In the Arms of the Night

One night of passion...


Will Riker lie propped up on the satin sheet covered bed by a few pillows. He wore loose, midnight blue pants, and a matching V-neck tunic. The entire outfit brought his eyes out like stars in the sky. They dazzled with desire.
Deanna Troi slowly came out of the shadows. Even her beautiful onyx eyes stood out in the darkness. Her exquisite body was draped in a burgundy colored lingerie. The straps were thin; the hem line of the top of the suit came down just right to show a pleasurable amount of cleavage, and the rest of it flowed just to the middle of her thighs, slit at both sides. Her once black ringlets now cascaded into delicate auburn-brown curls that shaped her face elegantly. Overall, Deanna had the appearance of a goddess.
Will's eyes met hers, and then in his mind he called to her, Come here, Imzadi. As Deanna came to the bed, she climbed on ever so carefully, and then proceeded to crawl to him like a hungry animal. Her eyes never once left his. She mounted his body delicately, but with some force that made him aware of the intensity of her need. Deanna took his bearded face in her hands and kissed his lips deeply, passionately. Will brought his arms around her body and allowed his hands to caress Deanna's soft skin. He started at her shoulders, down her back, and then to her hips, where he pulled her closer to him. Deanna remained fondling his mouth with her own, kissing his lips and occasionally indulging him with her tongue. She could already feel the heat of his body rising with her own.
She pulled back a little, neglecting Will another kiss. Without saying a word, Deanna took her hands and ran them down his muscular chest. When she reached the bottom of his shirt, she tucked her fingers beneath it and slid her hands under. Deanna went upward, shaping his shoulders, and then back down along his abdomen. Will moaned softly. Her touch drove him wild. He waited for her to continue. Deanna then brought her hands lower into the waistband of his pants. Never once did her eyes leave his. She took them off with ease, and tossed them over the side of the bed. She then glided her hands up his thighs and around his hips. Deanna kissed her beloved again, but this time with a greater intensity than before. She could feel his skin beneath her hands burning like fire...but she refused to let go. She moved upward once more and removed his shirt. Now that he was completely undressed, he wanted Deanna to be in the same state.
Will ran his hands under her suit, along her outer thighs. He had intended to lift the lingerie over her head, but she was busy kissing him behind his ear, along his jaw line, and then onto his neck. Tell me I'm not dreaming, he thought to her. Deanna leaned back and looked straight into his soul, You're not dreaming, Imzadi. This is very real...and I'm going to show you just how real this is... At that, Will brought Deanna into him. And so began the ancient seance of two bodies melting into each other, and the rejoining of two souls into one heart, one mind, and one spirit.