Name: Look What We Made [When We Made Love]
[Part 1]
Author: Kachina
Rated: PG
Couples: P/C and R/T
Timeline: Post Nemesis and Baby Fiction…

Brief Overview: This fan fiction takes place 2 years after Nemesis. Riker and Troi are making the TITIAN their home. Picard and Crusher are married he still is Captain of the ENTERPRISE and she still runs Starfleet Medical. While the TITIAN is on docking bay getting up-to-date repairs ENTERPRISE is also getting repairs. Picard and Crusher both have shore leave just at the time that Riker and Troi are getting some R&R after a long 2 year journey.

Author's Note: This is the first fan fiction I have written for Riker/Troi/Picard/Crusher in 8 years so it may be a little bland. I promise it will get better with the following fan fiction's I intend to write, I have about 5 more floating around in my mind. I do not have a webpage but you may use in on your webpage just please link my e-mail so I can get some feedback.

Character's and all other items belong to Paramount. Since I am going through some major R/T/P/C withdrawal I decided to write this piece. I do not get paid I am just a poor college student in need of some R&R from the hustle and bustle of everyday life as a married woman and a college student. However if you wish to drop me a line with feedback I would really appreciate it.


The glowing sun rises over the horizon like a blanket of warmth on
the ocean. Riker and Troi sit quietly on the beach and listen to the
softness of the rolling waves. This is their second day on leave
while the TITAN is becoming more up-to-date on the more recent
weaponry and shielding. To them this is the best shore leave they
have ever had. They knew that this vacation was going to be the
biggest and best.


Picard wakes in the arms of his true love. Picard leans and smells
Crusher's hair bringing in her essence. That was one thing that he
loved about her….her scent. For all of the years that he has known
Beverly he never understood why he thought that she belonged to Jack,
even after his untimely death. He felt it would be the betrayal to
his best friend, but now he understood what Jack liked in his wife.
Not only her beauty on the outside but her compassion on the inside.
Beverly slowly rolls over and opens her eyes. She gave Picard the
smile that she only reserved for the love of her life, the one that
made Picard's heart melt like butter.


"Wil, I have been thinking, we have been married two years. I think
it is time that we expand our family. I miss the children on the
ENTERPRISE; I miss their smiles when they finally get something
right, the glow in their eyes when they show their parents what they
have made. What I miss the most is their laughter. There are only a
dozen children on the TITAN, none of them ours, I want my child to
come home with a craft they made for me, and I want my child to smile
when they finally get it I want to hear the laughter of my child.
Does that sound selfish?"

Wil was taken aback at his wife proposal. He did want children with
her, he did want to hear his children laugh and see his children
smile. This is something he has always desired, now that he is
married to his IMZADI, he wanted nothing more than to father her
children. After all he wasn't getting any younger, each day that
passed was one day less of being a father.

"Deanna is you asking me if we can start a family. There is nothing
more I want to do. I have been trying to ask you that for two years,
but each time something came up and well I just let it go. I also
want to see the smile on our child's face and hear the laughter echo
in the room. Are you sure you want to do this. Being parents is a
large responsibility."

Deanna laughed and laid her head on Wil's shoulder.

"Wil, I have been a parent already, remember with Ian. It is you that
I was concerned about you have never been a father before. Are you
ready to be a full time father and still run a federation starship?"
"Yes, more than anything, I want to hold our child and teach them the
secrets on how to run a starship, how to trick our enemies into
joining the federation. Deanna I really want this. I am ready when
you are."

"I am ready now, let's start tonight!"

Wil took Deanna's delicate face in his hand and seductively smiled at
her. Deanna responded with a soft kiss on Wil's lips. She was ready,
willing and able to start a family.


Meanwhile: Beverly and Jean-Luc were seated at the table in their
cabin. Still in their night clothes they shared their first meal
together off of the ENTERPRISE and out of Starfleet.

"Jean-Luc I have been thinking, I think I would like to leave
Starfleet Medical and become your physician on the ENTERPRISE. I know
it is a lot to give up but I can't stand to stay apart from you, I
love you to much to let you just slip by and fight our enemies alone.
I need to be by your side and I want to be a wife to you."

"Are you sure, we will be risking our lives every day. Meeting new
races, seeing new planets, there is so much danger out there. I don't
know if I want you to risk your life every day, I also love you to
much to let you sit at Starfleet day after day there is nothing more
I want to do without you. But you will be giving up your dreams."
"Jean-Luc my dreams, my life, belongs with you. I miss you to much
when you are away, I want to wake up to you every morning, I want to
cook you breakfast every morning, and most importantly I want to be
by your side. I want to be there with you, for you. Please Jean-Luc I
need to do this, if I don't, I don't know how I will survive being
without you."

"If that is really what you want Beverly then I gladly accept your
application. After all we have been though so much together, I
wouldn't want to let it slip by. I will contact Starfleet and request
that you be transferred to the ENTERPRISE. You must be sure that this
is what you want to do…no turning back…once you make that decision
you can never go back."

"Jean-Luc, this is what I want."

Picard smiled soon followed by Crusher's. Picard takes her hand in
his and kisses it.


There is a knock at Deanna's and Wil's cabin door. Deanna gets up
from reviewing records and opens the door. Beverly stands there and
gives her best friend a hug. Both women smile and tears well up in
their eyes. It has been one year since they saw each other, a reunion
that was well over due.

"Beverly! You were the last person I would ever see here. What are
you doing here? Where is Captain Picard? How is he? How are you? What
have you been up too?"

Beverly laughs lightly as they pull their hug away.

"Deanna, relax, there is plenty of time to catch up. There is plenty
of time to ask questions. You don't think that I would skip a visit
with my best friend. Oh Deanna, I missed you so much, it seems like
it has been a hundred years."

"Well, not quite that long but it does feel like it doesn't it? Why
don't you come in I just took chocolate cake out of the oven. Are you

Beverly comes into the cabin, as Troi closes the door behind her and
both take a seat at the table nearby.

"Are you kidding look who you are talking too. So where is Wil? Doing
a guy thing I'm sure, what is it fishing, hunting, chopping wood come
on Deanna tell me it's been so long."

"Wil is outside gathering some wood in the back. Would you like me to
get him?"

"No, I want to hear how you are doing, how have you been this last

"Well after trying to set up an alliance with the Romulan's, Tiki's
and Cree we were pretty exhausted. It took an entire year to come to
an agreement. The Tiki and Cree was the worse, see they are Native
American's who fled earth in 2060 to find a new home. To much land
was being taken away and they could no longer survive, 16 generations
have lived on the planet surviving off the land. With the joining of
the federation we had to make some agreements."

"Agreements, like what?"

"Well first all we had to promise that we would never use their
planet for any type of federation building. We were aloud to use
their space but we had to keep the building to a minimum. We were not
aloud to do unnecessary digging for dilithiam but we were aloud to
trade with them for preservatives in exchange that we keep their
beliefs between the federation and them. The Tiki were a little more
demanding, they wanted to be a member of the federation but no one
was aloud to stay on the planet except for emergencies. We are not
aloud to discuss their past, seems they don't have a very nice one.
Last but not least only Native American's can reside on the planet
without the permission of their elders. They are very agriculture
oriented, they don't want any outside help, no technology and most
important we must keep their beliefs between them."

"No wonder why it took a year for you to make alliances with them.
They seem rather, I don't know, secluded almost xenophobic. They
don't want anyone on the planet without the permission of the elders.
I bet Wesley would like it here."

"Yes, he would."

"So Deanna, you talked about the TITAN, what about you and Wil? Have
you had any thoughts of having little Riker's running the decks of
the TITAN?"

Deanna smiled and took a bite of her cake.

"How do you know Beverly, we just made the decision yesterday. Have
you developed some type of telepathy over the last year?"

Beverly smiles, and takes a bite of her cake.

"I can see it in your eyes, your glowing. I can just see it in a year
we will have one little Riker running the decks of the TITAN and
sitting on its daddy's lap learning the wonders of flying a
federation starship using its telepathy to help its captain."

"It will take years for our child to be capable of understanding its
telepathy. They won't even develop until their 12 years old. Oh, I
remember being 12; I was the only betazoid who couldn't use her
powers because I was half human. I resented that for years. Until one
day my mother sat me down and told me that I was just like every one
else, I could do something that they couldn't. I could sense emotions
as well as use my telepathy. I never resented being half human again
until the incident about 10 years ago. But you helped through that as
well as Wil I will always be thankful."

"That's what best friends are for. I wanted you to move beyond your
telepathy and understand that it wasn't so bad being a human. Being a
human gives you challenges, challenges that humans desire."
"So what is going on with your love life? Are you going to answer my
question I asked when you first came to the door?"

"Oh my, I almost forgot…my love life is wonderful, being married to
Jean-Luc has been my one goal since we were stranded on KesPrit. We
blossomed later that year and behind closed doors for the following
years. When you and Wil got married I thought this is my moment I am
not going to let him turn me down. I proposed and he accepted before
I even got the words out of my mouth. He told me he had been trying
to ask me to marry him for three years but didn't know how; he also
thought that it was betraying his best friend. I told him that Jack
and I agree that if one of us should pass away we would want the
other to be happy. I am happy with Jean-Luc, happier than I have been
since Jack's untimely death. Wesley was so excited, when we told him
we were engaged the first thing that came out of his mouth was… "Well
it's about damn time, gee ma what took you so long?" I didn't know
Wesley wanted us married, but he was very happy. Now to answer your
other questions, we came here while the ENTERPRISE was getting a
spruce up. We found out from your first officer where you would be so
we decided to surprise you. Jean-Luc is out hiking up a trail,
something he has always liked. I wanted to go but he encouraged me to
talk to my best friend. He is fine and well, I have never seen him so
happy. I have decided to leave Starfleet Medical to travel with Jean-
Luc once again. He was so worried about me giving up my dreams; I
told him that my dreams were with him. Hopefully Starfleet agrees and
I will be a Doctor on the ENTERPRISE once again."

"Are you going to have another child with Captain Picard?"

"Deanna, my other son is nearly 30; I don't think he really wants to
have a sibling at that age. He has been an only child for years.

Besides I think I am little to old to have a child."

"No your not, my mother was 60 when she had my baby brother. The last
time I went to see him he was getting ready to go to school. He is so
much like his mother he has dark, curly, hair and the darkest eyes I
have ever seen. With the exception of the ridge on his nose he is a
spitting image of my mother. She loves being a mother, even at her
advanced age she took care of him alone. Besides it is my belief that
God doesn't give you more than you can handle. If you were to get
pregnant again, Captain Picard would shout with glee. He has always
wanted to be a father this would give him a chance. Come on Beverly
don't say no until you ask the Captain."

Beverly smiles as does Deanna.


Riker outside chopping wood is greeted by his fellow Captain. Riker
looks up to the sound of his name to see Picard, they both hug and

"Wil, how are you doing? It has been what an entire year? It's been
far to long to see a fellow Captain, so your wife made you come out
and chop some wood. How dare you do that without prior notice?"
"Nah, Deanna didn't suggest I do it. We are planning a nice romantic
evening tonight I intend it to be one of the most romantic. What are
you doing here anyway I thought you stop to see your wife at
Starfleet Medical?"

"I did but then the federation decided to update the ENTERPRISE for a
few months. We had to con you first officer into telling us where you
were. You have one hell of a good first officer I had to pull rank to
get what I wanted. It has been so long since Beverly has seen Deanna;
I thought that we should meet up and catch up on the times. I heard
you introduced three more races into the federation. Congratulations,
I heard it went quite well. Your first mission was quite the success."
"Well I had quite a good teacher. I wouldn't have been able to do it
without being under you watchful eye all those years aboard the
ENTERPRISE. Now I have my own ship, everything I do on that ship is
what I learned from watching you. I miss the crew but most of all I
miss being your sidekick."

"You are not the only one. How is Deanna have you thought about
having children on your ship? I know that you have 12 already but
what about your own?"

