First Year Anniversary

The two of them were looking forward to celebrating their one-year anniversary as husband and wife together. The years passed could never have prepared them for the last 365 days they had spent in matrimony. It had been a whole new experience for them both, learning, exploring, and even compromising with one another. They'd gone through some struggles and obstacles along the way, but the stress had been worthwhile. Through it all, they stayed by each other's side, and remained true to their vows of marriage, to the promise of being eternal Imzadi, and of course, they had been true to themselves. And despite what most believed, everything that they'd experienced before and after (especially after) the wedding had brought them great joy. But none of that could give them such joy and happiness then what was to come...
Just the night before, Deanna Troi had awakened from a sudden wave of nausea. It had overwhelmed her so badly that she almost didn't make it to the bathroom. Will had heard her wretching from in the bedroom, and had immediately rushed out of bed to her side. "Imzadi, are you all right?"
Deanna wiped her mouth and whispered, "I think it was something I ate..."
Even in light of the situation, Will Riker-her husband-could still make her smile, "Looks like you'll have to start cutting back on those fudge sundaes." She grinned and kissed him on the cheek. After she had cleaned up, she had gone back to bed. As Will held her close in his arms, he thought to her, *You should see Beverly about that, just in case.*
Deanna cuddled up next to him and thought back, "I will, tomorrow. Go back to sleep now, Imzadi. I'll be fine." And together they had done just that.
The following day...
That morning Deanna made an appointment with Doctor Beverly Crusher. The doctor was a little concerned, "Deanna, I swear I just did a routine check-up on you just last month. You were in perfect health."
"Maybe," Deanna pointed out, "but last night's episode certainty declares me otherwise."
Beverly looked at her friend with a questionable look on her face, "You say you just threw up...for no reason at all?"
"Yes. I was sleeping just fine, until this strong wave of nausea just overcame me."
A grin began to gradually develop on the doctor's face, "Then that can mean only one thing..."
Will had a hard time focusing on his work today. He kept thinking about last night with Deanna. "I hope she's all right," he thought.
Geordi LaForge was a little concerned about his superior-and his friend, "Will, are you okay? You seem to be preoccupied with something today."
"Don't worry about me Geordi, I'm just concerned about Deanna, that's all. She got sick last night."
"Well, I hope she gets better," he offered as some comfort.
"I'm sure she'll be fine. Let's just hope it's nothing major..." Riker replied as he grinned a little.
That evening...
Their celebration on the Holodeck had been wonderful so far. Will had a fantastic program put in that night. It was located at a fancy jazz club he used to visit when he visited his home state of Alaska. The club was very cozy, almost like a ski lodge. Outside, snow had been softly falling. They had eaten an elegant dinner of smoked salmon with vegetables, complimented by a nice red wine. After that, they had danced a few songs (only a select few that had been composed by Will, of course, as Deanna had insisted.)
Next, they had proceeded to their table again, and Will took out a beautifully decorated envelope with her name on it. He gave it to her and said, "Open it." She smiled at her husband.
Deanna carefully tore open the envelope and took out the parchment inside. She unfolded the paper and read it's message, "Roses are red, violets are blue, there's nothing I'd rather do for the rest of my life, than spend it with you." It was probably the shortest piece of poetry she'd received from him ever. But regardless, it was still as wonderful as the first (well, maybe not as much as the first...). "Thank you, my love," she said, and then reached across the table to kiss him.
"Now," she said as she sat back down, "It's my turn to give you my to speak," But Riker was still standing. "Not before we dance one more time,"
"Will..." He took her by the hand and swung her into his arms before she could continue. Oh well, Deanna thought, maybe I don't have to tell him right away... Will held his wife close as the band started up again, and the vocalist came up and begin to sing an old song called, "Endless Love."
My love,
There's only you in my life.
The only thing that's right.
My first love,
You're every breath I take,
You're every step that I make.
And I,
want to share all my love with you.
'cause your eyes,
they show me how much you care.
Oh yes,
You will always be my endless love.

Deanna felt so comforted in her husband's arms. He danced with her elegantly. If her mind wasn't on other things, she would have felt a little more at ease. But she wasn't. She had to tell him. "Will...about your anniversary gift..." He looked lovingly into her eyes, and grinned as he interrupted, "Oh, by the way, did I mention I'm having a baby shower thrown in your honor next week?"
"Well, that's wonderful," she said without having realizing what he had just said. "Wha...What did you just say?"
"I said, I thought it would be nice to have a party for you and our baby starting next week."
Deanna was mystified, "How...? Did you talk to Beverly?"
"No, I just kinda figured it out for myself. After all Deanna, I was there at the time of conception...I think I can pretty much conclude what happened from there."
She reached up and hugged him tightly. Tears of happiness ran from her eyes. "I love you so much, Imzadi."
"And I love you too, Imzadi," he said.
Then he bent down slightly and spoke to her stomach, "And I'll love you too, my 'little one.'"
Deanna grinned at him and then warned, "Now, don't you start that too. It's bad enough I've had to put up with that nickname throughout the course of my lifetime."
"Don't worry," he replied as he put his hands on her waist, and gently pulled her closer to him, "I won't make it a habit."
They kissed, and then spent the rest of the evening swaying to the music, and thinking about their future arrival.