by Kate

RATING: NC-17; definitely NOT for kids
DISCLAIMERS: Paramount owns everything. No infringement intended.
SETTING: Around the beginning of Nemesis.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: How does one define the first time for love or intimacy? In the case of those who have become Imzadi, is it when they first become involved? Or does it come much later, only after the two are fully committed to what it means to be Imzadi?


Their first time really wasn't in the Jalara Jungle. He had known many women before her. He had caressed their heated skin and kissed and licked their erotic inches to new heights of sensation. And she, though new to carnal exploration, instinctively knew the oral and manual ministrations that brought him to the pinnacle. But only the mere whisper of Imzadi floated in their beings. It was only a beginning, a hint of what might be. Not truly the first time.

Not was the renewal of their relationship in the Briar Patch the first time. After years of professional pretence, they finally gave way to their innermost cravings for each other. From his sensuous kiss, his soft warm lips on hers, in her office, to the new permission they gave each other to once again explore their now more experienced bodies in the hot tub and, afterwards, the hungry plundering of each other's most sensitive and responsive areas, they released their passion and love for one another. And yet, it was not yet fully as Imzadi. Their bond, though present, had not yet been completely committed to and so was still being forged.

Nor was even the greedy and intense love they made after becoming engaged the first time. Full of frantic stroking, gasping kisses raining down over heated skin and into waiting mouths, and thrusts set to an ancient rhythm, their encounter came under the shadow of a rescindable engagement. And so the Imzadi bond had not yet come to full fruition.

No, the first time they made love truly, completely as Imzadi was after their wedding on Earth. Only then were Will and Deanna fully committed to each other and to the permanence of their relationship. Only then could they say that the Imzadi bond had been fully realized.

The wedding had been beautiful. Attended by close friends and a few relatives, the groom was resplendent in his dress uniform and the bride stunning in her pink wedding gown. As they exchanged their vows, they not only appeared to form their own universe but also to make the perfect couple. And, as far as their assembled guests were concerned, they were the perfect couple. A couple that had been years in the making and whom everyone else knew eons before them that they were destined to be together.

Late that night, long after the wedding reception had ended, Will and Deanna returned to the Enterprise, still their home until Will's formal transfer to the Titan as her captain. Walking hand in hand to the guest quarters they would now occupy until the transfer, they basked in the thick aura of love that surrounded them. When they reached the door, Will keyed in the entry code. Once the door slid open, Will trained his sparkling blue eyes on the dark Betazoid eyes of his beloved. Then, with out a word, he gently scooped her up into his strong arms and carried her over the threshold into the cabin. Raining tender, light kisses on her face, he bore her into the bedroom.

"Imzadi" was all he said as he carefully dropped her to her feet and then tipped her face up with his gentle, large hands. He smiled deeply at her as he realized in an instant that as intimately as he knew her body and soul, he was somehow going to rediscover her anew this wedding night. They were in the Jalara again. "Yes, the Jalara" was all she murmured, her large dark eyes full of wonder and joy. "Know me, Will."

He brought his lips, soft and warm, to hers. As he let the tip of his tongue gently work her lips apart, he entwined his hands in her thick tresses. She welcomed him in with gently inviting thoughts. For a moment, they stood there, their mouths locked together and their tongues reveling in a lover's dance.

At the end of the kiss, Will pulled his hands back from her face. Gently, he turned her around. He began to unzip her wedding gown. He followed the open path left by the zipper with tiny kisses and touches of his tongue. Deanna silently arched backwards, lost in the warm tingling left in his tongue's wake.

When he had finished unzipping Deanna's dress, he turned her back to face him. As he reached to her shoulders to pull the dress down, Deanna lightly ran the fingers of her hand first along his mouth, then down his neck and to the collar of his dress uniform jacket. She stared at him for a moment with eyes that smoldered with controlled passion and deep love. And then she reached her lips to his and drew his tongue in to duel gently once again with hers.