"Funny you asked me that…Deanna and I just decided to start trying
for a family. Since she is a betazoid it may take some time but it is
time well spent. You wouldn't believe how happy I am to have her at
my side. The only thing that is missing is your guidance."
"Wil, I told you years ago that you could run your own ship. You had
so many offers why didn't you take them? I also told you that you and
Deanna were soul mates, it just took the trip to the Baku planet to
re-open your love, having a child with her will only strengthen it.
Your feelings have never changed. You have always loved her."
"I didn't want to leave Deanna or the ENTERPRISE. Then two years ago
I thought that it was time to take the offer. I always wanted to
captain my own ship, now I don't know if I would have ever gotten the
chance without your kind words."

"No Wil, you earned the rank of Captain on your own I just gave you a
little push. You are missed, but my new first officer is just like
you. Demanding, confidant, and secure, he has a lot of your
qualities. It's like you never left."

"How are you and Beverly doing?"

"Beverly and I are wonderful, I never thought that I needed to be
married, I thought that my life was in Starfleet. Then when she and I
were stranded on KesPrit my feelings began to overflow. The implants
may have given us a push. I think it was destiny that she and I were
the ones captured. I believe that if it were not for those implants
we may have never known how much we loved each other. Keeping those
feelings buried for all those years, so many times I wanted to tell
her but I thought I would betray my best friend. One day she told me
that if either of them were to pass away the other was to find
another. She told me that he ordered that Beverly and I become more
than friends. It just took 17 years to follow those. I don't know
what life would be without Beverly. She has decided to leave
Starfleet medical and rejoin my ship. I told her that she was giving
up her dreams; she told me that I was her dreams, nothing could make
her happier. So I requested that she be reassigned on the ENTERPRISE
they quickly said yes. Beverly doesn't know yet."

"What about starting a family? You have always said that you wanted
to be a father. This is your chance, having a child together would
make your life complete. Besides you can show your child how to run
the ship and someday they will leave for the academy. You will no
longer be the only Picard ever to join Starfleet."

"Wil, I don't know, I already have a step-son who is almost 30. I
don't think it will take nicely with him if his mother and I were to
have another baby. He has been an only child for 30 years this kind
of a change my have its effects on him."

"Has Wesley ever said that he never wanted to have any siblings? Do
you think he wants to be an only child forever? I was an only child
and I hated it. Wesley has grown into a young man before our eyes
maybe he is more grown up than you think."


One month later:

Wil, Deanna, Beverly and Picard take a long hike up the same
mountain. One last trip before they all return to their ships. Deanna
and Beverly straggle behind talking with each other about family life
and how it is to be so close to their husbands. Wil and Jean-Luc talk
about family and how much each has learned under the careful watch of
their friend. Deanna falls silent and Beverly turns to find the

"Deanna, is something wrong? You don't look very well, are you sure
you should have come on this trip you have been so tired the last few

"No Beverly, I'm alright just not used to doing so much physical
activity. This is nothing like the holodeck, and trying for a baby is
a lot of activity as well. I am sure that Wil is feeling the same; it
has been an exhausting last few weeks. I'm sure that when I return to
the ship I'll be back to my normal self."

"Have you had any other symptoms, any nausea or anything?"

"No just tired, I have had this before…it isn't a surprise."

"Deanna what are you talking about, you had these symptoms before?"

Why didn't you tell me? I could have given you something."

"No Beverly, I don't want anything, I just need to get back to the
ship. There I will be able to find out if I am right."

"Are you dying or something, Deanna I am your best friend, best
friends tell each other everything if there is something wrong tell
me, we can deal with it together."

"No I'm not dying. I have only felt this way one other time and that
was 14 years ago. Beverly I think I am pregnant again."

"Really Deanna, Wil must be so excited, that didn't take long.
Doctor's are always wrong, we think we know everything, it will take
a few months, this only took you weeks. How far along do you think
you are? How late are you Deanna?"

"Let's see, about 10 weeks or so. I didn't notice it right away with
our shore leave and everything going on. One night when I was lying
in bed, I heard something, a tiny little thought, that thought called
me mommy. My mother told me that when a Betazoid is pregnant she can
almost hear the thoughts of her unborn baby. I heard the baby last
month. I was afraid to tell Wil incase it wasn't true; I wanted to
wait until I saw our ship physician. Then I would tell him."

"Deanna why didn't you tell me; I am a Doctor, I could have examined
you. You would have known right away instead of holding that inside
for all those weeks. I know you and Wil only started to talk about
family a month ago but maybe this is a sign, that you both were ready
to have a child 2 ½ months ago. I can examine you now with a
tricorder the guys wouldn't even notice. Come on Deanna, Wil has the
right to know."

Deanna nodded and with one look Beverly noticed that the men were
deep in conversation. With the tricorder beeping a few seconds go by
and Beverly has the results.

"Deanna you are pregnant and about 10 weeks. That voice you heard it
had to have been your child.."

"I really am pregnant. I didn't get my hopes up because I wasn't sure
and it wasn't exactly a planned pregnancy. What will I do to tell

"Well, I think we can think of something."


Wil and Picard are discussing their ships when Picard drops the bomb
on Wil. He and Beverly have decided to TRY for a baby, because of her
age they may need to go into more specialization. A fertility
specialist, Beverly didn't argue with it and they have an appointment
when they get back to the ship.

"That's great Captain, I told you that she would say yes to you. See
Wesley didn't mind if he had a sibling even if they were nearly 30
years between them. Wesley can teach his baby brother and sister
everything he learned from the ENTERPRISE and studying with the
Native Americans."

"To tell you the truth it was your wife, she was the one who
convinced Beverly to have another child. Our children can grow up
together when we both get leave. Maybe one day they will marry, well
if they aren't the same sex. So how is Deanna anyway?"

"She has been really tired the last few weeks. I think she is getting
to much fresh air. She said that she would be better when she returns
to the ship. But I don't know, something is bothering her, I can
tell. She won't talk about it but there is something wrong, I just
don't know what it is."

"Give her time Wil, she will open up eventually. Deanna has always
been like that for as long as I have known her. She won't say
anything unless she feels the need to tell you. Maybe in a few days
she will begin to open up with to you."

I hope so. I hate not being able to help her. She is my IMZADI

[Part 2]

Brief Summery: Takes place one day after Beverly's exam confirmed Troi's suspicions. Riker and Troi are both back on the TITIAN and Beverly and Picard are on the ENTERPRISE. Beverly got a warm welcome to former crew members especially Guinian. Troi went to her Sickbay to confirm her due date and get the medical treatment that she needs.


Dr. Simms walks into sickbay and welcomes Deanna with open arms.
"Hello, Deanna how are we today? How was your vacation?"

Troi hops onto the bio-bed as Simms takes out his tricorder.

"Hello, Dr. Simms, I came here to get an exam I want to confirm
something. I already had Beverly look at me but I also wanted to get
your thoughts and opinions. Do you have a few minutes?"

"I always have time for the Captain's wife. What can I do for you
today? Still recovering from your month long vacations? I bet you ate
something there and now you aren't feeling very well."

"Well you are half right. I don't feel very well; actually I am very
tired these last few weeks. I also am concerned with my pregnancy…"

Silence travels sickbay's room. That was something no one ever would
have guess would happen so quickly. Soon after silence is broken when
the doctor opens his tricorder and begins to scan Troi's vital signs,
a few buttons later he scans the baby as well.

"So you think that you're pregnant right. Beverly did an exam and
said that you were am I correct?"

"Yes, I just wanted to come to you to make sure it was true and to
set up some appointments and prenatal injections."

"Well, she is right you are pregnant about 2 ½ months. How have you
been feeling lately? Have you had any morning sickness, fatigue,

"No to everything but fatigue. That is what brought me to the
conclusion that I was pregnant; that and the fact that I heard my
baby call me mommy last week. At first I thought it was a child on
the planet, and that I didn't block out every voice. Then when the
fatigue began and I remember only feeling like this one other time,
with my son Ian. Beverly knew something was up, I think it is because
she is my best friend. That is when I confirmed my suspicions. "

"Well you both are very healthy. But I have to warn you that betazoid
and human DNA don't mix quite well. Now one day you may be really
sensitive and other days you may be very curse. It normally takes 10
months for a betazoid female to have a baby. You are half human so it
can be from 8 months to 10 months. I have heard about your pregnancy
with Ian, but because it was so quick we can't be sure when you will
go into labor. I want you to be really careful try to avoid stress
and cut down on your patients. I am not telling you to stop being our
counselor just cut down you hours. This pregnancy is very delicate, I
think you know that. I want you to take these prenatal injections
once every morning with food, if you can. Come back to me in a month
and we can see how you are doing, if you start to feel strange in any
way contact me immediately. Do you understand?"

"Yes, now I just have to figure out a way to tell Wil that he is
going to be a father."

Troi takes the injections from Simms and jumps down from the bio-bed
with a smile and a nervous sigh she exits sickbay.


Meanwhile on the ENTERPRISE Crusher and Picard are in sickbay. Dr.
Selar is with them and nurse Ogawa nearby.

"I understand that you want to try for a child? I have discussed all
of your options and feel that the best way to succeed is to do in
veto-Fertilization. Dr. Crusher I know you know the procedure but
Captain do you understand it?"

"Yes, Beverly has told me everything that I didn't understand. How
long could this take, weeks, months or years?"

"Well normally it takes three months to track Dr. Crusher's cycle. In
those three months we can find out at what time she ovulates, once we
find out we can start to give her injections of estrogen, it will
tell her body to release more than one ovum at a time. That evening
we will need a sample from you. We will mix your sperm and Dr.
Crusher's ovum in a Petri dish. When fertilization occurs we will
start the procedure. The night before her surgery we will inject her
with an HCG booster. This will prepare her body for fertilization, in
the past it have a very high failure rate but with the latest
technology it has a much high success rate. Are you ready to do this

"As ready as I will ever be."

"When can we start right away, Dr. Crusher here is the instrument we
will need to track you cycles. Each day mark down everything you
experience, but you must abstain from intercourse during this whole

"We understand Dr. Selar, thank you so much for doing this for us. We
want to keep it a secret until we are successful is that okay."

"Captain, I am a doctor we have to abide by doctor/patient
confidentiality. What goes on here is between you and me only."



You always said you never needed anyone else but me
And now someone's come along to change your mind
About all the love you need


The lights are dimmed in the Riker's quarters. Candle light whispers
on the walls as Troi hums softly to herself. She is dress to the
nine. Ready for when her husband comes home after seeing the new
items that have been added to the TITAN. Troi is still very nervous
but is also excited about the news of the baby. The sound of the door
swishing open catches the attention of Troi. Riker looks around their
quarters and smiles. Troi comes into the living area and gives her
husband a hug and a gentle kiss.

"Wil, thank goodness you are home, we have something we need to
discuss, a project that we have been working on for a very short
time. First come into the living room I have made you some dinner. I
hope you like it."

Riker smiles and takes his wife into his arms together they both walk
inside. The table is set up romantically, dripping candles, the
works. Wil loved it when she did that. To him it was an aphrodisiac,
but he was ready to eat. Riker takes his seat at on head of the table
and Troi on the other. Riker removed the cover revealing his favorite

"Okay let me see…these are my favorite foods, hmmm there is a theme
here isn't there?"

"Well, yes in a way, why don't you tell me what you see?"

"'Well, lets see, we have baby corn and baby back ribs. I don't see
it there maybe you can give me a hint? Just a little hint; not a big
one because I am really good at theses games once I get a hint. So
where is my hint?"

"All I can say is this is a project only you and I have been able to
do. No one else this is between you and me."

"You call that a hint! We have several projects we have been working
on since we got married. Come on I need anther hint."

"Alright just one more, let's just say that we have to get a bigger
place with this project."

Wil is confused at first but soon he realizes what Deanna has been
trying to tell him. He never really thought that it would happen as
quickly as it has."

"IMZADI! Are you telling me we are having a baby! Oh my goodness that
was far quicker than I thought. I thought the doctors all said it
would take time."

"It has even before we even wanted to start to have a family. I am 2
½ months pregnant. Are you happy? I am this is something I have
always wanted."

