do you want?”Lwaxana asked him angrily.

“I am here to pick up your daughter, Deanna for a picknick ma’am. Lieutenant
William Riker.” Will said, not knowing he was holding his breath and exhaled
very slowly.

Lwaxana looked very long at him as she was reading his posture while in
reality she was reading what kind of thoughts he is having about her little
It took a lot of negiotiating before he could take Deanna out for a

As the young couple walked to a perfect place where they would picknick the
older Will walked with them so he could listen to their conversation. Data
also walked with them and kept quiet.

Will got to see the picknick, the day in the Jalahara Jungle which brought
the older Will a big grin on his face. He remembered the time, everything
was easy and uncomplicated.
But then came the time that Lieutenant had to go back to his duties on the
ship. The time past and slowly Deanna and Will grew apart.

“Enough Data, I’ve seen enough. Why the need to see it again as I have lived
it already once” Will said with sadness in his voice.

He closed his eyes in the hope it will vanish. As he opens his eyes a couple
of seconds later he finds himself back again in his quarters, seating
himself on the couch. Still the broken cup is laying next to it.

In the meantime that Will was on his grand tour to his past Deanna woke up
and found herself trapped on a bed with a forcefield around her. She
couldn’t move except for her head. The bed was laying in the middle of the
room and when she turned her head she could see it was a big room, about the
size of sickbay back on the Enterprise. But when she looked she noticed it
was almost like the sickbay except from some small details it was exactly as
on the Enterprise.

Will got up from the couch and looked around to make sure he was really back
in his own quarters again. After he checked that fact a couple of times his
face turned into a smile.

“That was one heck of a dream..” Will told himself with a grin on his face.

When he turned around he saw Captain Picard standing in his livingroom.
Thinking about it, Will never heard his chime or a door opening, but then he
saw that the Captain also was wearing a white suit, like Data.

“Alright, this is it. The joke is over. It’s not even April the 1st.” Will
exclaimed at Picard.

“I’m sorry to dissapoint you Number One, but this is not a joke” Picard

Will let himself drop in the chair which was standing behind him. Taking a
look at Picard to get a feeling if he was really there and not joking. But
then he realised that Picard was very serious about this.

If Picard was joking he never let it on and continued his well rehearsed

“ I am the ghost of the Present. I come here to show you how your present is
going right now.”

“ How it is going right now?? I already know how it is going, bad, and
getting still worse as I am seeing ghosts” Will almost said laughing, still
continueing not believing that this is happening to him.

“ You don’t know all of it, so now be quiet and give yourself a good look

Picard looked at the wall as if he is seeing a clock which is ticking away.
He walked up to Will and pulled him out of the chair. Together they walked
near the window and stood there.

Picard whispered to Will:

“Now watch this, and listen carefully”.

Again Will saw his room changing but not that much as the first time. The
mood, and a few things moved around in his room but for the rest everything
stayed desame. He regconized the time istantly….the day of the fight.

It was a good day for Will, because he had a day off. He wanted to make the
best of it so he asked Deanna to have dinner with him. She said yes, but
would be a bit late but Will didn’t mind, that way he could make the best
dinner he ever made in his life.
Lately they grew together again, like in the days of the Jalahara Jungle. He
could notice that now she didn’t mind to get together again, he could sense
her thoughts again and that has been a while.

He was almost singing while he was cooking on a plate. With the day off he
had all the time to make a five-course menu with offcourse as desert
chocolate. He went to 10-Forward to get the right chocolate sorbet. In some
way Guinan only made the right chocolate.

When everything was ready he took a quick shower a put on Deanna’s favorite
blue shirt and a pair of black trousers.

In the meantime Deanna just ended her working day. After looking at the
watch she could see that she had enough time to grab a bath to soak in it
before heading to Will’s quarters for dinner.

10 minutes later she soaked in a luxury bath with almost to much soap.
Before she knew it she fell asleep.

