by Kate

Subject: R/T
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: You know the drill: Paramount owns them, no infringement intended. I just
take them out to play with for a little while.
Setting: Post-Nemesis, with due credit to Aztec Two-Step (Neal Shulman & Rex Fowler)
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Author's note: The song that I use as the springboard for this story has long been a favorite of mine. Many years ago, back in my art school days, I used it for the music to a final project in a computer graphics class I was taking. The "video" (if that's what you want to call it) was done on the most primitive computer possible: an Apple II-C, with a 16x16 monitor. I've always wanted the chance to properly give life to some of the things I see when I hear the song. And, it occurred to me recently, that it definitely calls to mind - at least, my mind! - Imzadi type images. Thus, the story.

HIGHWAY SONG, words and music: Neal Shulman and Rex Fowler

The gate was closing, the sun was folding,
her hand was waving me goodbye.
My door held open, my shadow broken,
my voice returned a short reply.
Remember me to the highway signs,
the colored lights and the highway lines.
Remember me to my friends so kind,
tell them I am fine.

The night was fallen, the moon was calling,
a whip-poor-will sang out its song.
There is no need for you to go,
like the seeds the wind would blow.
It is best that time moves slow,
you know some day she'll know...

But today is nearly over now.
It's nearly over, it's nearly gone.
Tomorrow doesn't matter now,
'cause nothing matters now except the dawn.

The gate left open, the sun had broken,
the dew left footprints to my door.
She walked in slowly, her image holy.
She knelt beside me on the floor.
I remembered you to the highway signs,
the colored lights and the highway signs.
I said hello to your friends so kind, told them you were fine.

But today is nearly over now.
It's nearly over now, it's nearly gone.
Tomorrow doesn't matter now,
'cause nothing matters now except the dawn.

It had been six months since Deanna and Will returned from their honeymoon. Life had been particularly hectic during that time. There was much to adjust to: new routines, a new ship, a new crew, and of course being married - all at once. And though they both were happy to be embarking on their new life and responsibilities on board the Titan, they found these first few months to be exhausting. Far more so than either had expected.

When the chance came for Will to take two weeks of shore leave, he eagerly grabbed the opportunity for some much needed rest. It took no convincing to encourage Deanna to arrange for shore leave at the same time. She was as exhausted as he was by their first six months on the Titan.

As they discussed their plans, it quickly became clear that there were only two places that captured their fancy: Betazed or Alaska. Betazed was home to Deanna, Alaska to Will. And they had had a wedding in each location.

"You know Will, Betazed is so beautiful at this time of year. The breezes are gentle, the flowers are blooming, and the Jalara is at its lushest…"

"Hmm, the Jalara, eh?" he said as he lightly licked his lips.

"You stop that, Will Riker, or we'll never decide this!" she rejoined, slapping him on the arm. "Yes, a nice, quiet visit to Betazed would be lovely."

"There is no such thing as "quiet" on Betazed, Deanna. Not while your mother is around."

"Will, you're terrible!...And you're right. She's not engaged in any diplomatic duties right now, so I'm sure she'd just love to plan every minute of our stay… Alaska is beginning to sound like a wonderful idea, even if it is a bit cold for my taste."

"When we are in the cabin, Imzadi, being cold will be the farthest thing from your mind, believe me!" he laughed, as he planted a light kiss on her cheek.

"Will Riker, you are worse than terrible!" she laughed, as she slapped him again on his arm.

"And that's why you married me, right Imzadi?" he chuckled as he pressed his lips to hers. She responded with a groan as he teased her mouth open with his tongue. After a moment of gentle tongue dueling tongue, they broke the kiss. "Alaska it is, then."


It had seemed like forever until the beginning of their shore leave. The days had passed as if in slow motion. But gradually, working their way through the intervening days, the time for their departure finally arrived.

Will took one final look around their cabin to make sure they had all they needed. "I think that's it Deanna. If you're ready, then I am." He picked up his suitcase. She nodded and then said, Yes, I am…Ah… just think, no patients, no crew…"

"And no interruptions, Imzadi. Just us," he smiled as he planted a soft kiss on her neck.

"Will, if you start that now, we'll never make it to the transporter room, let alone down to your cabin!" she said as she laughed.

"Hmm, you smell too good to wait for," he whispered as he started to kiss his way down her neck.

