DRABBLE: K'mo Az (As Then)

by Kate

RATING: All Audiences
DISCLAIMER: No shekels gained. Inspiration is Shlomo Artzi's, you know the rest of the routine yada yada…
SETTING: After 'Second Chances'

"Chalamti sheh hakol k'mo az" [I dreamt that all was as it was then] ~ 'K'mo Az', words and music, Shlomo Artzi


Wrapped in her tender embrace, her physical presence filled his senses. Emanations of their Imzadi bond permeated his soul. Profound love for the beautiful Betazoid woman in his arms filled his heart…

Will Riker awoke. This wasn't Betazed but the Enterprise. He'd had a dream of long-suppressed yearnings. One triggered by Tom Riker, his newly discovered 'twin', courting Deanna Troi.

Will sat up. The dream's passionate love suffused his being in a way he'd not felt for years. And then he wondered: Could he have once again what he possessed long ago with that wondrous woman in the Jalara Jungle?