Shore Leave
By and
Rating NC-17

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Part 1:

Will Riker hated traveling on transports. He had been on the
transport ship Quazlig for the past three hours, and it had been
interminable. He much preferred the sleek warp speed of the Enterprise, but
it was in the middle of a complete overhauling, trying to rid the ship of all
remnants of the borg invasion 2 months ago. He had been working all the time,
trying harder to get
everything taken care of, and put back into order, hating the fact that the
flagship had been vulnerable to the borg. He took it as a personal offense
they had chosen to invade his ship, the only one who hated that thought more
than he, was Captain Picard.

His anger had shown in the intensity with which he worked, and the
demands he
had heaped upon the remainder of the crew still aboard, many of the
nonessential crew had chosen to leave ship and use the time for shore leave.
Eventually, his attitude was affected and the Captain had to take him aside
order him to take R&R. He had given Will four days in which to relax, before
even showed his face aboard ship again. And so here he was, on the Quazlig en
route to Hawaii with an ETA of another 90 minutes.

The first thing that had come to Riker's mind when Picard had given
him his
orders, had been how fast he could get to Hawaii. Normally a workaholic, he
didn't even think to protest, nodding in agreement, then immediately booking
himself on the first transport he could get passage on. He had been to the
island of Oahu before, and although the scenic beach area was breathtaking,
spectacular sights were not the reason behind his journey today. Will was
to spend as much time as possible on this miniature vacation, with Counselor
Deanna Troi.

Deanna had decided to attend a series of seminars on Oahu, many new
controversial counseling techniques were being discussed, and there had been
reason for her to remain aboard ship. No professional reason that was. On the
personal side, Will had been completely miserable without her. They had been
able to have one memorable night together before Deanna left, but it hadn't
been nearly enough to satisfy either of them. And two months later, it was
almost a physical illness. The void that was usually filled by her presence
aching in its emptiness, and every day, it hurt a little more...

By the time the transport had docked on the island, and the passengers
were able to disembark, it was late afternoon. Will took a personal transport
vehicle to Deanna's bungalow on the far side of the island. It was in a
secluded heavily forested area, the only one around for kilometers. And
although Deanna had described her accommodations to Will in few and far
between subspace communiqués, he was still struck by the similarity between
this tropical island and Deanna's home planet of Betazed. Perhaps the only
differences which appeared to him besides the more casual architectural
structures, was the terran vegetation which grew in abundance around the

When Will rang the door chimes, however, he did not get a reply.
Knowing that
the next seminar did not begin until five days from now, and that the previous
one had most likely concluded for the evening, Will set off in search of his

He sensed her nearby, so he knew that she had to be in a close radius
to the
bungalow. Even just having that sense of her in his mind caused Riker to begin
to relax as he walked through the foliage, his sense of her growing stronger
and leading him deeper into the overgrown path of leaves and flowers. A heavy
scent rose from the flowers and filled the tropical air with a warm sweetness
which permeated Riker's senses.

After walking for almost ten minutes through the dense shrubbery and
laden with flowers, Will came upon a small tide pool underneath a waterfall.
The sound of the water rushing over the rocks had whispered faintly from
farther away in the jungle, but Will had not recognized the sound until he was
almost at the edge of the pool. And then... he saw her.

Deanna was standing in knee deep water, wearing a scandalous black
bikini that
consisted of three tiny black triangles, tied together with strings, which
little to the imagination. She stood poised just under the cascade of water
Will watched, captivated as Deanna unfastened the top of her bikini, tossing
towards the rocks on the bank in front of him, then arched her back, tilting
her hair back under the water and fully revealing her exquisite breasts to his
vision. He wasn't sure if she sensed him nearby, and didn't want to say
anything just yet and startle her, but when she reached out and picked up a
small vial from the rock beside her, and began lathering her hair and upper
body, he just couldn't resist.

He bent forward and she caught sight of him out of the corner of her
eye. She
had known that he had been watching her, and couldn't stop from tormenting him
just a little.

She lifted her face from the water, and turned and faced him from his
place at
the edge of the water. She smiled and waved,
"Hello, Will."

Will smiled in return and nodded, lifting his hand. Dangling from
his pinkie
was Deanna's minuscule bikini top. With his eyes wide and an ear-splitting
grin, he said,

"I think you lost this."

Deanna shook her head, spraying water droplets from side to side and
impishly. "No." She replied, slipping off the bottom of her bikini and tossing
it to him, blinding him with her beauty for an instant before quickly diving
beneath the falls to finish her bath. When she was finished Deanna walked
towards Will, who was waiting patiently for her, a fluffy yellow towel in his
hand. Betazoids had an entirely different view of modesty than other species,
and the emotions she was sensing from Will were more than enough reason for
not to be embarrassed by her nudity as she waded towards the rocks.

"Thank you." She said, taking the towel from his hand and
wrapping it around
her body. "Why are you here, Will? I thought the Captain needed you onboard

"Why are you here? I thought you'd be happy to see me." He

Deanna just smiled, darting forward to sear him with a white hot
kiss, before
scooping up her bathing suit from the rocks, and began walking towards the
bungalow. She abruptly stopped, then turned back when she realized that he
wasn't following her.

"Will, why are you here?" She asked again, wondering why he
hadn't moved yet.

"Isn't it obvious? I missed you." She just looked at him,

"Does that surprise you?"

He had certainly missed her, laying awake on the few nights he hadn't
working, and dreaming of her on the rare occasion that he was able to sleep.

