As Good As She Gets

Will does some thinking about his Imzadi... Still as beautiful as the first time he saw her. Still desirable. Still his Imzadi. Deanna.
She was wonderful in everyway possible. Not only was she good-looking, but her personality matched her physical perfection. Deanna Troi was a dedicated ship's counselor, and an outstanding phychologist. She served well as an officer, a collegue, and a friend. Always one willing to listen, lend a hand, and make sacrifices. God, he admired her in so many ways.
When did he get so lucky to have her in his life? Why did he feel those tremors in her heart when he touched her? How was it possible for him to be in love with the most perfect woman in the universe?
He smiled inside and out whenever he looked at her. She was the sunshine in his world. His heart nearly leapt out of his chest everytime she kissed him, and it was amazing how just holding her could ease his weary soul and wipe all his worries away. His Imzadi gave him happiness, heartache, and inspiration. She was everything he needed, wanted, and more.
That was it then. He didn't need any further urging. In a week, when he knew they both had vacation time coming up, Will was going to take Deanna to Alaska where he would propose to her. Right as the Aurora Borealis lit up the evening sky. Then they would be apart of each other forever. As Will coasted back in his chair, a smile of joy easily found its way to his face, "I love you, Imzadi."