"William Riker, the transporter room! Now!" With a smile, she grabbed him by the arms, turned him around, and gave him a push towards the door to their quarters. With that, he threw up his arms in mock despair, gave an exaggerated "Oh well", and grabbed their suitcases.


The walk up to the cabin was beautiful. The air was rich with the smell of various trees, shrubs and wild flowers. The birds were in full song. The sky was a rich, deep blue, as only the sky in a wilderness could be.

Will paused on the gravel pathway up to the cabin. He closed his eyes, tilted his head up and breathed in deeply. "Isn't it beautiful, Deanna?"

"Yes, Will, it's beautiful." she smiled.

"And so are you, Imzadi." he said as he cupped her face in his hands and leaned down to plant a tender kiss on her lips. "You taste so good…" he muttered into the kiss. Breaking the kiss, she smiled back.

"So, Mr. Riker, are you going to carry me over the threshold, or do I have to walk in myself?"

"Let me do the honors, Mrs. Riker," he laughed, as he picked Deanna up in his arms.
He carried her into the cabin, all the while beaming lovingly at his beautiful wife.

<<I love you so much. How'd I ever get so lucky?>> he sent.

<<I could say the same thing, Imzadi>> She thought back. With that, they entered the cabin. He carried her directly to the couch in front of the fireplace and laid her down gently. With a groan of pleasure, he pushed her lips apart with his tongue and began exploring her mouth. She responded with a moan and thrust her tongue against his. Tongue against tongue, they each felt their pulse rates and breathing change.

Deanna reached up to wrap her arms around Will's neck. She breathed in his masculine scent. "You smell delicious, Will," she sighed. With that, Will began to kiss a path down the side of her neck.

"Will…?" He continued down to her collarbone and began to unbutton her shirt. As he paused to inhale her intoxicating scent, Deanna reminded him, "Will, the luggage…"

"Yeah, I suppose we ought to bring it in, shouldn't we," he sighed, now painfully aroused.
"I'm glad we're alone here. Otherwise, I'd have to hide for a while," he said in a husky voice.


The luggage was brought in. It took twice as long to unpack as it might have, because Will kept stopping to plant another kiss on Deanna's mouth or to nibble her ear, or merely to lean against her and breathe in her scent. When she reminded him that unpacking was the task at hand, he said, "But I can't help myself, Deanna! I haven't been able to enjoy you this much since our honeymoon. And I want you so badly…"

"Don't think I feel otherwise, Will. But if someone doesn't take charge, we'll be living out of our suitcases for two weeks. Not very home-like, is it?"

"Okay, Imzadi, then later," he leered suggestively to Deanna. With that he tackled unpacking with renewed focus, if not enthusiasm.

By the time they were done unpacking, it was time to prepare dinner. Will suggested that Deanna stretch out on the couch and relax. He insisted on preparing dinner himself. Deanna didn't argue with that, knowing that not only was Will a fine cook but that she could barely cook at all.

He created a veritable feast for their dinner. He augmented it with a bottle of wine, "Chateau Picard" Deanna noticed. It was a vintage wine that Jean-Luc had given them as a wedding gift. She smiled as memories of both weddings came to mind.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Will said, gazing across the table at Deanna. "Oh, I was just remembering our weddings, Will…I couldn't imagine how either of them could have been any better."

"Nor can I, Imzadi," returned Will. "Especially since I got the perfect bride. Now how can you beat that?" he smiled. Deanna smiled back, radiating her love for her Imzadi.

"You know, I've got some wood piled out back. What do you think if I bring some logs in and get a fire going in that fireplace? It looks rather empty right now, don't you think?" Deanna nodded her agreement. "It is a bit chilly in here, too."

Within short order, Will had stacked the logs in the fireplace and had a roaring fire going. "That should help take some of the chill out of the air. And…"Will began. "What the fire can't warm, you can, Imzadi," she finished as she pulled him down onto the rug before the fireplace. Will lay down on his side, pushed her gently to the rug and leaned in to lightly brush his lips against hers. A sigh from Deanna brought his lips more firmly against hers. As he pushed her lips open with his own, he began to stroke her cheek. Her pleasured moan encouraged him to begin kissing and licking a path down her neck.

"Gods, Will…Imzadi," she said in a husky voice.