"Didn't you miss me?"

"I... think... so."

Will stepped closer, puzzled by her response. Not liking the answer,
repeated what she had said, hoping for a different response this time.

"You think so? Oh." Riker's face fell. He had been hoping
that Deanna had
been thinking of him while they were separated. Deanna looked up at him, a
questioning look on her face.

"You seem upset?" She scrutinized his face and was shocked by
the hollowness
of his gaze.

"No, I'm not upset." He replied distractedly, as color once
again flooded his

"You're angry." She stared, trying to figure out if that was
the emotion
governing his actions.

"No." He stated this firmly, the distraction gone from his
voice, but not
from his mind

"No?" she questioned, in disbelief. "Then tell do
you feel? Don't
stop to think... Just talk to me."

"Hey we are supposed to be off duty remember." He said
lightly, trying to
change the subject away from how he was feeling at this moment. He didn't know
quite how to put it into words just yet.

"Yes....we...are OFF duty... and this is very personal
leave... tell me
Imzadi...I need to know. Deanna was pleading now, a very serious look on her
face, her heart leaping into her eyes. Will thought that right at that
moment, Deanna looked like a deer, frozen in flight, standing completely
still, afraid to either move forward or turn back now.

"I already told you, I'm here because I missed you." Will
repeated, not
knowing what else to say to her. And still she looked up at him...

"I love you." She said quickly.

Will stood frozen in place, rendered speechless by both her words
and the
expression on her face. He tried to speak but couldn't, startling when Deanna
abruptly turned and walked toward the house.

By the time Deanna has reached her room, she was pacing in
frustration. She
wasn't angry with Will's lack of response, she had almost been expecting it.
She clutched the towel tighter to her chest and berated herself for just
blurting out her feelings for him like that. She had sworn that she wouldn't
it, but being so close to him again she couldn't help herself.. Trying to
off what she had done, she got dressed and headed out the door to check on
dinner, knowing that Will must be hungry, and feeling somewhat famished
herself. It wasn't that easy to forget though. She knew that she had just
thrust her feelings for him out in the open without notice, but secretly, her
heart was breaking at his lack of response, or even acknowledgment

Will stood outside the house, not sure what he was going to find
after he
entered, or whether or not he was even welcome in her home. Finally he decided
to knock on the door. It was hell, being able to sense her presence without
being close to her . After knocking twice he stood and waited, but there was
answer . He twisted the knob cautiously, relieved to discover that it was
unlocked, and walked inside.

Deanna was coming down the stairs, she had heard him knocking, but
had taken a
moment to compose herself before opening it. She didn't mind, however that he
had walked right inside, he was welcome anytime, anywhere, as far as she was
concerned. She continued walking down the stairs and faced him in the foyer,
noting his surprise at her appearance.

She was wearing a black silk jumpsuit consisting of a long sleeve
blouse and
matching pants, which were wrapped around her slender waist by some kind of
similar, glittering fabric. Small gold hoops hung from her ears, and a
gold chain was visible against her skin, due to the deep v-cut of the blouse.
She had taken a few moments and had dried her hair vigorously, taking the
majority of her frustrations out upon it.

Will was shocked; Deanna rarely wore black, and he was stunned to
realize that
she had straightened her hair, and it was shorter than he had ever seen it.
looked beautiful, but the differences could not go unnoticed. Her hair was now
parted on the side, her jet bangs shining against her forehead, and the rest
her hair fell straight to the base of her neck, resting on her collarbones.
fingers itched to slip through her hair, and try as he might, he could not
resist wondering what she was wearing underneath the silk of the garment. Her
face was lightly tanned from the Hawaiian sun, and the flushed pink of her
cheeks only highlighted the sparkle in her onyx eyes.

She just stood there looking at him, not speaking, waiting for him to
the ice between them.

"You look lovely, Deanna."

"Thank you, Will. How long are you here for?" She asked,
watching him walk
over to the bar, and rest is hand upon it, as he attempted a smile.

"Four days, the captain practically ordered me to leave. He
said I was
getting too testy to be of much use."

"Overworking again, as usual?"
He shrugged sheepishly, looking like a little boy again. "I had to."

"I know. I'm glad that you felt that you could come here to
relax." She
smiled at him, a look of understanding on her face.

"No, you misunderstood. I had to work hard, to keep busy,
because if I
didn't I felt as though I would lose my mind."


"Yes, busy, mindless."

"Oh, has it been that bad on the ship?" She inquired
politely, knowing what
he was getting at, but allowing him to reach the conclusion in his own time.

"Yes, it has been.... Without you."

"Oh." She looked down, wanting to believe what he said, but
not yet certain.

Will looked at her, struggling to contain his emotions. He
wanted to say
this perfectly. He knew that he loved her, but the thought of telling her was
still frightening.

"Dee, I hated being there, not having you to turn to when I
was frustrated,
eating meals alone..."

She looked back up at him.

"Will, are you hungry? Can I get you something." The look on
his face made
her pause, "Never mind. Keep going."

"No... I wasn't able to sleep, I couldn't sense you..."

"That's because I was here." She said, attempting a cheerful
tone, then
realizing that it sounded sorrowful to her own ears.

"Yes... and that feeling I have when you are nearby, it
soothes me, and I
couldn't find peace without you."

She smiled back at him, hesitantly, encouraging him to continue.

"I don't know how to say what I mean, Dee. I want to make you
understand...why I had to come here."

"You already said before, because you missed me."