"I am ecstatic! We have to start to make plans, I have to notify
Starfleet, we have to find the doctor, and we need to get clothes and
cribs and all that baby stuff. I am so happy Deanna; I hope the baby
looks just like you. Of course a strapping young fellow as myself I
wouldn't mind if he looked a little like me."

"Wil there is plenty of time to do all that the baby won't be here
for another 7 months or so. We can make plans when my due date gets


Three months later…

Picard is in a small room attached their main living area, Beverly
standing outside talking to him.

"Jean-Luc what is taking so long? Shall I talk sexy to you or
something to speed in the process?"

"They don't expect me to fill this whole thing do they?"
"Come on we don't want to be late."

The next scene is in Sickbay Beverly is lying on a 24th century
birthing table. She is gowned up in a pink paper like gown. Her feet
are up in stirrups, with a paper sheet draped across her waist, a
most uncomfortable position according to Beverly but it was worth it,
if this procedure worked she was going to be a mother and Jean-Luc
was going to be a father.

"This procedure will be very uncomfortable, I am going to place this
instrument inside of you, it is a vacuum, and it will retrieve the
ripe eggs out of your ovaries. Mind you it will be painful. Placing
the vacuum in won't hurt at all, when the vacuum starts to suction
out your eggs will be the most painful. Do you want any drugs; it
will in no way diminish the experience?"

"No, I think I can handle this, after all this isn't the first time I
was ever in pain. I had Wesley without drugs and I was in labor with
him for 36 hours. Most of those hours were just constant back pain.
12 hours before Wesley was born my water broke, so no I am ready for
this. "

Picard shows much concern in his eyes and Beverly can sense it. She
tries to reassure him with a few strokes on his hand. Picard takes a
deep breath and Selar begins the procedure. Both Beverly and Picard
take a deep breath and Beverly closes her eyes. Picard strokes her
hair with his free hand as the other rests in Beverly's hand. On a
24th century style sonogram you can see Beverly's ovaries. With a
gentle pressure the vacuum is inside. With the vacuum inside Selar
gives Beverly a warning and with a nod she begins to suck out the
fluid and the ripe eggs. They are too little to see but you can see
the golden liquid run into a small device. Ogawa takes the device
over and runs it under an ultra violet light and smiles, success!
Beverly gasping for air asks if there is anything.

"We have two eggs."

"We are going to go in again, I would like to get at least three eggs
it will increase your chances of conception, are you ready Dr.

Closing her eyes she nods her head and Picard moves back to his
position to comforting his wife. He seems to be more uptight than his
wife, who is getting the procedure. With a nod again she begins to
suction again, this one more painful than the last, tears well up in
the corners of Beverly's closed eyes. Picard notices this and wipes
them away. When the device is full of the golden liquid Ogawa again
takes it over to the ultra violet lights. Beverly opens her eyes and
sees Ogawa frown.

"There isn't anything in that one. I'm sorry."

Beverly sighs loudly in frustration. Ogawa comes to comfort her

"Just one more time Dr. Crusher all we need is one healthy egg and
you will have your baby."

Beverly nods as Selar one last time with a confirmation nod Selar one
last time goes into her ovaries and the vacuum retrieves golden
liquid, in the hopes of just one more egg. Beverly is in tremendous
pain and Jean-Luc is there rubbing her hand and stoking her hair.
When the golden liquid fills the device Beverly lets out another loud
sigh in relief. Ogawa takes the device over and puts it under the
ultra violet light one last time. With a smile she replies…

"We have three eggs."

Beverly and Picard sigh in relief.

"Do you still believe that giving birth to Wesley was more painful?"
Beverly smiles up at her husband.

"This was by far much worse."

With the help from her husband Beverly is eased up to a sitting
position and pulls the covers down to her feet. Picard is beaming
with delight; finally after all these years he was going to be a
father his dreams are finally coming true.

"Dr. Crusher, I want you to go back to your quarter and rest for a
few days. You will experience some pain take this hypospray it will
help. You may experience some tenderness and bleeding but if you
begin to hemorrhage come to sickbay right way. Please avoid any
intercourse for the next few days. In ten days, come in and we will
finish the procedure."

"I understand I'll see you in ten days. Thanks again Dr. Selar for
doing this for me."


Look what we made, when we made love
All by ourselves with some help from above
In the middle of the night
We really did something right
Oh, look what we made…when we made love


Deanna is in the TITAN's sickbay, now a healthy 5 months; you
couldn't tell if you wanted too. She is in to get her first
ultrasound and see the baby for the first time. Wil comes strolling
into sickbay just as Troi had given up hope that he would ever get

"What took you so long? I thought I was going to see the baby for the
first time alone. Wil don't ever do that again after all we made this
baby together. I want you to experience every milestone of this
pregnancy with me."

"I'm so sorry I had an urgent message from Starfleet. I would have
been here on time if they didn't take so long."

Deanna a little worried looks into her husband's eyes; he was keeping
something from her. After all these years he has been able to block
out some of his thoughts. But she could sense that he was worried.
Dr. Simms comes into Troi's room she is dressed in a loose fitting
shirt and stretch jeans.

"Hello Deanna, how are we feeling today? I hope all is well with this
pregnancy, have there been any complications I mentioned to you?"
"Not really, sometimes I have a little pain but it's not unbearable,
probably from when the baby is growing. It hasn't moved yet, so maybe
in the next day or so it will and it will finally feel real."

Dr. Simms smiles and brings out his tricorder, runs it along Troi's

"Aside from you silocynine levels being a little high I don't see any
problems. Do you want to see the baby, I can tell you the sex as
well, if you want to know?"

"We would like to see that baby but we wish not to know the sex. We
want it to be a surprise besides we have some bets on if it's a girl
of a boy, Deanna said it's a boy, I say it's a girl."

Simms smiles and places the images he took onto the large overhead
station on the wall. Wil and Deanna smile as the tiny figure is
displayed on the view station.

"That's the most beautiful site I have seen in years. I can't believe
that we made this together; who would have guessed that after all
these years we are still together."

"Wil, I never thought I would be with anyone but you. Mother will be
please she is finally getting a grandchild and my little brother,
Barin, is going to be getting a niece or nephew. I have to tell
mother, can you get a few holo-images of the baby before we leave. I
want to start a baby book for it."

Simms nods and Troi sits up on the bio-bed. With the images in her
hand Deanna and Wil thank Simms set up another appointment and exit


Back on the ENTERPRISE and in sickbay Beverly is gowned up again and
prepared for surgery. Selar comes in.

"We are going to implant three of the five eggs we retrieved from you
ovaries two weeks ago. If everything goes as planned you will come
back in two weeks to find out if the procedure worked."
Beverly nods, Selar exits the prep room and Jean-Luc comes up to
Beverly and leans in to give her a kiss. Beverly replies with a kiss

"How do you feel?"

"Tired I am also very nervous, tired because they gave me a sedative;
nervous because I want this to work so badly I can taste it. I want
to give you a baby and this is the only way we can. Pray Jean-Luc
that it works, and always remember that no matter what I will love
you…forever and for always."

"Don't say that Beverly it will work, and you must remember that I
have loved you for over 20 years and I intend to love you until my
dying day."

Beverly mouths "I Love You" as does Picard, then before his eyes he
is alone and his wife is in major surgery. What he wouldn't do to
have Date by him to ease all of his worries. That was one thing that
Data understood, he knew that he could comfort his Captain. B-4 was
there with the crew but it just wasn't the same, what he missed was
Data's guidance in times of need.


From the first time we met
I knew I'd always give my love to you
Oh baby…
And the love that you gave me in return
Made all my dreams come true


On the TITAN Troi and Riker are sitting at the table eating their
dinner. Troi can still sense that Wil is holding back something; she
also could tell that he was worried. Whatever was on his mind must
have been serious or he wouldn't have blocked out those thoughts. Wil
at the same time can tell that his wife knows something is wrong with
him. That is something that he never could hide from her. But what he
had to tell her was going to bring their world and the world of their
best friends crashing down. But if he wouldn't do it Starfleet would
be at risk of a war and they still haven't recovered from the
happening of the Borg and the Sona.

"Wil, I can sense something is wrong, would you just tell me.
Together we can deal with it together. There is nothing that we can't
handle, we have been through hell more than once in the last two
years and not once have we ever let each other down."

"Deanna, I don't know if I should tell you with you delicate
condition and all. It may cause you to loose the baby and I just
couldn't stand that, this baby is our dreams all that we worked to
get to this moment. I wouldn't want to ruin it in a moment."

"Wil I am not a child and I am not an invalid. I am a big girl and
about to become a mother there is nothing that is that bad that will
cause me to have a miscarriage. I am halfway through my pregnancy.
The baby is safe. Dr. Simms said I could return to my duties. Please
honey, just let me know what is wrong, together we can deal with it."

"Do you remember two weeks ago when I was late for you appointment. I
was speaking with Admiral Janeway, she was worried that the Sheliaq,
were going to try and concur the federation. They had no signs of it
two week ago but today one our ships, the HOOD was attacked. Everyone
was destroyed then shortly there after the ship was destroyed. They
have started a war with the Federation. I have to go and see if we
can make peace talks, so does Captain Picard."

"So, I will be with you and Beverly will be with Captain Picard. We
can make peace with these people."

"No one is aloud to go but our best people. You have to stay behind
on Earth, I begged and pleaded with Admiral Janeway to allow you to
come with me, your gift would help us to better understand what the
Sheliaq want. She knows of your condition she doesn't want to cause
the baby or you any harm. She ordered that any woman who are
expecting and the children of the TITAN must stay behind. We have to
follow orders; as much as I want you by my side Admiral Janeway's
orders must be followed. I am so sorry that is why I didn't want to
tell you."

Deanna eyes flow with tears, Wil comes over to comfort her.
"Then I must stay behind on Earth, I don't want to but if Admiral
Janeway says I must than I can't disobey orders. I just wish this
happened 6 months ago. Then I would be able to go with you, not that
I am not happy about the baby, I am, I just am afraid that I will
loose you and our baby won't know its father. Oh Wil!"

Deanna sobs into her husband's arms and places her hand on her
slightly rounded stomach. Wil follows and places his hand on hers.

"I will come back alive and well, our baby will know its father. I
won't accept defeat I will fight for the baby until my last breath."


Two weeks later…

Picard and Crusher are in sickbay getting a pregnancy test. As much
as they wanted this baby, with the event of the Sheliaq Beverly
silently wished that she was not pregnant. She knew that it was wrong
but if they were going into the war the ENTERPRISE need the best
Doctor and to her she was the best.

"Well, the procedure worked, you are pregnant, and your due date
should be around July 20th."

"Well, that's good news. We are pleased that it worked on the first

"Yes, usually the first try doesn't turn out. I know you both wanted
to go the Sheliaq nation to try and come to peace. Admiral Janeway
made it quite clear that you must stay behind; it is far too
dangerous out there for a woman in your condition Dr. Crusher. I will
promise you one thing; I will be the best doctor out there. We will
come back with a new species to add to the federation."
"I know you will Dr. Selar. As Captain of the ENTERPRISE I know that
with Beverly leaving you are the best candidates to do the job. Again
thank you and I will see you at Starfleet before we leave for this
suicide mission."

Beverly holding back her tears, exits sickbay with her husband in her
arms. Picard can sense that she was frightened about his next
assignment, more so than he was. He would not let his child grow up
without a father. He was not going to leave Beverly and his child
widowed, no he was going to come back alive and well and with any
luck a new species will join the federation.

Later that evening Beverly is seated at the table she is still
sobbing. The food on her plate has been left untouched. Picard
notices this and breaks the silence.

"Beverly please don't worry, I will be fine, and Wil will be fine
also. Admiral Janeway wouldn't have sent us on this mission if she
new we couldn't come back alive. We have been in far worse situations
over the last several years even before we were married. We survived
the Borg together and we will survive the Sheliaq. Deanna will take
you to Betazed to be with her mother, you shouldn't be alone now you
are far to upset. It is unhealthy for the baby and unhealthy for you,
we have gone through to much too just let you loose the baby now.
Please Beverly go with Deanna, together you can deal with the

"My worse fear is that you won't come back alive. The last time there
was a mission like this one is the year Jack died. If you died I
don't think I could bare it, I don't want to raise our dream child
alone. I need you to be there for me."

