by Kate

Subject: Riker - Troi
Rating: G
Disclaimer: The mighty TPTB own everything. I'm just playing with the characters.


"Yes I promised you,
to love you,
everywhere. "

- "A Ticket to the Luna Park", by Shlomo Artzi

"Do you, William Thomas Riker, take this woman, Deanna Troi, to be your wife until death do you part?"

As if prompted by the question, Will raised his eyes to gaze into hers. He stood before his Imzadi, breathless at the beautiful image she presented before him: she looked transcendently lovely in her pink wedding dress. In an instant, the past twenty years of his relationship with Deanna flashed through his mind: the joys of their time in the Jalara Jungle, the pain he caused her when he didn't show up at Risa, the frustrating but enriching years of not-quite platonic friendship, and the rekindling of their romantic relationship after the Briar Patch. A moment later, he found himself totally transfixed by her large, dark eyes. He felt himself drowning in the love he saw there and thought he could stay there forever. He hardly noticed when the admiral conducting the wedding ceremony gently but audibly cleared his throat.

A quiet round of soft giggles from the surrounding guests reminded Will that he had yet to speak. Without breaking his gaze at his beloved, he whispered in a voice full of the love he felt, "I do."

"And do you, Deanna Troi, take this man, William Thomas Riker, to be your husband until death do you part?"

It was Deanna's turn to pause, as she stared into those startlingly blue eyes, so rich with his love for her. As Will had a moment before, Deanna found herself rapidly replaying in her mind the years of her time with Will. She caught her breath at the memories of the pleasures he had brought her in the Jalara, and the excitement of renewing their relationship after their time with the Baku.

"Deanna?" Will gently prompted, never breaking his eye contact with her. "Ah…yes. YES! I do," she stuttered. Another round of chuckles spread through the gathered guests.
But neither Will nor Deanna heard the laughter; their eye contact with one another had led them into a universe inhabited by only the two of them, a universe governed only by the reality of Imzadi. Wordlessly, they brushed each other's minds with the love that they felt.

<<Is this truly for always?>> she sent.

<<Yes, I promise to love you everywhere.>> He sent back, his eyes boring into hers.

The final words of the officiating admiral brought them back: "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Will leaned down and cupped her face in his hands. He brushed his lips gently across hers in a tender kiss. "Yes, and I promise too," she ever so quietly said. She pressed her lips against his, teasing his mouth open with her tongue. He responded by gently exploring her mouth with his tongue. He became lost in the soft feel and fragrant taste of her mouth. She closed her eyes as her tongue gently dueled with his, and his scent intoxicated her. At the same time, their love for one another coursed through each other's minds.

The sound of a cough from the audience intruded, causing Will to raise his head and Deanna to look down. He and Deanna both smiled a bit sheepishly, as if caught in an untoward act. At that moment, Jean-Luc Picard, Will's best man, announced, "May I present to you Mr. and Mrs. William T. Riker!"

A moment before walking together down the aisle, Will looked into Deanna's eyes and sent to her, <<Yes, I promise you to love you everywhere. Always.>> He took Deanna's small hand, hooked her arm in his elbow and walked forward. As they walked down the aisle, people couldn't help but notice the radiance of love shining from the faces of Will and Deanna. The radiance of Imzadi.

The End.