"Yes I did...but .it's much more than that, and I think you
know it. You
caught me off guard back there..."

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that." She cut him off.
Will walked closer
to her, standing directly in front of her now.

"Why not? Didn't you mean it?"

"Yes, of course, but..." She stopped, realizing that she'd
done it again,
spoke without thinking. She shifted her gaze to the floor again.

"I thought so, no don't look away... please... look at me the
way you did
before, outside." She looked up again, tears shining brightly in her eyes.

" I love you Deanna."

"I love you too, Will." Her voice cracked and the tears
spilled over.

"Why was that so hard for us to say for all those years?"
Will asked,
reaching out to draw her into his arms.

"I have no idea." She answered, laughing, as she wiped the
moisture from her
eyes and stepped into his embrace.

"I love you." He repeated.

"You said that already."

"I know but it feels almost as good as holding you in my arms
like this...
you smell amazing." He said, burying his head in her hair, and inhaling

"You are amazing."

"Me? Why?" Will lifted his head and gazed deep into her
opaque eyes, easily
losing himself in their depths as once again, she captured his soul.

"Everything about you... your smile... the way you look at
me...and when you
are on the ship, the way you always seem to know what to do. The way your
presence fills my mind... my heart... and my soul. I am constantly in awe of
you Imzadi." She started to look away but changed her mind and continued to
meet his eyes, her cheeks pink.

"I... I don't know what to say, I feel the same way about
you, Imzadi and I
want very much to kiss you right now."

"Then what are you waiting for?" She asked, anticipating the
brush of his
lips against hers.

"I have no idea." He murmured, still gazing at her lips, and
watching in
rapture as her tongue slowly licked it's way from side to side on her bottom
lip before going back into her mouth and disappearing. Will wanted nothing
than to follow it.

"Go ahead. " She said, standing her toes in order to meet his
mouth. He bent
over and slowly brushed his lips against hers gently, savoring their fullness,
their sweetness, softly at first, then applying more pressure, as his hands
reached upwards to slip into her hair. Then he pulled back at looked at her

"What did you do to your hair, Deanna?"

"I cut it after I left the ship."

"I can see that. Why?"


Deanna shrugged and considered her answer.

"I don't know, it just seemed like the right thing to do. I
haven't cut it in
a long time."

"No, you haven't." He moved a step back, and studied her for
a moment, slowly
stroking his chin as he did so. "You know, I really like this look. It's

"But not too... aristocratic, I hope." She teased.

"Hardly." He smiled. "It's rather carefree..."

The intensity of his gaze was beginning to make her nervous. She
tucked a lock
behind her ear.Will moved it back,
"I don't have to be afraid to touch it..." He said as he
rubbed his thumb
and forefinger against the silky strands laying on her neck.

Deanna caught her breath at the warmth of his hand against her
skin... and
held it.

"I have a roast in the oven." She said, and then smiled. "I
can't believe I
just said that, but I'm starving."

Will laughed upon hearing her stomach growl and announce its hunger
in full

"So am I. Kiss me again, and then we can eat." She kissed
him again, slowly
and lingeringly, pulling away only after her stomach growled again, and Will
smacked his lips and sighed.

"Mmmm. Absolutely delicious." Then he blinked and stared at
her again, a very
strange look in his eyes.

"Wait a second... you cooked."

"Yes, I can cook, you know."

"Since when?" Over the past seven years Will had never seen
Deanna do
anything other than use the replicators. And most of the time when they were
together, he had been responsible for preparing the meal, although he often
her doing small tasks, such as chopping vegetables or setting the table. He
realized that he had underestimated his Imzadi's abilities, and was wondering
as to what other surprises she may have in store for him this evening.

"I learned a long time ago."

"Interesting, very interesting." He leaned forward and kissed
her again, than
allowed her to lead him into the kitchen, holding her hand tightly in his.

The kitchen was fairly small, and Deanna had to step around him in
order to
reach the oven. The table had already been set, and Deanna gestured for Will
sit down as she checked on dinner. She felt his eyes on her and turned around
to catch him staring at her behind.

"Will!" She exclaimed.

"Sorry, it's a nice view." He said, putting his palms up in
defense. Then he
reached out and patted her bottom, allowing his hand to linger on the silk
covered flesh. "You've lost weight." He stated, still not removing his hand.

"Just don't push me in the oven" She joked, prodding the meat
with a metal
skewer in order to see if it was done.

"Don't change the subject." He chastised gently, and removed
his hand.
"You're looking thin."

"Okay, I won't. Yes, I guess I've lost some weight."


"Why? Does it matter?"

"It does if it's because you were missing me." He flashed her
his famous
grin, and she retaliated with one of her own.

"Well?" He asked.

"Well what?" She turned around and placed her hands on hips
in exasperation.

"Did you lose weight because you missed me?"

"Sorry to disappoint you Commander, but my feelings for you
have not affected
my appetite... for food that is." She turned back to the oven

"If you say so. What appetite has it affected?" He wondered
possibilities running through his head.


"You said that missing me hadn't affected your appetite
....for food...I want
to know what was."

She placed the roast on the stove, shut the door to the oven and sat
on Will's lap.

"Oh... I think you'll find out soon enough, Commander." She
punctuated each
word by a kiss, as her arms went around and encircled his neck.

"Dee, you are a tease..."

"I... am... not..." She insisted but was laughing as
she spoke.