"Yes……are…an…incredible… woman," he breathed between hot, moist kisses.

At that moment, the com panel in the corner of the living room beeped. "Oh gods," Will groaned as he rolled off of Deanna, "Is there no privacy to be had anywhere in this universe?" Deanna sighed; she felt as frustrated as he did.

He went to the com panel to view the monitor. The message on the screen read: "Incoming message for Counselor Troi-Riker."

"It's for you, Deanna. What could be so damned important that they had to contact you in the middle of nowhere - and during our shore leave, no less?" Will grumbled. "It must be very important, Will," she said as she came to stand by him at the com panel.

Deanna leaned against Will, reaching around him to hit the "receive" button. On the screen appeared one of the Admirals from Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco. "Hello, Sir," said Deanna.

"Hello, Counselor Troi. I'm sorry to disturb you this way. We know that you and Captain Riker are away on approved shore leave."

"Yes sir, that is correct."

"Counselor Troi, we need your assistance in a matter stemming from the political chaos left by the activities of Shinzon and his Romulan and Reman followers."

"Excuse me, sir. Captain Riker here. Isn't there someone at Starfleet who could handle this matter instead of Counselor Troi? Someone more versed in political matters, perhaps?"

"I'm afraid not, Captain. Because of Counselor Troi's experiences with Shinzon and his Reman viceroy, she has a singularly unique perspective to bring to bear on the matter. There is no one else with her particular insight."

"I see," said Will.

"Sir, when would I need to report? And where?" asked Deanna.

"We need you here, in San Francisco, as soon as possible. We have already arranged for transport tomorrow morning," replied the Admiral.

"Tomorrow?!?" sputtered Will. "Meaning no disrespect, Sir, but isn't this something that could wait until our shore leave is over?"

"Unfortunately not, Captain. We are at the point in this matter where we must have Counselor Troi's assistance now. It cannot wait for two weeks."

"I see," said Will glumly. "Sir, how long do you expect to need Counselor Troi's services?
"It could be as much as a week, Captain." Will struggled to keep an exasperated expression from his face. Still, the Admiral saw a hint of Will's true feelings.

"I must stress to you the importance of Counselor Troi's participation in this matter, Captain Riker." Will nodded, a look of resignation on his face.

"We will expect Counselor Troi to be available for pick up at 0800 hours tomorrow."

"Very well, Sir," interjected Deanna. "I will be ready and waiting in the morning."

"Thank you, Counselor. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, sir. Troi out."

Deanna leaned her head against Will's arm. "I'm sorry Will." Will wrapped his arm around Deanna's shoulders. "I know," he sighed. "I know."

The communication from Starfleet cast a pall on their mood. They walked quietly back to the couch, each lost in their own thoughts. Wordlessly, they sat down. Deanna glanced at Will and saw the sadness and frustration reflected in his face. "Six months…" he began. She nodded her head. "I wish…," he began. With a sigh, he finished, "I wish you didn't have to go." Deanna looked at him sadly and sent, <<I know, Imzadi.>

Then she noticed the still unfinished bottle of wine sitting on the dining table.
"Will, we can't let that wine go to waste. It's just sitting there, begging to be finished."
Will looked up towards the bottle. "You know, you're right. I wouldn't want to drink it without you. Not something that was a wedding gift." He got up, went over to the table, grabbed the bottle and two glasses. After pouring some wine into each glass, he came back over to the couch and handed a glass to Deanna.

For a while, they simply sat in silence and sipped their wine. Outside, the sun had set, leaving an orange cast to the lower part of the darkening sky. Inside, the fire cast warm, dancing light across the features of the couple seated together.

"Tomorrow morning is too soon," said Will. Deanna put a finger across his mouth and said, "Shh…This moment is our time, Will. Tomorrow doesn't exist. There is only now." Will smiled at her, realizing the truth of her words. "You're right."

Will moved from the couch to the rug, pulling Deanna down with him. "It is best that time moves slow now," he said as he gazed into her large, dark eyes. With that, he gently pressed her down onto the rug before the fireplace. "Imzadi," was all he said as he put his lips to hers, teasing them open with his tongue. As his tongue danced against hers, she sent, <<Imzadi, let me be in you.>>

Will pulled back from Deanna's mouth to stretch out on the rug. Deanna laid herself next to him, resting her head in the crook of his shoulder. As the shadows in the room danced before the flames in the fireplace, Deanna reached out across their bond to send her love. Will closed his eyes and basked in the warmth that she sent. His whole being felt suffused with the fullness of her love. He sighed and smiled a smile of supreme contentment.

