Dealing With Boredom

Will's bored...Can Deanna help him?
Ho-hum, Will Riker thought as he lie sprawled out on his Imzadi's bed, staring at the ceiling. "I am SO bored." He glanced over at the chrono on the small table nearby, "She should be here by now. What could be taking her so long?"
Unable to deal with his irritability and impatience any longer, the first officer got up and began to walk thoughtlessly throughout the cabin. Every now and then Will spared a fleeting glimpse at an artifact here and there, but not much more. Who knew that after their account with the Son'a/Bak'u the crew of the Enterpise would have so much time on their hands? Riker stopped his pacing for a second. He stood there, between her dining and living rooms and contemplated how he would deal with his boredom.
Hmm, he thought, If Deanna's not going to come meet me, I might as well pay a surprise visit to her office. But he figured he shouldn't just show up empty-handed.
Since their renewed courtship, Will was exploring new ways of impressing Deanna (not that she didn't know his techniques by now, but hey, anything's worth a shot at least once, right?). "Maybe I'll bring her flowers..." Geez, Riker, his inner voice chided, get a grip. How typical is that?! This is not just any woman, buddy boy. This is Deanna Troi, your Imzadi, remember?
"Right," Will said to himself. "No generic stuff." He thought on it a bit more, and then a lightbulb went off in his head. Chocolate. The sure-fire way to his counselor's heart. If nothing else, it would help him win brownie-points with her. Will smirked as his mind played the look of satisfaction on her lovely face. "Okay, now I've got a plan...but it can't just be anything...chocolate sundaes, ice-cream. That's all good...but..."
He walked over to the sofa, sat, and started to conconct a new chocolate pleasure for his long-lost love. Leaning forward, and drumming his fingers together in a steeple, he said, "It can't just be anything. It has to be perfect." Will took a few more minutes, and then somehow, in a matter of (what seemed like) seconds, an idea came to him. He aburptly left the couch and headed towards the kitchen to get to work on his masterpiece. "Maybe today won't be so dull after all..."
Deanna Troi was determined to see that the rest of her day was anything but dull. It was her own fault, really, that she had become so over-loaded with work lately. Since the Bak'u/Son'a affair, things in the galaxy were pretty calm (which was pretty rare, but nice, for the Federation). So, to make sure that she wouldn't be wasting her time doing nothing until their next assignment, Deanna took more duty rosters, and managed to fit in a few more counseling appointment or two...or three, or four. And now, as her day was coming to a close, she really looked forward to having some time alone...Or so she thought at first.
Alone. That was a term she had come used to hearing. Not anymore, she thought with a warm feeling. The slightly exhausted counselor smiled in delight as her mind conjured up an image of her Imzadi-now the new, and hopefully permanent love of her life-Will Riker. It was so much better these days, being able to think about him like this without feeling guilty or worrying about the past. Almost everything was as it should be...there was still the issue of intimacy between them. Duty controlled their daily routine, and by the time each of them turned in for the night, both were too tired to do anything but sleep. "He, he," Deanna chuckled, "I doubt if either one of us will be doing much of that tonight." Indeed, this particular Betazoid could be extremely devious when she wanted to (it's rumored she inherited the trait from her mother).
Ms. Troi put her padds off to the side and walked out the door of her office, off to holodeck 3, where he plans for the evening awaited to be put into action.
Commader Riker proudly grinned from ear to ear as he strolled down the corridor, as he made his way with his creation in hand to Deanna's office. He knew he had outdone himself now. She was going to be putty in his palm once she tasted his chocolate treasure. It was truly decadent. 'Deanna's Chocolate Passsion,' as he had named it, was actually an extravagant parfait made entirely out of chocolate, right down to its container. Inside of the milk chocolate shell shaped like an old-fashioned soda fountain glass, (complete with white and dark chocolate rose buds that decorated the base) was thick fudge-not hot, but warm enough to keep the shell from melting. This filled the bottom. In the next layer, there were chocolate chips, followed by combination chocolate ice cream (dark, milk, and white) and then silky mousse. (Will had tasted a bit while making it...the texture was so delicate, it practically slid its way into your mouth) The next two layers repeated in the same pattern, and at the top, resting ever-so-gently on the last coating of mousse was a nest of semi-sweet Ghiradelli chocolate shavings. To make the dessert complete, a single Hersey's kiss was placed right in the center, wrapped in its original silver foil with the characteristic blue and white tag peeking through. He had gone to a lot of trouble making sure that all the ingredients were authentic, even pulling a few favors from Guinan. The woman certainly had one hell of a stash.
Riker finally arrived at the counselor's door, and ang the chime. When no answer came, he rang again. Still no response. "Deanna," he called, "It's me, Will. Can I come in? I've got something for you."
Nothing. "Computer, locate Deanna Troi."
"Deanna Troi is on holodeck 3." Holodeck 3?"
"What in the world is she doing on the holodeck?" Though the question was rhetorical, the computer obediently replied, "That filename is under restricted access."
What the hell? he thought, utterly confused. Will immediately made his way to the doors of holodeck 3 to see just what was going on.
He walked in, and before he could even exchange even two words with Deanna, his eyes captured her body, and from there, everything else that was in his mind went out the door. This time, it was his turn to melt. "Oh my God." Riker's vision caressed every inch of her. She was seductively lounged out on a sofa, similar to the one she had in her office. Her clothing left little to the imagination. For a top, Deanna wore a satin red and black lace bra that boosted her cleavage a bit more than normal. A thin cotton material in the shade of black was provocatively wrapped around her hips to sport as a skirt. He also noticed that Deanna was wearing a thin silver chain that rested gently around her waist, and settled down to her bellybutton in a Y-shape. Her hair-now darker with its original color of black, and a hint of dark brown-hung loose around her shoulders and completed the awe-inspiring affect Will was now experiencing.