"Yes, you are, but I don't mind. In fact, I think it's

"What I am is hungry. Let's eat." She declared hopping off
his lap and
walking over to the stove again. Will allowed his eyes to move up and down her
frame, watching as she carved the roast, and wanting to pull her back to his
lap. The sooner this dinner was over, the better.


Part 2:

"Here let me carve that, you can get the rest of dinner out to the
Will leapt to his feet, anything to get his thoughts back to neutral
He wanted doubt about that, BUT he didn't want her to think that he
was only here for a sexual encounter. He loved her too much for this to end
a casual affair. No, this time he was looking for something far more
permanent. The roast was cut into even slices, which he transferred onto a
china platter. The sight of the delicate dinnerware made him smile. Deanna
loved fine china...always had. She used china teacups on board ship too. The
delicate floral pattern was definitely her taste.

"Will? What are you doing in there, is everything all
right?" Deanna's
voice called out from the dining area.

"All set."

Will walked into the adjoining room and was struck dumb. Deanna was
by the bay window at the back of the house, her back towards him, a delicate
crystal wineglass at her lips. She had removed the silk over blouse and now
wore what looked to be a black silk halter. It tied at her nape, and left her
back completely bare to the waist. He set the platter down on the table
without taking his eyes off the honey colored flesh. Deanna turned, sensing
his emotional response. She lowered the glass and licked her lips
The silk of the halter was crisscrossed across her breasts, anchored with a
sparkling button on each side of her waist.

"Will, close your've seen more of me than this
before." There
was a lilt in her voice...she was amused at his response.

"Ahem...true...I was just caught off guard."

"Gee, that's the second time I've done that tonight...You're

"Yes, I guess I am."

They sat down to dinner talking and laughing softly. Will cleared
the table
when they'd finished, then returned to sit down. He'd brought another bottle
of wine from the kitchen. Deanna waited until he'd poured each of them a
and pulled his chair away from the table to sit down, then she rose, walked
around him and straddled his lap. Her arms came up to loop around his neck,
and she scooted forward until they were nearly touching. Will's hands
automatically went around her, settling just above her buttocks, on the edge
the silk pants. Deanna sighed and twisted around reaching for her glass. She
drank deeply, then returned it to the table behind her. Will hadn't moved or
spoken since she sat down. Deanna giggled to herself...Poor thing he was

She reached around with both hands and brought Will's hands
down to cup her
bottom. then looked into his eyes, opening herself to him, tentatively
asking him to do the same. And then she kissed him......

Deanna's kiss was gentle, yet all consuming. Will relaxed, allowing
to slip into the sensuous feelings that she was provoking with the soft touch
of her lips upon his. The taste of the wine on her lips was incentive for him
to meet her tongue with his, when she tentatively touched his lips with the
of it.
His sigh was low and deep. Deanna smiled inwardly at the sound of his
shifting herself on her lap, causing a louder groan this time. Will felt
himself encompassed by her essence...she was intoxicating weaving a web of
emotion that drew him closer with each stroke of her lips. He wasn't the only
one affected by the kiss. Deanna found herself aching inside, wanting him to
touch her...anywhere, she craved the touch of his skin on hers.

The kiss was so intense that Will found himself lost within it,
forgetting where they were until he tipped backward on the chair and bumped
against the table.

The spell was broken, and Deanna reluctantly pulled her lips from
his. Will
stared at her for several long seconds, then stood up, his legs shaking. He
carried Deanna with him, and set her on her feet. A gasp escaped from his lips
as a gentle probe slipped
into his mind...stroking his emotions.

"I think that we should clean this up first, Deanna."

She stared into his eyes...

"And I think that I need to kiss you again."

Will closed his eyes, and tried to get a grip on his reactions to her
advances. He knew that once they started, it would be impossible to stop.

"And then we'll sit in front of the fire."

Her voice alone set off a ripple of sensation over Will's skin. it
was a
though she had touched him, but her hands hadn't reached him...yet. Her
breathing was shallow, her eyes intense...he didn't want this to be just a
physical release for them, he wanted....all of these thoughts flew out of his
head when her lips once again touched his. Will's reaction was immediate as
slanted his head and took her mouth fully, his hands coming up to delve into
the silk of her hair, grasping her head and holding her captive while he
her. Deanna struggled to keep herself firmly in check, not yet ready to give
herself up to the heat of their passion. But too late she realized that he was
in control, causing a sweet honeyed fire to flow through her veins. She played
his lips, with butterfly kisses...then deepened he kiss, exploring the ridges
and folds of his mouth. Her mind reached out to wrap itself around his.

Will groaned the released her.

"Deanna, this isn't a good idea."

"I don't did say that you missed me. Will,
I need you."

"I did miss you, but..." He ran his hands through his hair,
"This isn't all
that I missed."

"Is that what you're afraid that I'll think?

Or is it that you don't want me?"

"No... yes. Honestly Deanna, I'm not sure what you're
thinking." He
paused, and then the rest of what she said registered, " NO! Of course that's
not it! Are you kidding? I was ready to rip off your bikini back there,
you decided to do it yourself! No it isn't that at all."

Deanna looked confused,

"Then what is it? I don't understand."

"It's just that I don't want you to think that I think that
sex is the most
important part of all there is between us. Does that make any sense at all to
you?" Deanna's stare was too intense for him, so Will started pacing around
room waiting 4 her response.

"Imzadi.......if I felt that you believed that all we had was
wouldn't have gotten inside the door tonight."