"I promise Beverly, I will come back alive and together we will raise
the baby."


On Betazed, Lwaxana greets her son-in-law, daughter, and her friends.
Deanna runs to her mother's arms and sobs, this was too much for her
to bear alone, she needed her mother.

"Now, Now little one, you're alright mama's here. Mama will take care
of you while Wil is away on the mission. Please little one don't cry
it is already too hard on Wil, don't make it any harder."

"But mother, it is so dangerous out there I don't want him to come
back dead. Our baby needs him, I can't raise him alone, I need Wil."
"Little one, I raised you alone for years and you turned out alright,
and if fate deals us an unwanted hand you will always have me."

Mr. Holm escorts the women into Lwaxana's home. With a quick glance
and "I Love You's" the ladies follow him scared but not alone. After
all they had each other and together they can survive even the
hardest of times.

"Thank you Lwaxana for taking our wives in under such horrible

"As a Betazoid Ambassador, and as a dear friend, it is my duty.
Please Wil, Jean-Luc come back to us, come back safe and sound."

"We will do our best, and you please take care of our wives. Beverly
is in a fragile state of her pregnancy; a miscarriage now would kill
her, please try and keep her calm."

Wil goes over to his mother-in-law and hugs her.

"Lwaxana, take care of Deanna, she has had a difficult pregnancy, Dr.
Simms said it was because she was half-human. Her due date can be
anywhere from 3 months to 4 months away. If I don't make it back be
there for her. She needs you, you are her anchor, and it is you whom
she needs the most now."

"I promise Wil, Jean-Luc your wives are in the best hands possible.
We have the best doctor's in this part of the galaxy. Please don't
worry, besides Deanna can spend some time with her brother maybe he
will take her mind off of you once and a while."

With one last hug and a smile they disappear with a brief hum.
Lwaxana had a big job a head of her but she was not afraid, they were
going to be alright and Wil and Jean-Luc will come back alive.

[Part 3]

Brief Overview: While Wil and Jean-Luc are on assignment near the Sheliaq Nation, Deanna and Beverly stay behind with Lwaxana constantly worried about their husbands. They know where they are but don't know how they are. Lwaxana does her best to entertain the wives.


Deanna is in her childhood bedroom when she is awoken by strong kick
in her abdomen. It was the baby's way of telling her it was still
there. Deanna smiled and placed her hand on her stomach. In just one
evening the baby has grown so much. Yesterday you could barely tell
that she was pregnant; and now she couldn't see her feet. Stroking
her stomach…

"Hey little one, I know you are still in there. Be happy that you
aren't out here; so much has gone on since I found out I was having
you. One day daddy was here beside me in bed and the very next he was
gone saving the universe and the federation. I just hope that you
stay in there longer then expected so that your daddy will be here
for your birth."

The baby replies with a much softer kick. Deanna giggled lightly but
she could help but worry that her baby won't know its father. Deanna
climbs out of bed and puts on her slippers, what she needed was a
nice warm bath before her mother would call her for breakfast. With a
sigh Deanna enters her bathroom and closes the door behind her

Meanwhile in the room down the hall Beverly wasn't having quite as
nice of a day as her best friend. She had been up all night vomiting,
she remembered this with Wesley for eight straight months she had
morning sickness. She was so ill she could barely move to get up and
take a warm bath; that always seemed to work with Wesley.

"Well, I guess that you are on the way aren't you sweetheart. Let's
just hope that your daddy makes it home for the birth, I wouldn't
want to do this without him. He wanted you more than anything,
probably with the death of Rene knocked some sense into his brain to
settle down and start a family. Don't give your mommy a hard time;
she doesn't want to be sick everyday, all day, for the next eight

Beverly placed a hand on her stomach and stoked it softly. She began
to hum a song, a song that she also used to sing to Wesley when she
was pregnant with him. She smiled and went into her bathroom to run
some hot water.


Picard and Riker were both captured at the first attack. The shields
collapsed and everyone on board was taken hostage. All were places in
individual cells, worse then the 21st century holding cells. They
were dark and damp; Rats crawled through the cracks in the walls and
floor. Picard and Riker were placed in a far worse cell then their

"Do you know why they placed us together in this cell Wil? Every one
of our crew members has their own cells."

Wil looked around and to the guards. They were armored from head to
toe in roman armor. Head pieces similar to the ones used during that
era. They carried large fire arms that were almost as thick as Wil's
fore-arms. He sighed, he may have been caught but he was going to get
out, dead or alive.

"Wil, would you quite it and listen to me we have to find a way out
of here. I have seen these cells before, we are held in prisons
similar to the ones used for death row inmates during Earth's
history. Wil!"

Wil jerked around almost fast enough to give him whiplash.

"I'm sorry Captain, what was it that you were saying?"

"I was asking you why they put us in this holding cell together when
both our crews have been places in single cells. There are so many
still open, what do you think?"

"Maybe they wanted us together to grill us together. After all we are
captains of on the largest fleets in our galaxy. They may think that
if we are together it would be easier to manipulate each other and
they would get the answers that they are seeking."

Picard nods, for once he didn't question Wil's motives and he trusted
his gut feelings. Wil comes and sits next to Picard to begin a
captain to captain conversation.

"Wil, do you remember the times we had. We have been is so much more
danger than we are here. The Borg for one, they assimilated me, I was
a part of their collective, and I almost killed you and my entire

"You didn't know what you were doing. The Borg had a way of doing
that. They took your identity away from you and created Locutas. You
were not Captain Jean-Luc Picard; you were Locutas of Borg."

"No Wil, you don't understand, I knew what I was doing, and I knew
everything that I was doing. The Borg Queen convinced me that you
were going to leave me. She told me that you had far better things to
do than rescue their Captain."

"But she was wrong, we came back for you. If there is one thing that
you taught me all those years ago is that you never leave one of you
crew member's behind, and we didn't."


Back on Betazed Mr. Holm has set the places for breakfast at the
women. Lwaxana was already seated at the table. Deanna on her heels
at the bottom of the stairs. Lwaxana hears her daughter's footsteps
and turns to her.

"Little one, look at you today! You look wonderful how is the baby? I
hope that you slept well. Will Beverly be joining us soon?"

"I'm fine mother, I just miss Wil. The baby kicked today, it's my own
personal alarm clock I can't believe how much I'd grown over night."

Beverly is still in bed, human pregnancies are far worse than
betazoid pregnancies. She has a touch of morning sickness; I stopped
in to see her before I came down. She told us to eat without her and
to have Mr. Holm bring her some ginger-ale and saltine crackers. She
said that it settles and upset stomach, oh mother she looks terrible."
Deanna walks up to her mother and gives her a hug. When they pull
apart Lwaxana places her ear down on Troi's stomach.

"Mother what are you doing?"

"Shhh, Deanna, I am talking to the baby it needs to know the voices
of its family. You should already be using your telepathy it is never
to early to start."

"Mother, I already speak to the baby using my telepathy, I also do if
verbally. This baby is only ¼ betazoid it may not even have any
telepathy. Maybe it will be like me, maybe it will be empathic."

Lwaxana pulls her head away from Troi's stomach.

"No Deanna we have a very gifted baby in there. It is far more
advanced than any betazoid baby I have ever seen, well at least since
your brother. I believe it has taken after it grandma. Are you going
to learn the sex of the baby or are you going to wait. You let me
know that you were a girl when I was 3 months pregnant with you same
with your sister Kestra and your brother told me when I was 6 months

"Right now it will be a surprise, if the baby wants to tell me what
it is then I will let it. Until then I don't want to know."

"I know…and trust me with as gifted of a child you are carrying you
will find out soon. Now come down and eat something the baby is
hungry and so am I."

"Yes, mother."


On a Sheliaq planet Wil stands alone in his cell. They had taken away
Picard without a word. All Wil knew is that they were a very violent
species. Wil paced back and forth among the cell area. He may not be
Captain Picard's first officer but he was his friend, he couldn't
help but wonder how he friend was doing. Suddenly with slamming of
metal doors a guard brought in a very beaten Picard. The guard opened
the cell doors and threw Picard in breaking his arm. Wil rushes to
his friend's side and looks up at him.

"What the hell have you done to him? He is nearly dead what gives you
the right to treat and being in this manner. You are evil."

Riker gets a slap at his face.

"He would have been dead if he stayed in their any longer. We will
need him again to get computer access to your ship. You will be next
and because of your behavior, you will get far worse treatment."

Wil retreats back to his fallen former captain. He was so badly
beaten you couldn't tell he was Jean-Luc Picard because of the
bruising, swelling and blood on his face. Riker ripped off a piece of
his uniform to stop the bleeding. He didn't have any water so he did
the best he could to clean up Picard.

"Wil, don't let them know about the commands, I overheard them
speaking about making the ENTERPRISE and TITIAN warships and fool the
federation allies that they are the federation. If they get those
commands the entire federation will be destroyed starting with Earth."

"If there is one thing you taught me is that being a part of the
federation is sacred and no matter what never let the enemy get
command of the bridge. I have not forgotten that, if that means that
I will be beaten I will make it. We have babies on the way I want
nothing more than to bring them into a world where there is no war.
Unfortunately there is war and I will do my damnest to protect them
from harm."

Picard begins to drift off into unconsciousness. Riker slaps Picard's
face to bring him back to conscious. Picard replies with his eyes
opening is surprise.

"Stay with me Captain, you just got all your dreams, don't give up on
them. We promised our wives we would return unharmed and we have too.
Captain stay with me, I have to set your broken arm talk to me."

Riker pulls Picard up against the wall and moves to the beds. Ripping
off a piece of material and two pieces of metal off the bed, Riker
sets Picard's arm in restraints.

"Captain, wake up I need you to stay awake from what I see you have a
nasty concussion."

Picard comes back to consciousness and thanks Wil for taking he out
of it,


One month later...

On Betazed Lwaxana, Deanna, her brother Barin, and Beverly are on a
picnic with Mr. Holm not very far behind. All of them are seated on
the blanket that Holm placed down near a lake. Because of Kestra
death Barin is seated on his mother lap.

"Mama, can I go and play with Deanna?"

"I don't know Barin, your sister is going to have a baby really soon
she may not be much fun. Besides I think that she misses Wil."

"I know mama if she comes to play with me she won't miss him as much.
I don't really know her yet, please mama?"

"Its alright mother, I'll take him to the swing set, I think I can
handle pushing him. It will give us a chance to catch up."

Lwaxana nods and Barin jumps off his mother's lap and help Deanna get
up. Together they take each other's hands and walk towards the swing
set. Lwaxana glances over to Beverly who seems to be a little

"Beverly, are you alright? I am sensing some erratic thoughts from
you. I don't mean to pry but when something like this occurs, even if
the person doesn't want to express it I can tell."

"Thanks Lwaxana but I am fine. I just am feeling a little sick and I
miss Jean-Luc. I just don't understand that after all these years
when we are finally together that fate would take him away. We
finally have someone to take care of together and I just worry that
this baby won't know its father."

"Beverly, you're lying to me. Remember I can read your thoughts.
Something besides that is bothering you. Are you going to tell me or
do I have to read your thoughts without your permission?"

Beverly begins to look at her and a sharp pain crosses her abdomen.
Unconsciously she places her hand where the pain is coming. Lwaxana
notices this and the blood on Beverly's pants she calls for Holm. At
the same time Deanna can sense her best friend's pain and stops the
swing and she and Barin both run to where Lwaxana is.

"Beverly, what is the matter? Barin and I could sense your feelings.
your pain. What is going on are you alright?"

"HOLM! Come here right away Beverly is having a contraction we need
to get her to the hospital right away."

Holm comes just as quickly as Lwaxana called him. Lwaxana and Deanna
help Beverly to her feet. Due to her weakness she collapses and Holm
catches her and carries her to get the help she needs. While Deanna
and Barin follow behind the pain continues to run through Beverly's

"No the baby, I am loosing the baby!"