He hadn't seen Deanna look so sexy-so unbelieveably HOT in years. Sure, he'd always thought of her that way, but this evidence of her beauty before him brought his buried desires into light. In short, he was absolutely speechless. Good, Deanna thought, pleased with herself, It looks like I can still do this to him, even after all these years. She could definately feel what was going on in her beloved's mind and his body at that moment. Decades of sheltered passion were now making their way to the surface, and Deanna didn't know whether to run into his arms, or just stay were she was and continue being flooded with all the emotions raging through the room.
He had already made a decision before she could. Slowly Will sought to close the gap between them as he walked towards the mortal goddess. Not once did Deanna allow her eyes to leave his. She was-after all-enjoying this as much as he was. Her ebony eyes drank his crystal-blue pools, deep as the ocean. They were still as bright as she remembered them on Betazed...maybe brighter now that she could look into them knowing she and Will Riker were no longer 'just friends' who happened to serve on the same ship. His hair was still as rowdy and wild as it ever was, with that one piece that always managed to stay out of place.
Deanna wondered how many times she wanted to brush it away, only so she could gaze into those amazing eyes again. The build of his frame remained large, but not over-bearing, and every muscle (she believed) was strong and could still make her tremble, even now as she looked at him. Last but definately not least, was that beard of his. It did suit him-it made him look even more incredibly handsome-but would also take some getting used to against her skin.
Nothing I can't handle, she thought, smiling. These days Will had it nicely trimmed, just around his mouth and down the cleft of his chin. Just as she preferred it. Deanna finally broke the silence. "It's about time you got here." Will Riker collected his more rational thoughts and said, "I thought you were going to meet me in your quarters?"
"Well," she replied, grinning, "I obviously had a change of plans. I figured it'd only be a matter of time before you caught on."
Only a few feet seperated them now. Deanna had to look up at him as he stood over her. He said nothing, but merely smiled. Catching sight of the box he was holding, she asked coyly, "Is that for me?"
"As a matter of fact," he said after awhile, trying to ignore the way Deanna's eye lashes fanned out around her eyes, making them look even more gorgeous, "it is."
"Can I have it?"
"No," Will replied, hiding the box behind his back, "not yet." He started to make his way around the couch, admiring only the current specimen stretched out on it. He decided to voice his earlier observation, "This looks just like the sofa in your office."
Deanna raised an eyebrow and looked at him lopsidely, "Will, that's because this is my office." There was something to be said about romping about in a professional setting. It was kind of kinky.
Upon realizing she was correct, he felt so rediculous. His attention been so focused on his Imzadi after he came through the doors of the holodeck, he had paid little attention to much else. "Thanks for the update, Counselor. But really, if you wanted to do this (do it?!) in your office, then why didn't you just say so? Why use the holodeck when you can go for the real thing?"
At that, she laughed. "Because," Deanna said as she stood on her knees to bring herself up to his level, "I wanted to enjoy your company in the surroundings of my office without actually being in my office. You see, this way there's an added amount of security...and privacy."
Yes! Will's mind screamed. The moment he (and probably the majority of the crew) had been waiting for was finally going to come true. Riker made a mental note to relish the experience by taking his time with her. "I see," he said softly, caressing her cheekbone with the back of his hand, down her neckline, and to the middle of her chest, allowing his eyes to trace every inch of the way. With his forefinger and thumb, he pinched the clasp that held the bodice together and drew Deanna to him. Her eyes mirrored his blazing passion.
"Wait," she breathed, "Aren't you going to give me my gift?"
"No. You have to kiss me first...and it has to be good," he teased. The mischief was evident in his voice. Will place the box on the floor and waited patiently.
"Well then," she said, Come here, Imzadi. Deanna's mind called to him, and their lips met. There was no hesitation, no regrets. For the first time, they were acting without analyzing everything, and just living in the moment. The kiss was deep and sensual. Deanna placed her hands around Will's head, and ran her fingers through his hair. This time she didn't push him away. His beard tickled, but felt good on her face. Will brought his hands to her waist, and then travelled to the small of her back wehre he gently rubbed up and down her skin.
After about two minutes of passion, they withdrew from each other. "How was that?" Deanna asked.
He grinned delightedly, "Definately worthy of any gift. This one is exceptional, though." He picked up the box and held it out to her, "Go ahead," he whispered, and with a single touch, it opened, revealing the most exquisite creation (besides her Imzadi, of course) that Deanna had ever seen. It was pure chocolate, that she was sure of.
She looked at him totally pleased. Now she was entirely at Will's mercy. Now I'm in for it. "If we're going to eat this," she said, "then where are the utensils?"
The devil dressed in a Starfleet uniform with three pips smirked and held up his hands, "Right here." He took off the kiss, unwrapped it, and placed it in Deanna's mouth. She took the candy, capturing Will's fingertips with it. Both tasted equally sweet.
Once it had dissolved, she asked, "What do you plan to do with the rest of this?"
He then dipped his finger into some of the parfait and gingerly wiped it across her cleavage. "I plan," he said as he removed some of the chocolate with his lips, "to use this in the most creative and imaginative ways my mind will allow. This is, after all, our unofficial one-month anniversary."
Deanna smiled happily, "I'm so glad you remembered," and she brought his body to hers as they settled on the sofa. Just as Will's lips met Deanna's, he whispered, "Happy Anniversary, my love."
"You know," he said, looking around at the current environment displayed, "I think we could use something better than this. How about...say, Janaran Falls?"
"Of course! Why didn't I think of that earlier? Computer, Janaran Falls, please." The surroundings began to change, and then Will added, "But we'll keep the couch...just for fun."