Title: The Numbers Game
Author: Jrgnfly R/T
Timeline: Post Insurrection Rating PG Disclaimer: Not mine, but they should be… Archive: with Author’s permission

“What’s your number?”

“Excuse me? Isn’t that some sort of archaic terran pick up line? Can’t you do better than that?”

“No, Deanna. What’s your favorite number? Everyone has one.”

“They do? I guess I never thought about it before. I don’t have one.”

“Close your eyes and tell me the first number that comes to your mind.”

“Okay… eight.”

“I should have guessed.”

“Why, what’s wrong with eight?”

“Eight turned on its side is the symbol for infinity. Very Betazoid of you, Counselor.”

“Well, its not like I pretended to be Ferengi.”

“Of course not. Your ears are much too small. The height’s about right though.”

“Hey! … So what’s yours? Something much less philosophical, I’m sure.”



“Yes. Four.”

“Surely you can count higher than that, Commander.”

“Nope. I always stopped at four.”

“Is this a music thing? Some sort of jazz rhythm perhaps?”


“Then, why?”

“That’s the number of seconds I used to be able to hold you for before you’d pull away.”


“Will… I think we’re far past four now if you’d like to pick a new number.”

“No thanks. I’ve grown attached to it over the years. Although…”


“Come into the bedroom with me, Imzadi. Let’s try for eight.”


The playful end.