Will chuckled and drew her close again, he should of known that she
understand. An instant wave of relief washed over him. He was trying to get
across that he wanted a permanent commitment not a four day affair, without
being melodramatic.

Deanna continued...

"I know what is in your heart. Not only do I sense your
emotions, Will, I
can feel it when you touch me. But really if you'd rather not make
love...that's okay too. I just need you to hold me, I've missed you too."
There was something in the tone of her voice, in her words, that touched a
chord in him. Will raised his hand to her cheek, stroking the soft skin
beneath his finger. Then he drew her close feeling her shiver in his arms.

Deanna looked up at him tears spilling from her eyes,
"Can I tell you something? Something I 've never told anyone
even you...ever?"

Will nodded,

"Of course Deanna, you can tell me anything."

She smiled slightly, then looked down, gathering her composure,

"When the D crashed...I felt the same sense of loss as
everyone else...but
there was more."


" see, like you, I've been aboard ship for so long
that it had
become my home. I belonged there, was comfortable there. Everyone had
finally become used to me and to my abilities...Betazed had become a beautiful
place to vacation, or to visit my wasn't my home any longer. Then
it was gone and we were all separated."

"There's nothing wrong with that Dee, a lot of us
outgrow the place we've
grown up and find new homes. That's normal."

She shook her head...

"No for me it was more than that Will. Do you know what I did
for those weeks
after the crash?"

"No, what?"

"I sat in my room on the grounds of the Captain's estate in
Lebarre scared to
death that I'd never belong anywhere again. I literally had to drag myself out
of bed every morning and put on
a brave face, hiding the fear from Marie and the Captain...anyone I met,
pretending that everything would be okay...and then you contacted me."

Will tightened his hold on her...
"Deanna...know this... you have belonged with me from the
first moment I saw
you...I may not have realized it then, but I certainly do now."

Deanna wiped her eyes and looked up at him,

"You see, when I'm with you...I belong...I ...have ...a home.
Even if I
haven't any place to live. The emotion in her voice brought a tightness to
Will's throat, he found it hard to speak,

"Yes... yes u do...Always."

She tightened her hold on him, trying to stop her trembling, while her
emotions rushed into him, and mingling with his. Will relaxed calming and
soothing her with his love.

"It scares me to be that dependent. That's why I held you
away for so long.
I felt as though if I opened up to you this way, I'd be losing a part of
myself, and you if it didn't work out. It was too much to give away, until

He held her close kissing the top of her bowed head, knowing how much
had cost her to expose her deepest insecurities this way.

"Well, I'm as guilty as you are, for exactly the same
reasons. All these
years I've been too afraid of letting you see inside of me...afraid that you'd
see that I wasn't good enough, or that I couldn't give you what you needed.
You were/are my best friend. I didn't want to lose that."

Deanna relaxed in his arms at his admission...she knew that he
understood and
accepted her, as she was.

"So I guess I have lost some weight because I've missed you.
I haven't been
able to eat...or ...sleep well, since I left the happened too fast.
wasn't prepared."

"Neither was I. Apparently we've both been miserable apart
when we could
have been happy together."

Deanna nodded,

"So I know that what we have is far more than sex. It's

" And I know that it is okay to love you... forever."

"I won't leave you."

"And remember, you'll always belong....with me."

He kissed her lightly and then pulled back to see her expression
change to one of pain...physical pain.

"Deanna what's wrong? Are you okay?" He searched her face
intently, trying
to find the source of her discomfort.

"Will? You're standing on my toes."

He quickly stepped back,

"Oh, Dee, I'm so sorry." But both were smiling, as Deanna
bent to rub the
abused digits. Giggles threatened as she looked up into his face...

"I think they're broken."

"Here let me look..."

He scooped her up, and set her on the couch, removing her sandals,
and gently
rubbed her feet.

"MMMMMMMM dessert..." Deanna closed her eyes and sighed
deeply, sliding
down into the cushions of the couch.

"Oh Deanna, I hope not! His look of chagrin was alarming. So
much so that
she sat up and patted his shoulder,



"I was kidding...see, it was the only way I could think of
getting a massage
without asking."

His eyes widened and without warning he grabbed one of the bolster
from the sofa and...

" NO! Don't you dare...I'll fight back!"

Laughing at her brave words, he began gently pummeling her with it,
to stop until she shrieked with laughter.

"Well go ahead...fight back! You said you would...come on
take your best
shot. Go ahead!"

Deanna was giggling...gasping for breath...

"Don't tempt'll be sorry."

"Big talk from pipsqueak like you!" He said, this time
attacking her feet as
she kicked at him. "William Thomas!

He continued to tickle the small feet until she lost her balance,
them both to the floor. Will still had the pillow in his hand.

"Umpff!! Stop...please stoppppppp!"

"No way. I'm afraid I'm going to have to make you beg!"

He waved the pillow in her face again.


"You will." He answered, a smug expression on his face.

"Not once in my entire life have I ever begged for anything."

Will grinned devilishly,

"Oh I can think of at least a few times, that I made you beg,
jungle...the gazebo...the...

A face full of pillow was her response. He dropped the pillow and
went after
her with his hands, tickling her sides until she was gasping for breath.

"Well, ......those .......times .......don't count, there
.....exten.....uating circum.......stances." She was panting.


He still would not let up,

"Pleasse.........stoppppppp! I have to pee!"

Will stopped at last, and pulled her to her feet, they faced each

"Oh.....Gods........I haven't a ...long...time."

