Deanna's Angel (Inspired by Sarah Malachlan's Angel)

A quiet evening of meditation leads to some uncovered feelings, and the rebirth of the bond that will bind them forever.
I need some distraction, oh, a beautiful release. Memories seep from my veins, that may be empty, oh, and weightless, and maybe...I'll find some peace tonight.
In the arms of the angel, fly away from here. From this dark, cold hotel room, and the endlessness that you feel.
You were pulled from the wreakage of your silent reverie. Your in the arms of the angel, may you find some comfort here. Heavenly Bodies-Introduction The couple sat together in deep meditation, surrounded by an aura of inner peace and harmony with each other, and their environment. Their position was very relaxed and very intimate, but it came naturally to them. They were both sitting crossed-legged, with her between his legs. He held his hands palm-side up out in fron of him, and her own were in the same manner, hovering slightly above his. They had been this way for quite some time. A few hours, perhaps.
The room was dimly lit with aromatherapy candles that were scattered about. The two were placed precisely at its center, to symbolize the beginning point of all things. They philosophy of the meditation was really quite simple. Everything else that exsisted outside of the center was never as important as the things that started there. First and foremost came harmony from within, individually, and then ultimately, together-as one, as whole of something greater.
They had been doing this for the lasat few days, as a means of release from work and everything else that revolved around it. IT was quite helpful to both of them. The best part was that they were spending more time with each other, and in that time, were slowly reconstructing and reinforcing their special bond-Imzadi. In doing this, they were becoming reaqainted wiht one another's soul, and learning to familiarize themselves with what it felt like to be soul mates again, to atually be dependent on someone else, and needed by somone else...rather than living-and loving-alone. The experience was pure bliss and always brought contentment to them both.
An evening of enlightenment... Will Riker had an evening of relaxtion planned for himself and Deanna. The room ws decorated in its usual setting, with the candles lit and the room lights low. Along with the wonderful decor was an elegantly prepared dinner, and a beautiful rose arrangement in a variety of colors. The entire scene was absolutely romantic and sensual. But oddly enough, Will's goal tonight was to use this session to express to Deanna his deeper feelings for her...rather than seduce her and sweep her off her feet. Time had matured him to go beyond that. Tonight he ws going to make an attempt to communicate with Deanna the wya she had taught him so many years ago. First though his mind to hers, and then eventually into her heart.
Deanna arrived on time. She was wearing a simple, yet visually pleasing, blue-blended gown with a thin veil wrapped around her shoulders. Her expression was pleasant and serene as she stood in the doorway and smiled at him, "Hello, Will." She let herself in while he lit the last few candles. She looked around and was amazed at the environment set before her, "My, my. What's all this?"
Will smiled back and replied, "Just adding to our usual decor. I hope you don't mind?"
"No," she grinned, "Not at all."
He walked over to her, "Well, then if you don't have any other objections...Shall we get back to where we left off when we last met?"
"Certainly," Deanna replied as Will removed her veil.They proceeded to their habitual spot in the center of the room. Deanna sat down first, followed by Will. She closed her eyes and searched to find her center of calm. He did the same, breathing in and out. His attempt at communication with Deanna would take a great effort on his part. After all, he wasn't the skilled empath that she was. It only took them a few moments before they were fixed in deep meditation.
Deanna realized as she began to immerse herself in a state of relaxtion,that there was a distinct field of energy radiating from Will tonight. She sent him a feeling of curiousity through his mind, What are you hiding, Will Riker? He smiled in his position and thought nothing, leaving the curiousity answered in Deanna's mind. She breathed deep and focused again, this time opening her psyche to him.
Will could hear the faint sound of soul music, something she had introduced him to years ago when they were on Betazed. It's tones were deep and soothing. He let it fill his mind, though he could not hear it in full volumes as Deanna could. She then proceeded to project an image to him, of them walking together, hand in hand, along her birthplace of Lake El'Nar.
The air was tranquil and inviting. The sun was warm and bright. As the familiar scene played its way through his mind, Will began to realize why Deanna had brought him to this place. She, too, was trying to connect with him again, though she had not made it so obvious. Instead of speaking just then, he decided that he would wait for the right moment to tell her just what was on his mind.
They proceeded to continue to stroll along many more of Deanna's favorite spots. After a quick, but intellectually stimulating visit at the Betazed Museum of Art, Deanna took them to the place where they had last seen each other before the Enterprise-Janaran Falls. The water rushed down off the cliff rapidly, leaving mist to rise to the surface, gently spraying the two as they stood on the shore, observing the sight. It's just as beautiful as I remember it, she thought. It's like never left, Will replied. He was right.
The falls looked just as they had all those years ago...almost as if the eleven years passed had not had any effect on them since then. But the change was definately evident. They wer no longer the young and eager teenagers that had so much hope and security in the future. Their lives thus far had put those beliefs to the ultimate test. They were older, mature, and now both desperately needing stability. Neither could afford to go through all the turbulence of seperation again.
