The Littlest Angel


.... high above the clouds, half way between ground and sky, soaring 'neath the summer skies, is where I dream of calm, and beauty ....

All The usual disclaimers apply to this story as to everyone else's

Takes place just after Insurrection



"And this is the cargo bay 2 were we store all our cargo that is needed at our next port of call" Will Riker explained to the group of mixed age school children,

that were joining the Enterprise along with their parents. Deanna meanwhile was making valiant attempts to keep a straight face as Will conducted the Enterprise tour,

normally it was either herself or one of the school teachers that took on the task of showing new children the Enterprise, but Will was paying his due for losing the bet

at the weekly poker game the previous evening.

"Of cause " Will continued you should never need to come here unless you are with a grownup" Will cautioned the bored looking faces

"Does ANYTHING exciting EVER happen here?" a freckle faced young Human boy asked

"Well sometimes Tony" was Rikers awkwardly reply

"Well when?" the child asked not in the slightest bit intimidated by the tall man

"Sometimes Tony----let commander Riker finish the tour here then we can all ask questions when we get back to the school room" Deanna soothed ignoring the

'evil' look she got from Will Riker.

Behind the little tour group ensign Cook and ensign Reala were replacing a burned out circet behind a wall panel, but found their C.O.s discomfort hard to ignore,

causing them to miss a stray malconection, so they were just as surprised when the lights and main power went down in that cargo bay and indeed that area of the

ship .Tony for his part whooped with joy and starts yelling

"Whow Mr Riker this is great, do you do this every time?"

"NO TONY, this is all for you" Riker sighed as he tapped his com badge, only to get the reply that the problem could only be fixed from inside the cargo bay.

Meanwhile Stephen Cook and Alan Reala both looked more than a little sheepish as they set to work assisting Riker fix the problem they had overlooked and

had been the catalyst for the problem.Deanna for her part was left with a group of now frightened children, even Tony was now starting to show fear when the

lights failed to come back on.

"Tell us a story please " Rachel asked " I bet you can tell good stories if you try"

"Okay" Deanna relented as she could tell the problem was not going to be resolved any time soon

"I'll tell you the story of the littlest Angel that is a folk tail on my home planet of Baterzed"

Once long ago when the worlds were new and had only just been made the great God of all things decided his worlds were empty

so he sent his six eldest daughters out with baskets of seed, and they brought plant life to his worlds.

Then he went to visit his worlds and was lonely so he again sent his six daughters out with the first animals all different on each world and he visited BUT still he felt

something was missing.

"I need PEOPLE on my worlds he thought, Pink people, Blue People, Black people, Green people, Brown people ,Yellow people and even people who are half black and

half white" so he went round himself and put the people on his worlds. BUT these people were LONELY

Will Riker glanced over at Deanna with a slight 'PINKNESS' to his cheeks, having heard the story before, but made no comment

They did not know how to live together in Harmony, they did not show LOVE and CARE for each other .This upset the great God of all things and he did not know what

to do .Till he took part of his own love and care for his worlds and pocketed them up and called these souls and sent his 6 eldest daughter out to distribute around

his worlds. His littlest daughter begged to go with her sisters but her father said this cargo was too impotent any she could do Woodland flowers if she wanted to !!

The little angel refused, but crept away to the store of precious souls and put a few in her own tiny basket and set out among the stars, But this child Angel

was indeed to young for the task and tripped over a comet

Will eyes rose to the ceiling but his face now bright red

She dropped and broke ever soul in her basket, and began to cry in shame and fear, as she knew even a Angel should obey her father.

Her sisters heared her and flew to her aid AND her FATHER heard too


But he was not angry with his tiny child when he saw her tears , but colleted the souls and he and his tiny daughter put them in people anyway'

"These people will share one soul and will cross space to find each other when the time comes for them to be born, they will always know you name

in their souls my Little Imzadi" He told his sleepy daughter as he carried her home to bed.

"It would be SOOOOO wonderful if that were true" one Tiny girl whispered

"Oh but it is" Will Riker Beamed as he lifted Deanna off her feet and planted a kiss on her mouth and this is mine and she is going to be my wife.

To this the children laughed and ensign's Cook and Reala Switched the lights back on.

"I'll GET you later for telling story" Will 'sent' to his Fiancée

"I really HOPE so Deanna 'send' back