<<Imzadi, let me…>> he began to send back. <<You don't need to send a thing, Will. Your love is overflowing into me.>> She leaned up to stroke Will's face with infinite tenderness.

<<This moment with you…>> Will began. <<I know, Will. No more words.>>

Deanna planted a light but tender kiss on Will's mouth, and then laid back down next to him. She began to send not only her love for Will but her feelings of escalating desire. Through their bond, she sent her own erotic thoughts as well as stimulating the same in Will. Though neither Will nor Deanna moved at all, the sexual energy they each felt flowed through the other. Their breathing deepened and hearts pounded harder. Without lifting a finger, each was stroking and stimulating the other's mind and inner being with thoughts of love, lust and desire.

Will and Deanna lay together, pouring increasing sexual and erotic energy into one another through their bond. From time to time, a moan or a grunt would escape one of their mouths.

<<Imzadi, this…is…incredible>> Will sent as he groaned. <<Will…your mind…it's as…delicious as your body…>> she sent back, breathing heavily.

The flow of erotic thought and feelings from one to the other increased, as Will and Deanna both began to pant, their eyes half-closed and glazed by passion. In an instant, they shared a blinding crescendo of passion and desire. "Imzadi!" Will grunted. "Oh gods…," Deanna moaned.

After a few minutes, their breathing had returned to normal. As they basked in the afterglow of their encounter, Deanna leaned in to lightly kiss Will on his lips. "Deanna, that was the most incredible love you have ever made with me," he marveled, staring into her eyes. "It was wonderful wasn't it," she smiled.

"I don't want to leave this spot," said Will. "Then we won't," whispered Deanna. She pulled an afghan off of the couch and spread it over the two of them. Deanna snuggled against Will's side, her hand lightly caressing the hair on Will's chest. As they lay quietly together watching the fire, they felt themselves slipping into a deep and restful sleep.


As the sun began its slow climb in the eastern sky, light started to shine through the windows of the cabin. Will woke to see that the fire had burned itself down to embers. As he turned under the afghan, Deanna stirred. "Good morning, Imzadi," she sighed happily. "Good morning," Will whispered as he reached over to place a gentle kiss on her mouth.

"What time is it?" she asked. Will stole a glance at the chronometer on the table. "It's almost 7 o'clock."

"I guess I should get up and get ready then…," she sighed. "Yes, I suppose so," agreed Will, suddenly glum. With that, Deanna hugged Will, then kissed him on his cheek. "Why don't you get some breakfast going while I shower and get dressed."

A while later, while Deanna was in the shower, the smell of cooking eggs and brewing coffee wafted into her nostrils. She felt a pang of regret, knowing she would not have this kind of peaceful morning again for a number of days.

They shared their breakfast in silence. As 8 o'clock drew closer, the air of sadness increased to the point that it was almost tangible. Will could only manage a few glum looks at Deanna's face. And while Deanna maintained a calm demeanor, inside she too was unhappy. It had been a long six months and she had seen so much less of Will than she had wanted. This had not been the way she had planned to begin her marriage. She didn't want to leave him, but she knew she must. An order was an order.

Soon enough, 8 o'clock chimed on the chronometer. A moment later, the sound of a hovercraft could be heard outside, then a knock at the door. Deanna opened the door to find a Starfleet ensign saluting her. "Excuse me, Sir. Ensign Roberts reporting to transport you, Counselor Troi."

Will was standing behind Deanna as she stood at the door. When she acknowledged the ensign's presence, Will wrapped his arms around Deanna from behind and rested his head on top of hers. She turned around in Will's arms to face him. She stared into his sad blue eyes. <<I'll be back soon, Imzadi.>> Will stared sadly but intently. <<I'll contact you every day…>> The ensign watched the two of them, aware that some sort of communication was going on between them.

"Well then, it looks like it's time for you to leave," sighed Will. "Yes, it is," Deanna answered with a false note of confidence.

With that, she placed a tender kiss on Will's lips, turned and walked with the ensign down the path to the hovercraft. In a few minutes, the craft was gone, leaving Will standing on the stairs, feeling lost and adrift.