Even Will (who was infamous for going from woman to woman) was getting tired of leaping from one temporary, unsatisfying relationship to the next. They had finally reached that unresolved standing point in their lives. The thought, ~Where do we go from here?~ seemed to hang in the air like something tangible.
Will set all conflicting thoughts aside and took in the sight, letting the present image mingle with his memories of the past. The warm tropical air, was accompanied by the perfume of the jungle fauna and the scent of her. The wonderful, intoxicating scent of his Imzadi. In a matter of moments, the smells were followed by a rush of images, sensations, and emotions. There was Deanna, everywhere, and in everything. She touched him, body, mind, and soul. She fueled his desire, and allowed him to feed off of her own. Deanna had subconsciously, without knowing, had become the center of his world. All this and more overwhelmed Will through every fiber of his exsitence. He opened his eyes, spared only a fleeting glance towards Deanna...
...and almost instantly Deanna's mind connected with his, and was flooded with the memories they had made at the Falls. The kissing, the touching, and the passion that flowed between them as the water raged on... Emotions and reflections so intense that they threatened to overwhelm Deanna and take her out of her meditative state. But she could let go. So much was being conveyed to her in a matter of seconds.
She blinked, and it was gone. Will stood there, smiling at her. Deanna went to him, and let Will wrap her arms around her as she faced gazing towards the waterfall. As she rested in his arms, a question kept nagging in her mind. She could help but ask. Will, I can tell you're holding something back. What is it? He turned her around gently, and looked straight into her dark eyes, now accented by the sun and the magic of the Falls. She waited for him to speak.
From in the deepest corner of his thoughts, he sent a message that rang clear as a bell into her heart, *Imzadi...I...I need you...Now more than ever.* his communication so shocked her, Deanna almost broke out of concentration. She stood there, staring at him wide-eyed. She couldn't believe it. Of course, she should have known they were getting closer in through the course of there meditation sessions...but Will reached out and touched her face, and in those few moments, the sensations that traveled from Will to Deanna-throughout her mind and body-were so precious that she began to cry.
Tears of joy creeped down her gentle countenance. She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came. Only her emotions could relay what she wanted to say to him now, and they spoke in volumes to him. That was all he needed. He caressed her face, letting his thumb pass over her lips. Just as she was about to ask him how this was all possible, he whispered, It was always there, Deanna. It just took me while to get the courage to summon it again. Will took her hands in his and sat down with her on a rock nearby.
Speaking directly into her eyes and into the depths of her soul, he told her what she needed to hear. *I remember being with you, and being apart of you, and the universe all at once. It was incredible. When we were together, I thought nothing could possibly come between us. I did...but the pain of guilt and regret was written in his eyes, something did. My career in Starfleet, your mother, maybe our own hurry to change the world. I don't know, but I couldn't believe that after all the happiness I had with you, that all that would change my life so immensely. When I was detached from you for all those years, it was the most excruciating thing for me, because it hurt me from every aspect of my being. In my heart, above all, I had never felt so much pain in my life. I'd never felt so incomplete.*
Deanna could feel herself filling with grief. Tears of a different kind came now. She had never known until now what Will had gone through back then until this moment. Until that moment, she had always thought that she was the only one to experience the agony of being seperated from one's Imzadi. Will continued, *I never realized that when I had you, I had everything I ever needed. Anything and everything I would ever need.*
His last words sincere, and Deanna knew they were meant with the deepest sincerety of his heart. She knew what he wanted-and what she needed-all along. Will now needed her for strength, for support, and to have someone who would love him in a way no other could. The only one that could. Deanna realized then, that she could do all that and more. But now that she knew Will's feelings, (and had a pretty good idea of her own) what would she do about? They had come this far...Why not keep going and see where the future would lead them? As if he had contemplated her thoughts ahead of time, Will thought to her, No matter what, Imzadi, I want to make the rest of this journey together, with you by my side.
Deanna brushed a lock of his hair to the side, as she had done so many a time before. She gazed within him, into his eyes and beyond, searching for some reassurance that what he was saying was what he truly wanted more than anything, to see if he was willing to make the sacrifices and committments for the time ahead. And everything Deanna saw their only confirmed everything she wanted to know.
She smiled and thought back to him, *The gods must have been listening to my prayers after all, Imzadi.*
He grinned back at her, and replied, *Why do you say that?*
She went into his arms and gazed beneath his blue depths and said, *Because...they sent me an angel... They brought me to you, Will.*
With that, they opened their eyes and slowly came out of their meditative state. They then stood simultaneously, and Will eveloped Deanna in his arms from behind, just like the comforting wings of a heavenly guardian. He held her close and let his hands caress her arms, and donw along her abdomen. Deanna radiated with feelings of love and peace, and he felt as if a new chapter of his life was coming into light. It was the greatest feeling of joy and sense of entirey that they had ever felt in years.
Their union was indeed something heavenly, but was made somewhere completely beyond there. Somewhere spread far across the universe, and way ahead of the concept of time.
The reunion of two souls can never be described into words, but for these two people, it can be summed into one-Imzadi.