Life at Home


Will Riker was truly amazed. He had helped to create the tiny miracle cradled in his arms. Their beautiful baby girl was perfect in every way. Very gently, as if she were a bubble waiting to burst, the first officer/first-time father stroked his daughter's delicate hand. Riker was still overwhelmed with joy and contentment whenever he touched her.
Just looking at her-those soft, raven-colored curls, that cute dimple that dominated her face whenever she smiled, and the gorgeous eyes beneath her lids that mirrored the intensity of his own-put his heart at ease. Will held little Miss Taliana (Talia for short) Lwaxana Marie Riker close to his chest, and continued to coax the newborn to sleep in an old fashioned rocking chair. He was beginning to realize why she found sleep so easily-the motion was soothing. He realized he was gradually drifting off to Dreamland as well.
But not before he heard the doors of his quarters open and then shut again. Deanna Troi, the other miracle of his life, and wife of about a year and a half, strode in, clearly exhausted from her shift, but Will could sense she was happy to be home.
She smiled at the sight in front of her, her Imzadi and their daughter, completely taken with each other. Deanna knew they would be close. "Daddy's little girl," she said, "I have no doubt, Ms. Talia, that you'll be the other woman in his life. Are you trying to steal him away from me already, my baby girl?" she teased, as she bent to kiss her daughter's forehead. "I think I may get jealous after awhile. You seem to attract attention to yourself wherever you go."
Riker interupted the two-way conversation, "She gets that from her mother."
Deanna's lips went from the baby to her husband's own, "I see you didn't have any trouble getting her to sleep?" "Nope. She knows, in this chair...resistance is futile."
She laughed. Apparently, he was right. The infant was sound asleep. Out like a light. She also noticed that Will was looking a bit drowsy. His half-opened eye-lids were threatening to close entirely. "Imzadi, let me put her to bed. You need to get some sleep yourself."
He stubbornly shook his head, "No. We're both doing fine right here."
Deanna pretended to pout, "Then who's going to keep me warm? You're not suggesting I sleep alone are you?"
Will sighed heavily, and decided to compromise. "All right. Hey, why don't we just let Talia sleep with us tonight?"
He thought it was a good idea, but his wife thought twice, "I don't know, Will. She could get squished."
"How can she get squished if we're not doing anything but lying there?"
Deanna grinned lopsidedly and said, "You have a one-track mind, Will Riker. Lucky for you, it only attracts me to you more."
"Like a moth to a flame," he said as he smirked at her. They kissed again, causing the baby to stir beneath.
"Let's go to bed," she whispered.
Very carefully, Will got up out of the chair and into their master bedroom. He pulled back the covers of the bed with one free hand, and then shifted the pillows so he could lay Talia down. Will placed the tiny girl on top of a single pillow, and put two beside her so she couldn't roll around. She was mininature in size compared to them. The father soon joined his daughter in slumber. Moments later, Deanna slid in on the opposite side of the baby and Will, draping a protective arm over the both of them. Good night, Imzadi. Sweet Dreams, Taliana. Mommy loves you... And so was the end of one day for this family.