That first day, he found himself going through the motions of cabin life, as if he were on autopilot. After cleaning the breakfast dishes, he picked up the afghan under which he had slept with Deanna. He held it to his face, inhaling the heady mixture of her scent and his. The aroma brought a brief smile to his face, then a sigh. He sadly folded the afghan and placed it ever so gently on the couch, as if he were caressing his beloved.

With his Imzadi gone, Will felt as if there was an aching hole within him. He knew there were many times when he didn't see as much of Deanna on board the Titan as he would have liked. But, he knew that she was always there, and that he would always see her at the end of the day in their cabin. This was different; until she returned from San Francisco, there would be no touching her, no smelling her, no making love with her, no being with her. A daily communications contact with her could not hug him, curl up with him in bed, walk with him in the woods, share his food, sit with him before the fire.

Will found it difficult to be in the cabin, the space that he had so wanted to share with her.
He went in the cabin only to eat, talk to Deanna during their daily comm chats and sleep. Otherwise, he stayed outdoors as much as he could. And though he could not feel her any where, at least outdoors there were fewer reminders of her absence.


From the moment she stepped off the hovercraft at Starfleet Headquarters, Deanna was swept up in a non-stop series of meetings. The admiralty, in conjunction with several top Federation diplomats, was trying to formulate a meaningful response to the overtures made by the Romulans in the wake of Shinzon's demise. They were trying to assess the true nature of the overtures, as well as the potential for both Romulan and Reman dissent. To this end, Deanna had been brought first to military staff meetings, then diplomatic ones to provide information on the thought processes and feelings she had sensed among the Romulans and Remans during the conflict with Shinzon.

She was so busy with meetings during the days that she barely had time to think about Will or Alaska - except when she took the time during her lunch break to contact him. Then, a big gap would open in her heart as she spoke with him. She sensed the same in Will during her conversations, and so kept her mental shields up. She did not want her own feelings of loneliness to add to his. But each time she had to sign off for the day, a momentary feeling of loss would wash over her. It didn't get any easier saying goodbye.

While her days were a mind-numbing whirlwind of seemingly endless meetings, the nights were empty. She would return to her guest quarters late, after the last of the meetings for each day, exhausted. The emptiness of the rooms reminded her that her Imzadi was far away. There was no Will to curl up in bed with, to use his large but sensitive hands to massage her neck, to hug, to kiss or make love with. The hot chocolate she replicated each night was a poor substitute.

After four days of this, Deanna felt her life slipping into a mind-dulling and exhausting but predictable routine. It made it easier for her to get through each day. And each day gone was a day closer to Will.

At the end of the last afternoon meeting on the sixth day, one of the Admirals approached
Deanna. "Counselor Troi, you have been of incalculable value to us in these meetings."

"Thank you, Sir," she replied, trying hard to mask the fatigue that was stealing over her.
"It is the staff's belief that your services are no longer required."

"Sir?" she asked, not sure if she heard him correctly.

"You have given us what we needed. Your assignment here is completed. You are free to return to your scheduled shore leave."

She could hardly believe what she was hearing. This was it! She was free to go home, to Will. She felt her veil of fatigue lift as her joy over being able to leave filled her heart.

"When may I depart, Sir?" she asked, trying not to show her sudden giddiness.

"We can arrange transport within the hour. I imagine, though, that a meal would probably be in order before that, Counselor. You've not eaten since midday."

"Yes, that's so. Would it be possible to obtain transport after supper? Say, 1500 hours?" she inquired.

"Consider it done, Counselor. Report to the transport pad at 1500 hours. A hovercraft will be waiting to take you back to Alaska." The Admiral broke into a warm smile, reached out to shake Deanna's hand, and said, "Have a good trip, Deanna. We all know how difficult this was for you to give up your time with Captain Riker. We cannot thank you enough." He shook her hand again, smiled once again and turned to leave.

"Yes, yes, yes! Finally!…Oh gods, I'm going home!" she exulted to herself with clenched fists up thrust in front of her. Her mind filled quickly with thoughts of Will: of his kisses and embraces, of his seductive scent, of the way he filled her being.