In the corner of the bathroom there stood Will with Jean-Luc.
Jean-luc felt a bit uncomfortable with Deanna nude in the tub but kept his
decorum and thought about his duty to help Will.

Will on the other hand couldn’t keep his eyes of her, she looked so fabulous
and relaxed there, laying in the bathtub. Seeing her there he now could
understand why she fell asleep and he should have known. With the hours she
made the last couple of days and almost no rest it was very disconcerning if
she didn’t felt exhausted.

But the scenery changed again…Will and Jean-Luc were in Will’s quarters
again. Looking at the clock Will saw it was 11 o’clock at night. Seeing
sitting Will alone at the table.

Will at the table looked from the outside a bit sad, but inside he was mad,
angry at one woman….Deanna Troi. He already waited three hours for Deanna
but she didn’t show up.
But then at almost 11.30 there was the chime. He knew it was Deanna.

“Come” said his neutral voice.

The door opened to reveal Deanna. She was a bit anxious to come but she had

“I’m sorry Will, I…”

Deanna started to talk but got interrupted by Will.

“No apologies needed. If you didn’t want to come, you could have said so. I
wouldn’t have got mad”

“I wanted to come, I am here now am I not?”

It came out of her mouth a bit more sarcastic then she meant to but she was

“The food, which I worked on almost 5 hours and I are already waiting for
you for three hours. Now the food is ruined….”

“I fell asleep in the bathtub. I had a busy working schedule the last couple
of days. It caught up with me, now.”

“If you felt tired you should have said no to me, I wouldn’t have got mad at
you and I wouldn’t have to be waiting for you as well.” Will raised his
voice a bit while he said that.

Deanna noticed that instant that he had some alcohol. Alcohol always made a
change of Will. When he was angry, alcohol would make him more mad and that
was happening now.
If Will hadn’t had the alcohol he would have understood and they wouldn’t
talking like this now.

Jean-Luc looked aside to see the real Will close his eyes but reopened them
to watch the end of the scene which was playing in front of them.

“My apologies that I fell asleep, that the food is ruined and that I made
you wait” Deanna said to try to make this conversation a bit pleasant.

“Yeah, yeah. Sure, and I can see that you mean it”

He stood up and walked to the outer door which opened at his bodyheat.

“I don’t want to see you right now, so please leave…”

“I am not leaving you right now Will. Although this is not a big fight, we
have to talk about this.” Deanna really tried to keep him in his quarters so
they could get this straighten out.

“You won’t leave? Alright, then I will.”

Will turned around and left his quarters. In the corridor outside he almost
hit a young ensign but Will never saw him.

In Will’s quarters Deanna now felt like to throw something but she didn’t.
With dissapointment she went back to her quarters to try and get some sleep.

Jean-Luc got out of the corner of the room to sit on a chair and watch Will,
who felt like a idiot. If he hadn’t drank any alcohol this wouldn’t have
happened. She would have said sorry and he would have said, don’t worry I am
not mad at you. Let’s do this another time, but no he had to drink.

“Time is up Will, you saw you’re present “again” but now it is the point
that you have to learn from this and make a difference” Jean-Luc explained.

Then he stood up from the chair and walked out of the room, leaving a very
confused Commander behind.

In the very similar sickbay where Deanna still lay on the biobed with the
forcefield around it. she now heard some noise, of a door. She could hear
footsteps but couldn’t see anyone.

“Hello?” Deanna said with a little tremor in her voice.

But no one said anything.

For 10 minutes Deanna tried yelling for someone but no one said one word at
her while she knew that someone had entered the room where she lay.

After those 10 minutes she gave up and closed her eyes. Then she sensed a
person coming nearer to her. When she re-opened she first couldn’t see
anyone but when she turned her head to the left she could see….Beverly

Still standing against the wall thinking about what just happened and how he
got himself in this mess.

While in the meantime other things were happening in Sickbay:

“Beverly??” An very confused Deanna said.

She tried again to sit up but failed and fell back on the biobed.

