Title: The Week Before
Author: Jrgnfly Rating: R
Disclaimer: Only because I have to

Commander William Riker was grumpy and on edge.

His fiancée, Deanna Troi had been away now for nine days at a Psychology conference on Starbase 312 and he was climbing the walls with frustration. Their Alaskan wedding was less than a week away and her absence was proving to him exactly what he known all along; he could not live without her. Will never thought it would be so difficult to sleep alone again. He kept tossing, turning and reaching out towards an empty pillow. Every night seemed worse than the last

At least, he reflected, LaForge had planned the first of Riker's bachelor parties for this evening. Captain Picard had delegated this normally Best Man's duty to the Chief Engineer, who had been honored to plan the event. He had mentioned to Riker that there would be an official 'send-off' the night before the wedding and that this was the warm-up act, due to the Counselor being off ship. Riker was looking forward to it, but he was a bit apprehensive. He hoped Geordi hadn't planned anything that would get him into trouble with Deanna when she returned in three days. Three more long and lonely nights that he would have to get through before she was back where she belonged.

The holodeck held no interest for him and being alone in his quarters only reminded him that Deanna wasn't going to walk through the door anytime soon. He'd taken every available Bridge shift he could get his hands on over the past week until the Captain had put a stop to it and now he was reduced to pulling unnecessary inspections on all the ship's systems; driving everyone around him a bit crazy in order to pass the time.

Wearing his favorite off-duty outfit of casual black trousers and a blue shirt, Will sat in Ten Forward nursing a synthaholic ale, tired of checking the chronometer on the wall. He had been forbidden his quarters by Geordi due to some "setting up" for the evening. It had Riker vaguely nervous. The bright spot would be the addition of Commander Worf, who would be transporting aboard the ship in time for the festivities and staying on board to accompany them to Alaska for the wedding the following week. Worf's overture towards Riker on the Ba'ku planet had gone a long way towards alleviating the awkwardness between them due to the Klingon's failed relationship with Deanna.

"LaForge to Riker." Geordi's voice interrupted Will's thoughts and he set his glass down and tapped his comm badge.

"Go ahead, Geordi."

"Commander, there's been a change of venue. Please come to Holodeck 3 at 1800 hours. Oh and continue to stay out of your quarters for the time being. My original plan hit a snafu, but don't worry, a clean-up crew has been dispatched and they will set everything to rights again."

"A clean-up crew? Geordi, what the hell did you do?" He hoped nothing was broken, especially because now there were many of Deanna's objets d'art scattered around.

"Never mind, Sir. You'll see. It'll all be put back the way it should be, just don't go in there yet."

"Acknowledged. I'll see you at 1800. Riker out." He picked up his glass again; looked at the chronometer and sighed.

Many hours later Riker and LaForge were half-stumbling back towards their quarters. The party had been a raging success. They had started the evening with a targ hunt, courtesy of Commander Worf, who had said it wouldn't be a true bachelor party without one. Then came a few rounds of pareses squares before they were joined by the Captain and quite a few members of the crew. During the earlier portion of the evening Data dealt a few hands of poker but Riker had cleaned them all out quickly. Worf had grumbled that it was a good thing that he was no longer posted aboard the Enterprise, having been wiped out entirely too early for his tastes. They then proceeded to a true 'gentleman's evening of billiards, way too much food and good old fashioned non-syntheholic drinking. Too much of that as well.

'The good stuff,' Geordi had remarked, bringing a secret smile to Riker's face.

"I hope you had a good time," LaForge said now, as they got into the turbolift. "You're certainly wealthier than you were a few hours ago. I know it's not a 'real' bachelor party without a gorgeous woman or three, but frankly none of us were willing to risk the wrath of Counselor Troi and Doctor Crusher flat out refused to jump out of the cake, even for you." LaForge grinned.

Riker laughed and laid his head against the wall. "That's okay, Geordi. I don't think that would have been necessary. Although Captain Picard would have enjoyed that quite a bit. It was a great party, thanks again for pulling it all together."