She thought to herself, "Hmm, do I let him know I'm coming tonight? Or should I surprise him?" She visualized the special joy her unannounced arrival would bring Will. "Surprises are good," she smiled to herself as she turned towards her quarters.


The sun was setting when Deanna got out of the hovercraft at the foot of the cabin's gravel path. The sun cast a warm, orange light in the sky and left the scenery largely in shadowed silhouettes. But the path went directly to the cabin, and Deanna had no fear of losing her way in the diminishing light. She turned to acknowledge the salute of the ensign who had piloted the vehicle, picked up her bag, and then started up the path.

As she neared the cabin, she erected her mental barriers. She wanted to surprise Will totally, and so made it impossible for him to sense her through their bond. She smiled to herself as she contemplated Will's reaction; she knew well the electrifying effect her sudden appearance would have on him. She was looking forward to it.

Before stepping onto the front porch of the cabin, Deanna removed her boots and socks. She did not want any random sounds to give her presence away. Quietly she turned the handle of the front door. Will never locked it when he was there. He had told her that there was no reason to do so with the cabin so remotely located.

She pushed the door open slowly and stepped inside. The sound and sight of a crackling fire in the fireplace caught her attention immediately. Then she saw him. He was sitting on the rug in front of the fireplace, with his back to the couch. She watched quietly as he raised a bottle to his lips and took a sip. Was it beer, she wondered. She would find out soon enough.

Stealthily, she made her way over to the couch, her bare feet making only soft padding sounds on the wooden floor. Silently, she put her bag down and went to kneel beside Will.
"Hello, Will," she said. Will jerked in surprise, joy quickly filling his handsome face. "My god, Deanna, I had no idea you were coming home tonight!" he exclaimed as he turned to her and put his beer down.

"Surprised, Imzadi?" she asked gently. "You almost put me in an early grave!" he laughed as he clutched his hand over his chest. An instant later, he wrapped his arms around her, saying only, "My beloved is home."

"Yes, Imzadi. I am," she said as she briefly pulled back from his embrace to look at him. His ragged t-shirt followed the contours of his broad shoulders and chest. His beard was shaggy, his hair uncombed and spiky, his blue eyes dark and luminous. To Deanna, he looked irresistible.

To Will, Deana looked almost holy. He clung to her tightly as if he were afraid she was merely an apparition that would disappear in an instant. Then he noticed her fragrance. "Mmmm…you smell so delicious… I can hardly believe you're really home," he whispered delightedly. "Yes I am," she whispered back, clinging equally as hard to Will and trying to hold back tears.

Will pulled back to drink in the beauty of his Imzadi. At that moment, a stray tear ran down Deanna's cheek. "Shh, Imzadi. It's okay… You're home now," he said, beginning to rock her back and forth in a soothing motion.

They sat that way for several minutes while Deanna silently wept. She wept for the time taken from them, for the emptiness she had felt while she was away from Will. Will felt a lump rise in his throat, for he was sharing the same feelings - both hers, and his. "I missed you so much," he whispered, fighting back his own tears.

"You're here now, Deanna…And this is our time, again. Now. This moment," he said after Deanna's silent weeping ended. He put a finger under her chin, tipped her face up and wiped the tears away with his thumbs. He gave her a loving smile. She smiled back tentatively, and nodded her head.

Will leaned in to brush her lips tenderly. Deanna smiled again, then offered her own soft kiss. He stroked her face gently, smiled at her again then lightly pushed her down to the rug.

As it had the last time they had lain together on the rug, the fire cast a warm glow upon Will and Deanna. For a moment, they looked into one another's eyes, each drowning in the love found in the other's eyes. The only audible sounds were the crackle of the fire and the occasional bird call outside.

"I feel whole again, Imzadi," Will murmured as he pressed his lips to Deanna's. "Me too," Deanna mumbled back, her lips still pressed to his. An instant later, Will touched his tongue to her lips. Deanna responded by opening her mouth and allowing him in. He tasted and stroked with his tongue. His explorations ignited Deanna's desire, and she suddenly thrust her tongue against his.

As their tongues dueled, they each felt passion growing within. The extended kiss became more frantic as their hands, once gently caressing each other's faces, grabbed onto one another's hair. "Gods, Will, I missed you so…"she panted between thrusts of her tongue. "Me too, De…Gods, you smell so…" he moaned as he began to kiss a wet trail down her neck. "So… delectable."