“Hi, Deanna. this must come as a surprise to you.” Beverly started softly as
well carefull.

“Well I would have never suspected that The Enterprise would kidnap me.

“It is a bit hard to explain it right now as I do not have much time but I
promise that it will be more clearer soon.

With that Beverly made her retreat very quickly before Deanna exploded and
she would have if Beverly stayed.
But fortunatly Beverly had to be somewhere else. Changing quickly in a white
dress she walked through the corridors to Will’s quarters. She wanted him to
know that she was coming, not sneaky like Data and the captainnhad done

Will just walked through his bedroom to take a shower and go to bed when the
door chimed. Closing his jacket again he walked to the door expecting
someone in white. When the door opened on his command he saw Beverly
standing there in a white dress.

He still kept on thinking that this was just a nightmare and he had to go
through it before he would wake up. Beeing a bit giddish at all the stuff
that has happened in the last few hours Will walked out of his quarters and
placed a arm around Bevery’s shoulders.

“So doctor, where are you taking me..perhaps to the future?”

“Well when I was traveling to you I thought that the ghosts of the past and
present already made you pretty tired of all the traveling so this is going
to be easy. It’s just a quick walk and we are there.”

Walking through the corridors Will thought what would happen next. They
stopped in front of her quarters and stepped into her room after she ticked
in her code.
Beverly waved him to take a seat on the couch which he did uncerimonously.
Beverly herself took a seat on the chair opposite of him.

After a deep breath she started:

“As you might now know I am the ghost of the future and I brought you here
to show you your future.”

“I guessed that much.”

He looked aside to see that this room was changing as he said it.

This was a new scenery to him. He had never seen it. Standing in the very
corner with Beverly on what looked like a bridge, but not any he knew off.
Looking at the working stations where people were working he couldn’t
recognize any of them and they were wearing clothes he never saw, jacket
which top was purple and the bottom of the jacket was black. The trousers
were also black. Looking at Beverly she gave him a comforting smile and a
nod to look again what was happening in front of him.
Then suddenly he saw someone who looked very much like him but he was older,
his hair was all grey, like his beard, and he was looking like he had the
worst day in his life.

It was indeed Will Riker but now 10 years older. By now he made it to
captain and had his own ship named the USS America. The ship was old, but
still a fine ship. As the Enterprise had crashed seven years ago was the USS
America now the Flagship of Starfleet.

Captain Riker stood up and said to his Number One that he had the bridge
while he was in his readyroom.

“Yes sir” commander Turpila said.

The younger Will riker blinked when he was finding himself suddenly in the
readyroom where captain Riker was taking a seat behind his desk. He punched
a few buttons in and played a old newstape.

The voice began to speak:

Last night around 11 o’clock a big disaster happened on Betazed. A little
party was going on, on the beach and about 300 people were enjoying the
party when out of nowhere a bomb exploded in the center of the party. A
large number of civilians as well as visitors who were on a holiday on
Betazed died because of the bomb. Also a certain counselor Deanna Troi who
had the upmost respect of the all the people on Betazed died because of the
big exploding. She will be missed greatly.

“Very..” Senior Riker mumbled.

The voice continued:

A big number of people were injured as well.  From this point the
authorities are still
Suspecting a terrorist act but are still investigating.

The tape stopped and captain Riker was in tears all over again. He listened
to this tape a millions of time and still he couldn’t reason it. It was his
fault, he knew that.

The young commander Riker couldn’t believe it. Was this his future? Was this
how it was going to happen and would he lose his Imzadi because of the
stupid fight they had, because of that fight Deanna had left to Betazed.

And look at how grey he was.

He hated the future and if he had a chance to change all of it, he
a instance.

“You don’t like the future Will?” Beverly whispered to him.

“I hate it, how can you even show this to me? I’ve seen enough. Take me
back…just make it all go away.” Will almost pleaded.

In the distance he could hear a noise that sounded familiar but didn’t react
on it. When Will reopened his eyes he found himself back in his quarters,
alone again. His heart was pounding way to fast at this time and he took a
seat to calm himself down.

