A Kiss Is Just A Kiss
...or is it?


Deanna Troi smiled every time she recalled that day when Will Riker had popped into her office after their flirting in the library, only to surprise her with a kiss. And a real kiss, not one of their usual friendly smooches. The type of kiss that told her he definitely wanted to be more than just friends. A kiss that she had missed for so long. Mmmm. She relished the sensation of his lips meeting hers (despite the minor annoyance of his beard). The taste of his lips from that moment still hung on the tip of her tongue.
Delicious, Deanna thought to herself. There was just something about a kiss between them, being mouth to mouth to one another, that brought them so much closer to being intimate, and the very prospect of actually being intimate with Will Riker again sent shivers up her spine. Only in her dreams had Deanna Troi ever touched Will, at least since their working together on the Enterprise. As she sat at her desk in her office looking over various padds, and idea came to mind. You know, she thought to herself, I never did get to thank him for that kiss, Deanna set the padds off to the side, and headed to the bridge, where Commander Riker was currently on duty.
Will sat in the captain's chair, staring blankly at the viewscreen before him. He sighed from boredom. "Status report, Ensign."
The ensign on duty gave a reply, one which Riker hardly paid notice of. Suddenly he heard the familiar sound of the 'lift doors opening. Will turned to see who it was. "Deanna," he identified the visitor. A smile immediately came to his face upon seeing a similar one on hers.
"Hello, Commander. I hope I'm not intruding on anything important?"
He chuckled at her. "No, no. Definitely not. You're the most important thing I've seen all day."
She gave him a sly smirk. "You flatter me, Will. "
The young ensign on duty observed the flirtish scene playing before him, and was beginning to feel uncomfortable. He saw the counselor approach Riker. She stood in front of him a few moments, as if sizing him up or something, and then he watched her as she sat in the commander's lap. He quickly turned away from them and back to his work. Will put an arm around her waist and brought her closer to him, not caring if anyone was watching.
"I was just thinking..." Deanna said, "I never got to thank you for that kiss in my office."
"Oh?" he thought about it for a moment. "That's right. You never did. I suppose now you've come up with a way of showing your gratitude?"
She flashed him a mischievous grin, one that she'd picked up from him, and replied in a whisper, "But of course. Come here and I will." Her body shuddered with the anticipation of what she was about to do. Taking a mental deep breath, she delicately ran her fingers through Will's thick, brown silky hair.
She grinned from ear to ear as she did so. Her hands traveled downward along his face, to his uniform collar, where Deanna pulled him towards her. She parted her lips and whispered against his, "Close your eyes and let me kiss you," she told him as he stared up at her.
Will did as she asked, and waited for her next move. Slowly, Deanna came closer to his face. Her lips hovered above his, until she chose the right moment to reward him with a kiss. Soft, delicate lips met Riker's. Years of built up desires and longings flowed unbridled into his unyielding mouth. If fireworks could shoot off at the sight, they would have. The ensign sitting nearby busying himself with the ship sure thought so. After all, what else could better describe the feeling of sharing a simple, yet passionate kiss with one's beloved?