Deanna's hands still gripped the sides of Will's head as he began to unzip Deanna's uniform top. His tongue and kisses followed the path of the zipper as it exposed first her chest and then her stomach. "Mmmm…," she moaned. Will paused to remove her uniform top, then resumed kissing her neck. He used his teeth to pull her bra straps off of her shoulders, then kissed her still-clothed breasts. "Gods, Will…," she said, her voice husky with passion.

Frantically, she grabbed onto his t-shirt and clumsily tried to pull it over his head. Pausing for a moment between his kisses, he helped Deanna slip the t-shirt off. As he resumed kissing Deanna's upper body, he reached down to unzip her uniform pants. Without bothering to pull them down, he reached down to gently stroke Deanna between her legs. "Ahh…," was all that escaped Deanna's mouth.

Will then returned to kiss her once again first on one clothed breast, next on the other. Then reaching under Deanna's back to unclasp her bra, Will removed it. "Ah, Imzadi," he whispered in a husky voice as he buried his face between her now-exposed breasts. "You're finally here with me…this moment," he mumbled between her breasts. "Yes," she breathed heavily. Then Will turned his head to lovingly suckle one breast while he caressed her other. "I missed your tongue…," she moaned as he switched to suckle her other breast. "I missed your body…"

"Let me…," she began, as she reached down to the zipper on his jeans. She fondled his obvious arousal from the outside of his jeans, engendering a guttural moan from Will. Then she unzipped his jeans and reached into his boxers to stroke him directly. With each slow stroke, Will groaned with eyes tightly closed. "Gods, I missed this, Will…," she whispered as she began to kiss a wet path down his abdomen to his boxers. With a quick pull, she divested Will of his boxers. With her kisses and her tongue, she explored first one thigh, then the other, finally focusing on his arousal. "Ohhhh…," left Will's lips as he grabbed a handful of her hair.

"Whoa," he said suddenly, "Not yet, Imzadi." He gently pulled her away from his groin and back to his mouth. Again, tongue dueled tongue between heavy breaths of passion.

Will began again to kiss a wet trail down Deanna's abdomen. This time, he kissed and licked his way down to her groin. He kissed her throbbing center of pleasure through her underwear, then pulled them down quickly to her knees. After she kicked them off, he kissed and licked his way first up one thigh, then the other, and then finally to her center of pleasure. "Gods…Will, Imzadi," she moaned as she went rigid from the intensity of the sensations his tongue and lips were producing. "Not even in my dreams…"

"Yes," he murmured into her groin. "This is beyond dreams."

Deanna started twisting back and forth, overwhelmed by the sensations Will's lips and tongue were producing. "Imzadi…," she hissed between pants, "I want you so badly…" Will kissed his way back up her abdomen, lovingly suckled each breast then parted her legs quickly with his. "Will…Now…Please," she moaned.

With that, he entered her. She was warm and moist. "You feel so incredible," he whispered in a voice thick with passion. She smiled with lust-glazed eyes, licked her lips and squeezed her pelvic muscles. "Oh gods, Deanna…," he gasped. She wrapped her legs around Will, as if to bring him in further.

"Will…," she moaned. "Gods…now," she begged. With that, Will began to thrust himself in and out, in and out. At first gentle, Will's thrusts quickly came faster and harder.

"Yes!" Deanna moaned. She could feel herself nearing the pinnacle with each successive thrust, each movement producing a universe of overwhelming sensation in her womanhood. As his thrusts came faster and faster, Will felt himself approach his own crest. In the same instant, they both went over the top in a blinding explosion of charged energy that spread from their groins quickly to the rest of their bodies. Frantic pants and wordless grunts escaped their lips as they crested together.

Ever so slowly, their breathing returned to normal and their bodies relaxed. After a few moments, Will smiled and rolled off of Deanna to lie by her side. He looked at her adoringly. Her face returned the love she saw in Will's.

"Welcome home, Imzadi….I am complete again," Will said softly as he kissed Deanna gently on her lips. "And I, too, am complete, Imzadi," she murmured pleasurably into the kiss. With that, Will grabbed the afghan off of the couch and pulled it over them. He wrapped his arms around Deanna. Together, they drifted off to sleep the sleep of those completed by the presence of their soul mates, the sleep of Imzadi.