He knew what he had to do, which he should have done earlier.

But the problem was that he didn’t knew where she was.

In sickbay Beverly came back in her normal clothes. She walked directly
towards the room where Deanna lay. By now she could stand and she stood by
the window watching the stars.

“I know it is hard to understand and it was a bit cruel…”

“Never mind. Geordi came by earlier and told me everything, how you all were
in it, but he neglected to tell me why, so Beverly why?”

Deanna turned around to look in her best friends eyes before she took a seat
on the biobed.

“Why? We saw how much you were hurt after the fight you had with Will and we
were all fed up with it that you and Will are still not together. So captain
Picard came up with the idea to use the scenario of A christmas Carol to get
Will to see how it is right now and how it could be in his future.”

“ Me dead? Nice future you all came up with.”

“Well the chance that if we kept you “alive” and married someone else he
perhaps could live with that fact and I didn’t want that chance. You are
made for him as he is made for you. I read some history about Imzadi Deanna.
You were born for each other.”

Deanna’s eyes began to glow of the tears that were beginning to form but she
didn’t let them go. For years she felt these feelings, that she was for Will
but both made the mistake to make a rule up that they couldn’t be together
while they were serving on desame ship.

“We are giving you both a chance. Christmas is over but you don’t need
christmas to want a dream come true.”

Beverly hoped that the words would go to Deanna’s mind and that she would
come to terms that this game has gone far to long.

She could see Deanna’s lips move and could hear a whisper:

“I want him back Bev..”

Beverly walked up to Deanna and hugged her quietly. After a couple of
seconds she replied to Deanna that gave her hope again.

“And that is why I made the final plan.”

While Beverly was explaining the little plan to Deanna, Will rushes out of
his quarters almost colliding with a couple on the way out.

Apologizing quickly to them he was on his way again, onto transporterroom 2
where the away team was waiting to be transported onto Betazed.

Chief O’Brien was just putting in the coördinates as the away team took
their places onto the pad.

O’Brien nodded to Data to say that he was ready to beam them down.

As Data wanted to say energize a out of breath Commander walked into the
room halting Data.

“Wait!..I am coming with you.”

“May I ask why sir?”

“I changed my mind.”


Will interrupted Data by saying:

“A man has the right to change his mind.”

“Yes sir.”

Quickly Will took his place on the pad.


The familiar tingling feeling washed over the away team as they beamed down.

Will recognized immediately where they were. Behind them was the town where
Deanna grew up. In front of them is the Jalahara Jungle. For him the Jungle
held a special feeling for him. That was the place where Deanna couldn’t
keep him away nor did she want to.

“So what is the plan?” Will asked Data.

“On the Enterprise we found a trace of her, somewhere that would appear in
the Jungle.”

“ Okay. Data you and Ensign Chlama take the East side of the Jungle. Worf,
will you and Lieutenant Connero take the Nothern side?”

“What will you do, Commander?” Worf asked Will.

“I’ll take the West side and take a look if she is there, but don’t worry.
If I find her I will call you all to help me.”

“Yes sir.”

Data, Ensign Chlama, Worf and Lieutenant each went their way to try and
locate Counselor Troi as soon as possible.

What the others didn’t knew was that Will could sense her. She was on the
West side. Also he knew that she was alone and very nervous about something.

Looking around he saw the beauty of the planet again. Although it was almost
night he still could see the bright colored flowers. Taking one more look he
walked in the direction where Deanna was.

It took about one hour walk before he saw a little house in the Jungle.
Waiting a couple of minutes to look at the home to make sure he was alone
Will moved to the door.
Opening the door softly so that Deanna wouldn’t hear him, he took a quick
glance at the inside. In the corner of the room was standing a bed where
Deanna was laying on. Asleep as it seems.

Kneeling down onto the floor for the bed Will looked how innocent she looked
right now.