"You're very welcome. And this was only the beginning. Don't forget that there's another one planned for when we reach Alaska. Oh, and you should find that your quarters are just the way they should be along with a final surprise for the evening. The holodeck seemed like a safer place for us all to be once I was sure that I was able to procure the Romulan Ale in time for the party."

"Thanks again. Good night." The lift stopped at Deck 9 and Riker wobbled while exiting; then started down the hallway towards his quarters. He paused at the door jamb before entering, steeling himself for another night alone in his too empty bed. Then he entered his quarters.

The clean-up crew had left quarter-lights on and sure enough there was a black box wrapped with a white ribbon left on the couch. Nothing looked broken or out of place and everything else was the way he left it.

'LaForge never knows when to quit,' he said to himself, picking up the heavy box and attempting to untie the intricate knot in the wrapping. His agility was not at its sharpest at the moment, having consumed more than his fair share of the aforementioned Romulan Ale. Not quite drunk, Will was halfway past a pleasant mellow buzz and a mild sense of fatigue.

So intent was he in opening the present that he didn't notice the movement of the desk chair behind him. Finally giving up on the wrapping which was currently too complicated for his clumsy fingers; Will placed the box back on the couch, figuring that he'd open in it the morning after some sobering up and a good deal of rest. Plus it would give him something to look forward to.

He turned around, planning on going into the bedroom. Then he stilled and did a quick double take; then blinked more than a few times. When his vision didn't change, a large smile broke out slowly over his bearded face and stayed there.

Lounging in his oversized desk chair, long legs bare and casually thrown over one arm, was a woman. Will's gaze began at her tiny feet; toenails painted a deep burgundy, and slowly traveled upwards over her ankles and calves, then up her thighs to her hips and slender waist, and continued all the way up her generous bust and graceful neck. He paused, staring at lips curved into a deep smile for a moment before looking deep into those fathomless black eyes he so adored.

Deanna could feel his delight and surprise, blended with uncertainty. While she could sense that Will wasn't exactly drunk, he was a bit… blurred and he was currently wondering if she was some kind of hologram set up by LaForge to taunt him with. She smiled at the thought as Will kept staring.

She was wearing a short black lace negligee that clung to the curves of her breasts and was tightly tied with black satin ribbon. Long panels of lace fell freely underneath the bow, leaving her impossibly small midriff bare before flowing outwards around her hips; giving Will a tempting glimpse of matching panties. Her dark hair was gathered haphazardly atop her head, as though it would tumble down at the smallest movement. Having escaped the sparkling pins which were scattered throughout her hair, a few tendrils clung to her delicate cheeks, as she sat there, looking back at him; twirling the stem of a glass of wine between her fingers.

"Did you have a good time with the boys?" She asked sweetly, breaking the silence between them. She brought the glass up to her lips and slowly sipped the dark red wine. Her lips and fingernails matched the deep jewel tone of the dark liquid and Riker's heart skipped a beat at her sultry smile.

The bulk of the conference had ended two days previously and not looking forward to the endless receptions and banquets, Deanna had decided to come back early. Finding out that tonight was going to be Will's bachelor party; she had decided not to notify him of her arrival, not wanting him to cancel the party that had taken so long for Geordi and Data to organize. Her transport had slipped in just behind Worf's and Geordi had arranged to keep Riker out his quarters and away from Deck 9. Deanna had had enough time to have a quiet dinner with Beverly until Will was safely on the holodeck, before slipping into his quarters to wait for him to come home. She had wanted to take him off guard and she certainly had. This separation had been the longest they'd been apart since they'd gotten back together, and it was an experience she was not looking forward to repeating for a very long time.

He couldn't believe she was home. He could do nothing but look at her, as though she'd disappear if he approached. His eyes kept climbing up and down her luscious curves and the sight of her, lounging in his chair, thrilled him and set his blood on fire.

"You're home?" He ignored her question and focused on her mouth; resting briefly on the rim of the wine glass as her tongue darted out to catch a few stray drops of liquid. 'Oh to be that glass.'

