"Fur and Feathers"       R/T (R) light bondage

by  jrgnfly@yahoo.com


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Fur and Feathers


        "So this is Alaska." Deanna said after she and Riker beamed

down from the Enterprise and on to a snow-covered mountain terrain.

She didn't sound especially excited to be there, but she tried to

hide it, knowing how much Will wanted to show her the place

where he had grown up.

        "Yes. Valdez, Alaska." Riker smiled broadly. It felt good to

be home. He hadn't been back here for almost ten years.

        "It's certainly nothing like Betazed." Troi ventured,

shivering beneath her parka.

        "No, the climate is much more rugged. But don't worry

Counselor, we have ways of keeping warm." He took her gloved hand

in his. 

        "I'm sure you do." She responded, sensing his intent. He

grinned back at her, somewhat lasciviously.

            "The house is just a few more meters away." They

continued on their way to the Riker family homestead. It was a rather

comfortable sized house, built to resemble a log cabin. Riker opened

the door and gestured her forward with a flourish.

        "Your lodging accommodations, Counselor."

        "Thank you Commander." They entered the somewhat large foyer

and placed their travel bags down near a couch. Riker helped Deanna

take off her heavy coat, raising an eyebrow at her attire.

        In her efforts to impress Riker with her interest in Alaska,

Troi had decided to research Alaskan clothing before packing for the

expedition.  Careful studies led her to replicate a turquoise

turtleneck, a pale beige suede skirt with a fringed bottom, and

matching boots decorated with beads and feathers. Around her waist

was a silver chain link belt. After seeing what she had chosen, Riker

had yet to cease his teasing commentary.

        "Is everything is... ah... accurate geographically. The

skirt, the boots, and what else?" He asked, joking yet again.

        She shot him a murderous look. "If you keep that up, you'll

never know," she replied  half-seriously.

        Knowing when to back off, Riker raised his hands in the air,

acquiescing. He placed her coat over a chair, and followed it with

his. "So what do you think?" 

        Troi walked around the room, taking in their surroundings.

It appeared that everything was made out of wood, with two large

bookshelves framing the immense stone fireplace. The floor in between

the over-sized couch and hearth was covered with a white

bear skin fur rug. 

        "It's certainly very masculine." Deanna replied, her black

eyes sparkling. 

        "Well, what did you expect from an all-male household?" Will

inquired, "Something pink, with lots of lace?" She elbowed him in the

ribs and he feigned doubling over in pain. "Okay, okay I'll stop." He

stood up straight again and looked around


        "It hasn't changed a bit." He grinned broadly and began

gathering kindling for the fireplace. " I know you aren't used to

this kind of weather and it does get rather cold at


        She gestured to the now glowing embers, "So that's what you

meant by methods of keeping warm." 

        "What else did you have in mind?," he asked, his look of

wide-eyed innocence belying a complete understanding of what she

had really meant. 

        "Oh I don't know. I assume this will do." She leaned in

front of the fire, warming

her hands over the flames.

        She felt him lightly grab hold of her elbow, drawing her up

to stand next to him.  Will wrapped his arms around her and pulled her

in close. Then he whispered into her mind,

        "Is this better, Imzadi?" He lifted her chin in his hands

and angled it so he was staring deep into her eyes. She stood on her

toes and brought her lips up to meet his.  Slowly they sank down into

the cushions of the couch. 

        Will stopped the kiss suddenly. Deanna looked back at him

puzzled. She had sensed his desire and being so close to him, she

had felt it as well. He just sat there silently, drinking in her

delicate features for so long that she became worried that

something was wrong.

        "What?" she asked, "Will, is something the matter?" She put

her hand on the side of his face, running her fingers through his


        "No," He said quickly. ‘Sometimes it just hits me; how lucky

I am that I have you back again." He put his hand on top of hers.

        "Imzadi, I never really left." 

        He nodded, "I know that now." He dropped their hands. Will

reached for Deanna's legs, stretching them out on top of his. His

hands started taking off her boots.  The first one came off easily,

but the second was harder to remove. Finally, he just yanked it hard.

Troi lost her balance and fell of the couch and onto the rug, pulling

Riker down with her.

