Title: Evening Interlude
By: Jrgnfly
Rating: MA
Setting: Six months after Nemesis
Paramount is the owner of all blah blah blah, but the situation is my own.

She was in the shower.

Will had finally finished an impossibly long ten hour day, made even more difficult due to the erotic thoughts Deanna had been sending him for most of it. Mostly, images of herself clad in the tiniest red and black lace lingerie. His wife, he discovered delightedly, had a penchant for non-regulation garments under her uniform and Will was often still stimulated when he thought about what Deanna might have been wearing at any given time before they got back together while they were serving together on the Enterprise. He had never guessed that what was hidden under the demure uniform of Counselor Troi was often some of the most imaginative and arousing attire found in the quadrant. Riker's surprise had been evident on their first night back together when he found beneath her uniform little more than purple satin scraps which left practically nothing to the imagination. And he had always prided himself on his imagination.

Will had come been in her office for their 'counseling" session just a few hours earlier and he had laid his head in her lap while they bantered, without knowing just how little had separated him from the silk of her skin. Had he had prior knowledge that she was wearing the kinds of lingerie he now saw her in and out of on a daily basis, Will's fantasy life aboard the Enterprise would have taken on a whole new dimension.

Now those frothy bits of silk and lace she had tempted him with on and off throughout his shift lay discarded over a chair in their darkened bedroom, her boots on the floor nearby. And she had left the door to the bathroom ajar.

Being Captain aboard a brand new ship was not without its perquisites and Riker was not one to skimp on any available luxury. Which was why the bathroom in their quarters aboard Titan had both a shower and a bathtub with more than enough room for two. He quickly removed his boots and socks and walked barefoot towards the bathroom, pausing at the doorjamb. Judging from the amount of steam filling the interior of the bedroom, she had turned the water's temperature to one of the hottest settings.
He could just barely perceive her silhouette through the translucent curtain, the air thick with steam and the scent of gardenia. While he watched at the door, scarcely breathing, Deanna poured what must have been shampoo into her hands and began lathering her hair. Her arms upward thrust her breasts forward and caused her back to arch in shadow behind the curtain. His gaze traveled from the tips of her breasts to the curve of her bottom; Will could wait no longer.

He removed his uniform and braced himself for the heat of the spray. Deanna had always liked water to be hotter than he did due to her Betazoid body temperature which was warmer than a human's. Usually he lowered the water temperature when they bathed together, but tonight he didn't really care. Will ducked behind the curtain and into the shower and pulled his wife backwards into his arms, savoring the feel of her slick skin against his. Deanna wasn't startled at all; she had known the exact moment he returned home and had in fact, staged this show just for him. She closed her eyes and leaned the back of her soap-laden head against his chest. Will didn't pause; he raised his large hands slightly and began massaging the shampoo into her scalp.

Deanna let a soft sound escape from her throat and was about to turn to face him when he brought his now slippery hands down over her arms and cupped her breasts, one in each of his large hands, rolling over her nipples with the pad of his thumbs. The friction created by the soap between their skins caused Deanna to cry out as her hypersensitive skin received endless attention and her nipples pebbled under his rough, soapy caress. Will chuckled deep in his throat while the water cascaded over them from overhead. He leaned over his petite wife and began pressing soft kisses on her jaw; the nape of her neck and down her spine, all the while sliding his hands lower still over her long silky legs.

Deanna stretched her hands behind her clutching at Will's thighs and her head dropped, boneless, when Will dipped his soapy hands between her legs. She rasped her nails up the hair on his thighs, exploring her way upward as she sought the prize now in her hands. Will groaned and gritted his teeth as she wound her hand tightly over his arousal. Fighting to stay calm and not give in to her sensuous touch; he was not going to let her distract or deter him in any way even as she began a rhythm, varying the pressure of her grasp and sliding her hands back and forth over his now extremely hard flesh. In response, he slid his fingers deeper into her soft secrets, and she cried out, aching, as he easily inflamed her tight bud of desire, using her own moisture to keep her further stimulated. Over and over again he brought her to the edge and then left there, the spiraling motion of his fingertips leaving her weak with need as he held fast to the shreds of his control, barely remaining steadfast.

Deanna broke away from his fiery touch and sank to her knees; facing him head on, she enveloped his thick length into her mouth at the same moment she slipped into his mind. Will was lost. Her tongue swirled around and under him, then around again beginning to suckle just the very tip. Will, unaware of anything but the sensation of her soft mouth and velvet tongue, fisted both hands in her now rinsed hair, clenching tightly in a manner which would have hurt her had she not been solely focused on their mutual pleasure. Control shattered.

Using Deanna's hair as leverage, he roughly jerked her upwards and grabbed her around the waist. Turning her back towards him he moved forward, the hot water pounding at this back as he thrust inside her in one slick, swift movement. Deanna trembled, the lights throwing rainbows on the wall of the shower. She was helpless to do anything except give in when Will draped one arm over her breasts and held the curve of her hip against him with the other, moving in and out of her seamlessly, still silent, except for the sounds of the water on their heated bodies and the sharp panting sounds from both as they strived for mutual release.

Deanna felt the cool wall of the shower against her cheek, and pushed both hands against the wall, pushing back, pushing him deeper into her than either had ever thought possible. She clenched him tightly at each thrust, mindless now, as deep in his mind as he was in her body. His fingers began working their magic on her, teasing and insistent, then again pulling back. Deanna felt her legs shift further apart unbidden, and moaned. Their thoughts merged in time with their bodies, focused only on satisfaction. Time lost all meaning as their passion culminated and sent them spiraling over the edge together as the water streamed over them.

His heartbeat racing in his chest, Will withdrew, exhausted, and rested his head on top of hers. Her chest was rising with each ragged breath and Riker smiled, completely satisfied. He could sense through their bond that she was as sated as he.

"Water, off," she whispered, the first words uttered out loud.

The shower immediately stopped, the silence echoing in their ears. She turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck; her breasts flush against the wet hair on his chest, and kissed him deeply, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. They separated after long moments passed and Deanna shivered, her skin growing chilled now that the water had ceased. Will, still silent, escorted her out of the shower, wrapped an extra large bath sheet around both of them and guided her, now shaking, into the bedroom.
Together, they stretched out on the king size bed, gazing deeply into each other's eyes.

"Mmmmm," he said, whisking off the bath sheet and enfolding them in the comforter.

"Welcome home."

"Thanks," he kissed the tip of her nose and drew him closer to her.

"Will?" Deanna paused, her eyes gleaming as she tucked herself against his broad chest. "Sometimes on the Enterprise, I left the lingerie in my quarters altogether."

Taking advantage of his open mouthed gape she quickly leaned in and darted her tongue in and out of his mouth, sealing her lips to his and drawing the covers over their heads.

"So you were trying to kill me, back then," he mumbled into her mouth, before drifting off to sleep.

"All part of the service, Captain." She smiled and joined him in slumber.

The End.

February 21, 2008