Forbidden Passions

Read on... She was every man's fantasy. Delicate ivory skin, luxurious, flowing hair, dark, luminous eyes, a musical voice. The fact that she was once his shocked him now, since they were no longer together as lovers. How could he have let such a goddess slip out of his arms? Every time she passed him down the corridor of the ship, he couldn't help but let her scent intoxicate him like a drug. Many a time he was tempted to just swing her around half-way down the hallway, kiss her hard on the mouth, and just let the passion over take them both. But such disregard for officer relationship guidelines was forbidden...
He was every woman's desire. His smile, that charm, that wit. His commanding stature, those crystal blue eyes, and strong, but delicate hands could take her breath away. What woman wouldn't want him? She had often wondered how she had been so lucky to have him as hers (for a time). If only he hadn't been so damn flirty, she'd probably still be with him today. She thought often times what a life with him would be like...Treatment no less than royalty, romantic vacations, endless, passionate lovemaking. There were countless incidents where she found herself staring at him when had such thoughts. Ther were even times when she hoped she would find herself seducing the first officer in her office, and her needs would finally be satisfied... But such a time seemed highly inlikely to happen, and her actions would hardly be appropriate in their positions...
Should such a day come when loyalties are questioned, boundaries would be crossed, and their passion would be unleashed?
That fateful day came when Will Riker arrived at Deanna Troi's cabin for their usual dinner together (strictly on the 'friends' level), and waited for her to emerge from the shower. He let himself in and went into her bedroom. Will went to the bed and saw Deanna's discarded uniform lying there. He picked it up and inhaled her sweet smell. His entire body tingled.
Will then put down the suit and gazed towards the bathroom. He could see her slender form through the shower curtain. Her head was tilted back towards the water, as she ran her fingers through her hair, letting the water run down it. Will contemplated whether he should surprise Deanna in the shower...he decided not. He was too creative for something as typical as that. He noticed her clothes for the evening resting on her dresser and thought about hiding them. Will started to walk over...but Deanna was already ahead of him.She came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around herself. Her hair was still damp, and her body was wet with droplets of moisture (the parts he could see anyway). Deanna picked up her clothes as he stood there and came towards him. "Would you like to help me put these on?" she smirked. "Why," he said as he approached her, "you won't be wearing them for long."
Riker grabbed her by the waist and kissed her full on the mouth. Deanna's body tensed and the clothes in her hands fell to the floor. As he deepened the kiss, she relaxed and found herself joining him in the embrace. Once Will realized that Deanna wasn't resisting, he kissed her more aggresively and began to undo her towel. As he did so, her breathing became more erratic. I can't believe this is happening, Deanna thought. When he finally had her towel off, she began to remove his clothes. She tore his shirt off his chest and threw it to the floor. He looked at her, surprised by her own aggressiveness, and she immediately confirmed any doubt by kissing him as hard as he had done earlier. Deanna's force with him made him want her more.
As he discarded the rest of his clothing thoughout the room, she led him towards the bedroom. "No," Will said, preventing Deanna from moving any further, "Right here," and he guided her to the kitchen. He stopped her a few feet from the table, and as they made their way to the floor, Deanna reached up and licked his earlobe. Will enveloped her lips with his mouth again, and then proceeded thoughout her entire body. Deanna gasped with pleasure, calling his name. He looked up at her as he reached her belly button, and grinned mischieviously. The goddess was his again, and her desire was to be satisfied by him, her beloved. The rest from there...was history.