        Will landed on top of her, the boot still in his hand. He

threw it to the floor with a thud, and the sound of beads scattering

across the floor filled the room. 

        "Oh well." He replied, noticing the now broken shoelace on

the boot near his head.

        Troi tried to move and started pulling herself back up and

onto the couch. Riker, not wanting to let her get away grabbed the

belt around her waist and forced her back to the ground. Looking down

he saw her sprawled beneath him. He took the initiative and kissed

her, twining his fingers through her long black curls. 

        Then he was struck with an idea and pulled away again. 

        "Stay here, I'll be right back." He said, walking quickly

out of the room and darting up the long wooden staircase two stairs

at a time. She looked back at him, amazed that he would leave, but

then got an inspiration herself; one which she knew would drive

him crazy.

        Will dug deep into the closet of his childhood room, until

he found what he was looking for. A bottle of red wine, given to him

when he graduated from the Academy. It was a vintage from 2503, the

best year in centuries. He had left it here, waiting for a special

occasion. He walked back down the stairs and strolled into the next

room. He grabbed two crystal glasses from a nearby cabinet, and

lowered the lights so that it was dark, except for the firelight

bouncing off the walls. 

        Will walked back into the study, bottle in one hand, glasses

in the other. Deanna was nowhere in sight. Mildly curious, he walked

back to the couch and placed wine and glasses on one of the tables

at either end. Almost immediately he saw her.  At that moment his

mouth went dry, and his pupils dilated as he gazed at her. 

        Deanna was reclining on the rug, her hair fanned out behind

her as she leaned on one elbow. She had disrobed and was lying on

the rug clad only in a ruby red silk chemise and matching panties,

her long legs tucked under her. Riker felt his heart stop.

        He stood there, his eyebrows sharply raised and the corners

of his mouth rising slowly. Framed by the firelight and white fur,

she had never looked as lovely to him as she had at that moment.

        "Not exactly proper Alaskan apparel, Counselor, but I think

it will do." He uncorked the bottle and poured them each a glass of

wine. Then he sat on the rug alongside her. Their fingers brushed

when she reached for her glass, and the touch was electric.

        "I'm glad you approve, Commander." They clinked glasses.

Each took a sip of the wine and reveled in the warmth which instantly

suffused their bodies. "Find what you were looking for?"

        He took another sip and looked her directly in the eyes. 

        "Yes. Everything." He curled an arm around her bare

shoulders, and drew her back against his chest.

        They lay there for a long time, drinking wine and watching

the flames dance across the room. Finally, Riker had to get up and

place some more wood on the fire. As he was walking back to Troi he

almost tripped over the boot with the broken lace. He picked it up

and looked at it speculatively, then proceeded to remove what was

left of the suede shoelace. He held it out in his hands and put some

of the feathers on the ground next to him. On his hands and knees he

crawled across the rug, the string still in his hand.

        Deanna looked at him quizzically. She had no idea what Will

was doing, but she sensed that he was very excited and she wanted to

find out why. He came up behind her and with one swift motion pulled

her onto his lap. He turned her face to his and kissed her

intensely, his tongue tasting the last drops of wine on her lips.

        Then he gently seized both of her hands in one of his and

pushed them up over her head. He held them there and maneuvered her

to the ground once more, while continuing the kiss. The other hand

held the suede string. He quickly tied it around her wrists firmly,

without being too tight. His hands stroked down her arms and upper

body, lightly stroking his way down the sides of her breasts and

waist.  Finally, he lowered his body atop hers and kept her pinned to

the ground beneath him.

        "Will," she whispered, "What are you..." She trailed off as

he placed a silencing finger to her lips. She kissed it, then parted

her lips and starting sucking on it gently.

        "Trust me, Imzadi." He whispered into her mind. She nodded

slowly and began stroking his finger with her tongue. That simple

motion nearly caused Riker to abandon his plans and take her right

then and there. He struggled for control and won. 

        Troi lay still on the rug watching him, feeling the fur

beneath her silk garments.  Suddenly he lifted her back up off the

ground and quickly stripped the camisole from her body. Then, hooking

his hands around her hips, he hastily dispensed with the panties as

well. This time when he lay her back on the rug, she felt only fur

against her exposed skin.  He knelt above her, his eyes blackening

with desire.