Lwaxana when they get to transportation places her hands on Beverly's
stomach followed by Barin's both close their eyes.

"Deanna what are they doing?"

[Whispering] "Most Betaziod's have the ability to control their pain.
She is making a link to the baby and Barin is helping her, together
they meditate to take the pain away. My mother has some very advanced
telepathy and Barin has that same ability even though he is part
betazoid. From what I heard Tavnian's are also telepathic, Barin is
advanced for his age as a betazoid. Normally Betaziod's don't learn
how to use their telepathy until they reach puberty. Because
Tavnian's are also telepathic he is ahead for his years."

[Whispering] "Deanna its working the pain isn't as bad anymore."
"Holm lets get out of here."


On the Sheliaq planet Picard has recovered from some of his injuries.
His arm was still broken and Wil looks as if he had been questioned.
They are still being held in a single cell and for the last few days
the guard has not taken either of them for more questioning. Wil
wasn't sure if they cracked the code without their authorization of
if they were making more plans on how to get the answers that they
were seeking.

"Hey Wil, Deanna she is almost 7 months pregnant isn't she? How do
you think her pregnancy is coming along?"

"Yes she is. I don't know how her pregnancy is coming along but I can
sense that she is being well taken care of. Aside from a little
depression she seems to be enjoying the time she has with her mother
and brother."

"You knew Deanna before you were stationed on the ENTERPRISE how did
you learn about this? You can sense her? You can tell what she is
feeling how?"

"Years ago, before we were stationed on the ENTERPRISE Deanna and I
had this amazing heated relationship; her mother didn't think that I
was good enough for her daughter, she always believed that Deanna
should marry a Betazoid male, in that way they could share in the

"The Bonding?"

"Oh, there are two types of bonding wedding bonding which is
conducted in the nude as a celebration of strong love and bonding,
both telepathic and physical. Most believe that it is okay to keep
more then one actual love though, and the wedding celebration is a
complex system of gifts and replies. The tying of knots is also
associated with this tradition. But you already know that one.
Genetic Bonding involves younger Betaziod's offered to one another as
a pre-destiny of marriage or love. The parents arrange this, and it
is a telepathic bonding that is supposed to last for a lifetime.
Children, although, are not required to totally devout themselves or
even carry through with it. Marital Forces are spirits and fate-like
gods that protect true love and Imzadi no less. They are supposed to
guard and give every born Betazoid a 'soul-mate', and also they are
supposed to provide fertility and flourishment to married couples.
Deanna is my IMZADI always has been and always will remain."

"Betazed has a very interesting culture. Beverly and I have similar
connection. It not what you call a bonding but it works. I can tell
right now that she is grieving."

"Maybe you are soul mates. I know that her first love was Jack but
perhaps after he passed away she opened her heart to find another
soul mate. I always believe that when one soul mate dies there is
always another on the shelf. Beverly has loved you for as long as I
have known her. If she is grieving maybe it is because she realized
that you can also be her soul mate."

"You to Wil Riker; Deanna may be your IMZADI but perhaps I had a part
into bringing it in again. I didn't know about Deanna and your
relationship when she first came aboard but when I found out I felt
partially in bringing you back together."

Suddenly the entire planet begins to shake,like an earthquake. As
normal captains the first thing they thought about was explosives.


Back at the hospital on Betazed Beverly is resting. The pain as been
controlled but not by Lwaxana and Barin, they did control it until
they reached the hospital. The Doctor is in the room with Beverly.
Deanna, Lwaxana, and Barin wait nearby.

"Mother, you wore yourself out for Beverly; you may have saved her
baby, and you, Barin, you are so talented there aren't many
Betaziod's your age that can do the things you did there with

"I know that I wasn't supposed to do that but mama was having trouble
controlling the pain. I know the Beverly is your best friend I just
HAD to help mama out. You aren't mad mama are you because I used my

"No Barin, you did a very selfless thing. I don't know how long I
would have lasted if you weren't here with me. Deanna can't do it
because she doesn't have the gift there are only a few Betaziod's
your age that can do this. Thank you for helping."

"Mama you knew that when you pregnant with me that I would be
special. Enough to end a marriage and marry a friend just so you can
raise me; I will never forget that and everyday I thank you for doing
that. Helping you was the least I could do after all you have done
for me."

Lwaxana smiles, she is so proud of her son. Deanna smiles to they all
hug the hug is broken when they hear Beverly's door close behind them.
"Dr. Bader, how is Beverly is the baby alright?"

"She is fine; she will be tired and experience some pain and
bleeding. She had a miscarriage.

"Oh no, Captain Picard said that if she would have a miscarriage now
it would kill her."

"No wait, she had a miscarriage of one of her eggs from what she has
told me Dr. Selar implanted three fertilized eggs. She still has two
viable ones, she is having twins. We aren't sure what caused the
miscarriage but from what I have been hearing around I assume that it
is from the war with the Sheliaq. You must keep her calm no matter
what it takes. She has 2 ½ months until she is out of this danger
zone. I gave her a sedative she should be sleeping soon."

"Can we go and see her just for a little while?"

"Certainly Deanna but don't stay too long she needs her rest."

Deanna nods and she and her family go in to visit Beverly. When they
go through the door the see her hooked up to two monitors. She has
her eyes closed but opens them when she hears the door close behind

"Hello Deanna, I guess Jean-Luc doesn't settle for just one thing, we
only wanted one baby and now we have too. He will be so excited when
he finds out the news, if he finds out the news."


On the Sheliaq planet their world is still shaking metal bars and
concrete fall from the walls and cracks on the floor leave hug gaps
that fall down to oblivion. Picard and Riker try to take cover but
with the cracks on the floor and the bars coming apart there isn't
much left. Riker slips into one of the crevasse on the floor her
grabs a hold of the edge but can't hold on forever. Picard just has
Riker saved his life jumped down and grabbed a hold of Riker's hand
both falling into the pit.

"Captain Picard! Where are you?"

"Wil, I'm over here, it's so dark just follow my voice they must be
some underground caves here. Maybe they will lead us to the planets

Wil follows the voice and soon approaches Jean-Luc. He didn't appear
to be hut but in any case he was glad that he wasn't alone in the
pits. Together they begin to walk along the pathways in the pit. They
just hoped that some of their crew fell into the pits and they would
take the paths and perhaps lead them to their ship.

"Do you really think that these caves can lead to the surface? I have
never seen caves crafted like this. What do you suppose they were
used for?"

"I don't know Wil but if I know Earth's history this is similar to
the Underground Railroad during the civil war. They were used to take
slaves up north where there were no slaves. Perhaps eon's before the
Sheliaq concurred this world this was an underground railroad to free
slaves. I don't know about you but one thing I am sure of is that we
are going to get out of here alive."

"I didn't think I wouldn't after all I have a baby that is due to
come any month now. You too Jean-Luc have a baby on the way as well.
You survived the Borg you can certainly survive the Underground
Railroad here on the planet."

"I most certainly will."


Back on Betazed three months later Lwaxana has gotten the unpleasant
news that Wil and Jean-Luc were last seen three months ago in a
Sheliaq prison. A federations spy spotted them just before a monster
earthquake hit the planet; now she must find a way to tell her
daughter and Beverly that their husband's have been presumed dead.
Lwaxana comes up to her daughter room Beverly was there with her.
Deanna was teaching Beverly to knit the twins a blanket. Deanna could
sense the moment her mother walked in that something was wrong.
"Mother what is it? Has something happened to Barin is he alright?
Tell me mother what is the matter? I may not be full betazoid but I
can tell you are keeping something from me."

Lwaxana sits on her daughter's bed trying to find the right words to
use with such terrible news.

"Deanna, Beverly, you know how Wil and Jean-Luc were headed to the
Sheliaq nation, well their ships were attacked and everyone was taken
hostage. All members of both ships were placed in unsuitable cells.
Wil and Jean-Luc were places in one, probably to see if one would
break before the other and the Sheliaq would get control over the
ships. Both were beaten severely almost to death. However, as much as
they were beat they survived and kept going. Nothing was more
important then you and those precious babies. Three months ago a
terrible earthquake hit the planet that they were being held on. It
is believed that they had fallen through on of the cracks in the
cell. They are assumed dead."

"NO! I don't believe that Jean-Luc and Wil both know how to survive
even in the dimmest of circumstances. No I didn't feel him die Jean-
Luc would never leave me to raise the twins alone. No, I won't
believe it not until I see his body."

Deanna is so shocked she can't even speak. Barin comes rushing into
her bedroom he could sense that his sister was in distress. Believing
that it may be the baby he jolted out of bed from his nap. Lwaxana
turns to see her son at the door way.

"Wil is not dead Mother, we have a bond and I know that it looks like
he is dead but he isn't. Mother who told you this, is it some cruel
joke or something because if it is it is not funny."

"No little one it isn't a joke, they can't find their bodies they may
have fallen into the lava pits. I don't believe that he is dead

"Mama, he isn't dead I can still feel him, Deanna can't you feel it

Lwaxana once again is surprised by her son's abilities. They are far
more advanced than her own. Lwaxana motions Barin to her lap and he
climbs into it.

"Mama, Deanna, Beverly take my hands we will pray to the spirits to
bring your husbands home safe and sound. They will listen to us if we
pray together."

Deanna, Lwaxana, Beverly and Barin join hands and close their eyes.
Together they form a link with the spirit world. Suddenly the link is
broken by a groan from Deanna's mouth; Lwaxana and Barin pick up
right away on her contraction.

"Mama its Deanna she is having a contraction we need to help her! I
know that you can't meditate to stop my big sister pain but can you
keep her calm if not this isn't going to work. Exactly the way we did
if for you three months ago please Beverly help my sister!"

"I will Barin I promise. You concentrate on controlling her pain I
will keep her calm. Deanna listen to my voice, I know that you are in
a lot of pain right now but concentrate on me, my voice, forget about
the pain."

"I can't Beverly it hurts too much. I don't remember being in this
much pain with Ian. How can I stop it?"

Lwaxana and Barin have their hands on here stomach and with their
eyes closed. Beverly could tell that Lwaxana was struggling but with
Barin's help she wouldn't put in as much effort and just let Barin
take care of most of the pain.

"Deanna listen to me, it's taken longer than they expected to stop
your pain. Try and concentrate on my voice forget everything that is
around you just concentrate on bringing this baby in the world."

"Beverly its too soon, I still have two weeks to go what if something
is wrong with the baby that is why it is coming early."

"No remember Deanna Dr. Simms told you that since you are half human
you could go between eight months and ten months. You are nine-and-a-
half months pregnant it is normal and the baby is fine."

"I don't want to have this baby without Wil. He wanted to be here so
much I don't want to have the baby now. No not without Wil."

"Looks like the baby is going to come anyway; Deanna you are two
centimeters dilated already. You still have plenty of time."

A groan escapes Lwaxana's mouth Beverly looks over to her she is

"We can't stop the pain we need to get her to the hospital right
away. Maybe they can help her with the pain we can only do so much.
Barin and I are loosing the link."

[Part 4]

Brief Overview: This takes place entirely on Betazed. While Picard and Riker are presumed dead Deanna goes into labor. Between contractions we get a few insights on Deanna’s past as a child. It isn’t the easiest labor there is some serious complications. Thank goodness Crusher is there to deliver the baby and Lwaxana and Barin to ease the pain of labor.

Author’s Note: I felt that I should avoid writing on the Sheliaq nation. I couldn’t think of how to write it besides it will give the story some suspense and a lot of angst. This is based entirely on Deanna’s labor.

In her hospital room Deanna is resting her contractions are still
very spaces out but when she does have them they are intense. Lwaxana
is sitting in a chair next to her daughter and Barin is on the other

"Mother, do you really think that Wil and Captain Picard are alright?
I wish he were here for the birth. What if Admiral Janeway is right
and they really are dead? I don't think I can do this alone, without

"Deanna if you couldn't sense his death it is most likely that he is
still alive he is just missing. I remember the day you were born.
Your poor father was a nervous wreck you would have thought it was
the first time being a father. He knew that the day I told him that
you were going to be a girl even before you even told me. I thought
you were going to be a boy but he insisted that you were a girl and
he knew that you were going to be a daddy's girl."

