Will's having trouble getting to sleep...thanks to Deanna. Will shifted uncomfortably in bed. He couldn't sleep for anything. He tried ignoring the sensations he was feeling, but they refused to be ignored. Riker kept feeling a woman's touch all over his body. There was no doubt in his mind who it was-Deanna.
In a vain attempt to block her out, Will dug deep down into the covers until they were over his head. Think about something else, think about something else... He closed his eyes and turned onto his side, hoping to find rest some time tonight.
"Will." He could hear Deanna's voice and feel the warmth of her breath on the back of his neck, "What's wrong?" He tried to move so as to get away from the very woman who had been neglecting him sleep for the past week...but it was useless. Riker vaguely became aware of the fact that her body was intimately entangled with his own.
"I'm having trouble sleeping," he said casually.
As she hugged tighter against him, she said, "Is there something I can do?"
"No," he said with an exhausted sigh, "No. You only make things worse."
Deanna's hands ran smoothly across his chest, "Shh..." she said in a soothing tone, "I could never hurt you, Imzadi... Just relax. Listen to the sound of my voice and sleep will come."
Unfortunately, Will believed her. Just as he thought he was beginning to drift off... She was nuzzling the back of his neck. Then she moved to nibble at his ear, sensuously teasing his earlobe with her tongue, until finally, Deanna was on top of him. Her lips found his, and that was it. Riker fell right into her trap, once again. Sleep was wiped entirely from his brain, no longer a desire he wished to be fulfilled. All he needed was in front of him, the Betazoid now tying his hands to the head of the bed with a velvet rope...
Passion...desire...that blasted woman that was turning his nights into a living hell... Will Riker woke up. Another dream. "Dammit Deanna," he cursed in the darkness. He took the pillow from under his head and covered his face with it. Beneath it, he mumbled, "Why me? I just want to go to sleep..Is that so much to ask for? I just want to get some sleep!!"
Meanwhile, next door, Deanna Troi went into a fit of giggles in her bed. Joyously, she whispered, "I love this time of the month!"