A Confession
by Lao-ma
A confession from Deanna about a particular outfit from the episode, "Time's Arrow".

Deanna looked down at her drink and stirred it coyly. The truth wasn't going to be revealed so easily. She smiled and spoke softly, "Remember when you wore that police officer's uniform...When we went back in time?" Riker's face broke into a wide grin, causing the lines around his eyes to crinkle. "Yes?" He said it slow and deliberately. Deanna wouldn't meet his gaze. She continued to stare at her Sumarian Sunset, still full. "Well..." For some reason, she could feel her cheeks getting hot.

Will was enjoying watching her run one foot self-consciously over the other. Deanna was trying to confess her sin...but wasn't having much success. "Yes?" Will said again, this time a little louder. "Well...I have to admit...you did look," and she finally worked up the nerve to look at him face-to-face, "handsome." She had a sort of
enigmatic smile developing out of the corner of her mouth that would rise and fall as Deanna occupied herself with her drink.

He leaned forward, suddenly intrigued by the nature of the topic that was making his Imzadi so nervous. Will decided to toy with her emotions even more when he said, "Oh yeah? Handsome you say? Exactly...how handsome?" My, my. If only looks could deceive... Deanna thought. The phrase certainly didn't apply in her current

That teasing grin Will was displaying made it very clear that he was trying to evoke a more descriptive response. In an instant, she focused all of her attention on him, pushing all girlish-ness and embarrassment aside. At times, Deanna Troi could be very seductive and alluring with Will Riker-this was one of those moments. She leaned forward to limit the space between the two of them, and in a low and seductive tone, answered, "Very handsome. Maybe even sexy."

He didn't say anything, but instead, watched her lips move as she spoke. "I don't know why I find it so appealing on you," the counselor shrugged her shoulders, "it just seems to fit." Again, the commander said nothing. "Perhaps its the beard," she began to trace it with her finger, "it does add a nice touch to the ensemble. Makes you look so...dignified and regal."

Will tore his eyes away from her mouth and looked into her eyes, dark and illuminated with lust. "Is that right?" he said, "And what would you do...say, if I were to jump back into that suit? Beard and all?"

Deanna giggled and smiled suggestively back at him. "Let's just say that I'd probably have to jump on something myself."

Riker laughed as he got a mental picture of her comment in his head. "Then why don't we ditch the 24th century, and head back to the late 1890's?"

"That would be an excellent idea, Number One." They stood, joining arm-in-arm, and left Ten-Forward onto the holodeck. After all, love exists in all time frames, but waits for no man and his Imzadi.