"I would love to hear more about Deanna's childhood. What was she
like as a baby?"

"Deanna was the most beautiful baby in the nursery; of course I would
have to be biased because she was my baby. Even after 26 hours of
labor I wouldn't take a moment away. When your father and Kestra took
me to the nursery I peeked into the window and I saw you. You were so
beautiful, even though I couldn't feel my legs I just had to hold
you. So your father and Kestra took me inside the nursery as soon as
I touched you, you opened your beautiful eyes. I know the doctor's
said that it would take longer for you to develop you powers but I
swear that you spoke to me. When your father handed you to me you
wrapped your little finger around my finger. Kestra was the one who
named you I believe that was the name of her best friend. Oh Deanna
she loved you so much. When I finally got to bring you home Kestra
wanted to be your mother. She helped me do everything, change your
diapers, feed you, and play with you. She even started to talk to
your every day."

"I didn't know that Kestra did that."

"Kestra loved everyone and everything. She would wake up with a smile
every day. She used to bring home injured animals and heal them. When
they finally got better she would let them free no matter how much it
hurt she knew that they needed their freedom. When Deanna would wake
up from her nap Kestra would get her out of her crib even before I
would even get there. She loved you so much Deanna."

"I know mother, she takes after her parents. Mother, can I ask you
something, why didn't you tell me about Kestra when I got older?"

"Loosing Kestra hurt your father and me so much. We didn't want to
feel like that again and we didn't want you to feel that pain. I
wanted to tell you so many times, but so many times it just didn't
feel right. Before I knew it you were almost 30, I thought that it
was better that way and hoped that you would never find out the
truth. For years after Kestra's death I blamed myself I felt that if
I would have been paying attention she wouldn't have drown. I hid my
feeling about her death from you and everyone else for years. When
Hedril came on board what I tried to forget I could no longer hold
back. My feelings became harder to control and each time I saw Hedril
I saw your sister. Hedril knew something was wrong, she may have been
young but she was very bright. Maquis also knew something wrong but I
used his misunderstanding of English language to tell him that it was
just privacy."

"He knew better Mother, he kept telling me that you had a dark place
and I kept thinking that he meant your privacy. When Hedril told me
that she made you sad I still didn't understand what that meant. I
didn't think anything of it until you collapsed in the arboretum that

"I wanted to keep you sister's death away from you until the day I
died. It almost worked; maybe it was fate that brought those answers
to you."

"Mother I'm glad I found out the way I did. It almost cost you, your
life. Mother why…"

The screen above Deanna's bed begins to beep; a contraction stops
Deanna in mid sentence. Lwaxana takes her daughter's hand and holds
it while Barin is on the other side holding the other hand, as Deanna
breathes through it uneasily.

"Deanna, come on you can do it, your strong I knew that the day you
were born. You came out screaming, made sure your presence is known."
Deanna laughs lightly with Barin.

The contraction end shortly after. Deanna can rest comfortably for a
little while. Lwaxana excuses herself and asks Barin to keep and eye
on Deanna while she checks in on Beverly across the way. He agrees
and begins to tell Deanna of his adventures at camp the summer before.


In Beverly's room Lwaxana asks the nurse for some time alone with
Beverly. The nurse is hesitant at first but after some coaxing leaves
the room Lwaxana thanks her as she walks over to Beverly. Her eyes
are closed but Lwaxana knows she is awake. She can't sense the dreams
she may be having. After all everyone dreams every night just don't
always remember them.

"Hey Beverly, how are you feeling? You are looking much better than
you were an hour ago. Have the contractions stopped?"

"For now, the doctor gave me some medications to stop them. I wish
Jean-Luc were here with me instead of you…I didn't mean….well...I

"No need to apologize I understand and If our positions were reversed
I would want my husband to be next to me through this difficult time
instead of my best friends mother."

Beverly nods as tears begin to form.

"I am so glad you are here with me. Ever since my mother passed away
I have always wanted another. Now I met someone on the ENTERPRISE,
who becomes my instant friend who has a mother. What more could a
girl want; I so glad Deanna and I were assigned to the Enterprise."

"When I first heard about a female medical doctor serving with my
daughter I thought "A lady doctor?" I guess I was still stuck in the
past. Once I met you everything changed…for the better. Deanna lost
her father when she was seven years old. You lost your mother when
you were four years old; you both had something to share. Maybe that
is what drew you to her and her to you."

"Do you remember when I was seeing the Trill Odon?"

"Yes, Deanna told me of him, you didn't mind did you?"

"Of course not what are friends for if they are not for sharing
secrets and love stories? Anyway, when Odon passed away I thought my
life was over. I felt that Odon was my soul mate, just like Jack was;
I couldn't stand the thought of loosing someone else. One day in 10-
forward I was sitting alone at a table and Deanna came up to me asked
if I wanted to talk. I was hurting so much that I practically shooed
her away; but Deanna stood her ground. I can't remember what she said
but it was something like… "I'm the ships counselor; it's my job to
make my patients happy. I am here for you when you want to talk."

Before she could stand up I asked her to talk to me about her
relationships in the past and how if felt when someone she loved
passed away. She only said she had one love in her life and that was
Wil, one day he was to show up at the Jalara Falls and never did."

"I remember that time; Deanna came home that evening it was clear
that she had been crying most of the day. Her eyes were red with
pain. I asked her about it and she told me what she was waiting for.
Wil never showed up so she believed that her life was over. I
remember exactly what I said… "I told you that man wasn't good enough
for my little one." Over time she managed to get threw her pain but
not without more heartbreak along the way."

Beverly sighed

"Deanna told me Wil was assigned to a ship and he couldn't "pass up
the opportunity" When you heard about this did you still think Wil
wasn't good enough for her?"

"Of course I did, what mother would change her mind once it was set?
So what else did she tell you?"

"She told me that the first man she ever loved was her father.
That "He loved me and I worshiped him. He was strong and tall, he
chased away the monsters that hid under my bed, he carried me when
the ground was muddy, and he sang to me. What I wouldn't give to hear
those songs again if you can find the love you shared with Odon in
the man we know as Wil Riker then go to him…love him." It was a good
lesson and I did I accepted Odon as Wil Riker but soon after I lost
him to. When the Trill finally arrived it was a woman, Kareel. Odon
was still inside but I couldn't accept him as a woman. I told her
that humans aren't accustomed to such changes. I knew I would always
love Odon who doesn't love their soul-mate?"

"Over the years and all of my past loves I heard that a number of
time from Deanna. Even to Barin father, I love him so much but I
couldn't give up my son he deserved two parents not one."

"Do you believe it was the right thing to do when you married Odo?"

"Did I ever tell you that when I was pregnant with Barin I ran to
him? He even offered to be there for the birth, he wanted to be the
father Barin needed; but as always I ran away from him, afraid that I
would be hurt again. I knew that we married only because, by Tavnian
Law, whoever the mother was married to, would be the father. Odo
would have been a good father to Barin. I only wish I wasn't so
terrified and left him to raise my son alone."

"You raised Deanna for years by yourself and look what she has
become. I know that Deanna is grateful for you taking on that
challenge alone, and even though you didn't see eye-to-eye, and still
don't she loves you more than anything."

Lwaxana nods and smiles…

"Well I had better get going, Deanna will need me soon besides I
don't want to leave Barin alone in there for too long."
"How is Deanna?"

"She is well, sometimes she misses Wil and cries a lot. I guess as a
pregnant woman you get emotional. The Doctor said that she is doing
fine and we should have a baby by the end of the night. I will see
you later stay well."

Beverly nods and smiles, she closes her eyes as Lwaxana closes the
door behind her. Back inside the room Barin is still discussing her
adventures at camp last summer Deanna listens to him contently. Both
turn as the sound of the door closing permeates the room.

"Hello little one, how are you doing? Has Barin been a good boy?"

"Yes he has, I'm so glad to see you. Did you talk to Beverly? How is
she doing?

"She is doing surprising well, her contractions have stopped the
Doctor is going to keep her in bed for the remainder of her
pregnancy. I spoke to your Doctor as well; he said if all goes well,
you should see your baby by the end of the night."

"I hope so I am sick of being pregnant."

Everyone laughs…


After a long and painful 52 hour labor Deanna has finally dilated
enough to begin to push. Barin is asleep in the chair next to Deanna,
after all a five-year-old does need some rest. Lwaxana is still at
her daughter's side very fatigued but anxiously awaiting the arrival
of her very first grandchild.

"Okay now Deanna you need to concentrate, the baby is about to come
all we need is a few pushes. Just a few more and you'll be able to
see your son or daughter."

Deanna nods at her mother words when the Doctor asks her to push she
does. However she is extremely tired and seems not to have the energy
that is needed. The Doctor wants to perform a cesarean section but
Deanna say no. After 2 hours of pushing the baby finally begins to
crown. The Doctor looks up and…

"I can see it lots of dark hair! Come on we need some more pushes to
get this baby out come on Deanna you can do it."

Deanna you're strong; you can do it I want to see my grandbaby. Come
on give it all you've got!"

Three more pushes and the it's head is out…The doctor tell Deanna to
stop pushing while he delivers the rest of the baby just then the
delivery rooms door slams open IT'S WIL and PICARD dirty but ALIVE!.

"Did I miss anything? Is it born yet? What is it? How is Deanna?"

Came a familiar voice behind the Doctor…

"Hold on Daddy, the baby isn't out the whole way yet come on come sit
next to me you didn't miss anything."

Lwaxana gets up so Wil can take her seat. Deanna smiles and takes
Wil's hand while Picard stands next to Lwaxana. A scream comes soon
after but Wil can't see if it's a boy or girl yet. Wil reaches for
his baby….

"Hey, Hey, Hey papa that baby is still connected you know…."
Chimes Deanna from the bed. The Doctor gives Riker a pair of scissors
as Riker cuts the umbilical cord.

"It's a BOY! It's a BOY! I have a son!"

And this new dream we share
Has your eyes and my hair
So healthy and strong with a mind of his own
And I thank the Lord every day for our brand new family
And to think that it all started with just you and me

"He's quite a strapping young man he looks just like you do Wil."

Lwaxana chimes in from behind.

"I see a lot of Deanna in him as well Wil."

The Doctor cleans up the baby and hands it to the proud papa. The
Doctor finishes working on Deanna and tells the nurse to be sure
Deanna gets rest. Soon after he exits closing the door behind him.

"If it's alright with you Wil I would like to see my son too you
know. I did just give birth to him."

"Oh right I knew I forgot something here you go IMZADI. He is so
beautiful Deanna wait until you see him."

Wil hands his son to his mother. Deanna begins to cry as she sees her
son for the first time in the real world. Deanna smiles and touches
the child's cheek. He turns his head and opens his eyes. For the
first time Deanna and the others see his eyes….

"Oh my Goodness Deanna he has the betazoid eyes. Look how beautiful
they are."

Lwaxana says as she looks at her grandson. Picard comes out from the
shadows and takes a peek at his new Godson. Lwaxana was right he had
the betazoid eyes.

"Didn't you expect him to have the eyes Lwaxana after all his mother
is part betazoid? You have them and you passed it onto your daughter
wouldn't she do the same to her child?"

"Oh not always, since Wil is human and Deanna is part human he had
better odds of having Wil's eyes. Betaziod's eyes can lay dormant if
either of their parents is human. I was so sure that they would be

"Mother, he may be only ¼ betazoid but he is a betazoid, and he is
beautiful. I even think he looks like my father in some way and you
too mother. After all he has great genes."

"Thank you, thank you, my pleasure, as you all know the Riker's have
wonderful genes. From what I have learned being with Deanna as long
as I have her family has good genes as well. Come on Lwaxana come
hold your grandson."

Lwaxana comes near her daughter and give her a kiss on the forehead.
Deanna reaches to give her son to his proud grandmother. She begins
to rock him and he closes his eyes and drifts off to dream.