His back was toward her as he replaced the pillow so he didn't see
her pick
up another, and whack him soundly over the head. Then she dropped it and
bolted for the stairs. The chase was on as he took the stairs two at a time.
Deanna was laughing and looking back over her shoulder as she ran down the
and down the stairs that led to the kitchen, ending up in the hall by the
kitchen door. She could hear him right behind her, and skidded around the
corner. Will barely had the time to flinch as the door swung directly into
outstretched hand. Deanna ran around the table, still occasionally looking
her shoulder as she ran. Finally she stopped, trying to catch her breath, at
the end of the table opposite Will.

He just stood there, poised for attack, his hair tousled and a
devilish grin
on his face again.

Deanna matched his grin with one of her own....

"You...can' catch me......Riker. Why?" She

"I've been trying and failing for years. This time I will!"
He vowed and
lunged for her catching her around the waist and picked her up.

Deanna slipped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his

"I love you!"

"I know, but I still caught you."

"Gods, it feels so good to say that to you. I want to
scream it from the

He turned her to face him, laughing, at her impish grin...

"Don't! You have a habit of falling from high places,

"Yes.....but I know, now, that you'll be there to catch me."

Will was completely unprepared for the poke in the ribs at that last

"You're damn right I will be... always."

Without warning, Deanna's expression turned serious...

"Make love to me Imzadi."

Will was trying to catch his breath, but it caught in his throat at

Numbly he shook his head.


"No?" She was completely confused now. "But... I thought

"No. I'm not going to make love to you, Imzadi." He said
grimly, but his eyes
were smiling.

"You're... you're not?" The look of puzzlement changed into
one of

"Nope." He carried her through the swinging doors and up the
stairs... "I'm
going to make love with you. And believe me Deanna, there is a big
He paused in the stairwell and kissed her intensely.

"And I'm sure you will explain it to me in vivid detail,
Commander." She
said, capturing his lips with hers.
"I'm going to do better than that, Counselor... I'm going to
show you."
Their mingled laughter and enthusiastic giggles trailed down the stairs in
their wake.

Will paused at the top of the stairs and kissed her again, slowly
the sweetness of her mouth, and enjoying the soft sighs which slipped from her
throat. Her hand dipped down into the vee of his shirt and teased his nipples,
hidden in the dark chair of his chest.

"Deanna..." He warned, but she disregarded him completely as
her hand rubbed
slow circles around his chest.
"Well, you already said I was a tease, so I'm just proving
you right."

"I don't need proof, and besides they say that paybacks are
a..." The rest
of his words were caught up in the sharp intake of his breath as Deanna's hand
found it's way into his pants. It amazed him what that small hand could
accomplish in such tight quarters! She was caressing his growing length with
light but firm stroke, making it very difficult to walk. But he kept
moving...knowing the sweetness that lay ahead.

He kissed her again, and carried her down the hallway, letting her
push the
door open with her feet, as his tongue slipped around the delicate shell of
ear. They stood in the threshold of the room, kissing passionately. Then Will
turned Deanna in his arms, without letting her down. One strong arm held her
pressed to his chest as the other traced a path down the pearls of her spine.
Deanna hung there, shivering in wake of the tingles his touch evoked in her
body. Her hands raked down his back, almost ripping through the fabric of his
shirt with her nails, as Will eased his grip on her, and allowed the weight of
her to slide down the front of his pulsing body.

"Oh gods... Will." He ran his hands down her leg, cupping her
bottom against
his hips insistently.

"Why are we standing... in the doorway?" She gasped, as she
felt him hot and
hard against her.

"Because we can't stop long enough to make it to the bed..."

"Good reason." She kissed her way around his neck and throat,
slipping her
tongue over the soft skin surrounding his Adam's apple, as his hands roamed
body, feeling them on her breasts, then her back then her bottom. She was
caught off guard for a change as Will abruptly turned and trapped her between
the hardness of the wall and that of his unyielding body.