"Yes," she took another sip of wine and Riker followed the movement of her throat as she swallowed, his pupils dilating rapidly in the dim light of the room. "I'm home." Her voice chimed like exotic bells in his ears and he shivered slightly. He had missed that sound even more than he had realized until now.

"What would you have done if I had brought a few of the guys back here with me tonight for an after-party?" He spoke softly and swallowed hard.

Deanna's legs flexed on the arm of the chair and she laughed, flushing slightly from the warmth of the wine and the scenario he was currently envisioning in his mind and projecting outward towards her. It seemed as the most of the male contingent on board ship had joined the party for at least part of the evening, and Deanna didn't have to be an empath in order to sense that Will would not have been a happy man if any of them had found her so decidedly out of uniform.

"I would have gotten rid of them very, very quickly." She sipped again and her tone was light, as she wouldn't have cared that much. "Besides, that wasn't going to happen."

"Geordi knew you were here," he realized out loud, thinking back to the engineer's remark about a final surprise and the smile he had on his face while saying it.
"And he didn't say a word to me. That's why he moved the party to the holodeck at the last minute. He knew that if I found you here beforehand I wouldn't want to go anywhere unless the ship was to evacuate. And even then…." He trailed off as she blushed becomingly at his words and his thoughts which were swiftly moving from surprise to palpable desire.

"I didn't want to spoil their plans when I decided to come back early. Your bachelor party has been in the works for years. Elaborate plans, apparently, though I wasn't privy to the details." She smiled over the now half empty class of wine. "Besides, when I heard they couldn't convince Beverly to pop out of your cake I'd hoped you'd settle for me." She crossed her legs and leaned back slightly in the chair, her eyes lit from within with longing and filled with heat.

He was on her in a heartbeat; scooping her out of the chair and into his embrace so swiftly that she almost dropped the glass in her lap. His kiss was ferocious, animalistic; the sweetness of the wine on her breath filled his mouth, intoxicating him anew. They broke apart many moments later, breathing heavily. Deanna wrapped one arm around his neck as Will attempted to catch his breath.

Then he teasingly asked, "I don't see any cakes, Deanna. So you're not planning on jumping out of one after all?" He spun around still holding her and slightly off balance from the effects of the Romulan Ale.

Deanna buried her head in his shoulder, feeling the deep rumble in his chest as he laughed; so happy she was back with him again. She inhaled the familiar scent of his cologne as she snuggled into him briefly. Then she raised her head.

She shook her head and took a final sip as she looked back up into his too blue eyes and teased him.

"Sorry to disappoint you, Imzadi, but that's not really my style. I was rather hoping that your friends would get you drunk tonight so that I could take advantage of you, instead."

"Oh. Were they offering any new seminars on nude therapy at this conference of yours?" he asked, gliding across the floor with her curled up in his arms as he walked towards the bedroom. "I may have had just enough so that you could slip that one by me again." He sat down on the bed, and ran his hand up her leg. He was desperate for her, but continued the conversation in order to enhance the sweet torment she had been inflicting on him from the moment he discovered her in his quarters moments ago.

"Hardly." She reached forward and set the now empty glass down on the night table. His arms quickly moved to pull her back, positioning her on his lap and taking her small foot in one hand. "But if you'd like, I could make something up."

"That's a real shame, Counselor. You were gone for so long that I thought you would have at least learned something constructive." He placed several kisses on the delicate arch of her foot.

"It was a constructive conference, Will. And I did get to do some shopping."

"I noticed." His eyes and large hands now roamed over her form as she twined her fingers in the deep vee of his shirt, tugging gently at his chest hair.

Outside of a few specialty boutiques, Deanna had the largest collection of lingerie Will had ever seen and he had received quite a fashion show of sorts over the past few months. He didn't know where she managed to keep finding this astonishing array; her closets were jammed full. His hand reached the bow which tied the whole ensemble closed and paused there as he remembered the difficulty he had encountered earlier with the discarded present on the couch. As much as he burned with anticipation, Will knew he should continue to sober up a bit more and he removed his hands altogether.