Will broke the sensuous contact with his beloved's mouth and stood back. Pulling her dress gently off of her shoulders, he let it drop to billow around her feet. Deanna's glowing eyes and alluring smile invited him to take the next step; she had sensed in his mind and seen in his intensely focused eyes that he wanted to undress her and so rediscover her.

Without a word, Will reached around to unhook her bra. As he drew it off, he leaned forward to trace wet paths on each of her breasts with his tongue and lips. Then, exercising all the restraint he could muster, he straightened up and stepped back. As his eyes, now dilated with barely controlled desire, hungrily scanned her body from head to toe, she stepped silently out of her underwear.

He stared at her in wonder, amazed yet again at the beautiful perfection of her body. His heart beat loudly in his ears and tingling warmth spread through his body as he saw her as if for the first time. Her depthless onyx eyes. Her soft lips. Her full breasts that awaited his masterful touch. Her groin that invited exploration.

And then it was her turn, her chance to explore anew the body of the man she now not only called "husband," but finally and truly "Imzadi." She stepped closer to Will, her depthless eyes heavily lidded with contained passion. Once again, she traced light paths along the edge of his lips, then down his neck with her fingers. This time, her hands did not stop at his collar. Instead, she unzipped his dress uniform tunic. Slowly, she peeled the tunic off of his torso and then his arms and let it drop to the floor. Instinctively, he raised his hands to pull her to him, but she stopped him by capturing and gently pushing his hands back to his side.

She eyed him with hungry, glittering eyes. Then she hooked her thumbs under the edge of his t-shirt and worked it up his chest. In its wake, her tongue left a wet, tingling trail. Her breathing pleasantly tight and her groin throbbing with desire, she unhooked his pants and drew the zipper down. Then she freed him of the constraints of his boxers and lightly kissed his aroused member, marveling anew at the shudder her kiss sent through his body. And then she let the pants and boxers drop to the floor.

Deanna stood back and surveyed the form of her Imzadi with a languid sweep of her eyes. How many times had she seen those smoldering blue eyes? Those enticing lips? That solid chest covered with its matting of soft hair? His solid member waiting to deliver them both to untold realms of pleasure? And yet, now that they were finally Imzadi, it was as if his sensual, handsome body was presented to her for the first time.

Will stepped out of the pile of clothing that had collected around his ankles. His eyes now burned with unbridled desire as he gently kneaded her breasts and walked her the few feet to the bed. As he bore her down to the bed's surface, he whispered huskily, "I want you more then ever, Imzadi." Entwining his hands in her hair, he pressed his lips firmly to hers and licked her lips to gain entry. Receiving him with a pleasured moan, she reveled in the soft texture of his tongue against hers.

He broke the kiss and proceeded to lick his way first to one of her ears, then around to the other. As he continued to forge a wet path now down her neck, she grabbed on to his hair. With tightly closed eyes, she let herself drift in the pleasant throbbing his tongue was triggering.

Then he kissed his way down one of her breasts and captured it in his mouth. The wave of pulsing that shot through her body was almost more than she could handle. She let out a groan. "Is that what you want, baby?" Will murmured as he licked his way over to her other breast. Closing his mouth around her, he breathed, "You taste wonderful."

Deanna moved her hands towards his head, but he caught them in his and released her breast from his mouth. "Oh no, baby, now it's my turn. Tonight I want to know you as I never have," he smiled at her. Deanna stared back mutely, her breathing now heavy and her dark eyes dilated with passion.

He did not wait for a response. Instead, he braced his arms at her sides and again caressed her breasts, causing another pulse of tingling tension to spread from her breasts outward. As a guttural moan escaped her lips, Will began to kiss his way down her stomach and then her legs. Looking momentarily back at Deanna's face, he could see her completely lost to the sensations his kisses, his tongue and his fingers were triggering in her. Nothing but animal desire occupied her mind at that moment.