Will chuckled, and the sound inflamed Deanna even more. "Are you
anything underneath this jumpsuit, Dee? Because I can't tell where the silk
ends, and you begin..." Will was enthralled by the feel of the fabric against
his hands... He didn't know which was going to be softer... the silk she was
clothed in, or the skin he would discover beneath it.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------Deanna's eyes flashed like gemstones in the darkness of the room, as
reached behind her neck and unfastened the halter. After it slithered down to
her waist, Will took both of her breasts in his hands...and began to press hot
wet kisses over their satiny fullness, while keeping her hips pressed against
the wall with his own.
"Will..." He started to push and release against her
imitating the
lovemaking to come.
"What ?" He continued to rain hot kisses over her waiting
breasts, taking a
dusky rose nipple into his mouth and suckling it , nipping lightly with his
teeth before turning to it's twin and treating it to the same torture.
"Ummm... oh..."
Will lifted his head "Is something wrong?" His eyes were dark pools
of sky.
"Uh.....uh....oh...don't stop....please!"
Will was chuckling softly. "Damn you have beautiful breasts...I
don't think
I'll ever tire of caressing and loving them."
"Thank you." She replied demurely, helping Will to remove his
"Help with the pants?" He asked, "My hands are occupied."
"I thought you'd never ask." Will stepped back slightly and
the wrapped
section of Deanna's suit, quickly unraveled and slipped down her legs to pool
on the floor at her feet. She was gloriously naked to his eyes once more.
Will's eyes widened and he forgot to breathe as with familiar grace, she knelt
and took his pants to his ankles. Then stood up again pressing herself against
him. "Where were we?" She asked. Will swallowed hard, still
staring at her,
unable to answer. He took her hand and held her away from him, turning her
slowly in a circle, hungrily studying every curve and line of her slender
Her weight loss was evident now that she was nude. She looked so
delicate...but firm and toned...small, but very healthy. Deanna sensed a
ripple of concern... "What?" Will pulled her close again...
"It's just that you're so small, I don't want to hurt you."
She smiled and kissed him again, raking her nails over his buttocks
and up his
"Remember Imzadi, looks can give a false impression. You
could never hurt
me physically...Now...does this refresh your memory Imzadi?" Those small hands
were skilled her thoughts wound around his, her passion, her desire
surged into and around his own, wrapping his soul in the warmth of her love.
He reached down and lifted her again, this time, allowing her to wrap
long legs around his waist. He felt the heated wetness of her sex against his
aching penis, but didn't slip inside.
"I guess, it did" She laughed, rubbing herself against him
"MMMMM I never lost my place...just fanned the flames." He
held her with one
strong arm, keeping her braced against the wall, rubbing into the moistness,
causing a gasp each time he slipped over her hidden node.
"Well then... keep on fanning... them... please." She said as
that free hand
slipped down between them. "Oooohhhhh"
"What did you say?" His fingers moved slightly, increasing
the pressure.
"What?" She gasped as she felt his fingers began light
butterfly strokes
against her nether lips, bringing the flush of arousal to her cheeks.
"I need you." He whispered against her throat as her head
fell back. Deanna
was pressing her hips forward, tightening her locked ankles against the base
his spine... inviting him to take her, trying desperately you pull him inside.
"I need you too Imzadi..."
He brushed the head of his penis against her opening, allowing it to
inside slowly. He kissed her again and again thrusting his tongue deep into
mouth and slowly rotating his pelvis. When they parted, her eyes were wide,
lips parted, "More..please...Will...more."
Will kept kissing her, caressing her breasts, prolonging his entry.
He knew
that once he was inside of wouldn't last long.
Deanna was nearly sobbing, trying to hang on to the remnants of her
"Easy...sweetheart...I'm here..."
"I know ....that.....I ....said.. . I don't beg but..."
"I wasn't trying to make you beg.H he said through clenched
"WILL!" She arched up against him, screaming.
He thrust forward, slowly stretching her walls, sliding deep and
filling her
completely. She was hot and tight around him.
"Ohhhhh....." She stiffened, arching slightly...
"Dee? You okay?" Will felt her begin to tremble, her arms
pulling him down to meet her mouth. Then he realized just how close to
completion she was...and drew back, feeling her clench around him, as her hips
thrust forward, trying to bring him back inside. Her kiss was hot, demanding,
she probed his mind at will, stroking his arousal from inside and outside.
body never stopped moving, her legs pulling him in as her hips thrust towards
Will found he couldn't wait, couldn't take his time. He tore his
mouth away
from hers, and braced her against the wall, pumping in short fast, in/out again and again. Rhythmic gasps from each of them
mingled in the dimness of the room. He stopped and her eyes flew
open.....Meeting those eyes...Will began to thrust harder, pushing deeper with
each thrust...slamming her against the wall. Deanna began to cry out with
thrust...not from pain, but from pure animal lust...
"Yes...yes...yes....ohhhh Gods......." Her words becoming
incoherent, as
Will moved faster, in small circles feeling the pulling of her inner muscles,
marveling at the tenacity with which she gripped his shoulders...trying to
him closer still, frustrated that he was as close as he could get. Will felt
the white hot agony of his release clenching low in his belly he thrust
faster....faster....deeper....Deanna was right there....urging, begging, her
nails raking his back and chest...and then when he thought he'd pass out, it
hit...and he slammed her into the wall...holding her there as his hips ground
into hers. A split second later, Deanna stiffened and vibrated against him,
bucking her orgasm ripped through her...her body
clenching....gripping...rippling around him...she cried out as the pulse of
orgasm streamed deep inside of her. Tingles of sensation rippled outward from
their joined bodies, as the heaviness of the aftereffects of their climax
flowed over them. Both were wet with perspiration, panting harshly...their
limbs weak and trembling...
"Will?" Deanna panted, her eyes becoming heavy as a
languorous sweetness
slipped over her. "MMmmmm? came his panted reply...
"' beg.....I love
you!" She kissed
him softly, gently. Will eased back, away from the wall, praying that his
would hold her, and carried her to the bed. Deanna let her legs slide down his
body, until her toes touched the floor, gasping as he slipped from her. They
stood embracing weakly beside the bed.
316. Will reached behind her and flung the covers back, knowing it wouldn't