"You know this isn't really fair. I'd never be able to sneak up you like this. You have a distinct advantage over me, Deanna." His smile turned devilish as he swept his hands through her mass of hair and tossed aside every pin he could find. She literally purred at the feel of her hands on her scalp.

"Are you complaining? Because I could go back to the conference for the last few days and come back as originally scheduled." In jest, she moved away as if to stand and Will caught her wrist in his large hand and gently but firmly tugged her back to him.

"Don't you dare go anywhere else, Imzadi." Then a thought occurred to him and he cocked his head to the side.

"Does anyone other than Geordi know that you're back?"

She shrugged and another few strands of her hair came loose. "Only Beverly. Geordi took care of the transporter logs on the off chance that you'd check." She slid her hands under his shirt, pulling it up over his shoulders and up over his head before tossing it to the floor. The warmth of his skin under her hands was addicting and she could not stop touching him.

"Good. Then consider yourself reassigned and confined to quarters for the next two days." Blue eyes gleaming, he lowered his head and grasped the bow between his teeth, tugging gently until it came loose. He nudged the sides of her gown aside with his nose as she arched her back into the bed. Her breath quickened as he slid kisses from her throat down to her chest.

<Your skin feels like satin, Imzadi> he sent to her through their link as she shivered with pleasure at the touch of his lips on her breast. Nine days was entirely too long to be apart.

He drew her beneath him, stretching his long limbs out and came very close to the edge of the bed. "Remind me to make sure we get a bigger bed aboard Titan," Will's head was dangling precariously off the edge of the mattress as she smiled up at him.

Deanna inclined her head off of the pillow and slowly caught his bottom lip between hers.

"Maybe if you stayed still for a while…" She hooked her right leg around his calf, and before he knew it, Will was flipped flat on his back again. It always amazed him that she was able to do that so easily; this time was no exception.


Her eyes closed, she began kissing her way across his broad shoulders. Will's hands were buried in the long hair now cascading over her shoulders, sending waves of sensation down her spine. She could sense the effects the alcohol lessening and that there was something else on his mind.

"Hmmm." She continued on her path down his chest to his abdomen.

"What was in the box? The one I left on the couch?"

"Fortification." She halted her kisses and shrugged out of her gown, tossing it at him. Riker caught it one hand.

"What? That's not funny, Deanna." He let it fall to the ground and sat up, insulted. He might not be as young as he used to be, but everything certainly worked the way it was supposed to. Deanna laughed, placing her hands on his shoulders and pressing him back into the mattress.

"A bottle of tequila, Will. I thought you might appreciate the sentiment."

He chuckled. "You really were trying to get me soused tonight. I never knew you were quite so devious, Counselor." Will's hand wandered up her thigh as she closed her eyes again, giving in to the scorching sensation of his hands on her skin. "In that case, what else did you have planned?"

Deanna could sense that Will was in an extremely playful mood and she was all for it. She moved her lips sensuously down his body, keeping the rest of her skin from touching him. Every time he reached for her she backed away and as she did she gently probed his mind, surrounding him with her love and insatiable passion for him,

"Anything you want, Imzadi. I heard that human bachelor parties are supposed to be filled with drunken debauchery so I thought I'd lend a hand and contribute." Her hand crept over him and unfastened his trousers.

Will sucked in his breath as her fingers slid under the fabric. "You're contributing all right."


The next morning Geordi and Worf were headed to Ten Forward in search of one of Guinan's famous hangover cures. Data was accompanying them, and currently whistling much to Worf's dismay; shooting daggers at the shrill sounds being emitted by the android. Data had found the entire experience of a bachelor party to be fascinating and due to his inability to be inebriated, was feeling cheerful this morning. Taking note of Worf's bleary eyes and snarling face he quickly ceased the whistling.

"I know that Commander Riker is off duty today, perhaps we should invite him to join us. He consumed at least as much alcohol as the two of you had, if not more. I am sure Guinan could cure his hangover as well. I overhead Doctor Crusher tell Captain Picard that she wasn't going to waste her time administering to 'drunken fools who should have known better' today." Data slowed his pace to keep up with his slow moving companions.

