Title: Snapshot
Author: Jrgnfly Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Only because I have to

It still thrilled him to no end to wake up next to her in the morning. Even now he'd often wake up from time to time and wonder if he was dreaming as he had done so many times before during those long lonely years that kept them apart. Only now every time he awoke, she was there.

Laying there beside him in his bed, their bed now. Sound asleep, and not even too far away to touch because she was already in his arms. He closed his eyes for a moment and buried his face in her hair and inhaled deeply the scent of gardenias mixed with something exotic, the essence of HER. He opened his eyes again and gathered her closer to him, wanting to be as close as possible, always, even though she might awaken. It was early yet; the alarm wouldn't chime for hours. His arm curled around her waist, the touch of her bare skin against his sending an echo of pleasure throughout his body, as though it were the first time.

She sighed softly, slightly shifting into him, then settled back into sleep. Her body was now flush with his, curved into him and her cheek barely rested upon the pillow. He clasped her left hand in his, running his thumb over the ridges of the rings on her finger. He had planned on giving her a simple band, but found himself seeking out something more elaborate. Three bands, each a different metal, encrusted with diamonds and waving into each other.

"For yesterday, today and tomorrow," he said, while slipping them on her finger during the ceremony. He recalled the tears that filled her eyes at his words, spoken not too long ago but felt deeply for years before he gained the courage to speak them to her. Her hand now embraced his in slumber as he threaded his fingers through hers. Bringing their entwined hands to his chest he let himself drift back to sleep. Just as his eyes closed he whispered against her temple…

"Happy Valentines' Day, Imzadi."

The End.