[ How did we get into this Imzadi? When we came from the Briar Patch we both
finally realized that we belong to each other. It took some time but I never
gave up on you. After 15 years my wish came true, you said you loved me too.
That was the happiest day of them all, but then I ruined it again. I had to
argue with you because you fell asleep. I planned the perfect meal because
it was our 2 month anniversary and wanted to have a pleasant night only with
you…..I don’t even know what we were argueing about…I’m sorry.]

When Will told her that in a way that she only could hear he turned around
to take a seat on the floor with his back to her. He couldn’t see that her
eyes began to open very slowly. She wanted to touch him but he began to talk

[ You want to hear something stupid? After you left the Enterprise for a
vacation something very odd happened to me. It happened after you got
kidnapped. It was so surreal. It must have been a dream, it really had to be
but anyway it was like that I was in a Christmas Carol. Data, Beverly and
even the Captain himself came to my quarters, dressed as ghosts. They played
on my consience for the whole ride. It made sense though.]

Deanna had to smile about the story. He was really confused about that and
of it really happened or did he dreamt about it.

Their was some time that Will didn’t say anything.

But suddenly he talked out loud:

“How long are you staring at me ?”

“ not that long…just long enough”

Will turned himself to look directly in her black eyes, where he always got

“I was stupid, I double realize that now. “

“Yes, you were..”

“I always can count on you for making a point that I already made…”

Will lost himself again in her eyes. He kept looking at her to see if she
was still mad but there was no traces of that so he took a chance.

Very slowly his face got closer to hers until they were inches away from
each others mouth. But Worf had his way to interfere..

“Worf to Riker”

Will answered a bit impatiently:

“Riker here.”

“there is no trace of the Counselor here whatsoever, any luck there sir?”

Looking in Deanna’s eyes he said:

“No luck either here Worf. You and the rest of the away team can beam back
to the Enterprise. I will be there shortly.”

“Yes, Commander, Worf out.”

“This was all a charade wasn’t it?”

Deanna nodded slowly.

“But I can’t take the credit of it, Beverly thought it all out.”

“ At this point I don’t care who thought it all out. I got you right where I
want you and I am not letting go this time.. Deanna Troi, I can make this
long or short..But it comes down to this. The day that I met you, I knew
that you were the one. At that time I didn’t realize it would take this
long. I love you Deanna and I want to wake up with you every day from now
on, no more nights with one cold side of the bed. Will you marry me?

Deanna took a deep breath. She still laid on the bed but got up very slowly
and kept eye contact with Will. She sensed nervousness from him or could it
be from her, she didn’t knew it anymore.

With a tremble in her voice she answered him back:

“My toe is saying that I shouldn’t marry a person like you, but I want to
take the chance. Yes I want to marry you Will Riker.”

With a big grin on his face Will took her in his arms and swung her around
before kissing her thoroughly.”

After ending the kiss Will contacted the Enterprise with his badge to beam
two back on board.

They were beamed to transporterroom 4 where a young lieutenant stood. He
transported them back. He noticed that the Commander and Counselor were
holding each other hands but kept his mouth shut.

Beverly Crusher walked together with Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Walking hand
in hand to the place where the wedding would place. Even though Lwaxana
begged the couple the wedding wouldn’t be on Betazed. Instead the wedding
would be held in New York.

Beverly couldn’t keep her mouth shut when she saw the Times Square. A lot of
chairs were in the middle, all white. For the first row there was a little
podium where the couple would take their stand later when everthing would

The sun was shining perfectly, so the many many flowers that were placed
everywhere you look looked fabulous. The tulips had different colors, red,
yellow and white.

In the back where the bar was, stood a very nervous Will Riker. He was
talking with Lwaxana Troi, well she was talking and he was listening. She
was telling him important things about marriage but like a day as today he
really wasn’t in the mood to hear how everything could go wrong. Today was a
day he wanted to treasure as the happiest day for him as well as for Deanna.

Will looked relieved to see that Beverly and captain Picard had arrived.
With his eyes he begged them to help him.