Geordi laughed at Data's mimicry of the Chief Medical Officer, then shook his head and flinched at the pain it caused him. "That's okay, Data. If I know Will Riker, he has an entirely different way of dealing with a hangover." Something in the Chief Engineer's tone struck Worf, who flushed with anger.

"You mean he… that is extremely dishonorable. I cannot believe he would be keeping with that antiquated tradition. Or that you would be a party to it." Worf practically shouted, then lowered his voice in deference to his pounding head.

Data watched the interchange between them, accessed his records on human bachelor parties and commented, "I do not believe that Commander Riker would be partaking of any of the usual conclusions to a traditional bachelor party. Besides, Geordi, you did not invite any 'exotic dancers' to the festivities last evening."

Worf grumbled something unintelligible under his breath as Geordi just shook his head. The three of them entered the lounge and sidled up to the bar. Guinan gestured them closer as she placed a row of tall glasses filled with fluorescent green liquid on the bar and pushed them forwards towards the men.

"My biggest seller of the morning. Did you know that a quarter of the crew has been to see me so far today? What in the galaxy were you all drinking last night? I know, you won't tell me." She lifted the cloth in her hand and began polishing the bar as Worf and Geordi thanked her and each grabbed a glass; swallowing the entire mixture in one gulp. Data watched, shrugged, and followed suit.

"It's a good thing I ordered supplies in preparations for this event you planned, Geordi. Actually, I'm a little bit hurt that I wasn't included. I've been known to jump out of a cake or two in the past, when the occasion warranted."

LaForge set down the glass and, already feeling better, laughed. The El-Aurian bartender would not share her secret unreplicated recipe but it worked every time.

"Thanks, Guinan. I'll keep that in mind when we get to Alaska for the final send-off. As for last night, let's just say I'm sure that Commander Riker found no fault with any of the party's revels." He grinned at her.

Guinan smiled briefly. "Ah, so that explains it."

"Explains what?" Worf asked gruffly, downing a second, then a third glass of the remedy in quick succession. He still was feeling the effects of too much imbibing and only partially paying attention to the conversation around him.

"It explains why the guest of honor has not made an appearance this morning and why my secret stash of Andorian fudge truffles disappeared around 0400 this morning." With that Guinan began moving away to set up more glasses further down the bar. "Gentleman, enjoy the rest of your day."

Worf glared at LaForge and grabbed his fourth and final drink. "Andorian truffles?" LaForge didn't respond, concentrating on his empty glass. He was unable to prevent the smile that broke out across his face

"But Commander Riker is not fond of fudge, Geordi. He has stated that on more than one occasion. And Andorian truffles are not known to be useful for hangovers. In fact, they have a reputation for having qualities similar to those of an aphrodisiac…" Data stopped as the realization dawned on him and led him to the same conclusion that Worf had reached moments earlier.

LaForge sighed and reached for another glass.


Feeling far from hung over, Will Riker was filled with a state of sheer bliss as he lay on his bed, face down. Deanna was draped over his back, having just finished giving him the most thorough and sensuous massage he had ever experienced. His arms were raised high over his head, which no longer had any semblance of pain from the overindulgences of last night's liquor. He inhaled deeply, the air redolent with the heady fragrance of cinnamon from the oil Deanna had been rubbing all over him for the past half an hour.

"That was truly amazing, Imzadi." His eyes were closed. He had never felt such a mixture of relaxation and arousal at the same time.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." She shifted slightly on his back and began gently rubbing his neck with her fingers.

"Wherever did you learn how to do that?" He was awestruck; she never stopped surprising him.

"I took this course at the University," she began mischievously as Will chuckled.

"I'm sure you did. Now, get some sleep. You've kept me up long enough." He rolled her off his back and brought her closer to him.

She laughed softly and placed her hand on his chest as he yawned and closed his eyes. "That was the plan. But I'll let you rest now… for a while at least." But he was already asleep.

As Deanna drifted off to join him in slumber, she wondered what Beverly had planned for her bachelorette party, scheduled for four days from now.

The End.