Title: It's time..
Rating: PG
Written by: jester

Disclaimer: As a amateur writer I want to thank everyone who
participated in the world of Star Trek. I don't own them but I do
love them.

This little dibble takes place right before the wedding in the movie

Sitting in the dark alone, she sees nothing except the stars outside
the window.

The night was bright cause of the full moon. After counting the stars
for a while she finally calmed down. Repositioning on the big couch
she began to play with her dress.
It was a while ago when she felt like she felt right now.
Butterflies…and not two of them…no her whole stomach was filled with

This was the day she had waited forever.
The first time he didn't show up for the wedding and wasn't heard for
It took a long time and a new starship to let the friendship blossom
again. Luckily there came friendship again. That felt a hell of a lot
better to both of them. Both of them were acquinted to each other
again. Eating together one meal per week, the pokernight. Even the
smallest smile for each other was priceless.

It did take a long long long time before Will found his confidence to
ask her to marry him.

She heard a soft knock on the door.

"Give me a few more minutes please" she asked the person.

She heard the footsteps go away then.

What is a few more minutes? Nothing compared to waiting for almost
ten years.
Has it been that long? It felt like just yesterday that he kissed her
in front of everyone on the stage.
A fabulous night that was. Will and a few other officers were the
houseband of that night in Ten Forward. They played all night famous
songs that everyone knew. So almost everyone who was in Ten Forward
were dancing. Will couldn't take his eyes of her all night. She saw
that and loved to see that, the love evident in his bright blue eyes.

At the end of the show that the houseband held, Will pulled her op on
the stage. Declaring that he loved her and that he wanted to marry
her. The feeling I felt at that moment was another priceless moment.

Again the knocking but now with more urgency.

"Alright come in"

"I don't know, but usually the bride is late for the wedding, but I
believe that I never have heard of that the wedding started late
cause of the best maid doesn't show up. So you'd better get your butt
of the couch or I will choose Chandra as my best maid." Deanna said
to Beverly with her best try to be mad at her but it took two seconds
before Deanna showed Beverly her smile.

"Will Riker is on this planet, in the church, even with his tuxedo
on. I don't know how long he'll wait for us."

" Yes, yes."Beverly said while getting up and put her dress back in

Hauling Deanna out of the room Beverly said:

"I don't want to wait another ten years for you both to get enough
sanity to get married."

End…..until Nemesis.