With long sweeps of his hot tongue, Will forged wet paths up each of her legs. And then, he buried his mouth in the soft region of her womanhood. With small stabs of his tongue, he explored every millimeter. Each touch of his tongue to her stimulated skin sent a blinding pulse of heated tension through her groin and beyond. She shuddered with each pulse. "You like that, do you baby?" Will uttered, marveling at the pleasure he was giving to his Imzadi.

Before he could lower his face to her groin again, Deanna sat up and pulled Will to her mouth. Between frantic stabs of her tongue into his mouth, she breathed, "Now… it's my turn… Let me love… your body." A sudden charge of hunger and need passed between them. No words were necessary.

She pushed him down to the bed's surface. She traced out the edges of his lips with her tongue, then moved to kiss each of his ears. Her kisses there triggered an involuntary shudder and soft cries of "ooh" from Will. Locking her passion-filled eyes on his momentarily, she gave him a smile full of her love and desire for him.

Deanna turned her attention to kissing and licking her way first down Will's chest, then along the inside of each arm. Smiling at the moans her ministrations engendered, she returned her mouth to his chest. Using the tip of her tongue to forge her way through his thick chest hair, she worked her way first to one nipple to take gently between her teeth, and then the other. A guttural moan rumbled out of Will as he yielded to the pleasant tingling that coursed through his body.

Deanna looked at Will's face, flushed with passion. Seeing him this way triggered a sudden pulse of heat to spread through her. She smiled and bent down to continue to follow a path down his stomach with her tongue. Once at his throbbing member, she gave it a series of tiny kisses along its length. Will moaned and twisted. "Gods, Dee…," escaped his mouth.

She continued to work her way down with her mouth, first down one solid leg and then the other. Then, with slow sweeps of her tongue, she explored first one thigh and then the other. As a grunt escaped his mouth, Deanna took him into her mouth. Then, with long strokes of her tongue, she licked his length. At the same time, she caressed the skin around his member.

"Oh baby…," he moaned, "this is amazing." Deanna paused briefly in her ministrations. Had he always reacted this intensely? Or was there something added in her love-making with Will tonight? It was indeed like the first time in the Jalara. Only better; now they made love as Imzadi.

With a final sweep of her tongue up and down his length and a final brush of her fingers to his skin, she raised herself up and crawled up, almost predatory, towards his face. In a thick voice, he said, "Let me…" Then he brought his tongue first to one breast, then to the other. As Deanna moaned her pleasure at his ministrations, he reached to pull her face once again to his. Locking his lips to hers, his tongue jousted now frantically with hers.

Will moved his mouth away and grunted, "Gods, I want you so badly. I've never wanted you so much." With that, he sat up and pushed her down. Pinning her to the bed with one hand, he reached into her with several fingers to feel her ready wetness. Nodding with desire-glazed eyes, Deanna whispered throatily, "I'm yours Imzadi."

Will entered her. Burying his face in the sweet-smelling crook of her neck, he began to move in and out of her in an ancient rhythm. As his thrusts came faster, he moaned, "You're finally mine." Deanna's panting came faster as the throbbing warmth centered in her womanhood increased with each successive thrust. As her pleasure became blindingly intense, she wrapped her arms tightly around Will's solid neck.

Will shuddered as he finally went over the crest. A moment later, the word "yes" escaped Deanna's mouth as the throbbing in her finally exploded in a blinding flash of release. Her body tensed by the effort, she was lost to everything but the delicious sensations coursing through her body.

And then they were both spent. Breathing heavily, Will lay on top of Deanna. He gazed into her eyes, knowing he shared the same look of wonderment. Lovingly, he gently traced the contour of her face with his index finger. And he knew that he had never loved her body the way he had on this wedding night. A gentle brush from her mind told him she shared that feeling.

Will rolled off of Deanna to lie by her side. Planting a gentle kiss on her cheek, he wrapped his strong arms around her slim body. She turned in his embrace to face him. With love radiating from her being, she smiled at him and sent, <<Yes, this was the first time. Welcome home, Imzadi.>>

The End.