"Hey little one, funny calling you that now that my own little one
has a little one of her own. I know you probably don't understand why
you hear a voice in you mind. Most likely you are just as your
mother, an empath; someday you will understand what it means to be a
betazoid. You have a wonderful mother and a great father. Now you be
a good boy and don't give your parents any trouble. Oh one more thing
you mother won't let me spoil you as she was but between you and me I
will do in no matter what."

The baby opened his eyes as Lwaxana finished her words.

"Oh My Deanna, your son is gifted someday he will do a great thing."
"What are you doing to my son Lwaxana?"

"It's called bonding. We speak telepathically so that if by any
chance something were to happen before the child were to mature it
would always remember the sound of its immediate family. He's too
young to understand me know but one he reaches maturity he will be
able to recall what his family said to him the day he was born."
"Is that true Deanna?"

"Yes, I remember what my mother said to me the day I was born and I
remember what my father said as well. When they both died I knew that
one day when I was able to understand it, I would hear their voices.
Since Kestra died when I was just an infant somehow I blocked out her
thoughts until the day I found out I had a sister. Those words came
flooding back. My mother shared them with me through telepathy."

"What about your bonding? Don't you do that as well?"

"Of course I do, I have been speaking to him since the day I found
out I was carrying him. I think my mother is right….I think he has
gifts he has only begun to achieve them."

"I think we should wake Barin, it's about time he meets his new
nephew. He has been waiting. If he were here I don't think I would be
able to make it through my labor. Please mother go wake him."
"Of course Dear."

Lwaxana gives the baby back to his mother then goes over to Barin
sleeping on the couch and gently through telepathy wakes him…
"Barin, honey, its time to see your new nephew."

Barin opens his eyes full of excitement and eager to meet his nephew.
"Deanna, you did it, you did it he's here!"

"I couldn't have done it without you Barin thank you for everything."
Barin smiles and with his mother's help climbs on the bed next to his
big sister. He smile again and touches the infant on the forehead.
The baby responds with opening his eyes…

"See I told you mamma, he would have the betazoid eyes. You owe me a
box of the best chocolates on the planet."

All of them laugh together as Barin again touches his nephew's

"Now you see this big place this is the world, well at least part of
it. The universe is much bigger than this room. You'll get to see it
when you get bigger. I will play with you when you are bigger too
mamma says that you can even stay for a couple of days when you are
bigger. Of course Deanna doesn't know that yet that is our secret."
"More bonding right Deanna?"

"Yes, but I don't know what he was saying just that I probably wasn't
the best thing in the world. Mother what did he tell the baby? I know
you know."

"That is between Barin, the baby, and me someday you'll hear of it.
Until then it will remain a secret."

"Deanna can I hold the baby now?"

"Of course you may, after all he is your nephew. Here now remember
watch his head he is still very tiny."

"I know that Deanna, I may be little but I know to keep the baby's
head safe."

Deanna laughs lightly as she hands the baby over to Barin. The baby
responds by reaching up and touching Barin's chin. Barin smiles and
hands the baby back to his mother.

"Deanna we should go and tell Beverly that you are okay, let her see
her godson don't you think?"

"Oh yes, of course, will you help me. Here Captain Picard, hold your

Picard nods and walks over to Deanna and takes the baby from her.
Stepping next to Barin, Lwaxana. With the nurses help Deanna
painfully gets out of bed and into a 24th century style wheelchair. A
few minutes later across the hall Picard knocks on the door to his
wife's room.

"Honey, I'm Home!"

Beverly opens her eyes and smiles as her husband runs to her arms.

"I thought you were alive but no one, not even Admiral Janeway
believed that you and Wil survived that attack. I miss you so much."

"I missed you so much too. It was you that kept me alive, you and our
babies. I was so worried when I heard the news are you alright?"

"Now that you are home I am. The doctor stopped the contractions and
last time I was examined everything was looking great. Where is Wil?"

"Here I am Beverly, you don't think that I would miss the birth of my
first child do you?"

Beverly shakes her head as Deanna, Barin, and Lwaxana enter. The baby
in Deanna's arms.

"Oh it's here. The baby is here, what is it Deanna?"

"It's a boy; he came just a few minutes ago. He is so beautiful
Beverly, you should see him."

"Well give him to me I want to see this work of art."

Lwaxana bring Deanna closer to the bed and Beverly reaches for the
baby. Deanna was right he was so beautiful, so precious.

"He looks like you Wil, a lot like you. Oh and I see a little of you
Lwaxana and Ian."

The baby opens his eyes again against the light.

"He has your eyes Deanna; I thought you said he would look like Wil.
Because your genes would be dormant."

"I thought they would but I was wrong, we all were wrong."

"Not me I said that he would have betazoid eyes, but mamma didn't
believe me no on believe me."

"He's just beautiful Wil, Deanna. I knew you would make beautiful
babies together you just needed a little coaxing. What are you going
to call him?"

"It took a lot of time but we finally agree on his name….

[Part 5]

Brief Overview: This takes place on Earth where Beverly is having a
baby shower for her twins. We finally find out the name Wil and
Deanna have chosen for their son.

Author's Note: Again there is no violence in this part mainly because
there is far too much out there now so I don't want to encourage it
to any of my readers. This is focused on the twin's premature birth.


Inside the Picard estate in France, Beverly, Picard, Riker and Troi,
are seated in the living room. It is decorated for a baby shower for
the twins. Troi is sitting next to her son's cradle as he sleep
soundly even with the commotion. Picard smiles at the little guy and
opens conversation.

"Wil, Deanna, I am so glad you could make it to Earth. I wasn't sure
you would be able to make it because of the TITAN and little Kyle
Andrew. We thought that your hands would be full."

"Well Deanna still has two weeks left of maternity leave from the
TITAN and I convinced my first officer to take the ship on some
exploration of this new star system we have been studying. It seems
quite promising there are 30 new species we want to study in that
region before we open negotiations."

Beverly makes a noise and everyone jumps at the sound. She just looks
up and laughs it's been like this for the last month. With her due
date so close by everything causes immediate panic.

"Would you just relax I have 2 months to go before my due date. I
just needed to change my position the twins are pressing on my spine
it's getting harder to stay in one place for longer than 30 minutes.
Besides I want to catch up on you Deanna how are you faring with a
new baby?"

"It so different than my first pregnancy; with Ian I didn't really
know what to expect one day he was born 24 hours later he was 3 years
old. He grew out of his clothes faster then I adapted to the changes
of becoming a mother. With Kyle it's like I keep expecting him to be
three years old the next day. Wil has done a lot of the work after
Kyle was born it took a few weeks for the pain to go away. Every time
Kyle would wake up Wil went to get him from his crib and brought him
to me. Most of the time he just wanted to be with his mommy and

"Let me tell you one thing, I have never seen a child so stubborn in
my life. I would go into his room and rock him. When I finally got
him asleep and put him down he was crying again. I just gave up after
a while and decided to move his bassinette into our room so he would
know that he would always see us."

"You know what Deanna, it gets easier with time. It was like that
with Wes, Jack went away a lot and I was still in medical school, it
was my last year but well you get the point. At least you have Wil
with you, granted that sometimes his work will take him away from you
but you are at least on the same ship."

"I'm sorry I took Jack away from you Beverly. I tried to keep him
nearby but he was my first officer he went where I went."

"I know you tried Jean-Luc and even if you told Jack to stay behind
he would refuse. Jack was doing want he loved; he was saving the
galaxy just what he always wanted. I think he passed it on to Wes."

"Okay I am getting all teary eyed, hormones you know how they are.
Come on Beverly its time to open your gifts. Don't feel left out Jean-
Luc there are gifts for the "father to be" as well."

Deanna moves over to the mass pile of gifts in the corner of the
room. Kyle is still asleep in his bassinette, but Jean-Luc can't help
but peer into him. He certainly looked like is daddy, his hair wasn't
curly like most Betaziod's it was straight and brown. Even his
gestures when he slept reminded him of Wil. There was some Deanna in
him, his eyes of course and his sense of the world around him.
Peering into this bassinette Jean-Luc covered the sleeping infant
with his fleece blanket his grandmother made for him. Beverly moved
next to Jean-Luc and kissed his cheek.

"Can you believe him? He is so precious and beautiful. Deanna and
Wil are very lucky. I used to look into Wes's bassinette like the way
you look into Kyle's. It hard to believe that if a few short months
we are going to have two precious babies, our babies and they are
going to need us."

"I can't wait to see them. What do you want boys, girls or one of

"I already have a son, who I love very much but girls, I would get
put her in beautiful dresses. What would you want?"

"Well I have never been a father so I wouldn't mind sons. René was
like a son to me, we played ball together and we shared the same
interests. Most of all he wanted to attend Starfleet Academy so we
would study what he needed to know for the entrance exams together.
He was very bright the last thing he said to me was "Uncle, I want to
be a Starfleet Captain just like you. When I am big I am gonna fly
the ENTERPRISE." I didn't know that it would be the last time I would
see him alive. That is why I would want a son so I can name him after

"Then we shall name him René. I think he would have been a great
captain. He seemed to take after you. This could be a way we can
honor his memory and you would always have René with you."

"Thank you Beverly, it means a lot to me to name our son René."

Deanna comes by with a handful of gifts with Wil closely behind her
with gifts that stacked past his head. Deanna laughs as she turns
around to see her husband struggling with the gifts. Picard comes up
to him at takes the gift covering his face off of the pile.

"Honestly number-one, you always have to be the best don't you?"

"Number-One, you haven't called me that in a very long time. I liked
hearing it."

"Anytime Number-One, anytime; now lets get these gifts over to
Beverly before someone gets hurt."

Deanna and Wil are seated on the love seat next to Picard and Crusher
who are seated on the couch. Kyle is still sleeping as most infants
do next to the love seat. Deanna gives Beverly a gift that is from
her. Beverly carefully takes off the bow and strips the box. She
opens it to reveal a nursing pillow built for two.

"My mother said that this would help out with the nursing. It will be
hard to just lean over so she ordered this for me. I didn't want you
to ruin your back. See you put it on your lap, like this, with the
babies head facing the window in the nursery. It keeps the sun out of
their eyes and it's easier on your back. I have one at home, but it's
for one baby, I wasn't going to nurse but Mother insisted it's better
for the baby and it helps to loose those extra pounds after the

"It's beautiful Deanna and tell your mother thank you for me please."

Deanna nods and gives her another gift this was made especially for
her by Deanna. It took a lot of love and care to make this. Beverly
untied the bow and took off the paper as she did on the previous gift
its two beautiful knitted blankets one green the other yellow.

"Oh Deanna they're beautiful. Did you make them yourself?"

"Umhm…Mother has been teaching me to knit since I found out I was
expecting. I have closets full of clothing I made for Kyle. Just ask
Wil, I think we are running out of space on the TITAN."

"Its true she has made more clothes for Kyle then she has made for
herself. It took her a lot of time to do this blanket. From the
moment she found out you were pregnant she made these for you. Love
went into every knit of those blankets. We didn't know what you were
having so she stayed with the non-gender colors."

"Thanks you so much Deanna, the babies will love them."

A soft cry from the bassinette nest to Deanna and Wil draws
attention. Deanna laughs.

"Kyle is probably hungry, I'm sorry I will be back in a half-an-hour."

The others nod as she picks up her son from the bassinette.

"Deanna we have the nursery set up for when the twins come you are
welcome to use it. I'm sure Kyle will want some privacy for when he

"Thanks Jean-Luc I'll use it. Wil would you get Kyle's diaper bag, he
will probably need a changing when he is finished I'll leave that to

Deanna, with Kyle in her arms, and Wil with the diaper bag goes up to
the nursery to get their son something to eat as well as a changing.
Picard and Crusher move items to a new location. Beverly shifts again
as a pain begins to travel up her back. Thinking it is nothing she
doesn't tell Picard, when he comes back he notices that Crusher is in
pain and sits down next to her.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah, just my back is hurting again the twins insist that they lay
on my back and my bladder. I have to use the restroom. I'll be right

Picard laughs and helps his wife off the couch. With her hand on her
back Beverly exits and goes to the small bathroom next to the living
room. Inside another cramp, this one across her abdomen causes
Beverly to take a sharp breath in and exhales as the cramp
dissipates. When she is finished Beverly stands up and wetness creeps
down her legs. Concerned Beverly looks down, she isn't sure but she
thinks her water broke. Exiting the bathroom Beverly takes a deep
breath in and walks to Picard who is sorting out the gifts the twins

"Hey honey, what are you doing?"