        Grinning wickedly, he took a long white feather from her

boot and started moving it softly across the soles of her feet. She

began laughing madly and tried kicking at his hand. Sternly he

grabbed her ankles and continued his tickling in earnest. He ran the

feather deliberately up her ankles, calves and knees, then continued

up her thighs. Deanna couldn't stop laughing, yet at the same time

her breathing became shallow and her heart began to beat more


        He circled the back of her knees with the feather then

dragged it up the back of her thighs and bottom before coming around

to the front of her body again.  By this time Deanna was about to

come apart. She started moving her head from side to side, mirroring

the rocking motion of her hips. She cried out, "Imzadi..." not being

focused enough to send it to him.

        Will continued to smile devilishly, his eyes lighting up as

he witnessed her active response to his ministrations. He slid the

feather over her belly and breasts, causing a shiver which sent

trembles throughout her entire body. His eyes glowed incandescently

in the light cast from the fire, and hers glittered from that

reflection, as well as her increased inner passion. Her tongue darted

out to moisten her lips and she made a strangled sound in her throat.

        He continued climbing up her body with the feather, as she

bit down on the corner of her lip with her teeth. He caressed her

chest and neck with it for what seemed like a lifetime, then moved it

up her immobile arms and back down to her face. He delicately traced

her jaw and lips; the only sound in the room was the crackling of the

logs mixed with Deanna's soft moans.

        "No more," she begged as he ran it over her closed eyes,

"Will, PLEASE!" 

        But he would not be deterred. He continued wielding the

feather against her inflamed flesh, while her body squirmed with

unfulfilled pleasure. She pleaded with him  to kiss or touch her,

anything as long as she could feel him next to her. Watching her like

this was incredible agony, and Will did not know how much longer he

could continue.  Finally, he reached above her and untied her hands

slowly, discarding the well-used string.

        Quickly Deanna grabbed his face in her palms and began

kissing him passionately, desperate to feel his skin against hers.

Her hands traveled down his chest as she ripped off his gray sweater

and tossed it aside, forgotten. His pants and briefs abruptly

disappeared as well. Riker was too busy caressing her to notice. His

hands sensually followed the path of the feather, as did his lips.

Deanna was burning beneath him; she felt as though she was one of the

logs and Will was the fire which consumed her. She couldn't touch

enough of him, or get close enough to the center of his being. She

wanted to torture him as he had her, but didn't think she could

prolong their joining any longer then necessary.

        She hooked her leg under his, and rolled him over so he lay

on his back on the rug.  Then she began kissing her way down his body,

gently biting and licking him from his shoulders to his feet. Her

arms reached behind him and she scratched her nails down his back.

Will groaned under his breath, and caught her around the waist. They

rolled over each other on the fur a couple of times and he trapped

her beneath him again, their legs tangled together.

        "Oh Gods, Imzadi, now!" She cried as he slowly parted her

legs and entered her.  And still he kept on kissing her, his tongue

imitating the thrusts of his body.  His hands kept on roaming around

her small frame, making her gasp for breath as her hands clutched

at his shoulders. Both of them were gleaming with perspiration as

they approached their mutual pinnacle of passion, oblivious to the

rapidly falling snow outside the window.


                                *       *       *


        Night had fallen while they lay there and both were silent,

watching the last few embers stop burning in the fireplace. Deanna

had one of her hands on Will's chest. She listened to his heartbeat

for a time, then brought his hand to her chest, just over her heart.

        "We have the same heartbeat." She said. It was the first

time either of them had spoken in awhile.

        "And what does that mean?" he asked, kissing her on the

forehead as he gently stroked her breast. 

        "It means we were destined for each other." She lay her head

against his heart.

        "I could have told you that." He answered seriously,

twisting the fingers from his other hand in her hair.

        "Then why didn't you?" She sat up, pulling out of his

embrace. He quickly pulled her back down, wrapping his arms around


        "I  figured that I'd show you instead." He plied her face

with kisses. 

        "You definitely did, Commander. You definitely did."


The End