Lucky for him Beverly got the hint and extracted Lwaxana from Will and asked
her if she would join her to see if Deanna was in need of any help. So
together they walked to the place where Deanna was “hiding” until the
ceremony would start.

“So, number One, nervous?”

“ Thanks to Mrs Troi, I am looking for the backdoor.”

Picard smiled about that.

In the meantime Deanna was trying to get in her weddingdress but how she
tried, she couldn’t get in without ruining her hair which she worked on with
her mother for almost 4 hours. In great despair she let herself drop on the
floor, right on top of the dress.

At that time she heard a knock on the door and Beverly’s voice.

“Deanna, are you ready?”

“No….” Deanna said with a sad voice.

The door opened very slowly revealing two women who could not keep their
laughing to themselves seeing the scene in front of them.

“Oh sure, laugh on my acount, but I am not going through with this.” Deanna
replied to the giggles from Lwaxana and Beverly.

“Offcourse you are going through, you are just in need of some help and
luckily you’ve got two women who are going to help you.”

“Now what seems to be the problem?” Lwaxana asked, knowing already the

“I can’t get this dress on without ruining my hairdue. It’s impossible to
get it on..”

“Well you should have listened to me, going nude is far much easier, no
worries about choosing a perfect dress. The only problem you have then is
your hairdue.”

“I wanted that. I want a dress, and have every problem there is to come with
a Terran wedding Mother!”

taken a bit aback Lwaxana takes a step back.

Beverly decided to step in:

“The guests should be arriving very soon. Why won’t you go and welcome them
Mrs Troi? I’ll help Dea.”

“A very good idea”

With that Lwaxana goes outside.

Deanna is almost in tears when Lwaxana is out of the room.

“Perhaps mother was right in this.”

“Oh no Deanna Troi. You are not going to do this now. You made a decision
and you are going to stick with it. Look at you, you look so pretty. The
dress is perfect. Now put it on so you’ll look incredible and get down the
aile otherwise Will is running away with also having second thoughts.”


“No buts or anything. Change….now!”

Beverly looked like she was very serious about this so Deanna stands up.

With the help of Beverly she gets the dress on without ruining anything.
Sipping the dress Beverly turns Deanna around to see how she looks in it.
The dress is all white, very elegant. The back of the dress falls on the
floor. There were straps over Deanna’s shoulders which hold the dress up.

“Oh wauw Dea. I should have changed my career to dressmaker in stead of a

“And when you are done beeing selfish, how do I look?” A mockingly Deanna

“Will is going to be speechless when he is going to see you.” Beverly
replied with the biggest smile in the world.

Will stood for the podium, together with Data as his best man, Picard beeing
the man who would perform the wedding. On the side where Deanna would stand
was Beverly. She gave Will a warm smile.

Then the music started to play and Will turned around, anxious to Deanna
appear. Geordi was walking the aile with her. His mouth opened a little bit
when she saw Deanna walking towards him. He couldn’t believe how incredible
she looked in that dress.

When she arrived at his side she slowly closed his mouth before taking his
hand tightly. Then they both turned around as Jean-Luc began to speak:

“Since the days of the first wooden sailships, all captains have enjoyed the
happy privilege of joining together two people in the bonds of matrimony.
And it is my honor to unite you, Deanna Troi and you William T. Riker
together in matrimony.”

While Jean-Luc talked Deanna and Will both looked at each other. They
weren’t paying attention to the captain anymore. He wasn’t important
But hearing the sentence “You may kiss the bride”, that they heard.

Will slowly took her in his arms and gave every love he had in himself to
her in this very kiss. Because of the noise that they were hearing in the
background became louder they let each other go.

Later when the party began Will and Deanna took the task upon them to dance
as the first couple. Slowly the music began.

Will was watching her eyes. He could see his future, their future in it….and
the future was very promising, that they both knew.

Twirling her around one more time before the lights fade out very slowly.

The End….or not?