"Oh just sorting out the baby clothes into months. Our babies are set
for their first year. We won't need to replicate any new clothes they
got so many from the crew."

"Yes, I know. Um I will take some of these upstairs and see how
Deanna and Wil are doing? I hope they found the nursery alright."

"Beverly you know what the Doctor said, you aren't supposed to be on
your feet. I'll go up and see how they are doing and I will take some
of the clothes up as well. You stay on the couch I'll be back."

Beverly nods and takes a seat on the couch while Picard takes as much
clothing as he can in his arms and goes upstairs. Beverly hasn't told
him yet that it was possible that her water just broke. Labor is
hours away she'll tell him when her contractions come closer
together. Until then she doesn't want to worry him, after all the
twins are premature.


Wil and Deanna are in the nursery decorated it greens. Deanna is
seated on the rocking chair, with a blanket over her chest while Wil
is hovering behind her. Kyle feeds hungrily at his mother's milk.
There is a knock at the door…

"Come on it. Deanna is decent."

Picard struggles to open the door with his hands full of baby
clothing. The sound of a drop brings Wil over to the door. He opens
it and sees a few items falling out of Picard's arms.

"I'll help you with these. Why did you bring them up anyway? All you
had to do is ask for some help."

"I know but you were busy and Beverly isn't aloud to move around to
much. She still has six weeks before her due date and I don't want
her to go into premature labor."

Wil nods and takes some items out of Picard's arms and takes them
over to the changing table. Deanna is still humming while Kyle is

"Hi Jean-Luc the nursery is beautiful, did you do this yourself?"

"Yes, I had a little help with sister-in-law. She went and got the
house for us while we were on leave. The paper work just went
through. This house is ours now she also did most of the work on the
nursery. Beverly loves it she is planning on bringing the bassinette
into our room for the first few weeks after the twins are born."

"It's a great idea Kyle is still in our room on the TITAN it's easier
to feed him in the middle of the night. I don't even have to get out
of bed. Wil brings him to me and I feed him. Have you and Beverly
decided on names yet for the twins?"

"Not really, we do have a boy's name picked out. He is going to be
called René Jean after my nephew and of course me. We haven't really
decided on another boy's name or any girl's names yet. I hope that we
do soon we are running out of time here."

"You have plenty of time the twins are due for 6 weeks. It took us up
to the very last day to pick out Kyle's name. I wasn't sure I wanted
him to be called Kyle. My father and I had a history you all know
that and with his passing on that planet 2 years ago its just like it
was when I was growing up. He was never there unless he wanted
something or he wanted to make up all that time he missed with me all
those years ago."

"Wil knew that I wanted to have Andrew as a name, to honor my father,
but Andrew wasn't a suitable first name. We went through tons of baby
name books but we couldn't find one that went with Andrew or Riker
very well. Then when I heard that Wil went missing on that Sheliaq
nation months ago I wanted to call him William Andrew and I almost
did but then he came running into labor and delivery the day Kyle was
born. While you were visiting Beverly he to me he wanted to name the
baby Kyle Andrew. It went so well together we did it."

"He has a lot of his father's qualities. He will make a fine Captain
one day. He also has a lot of Kyle in him, he's very stubborn. I do
see you in him Deanna with the exception of his hair he has your
mannerisms as well as Lwaxana's. I really didn't know your father
well Deanna but he has his face."

"That's what I have been telling her since the day we brought him
home. She doesn't think he takes after her father. He does look like
him but he takes after me."
"Well I think this little guy is ready to burp."

Deanna closes her blouse and removes the blanket covering her. Kyle
still had some milk on his chin so Deanna took the spit up towel and
wiped his chin.

"Would you like to burp him Jean-Luc?"

"I don't know I never really burped a baby before. I don't even know
how to do it."

"Don't worry Jean-Luc I didn't know how to do it at first either but
Deanna taught me an easier way to do it. Come on, I'll give you your
first lesson in burping a baby."

Jean-Luc nods and Deanna gets up and hands Kyle over to Picard. He
takes a seat on the rocker and places the spit-up towel on his

"Wait, here put the towel on your knee, place Kyle on the other knee
and lightly tap his back. That way if he spits up it won't go on your
clothes you'll get in on your other knee or on himself see."

Wil places Kyle on Picard's knee supporting his head and places the
towel on Picard's other knee. Wil lightly taps Kyle's back and Picard
mimic's what Wil was showing him. Soon a little spit-up on the towel
then a burp; Picard's smiles in delight while he looks up at Wil and

"See it isn't as hard as you make it out to be. Wil learned that
right away didn't you sweetie?"

"Yes, now I think with warm bath and a changing Kyle will be ready to
sleep again. Would you like to help me Captain?"

"Captain? I love to hear that from you. I would love to help, Deanna
would you go downstairs and keep Beverly company she probably thinks
I got lost up hear."

"Sure, I want to talk to her about a few things anyway. I will let
her know you are helping Wil with Kyle. I'll see you in about 30
minutes. Bye honey."

She gives Wil a kiss and then Kyle a kiss and she smiles as she walks
out the door closing it behind her.

"Now the first thing you need to know about a son is always stand
beside him when you change him or take off his diaper. He might get
you in the face if you know what I mean."

Picard laughs and brings Kyle over to the changing table.


Downstairs Beverly is on the couch. She has her eyes closed and as
her best friend Deanna becomes worried. She goes down the stairs and
sits on the couch. Beverly opens her eyes to see her friend.

"Oh, hello Deanna, where is Jean-Luc?"

"He's upstairs with Wil. He is giving Jean-Luc lessons on caring for
an infant. When I was leaving Wil was about to give Kyle a bath and
change him. Jean-Luc got to burp Kyle today after I was done nursing.
He was nervous at first but Wil told him what I taught him. When Kyle
finally burped Jean-Luc's eyes lit up. He is going to be a wonderful

"I know he is. Deanna, do you mind if I ask you something?"

"Of course not, that's what best friends do?"

"How do you do it? Juggle being a wife, mother, and counselor? I
haven't been a mother for almost 30 years. So much has changed since
Wes was a baby. How do I know that everything I do will not affect
these twins in a bad way? Will I have enough love to share among all
three of my children, my husband, and my patients?"

"That is the most common questions I get from expecting mothers. The
answer is simply, yes you do. I remember when I was pregnant with
Kyle, the whole time Wil was away I worried that I wouldn't have
enough love to go to both Wil and my son. One day really late at
night I went into my mother's room to speak to her. She told me that
no matter how many children you have either one child or six children
there is always enough love to go around, plus a little extra for
your husband and your patients."

"At times like this I wish my mother didn't pass away when I was
four. Nanna was wonderful but she wasn't my mother. I missed out on
so much not having a mother. We never had any mother-daughter chats
about the future. I wish she were still alive today. Then maybe I
wouldn't be so scared."

Deanna places a comforting hand on Beverly's and smiles.

"It's normal to be scared, but you are a great mother. Wes grew up to
be a fine young man and you did that alone. These twins are going to
have two parents to grow up with and they will have a big brother too
and they are loved very much. I think they already know that. You
don't need to be an empath to know that."

Beverly smiles and places her hand on her swollen abdomen. A sharp
pain causes Beverly to draw in another sharp breath.

"Beverly are you alright?"

"I think so, just a sharp pain in my stomach. Nothing to worry about
I still have six weeks to go it's probably nothing."

"Beverly, you are keeping something from me. Are you sure it is

"I never could keep anything from you could I?"

"No you can't."

"Well, about an hour ago when you and Wil went upstairs my back
started to hurt. It went away but then I needed to use the bathroom.
While Jean-Luc separated all of the clothing by months I went to the
restroom. When I got up I had another pain but this time it was in my
stomach. Then I felt liquid down my legs. I thought I might have had
an accident but this liquid was milky. I'm not sure but I think my
water broke."

"You didn't tell Jean-Luc did you?"

Beverly shakes her head.

"No I didn't want to worry him. My contractions are very irregular;
it isn't really time to deliver. I have hours to go before they
become stronger."

"When was your last contraction, before this one?"

"Lets see um about an hour ago, it didn't last very long it was only
a few seconds. Then this one just came and again it lasted only

"I don't know Beverly, this is your second pregnancy you can go into
full blown labor in a few hours. You should tell him before its too

"I will tell him when the contractions get closer together and are
more regular. Until them promise me that you won't say anything to

"I promise but I don't like it.

As she finishes her sentence the guy come downstairs laughing. Jean-
Luc is carrying Kyle and Riker is next to him.

"So how did he do?"

"He is a natural. After Kyle almost peed on him he got better. I
think he knows the basics, and what I didn't teach him Beverly can."

"You have a handsome young man together. He is sure to be a ladies
man just like his father don't you agree?"

"Yes, as long as his father doesn't go back to his old habits while
I'm still around."

"Lets get something to eat everything is in the kitchen."

Deanna looks over at Beverly who just nods. Wil takes Kyle and puts
him in a bouncy chair.


Later that evening while everyone is seated at the table, Kyle is in
his car seat eating, Picard is feeding him with a bottle Troi
prepared. Beverly has another contraction. Picard and Riker don't
notice they are to busy discussing the new shielding for the ships.
Troi however notices her friend's discomfort.

"Beverly, why don't you come to the kitchen with me to start the

Beverly nods and they go into the kitchen.

"Beverly, your contractions are getting closer together. Don't you
think it's time to tell Jean-Luc?"

"No, they are still irregular I still have plenty of time."

Beverly inhales at a sharp pain in her stomach again. She places her
hand on the area that's hurting. Deanna leads her in her lamaz

"That's good now keep breathing."

The contraction ends and they begin the dishes.

"It's kind of strange doing dishes without a replicator. With one of
those all you have to do is put them in the recycling bin."

"Well, Jean-Luc's brother wasn't much for technology, that's why he
tried to talk René into not attending Starfleet."

"Well, maybe your René will go."

"Our René you think that one of the twins is a boy?"

"Well I don't know but I have a good feeling that you have a little
boy in there."

"Really….OOO…OOO…another contraction is coming. Help me, Help me,

"Okay you know what to do just breathe. I will go get Jean-Luc. Just
breathe come on in and out in and out, yes that's right."

"Captain let's get going you wife is ready to have the twins."

Wil and Jean-Luc jump out if their seats and run and get Beverly's
things for the hospital.

"Oh my goodness I'm not ready for the twins yet they can't come I'm
not ready"

Beverly exits the kitchen in the middle of a contraction

"That doesn't matter because they are coming."

Everyone exits the house closing the door behind them.


26 hours later…

Picard comes out of the delivery room holding the twins. Deanna, Wil,
and baby Kyle come inside Beverly's room to see her.

"Beverly, how are you doing?"

"Not bad I feel wonderful. I have two healthy babies, a husband, and
the greatest friends in the world here with me. Who could ask for

"You have two very beautiful babies. What are their names?"

"Well the little girl is called Kestra Ann."

"You named your daughter after my sister? I am so honored."

"I would do anything for you, I know that you didn't know your sister
and I know also that you didn't want to name her Kestra because she
would remind you of her. So I did it."

"Thanks you so much Beverly."

"You all know that our son's name is René Jean after me and after my
nephew. He looks a lot like me doesn't he?"

"Yes, sir he does, someday maybe he'll be a captain like his old man

"Wil, I'm not ready to retire yet."

"Kestra looks like you Beverly she has red hair. Maybe one day she
will be a doctor."

"She can be whatever she wants to be."

They really are beautiful guys. I knew you would make beautiful
children together. When will Wes come and see his new baby sister and

"He will be here by the end of the week. He's so excited he can
hardly contain himself."

"I'm sure, well Wil, we better get the baby home and let Beverly
rest. She has a very long day ahead of her."

They exit the room and Wil says something remarkable.

"Maybe, someday our son and Kestra will be married. Can you imagine