be long before his Imzadi fell asleep. She always did...almost immediately
after lovemaking of the intensity they had just shared. He eased her into the
bed, and curled himself around her... "I love you too, Imzadi."
Almost four hours later, Will awoke and for the first time, looked at
surroundings. The bedroom was decorated in a style which Will had come to
recognize as typically Deanna. The light fabric of the draperies billowed
slightly in the breeze coming from the open windows, and Will could hear the
rustling of the palm trees in the otherwise quiet night. There wasn't much
furniture in the room, just a dresser a chair, and the mammoth bed which he
Deanna were laying upon. And, both the sheets and comforter consisted of a
soft, silky fabric in various shades of lavender and purple. Will looked at is
Imzadi to compliment her on her choice of decor and found that she was still
sound asleep, her lips softly parted in a subtle smile, and an expression of
complete and utter content on her face. Will moved a wayward curl off her face
and was unable to help himself from kissing the soft skin of her collarbone,
working his way down to her shoulder. Deanna stirred and flung her arms above
her head, displacing the sheet which had been wound around her chest.
Will continued on his now unobstructed path down her chest and was
with a drowsy smile from the woman he loved as she began to fully awaken.
"Mmmm... what time is it?" She asked stretching. One of her
hands returned
to the bed and casually stroked his head. "About midnight, I
think. Why?"
"Because, I want to make sure that we make the most of your
leave, Imzadi. I
don't want to waste a moment."
"Well, I certainly don't think we've wasted any of the past
few hours, do
you?" His hand was drifting lazily over her stomach.
"No, of course not." She rolled towards him on the bed,
allowing his hand to
settle low on her hip. "But I only have you here for another three days."
"Yes, Dee I realize that, but you seem concerned. What is it?
Are you afraid
that it'll all change again after we return to the ship?
"No... I don't know." At her hesitance Will moved his hand to
her waist and
pulled her tight against him, but there was nothing sexual in the embrace. It
was more... protective and reassuring. His other hand gently tilted her chin
so that her face was angled towards his.
"Deanna... Believe me, the last thing I want is for this to
end, but I
thought we had just established that what we have is a lot more than just a
"I know... but still..." She shivered, despite the warmth of
the room and
Will pulled her closer.
"What? What is it? Imzadi, you know you can tell me anything,"
"I'm... afraid that I'll wake up." She clutched the sheet
against her, and
pulled her face away from his. "I know it's silly, but I can't help it."
hand began stroking her hair, soothing her as he spoke.
"No, I don't think it's silly at all." He cleared his throat. "If
it makes a lot of sense. Part of me feels exactly the same way. But stronger
than that fear, is the knowledge that I can't and won't live without you
anymore. Ever. And it's worth the risk, because I know all too well, that
whatever happens, as long as we are together, there is nothing we can't over
come." He bent down and kissed her forehead.
Then Deanna spoke so softly that he barely heard her next question.
"What did you say?" Will asked leaning his head down to hear
her. "Will?"
"Yes, Dee?"
"Can we share quarters when we get back to the ship?" She
held her breath,
waiting for his response. When it wasn't forthcoming she quickly said, " Never
mind you don't think it's a good idea... forget I asked."
Will cleared his throat. " I'd love for us to share quarters Deanna?
did you have in mind?"
She turned so that her back was against his chest, and she didn't
have to
face him. "Don't humor me..."
"I'm not!" Will said vehemently, appalled that she would
think that of him.
"Will, I felt your hesitation...your's all
right. We can
keep our living arrangements the same."
"Why? Deanna, we love each other, what do we have to hide?"
"If you don't want the rest of the crew to know..." She
turned around to
face him again. "Maybe that's a question I should be asking you"
" Me? I asked you to share quarters in the first place."
Deanna was
beginning to get dizzy. "Are u kidding?" Will was incredulous.
"You're the one who hesitated."
" No, I never want to spend another night without you
Imzadi." He said
Deanna sat up and turned on a low light, gazing into his face in the
of the room. "I thought you knew that."
"I thought that I knew how you felt...but then when I got all
tense inside...why?"
" I was trying to be romantic, but I couldn't find the
words... you already
suggested my plan, so how do I top that?"
"You mean you were going to ask the same thing?"
"Yes. Dee I thought you said you couldn't read my mind..." He
teased, happy
that she finally understood him. She smiled and leaned in to kiss him.
"I can't, but I'm glad that we want the same thing."
"Oh believe me... we do..." His hand began stroking her
breast, his thumb
drawing small circles over her nipple and causing her to shiver with pleasure.
"Mmmmm, we definitely want the same things...her hands
slipped beneath the
sheet and began to stroke her nails down the line of dark hair on his abdomen,
as she moved back into his embrace.
"I wonder where this will lead?" He said, before claiming her
lips with his.
"Hmmm... maybe we should find out...." She whispered, against
his lips. As
he kissed her, gently nibbling in her lips..Deanna wrapped her arms around his
neck as he pressed her down deeper into the already sunken mattress. Little
did they realize it would be nearly three days before they found where their
embraces would lead...
"I wish that you could stay here with me." Deanna's voice
was petulant.
Will chuckled as he looked back at her, sitting in the center of the bed. She
looked like a wanton, all tumbled and flushed sitting nude amidst the sheets.
They'd rarely left the bed in the last four days..except for food.
"You look like a spoiled little girl, imzadi. But don't
worry, I'll be back
tonight...with the captain's permission to live offship. And given my
when we were shouldn't be a problem." Deanna smiled a wicked smile
as Will fastened the last pip to his collar. She got to her knees, letting
sheet fall...arching her back, her hands on her hips...she giggled...
"Who're you calling a little girl?" She watched as he
straightened and
swallowed...hard, as she moved to the edge of the bed. the kiss that
all but melted those same pips... "You sure you have to"
<< Riker to Enterprise>> <<Enterprise here.>>
<<I'll be delayed...A little problem has come up...>>
Deanna looked down at his trousers...and reached out to caress him...
"Not so little if you ask me."
<<Acknowledged, Commander. Anything we can help with?>>
Will's voice cracked on a high note as Deanna released him from the
of his trousers...and bent to him... <<The situation is well in hand.>>
And indeed it was..... The