Having Fun

The crew of the Enterprise stops by DS9, and Will and Deanna take advantage of their free time. For about three or four weeks now, the crew of the starship Enterprise had been occupied with plenty of things to do. Mapping galaxies, charting star systems, commading away missions and gathering data-boy, the life of a Starfleet officer was exciting.
The captain knew the last month or so was taking its toll on his crew, and some time off was in order. Unfortunately, he couldn't afford to give everyone individual shore leave. They'd have to make due with a small breather on Deep Space Nine. Two particular officers were looking forward to spending some time alone together.
William Riker and Deanna Troi had been so busy fulfilling their duties aboard the ship, they had little time to do much else. A small drawback in their renewed relationship. They both intended to make up for it while staying at the space station in another week.
Will Riker sat at a table in the DS9 bar. The infamous Ferangi known as Quark stood behind the bar, wiping the counter, and giving the first officer curious looks here and there. "What is that man waiting for? He's been sitting there for the last hour, drinking nothing but water. What a waste of a good customer." He shook his large head and went about his business. Riker sat relaxed with his drink in hand, not necessarily paying attention to anything-or anyone-in particular. Not even the scantly-clothed Dabo girl that was fastly approaching him.
Oh great, Will thought sarcastically. If she comes over here, and Deanna should walk in... Well, he didn't want his Imzadi to get the wrong idea. He did his best to try and avoid her gaze, try and give her the hint that he wasn't interested. Somehow it didn't work. Will was beginning to think for the first time in his life, those blue eyes of his were becoming a disadvantage when it came to being around women other than Deanna.
"Hi, there. You look a little lonely." The tone in her voice told him that the lady was obviously very experienced in this sort of thing. She was making an attempt to seduce him into pursuits he was more than willing to avoid-at least with her.
"Actually, I'm doing just fine, Miss. I'm..." he looked towards the entrance, "waiting for someone."
The skanky woman came closer, "Maybe I can keep you company until then?" she said seductively.
Riker directed his gaze towards the promenade, hoping to find his salvation from the loose woman, and then finally, before she could close him in her trap, he saw the right woman he was looking for. "Thanks, but no thanks. The lady I've been waiting for has just arrived," he quickly excused himself, and headed for the exit to the bar.
In an instant, Deanna Troi felt his presence rush over her like a breeze. When she turned her head, she was greeted by his loving smile. She smiled back, and in the last second, chose to be spontaneous. What not? Deanna ran and jumped onto him, without any warning. Will was surprised, but pleased otherwise when she hopped on him, with her legs tightly wrapped around his middle, and planted a fierce kiss on his lips. She held on for dear life. He returned the favor with just as much effort.
Expecting her to let go, Will pulled back just a little. Deanna just grinned at him. I'm not going anywhere, Imzadi. You're stuck with me "I was afraid you were going to say that," he grinned again, and kissed her again.
Before either of them knew it, they had made their way from the bar to the promenade...and they were drawing attention to themselves as they did so. Suddenly everyone in the bar was sparing interesting glances towards the couple. Quark was slightly annoyed. "I don't believe it. It took them eleven years to get back together, and now that Commander Riker and his counselor act like they own the world. And on top of that, they're distracting my customers!"
As they came to the center of the station, Will took Deanna and joyously spun in a circle. She giggled delightedly, with her arms still tightly wound around his neck. His lips met hers again, but this time only briefly. He gazed back at her beautiful eyes and asked, "Would you care to dance with me, Counselor?"
"Why, that would be wonderful, Commander. But I don't hear any music?"
Riker yelled towards the bartender, "Quark! Music please. Something romantic."
The grumpy Ferangi yelled back, "I'll have to charge you extra, Commander!"
Will thought nothing of it. "Put it on my tab." And within moments, a melody could be heard throughout the entire station-"Always and Forever." At this point, everyone from the bar-and various other places on the station-were drawn to the spectacle in the center of the promenade.
Major Kira, along with Odo and Captain Sisko were among the observers. "He's a lucky man," the constable commented.
"I feel sorry for Deanna," Nerys remarked.
Sisko jumped in, defending the commander, "You know something, Major? I wouldn't be surprised if the counselor's changed him for the better. If you ask me, I think she's just what he needed. I do have a feeling, though that the girls at the Dabo table will have to find someone else to hang off of," he laughed, and then said thoughtfully, "I thought romantisim was dead until I saw them come in here. Just look at them. They're so happy with each other." Odo nodded in agreement and went on watching the couple.
In a corner of the bar, Captain Picard and his chief medical officer sat sipping tea. "Will you just look at them? They're like love-sick teenagers!" Beverly laughed.
"They've been that way since we got back from that planet. I think it's had an affect on both their physiology-and not to mention their hearts," Jean-Luc said.
"That's definately evident. But I wonder how long it will last. Neither one of them has been involved in a long-term relationship since..." she paused and thought about it a moment.
"Since they were together," Picard finished for her. "I think this time they'll get it right. We can only hope." Beverly leaned closer to her captain and said, "You know what they say, one can only learn through example."
He grinned at her and said, "Well then. I suppose would do us good to encourage them, wouldn't it?"
Will swayed with her gently-with her still attached like a barnacle to the side of a whale. (Talk about strong legs!) This time, instead of occupying his lips, Deanna merely smiled back at him as he danced with her. "I love you, Imzadi."
He planted a delicate kiss on her lips, and replied, "I love you too, Imzadi. I always will," and they went on dancing with the entire station watching. They were indeed a a spectacle to see.