Deanna is definately in a hurry to get her latest session over with... Set after Insurrection.

Counselor Deanna Troi sat on her sofa in her office, trying to listen to her patient of the hour, Ensign Julia Callaway. She was a spunky young woman, who talked with a certain air-headedness in her voice, "Anyway," she continued to ramble, "I told Andrew there was no way I could continue our relationship if he wasn't willing to commit to me."
That's too bad, Deanna sarcastically commented on Ms. Callaway's attitude, I don't see why he wouldn't want to... Aloud, she said, "I think that's a little sudden, don't you think? You've only been seeing each other for a month."
The blonde-haired, green-eyed, vixen paused for a moment in thought, "I'm sure you're right, Counselor. I just...I thought he'd be the type to want that sort of thing. I mean, he's just so grounded,"
Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Deanna was seriously bored at this point. She'd been working since seven this morining, and it was now five in the evening. Her last few appointements had worn her almost completely, but now this woman was treading on her last, good nerve. In the meantime, Deanna decided to ignore her current (quite ditzy) patient for the moment, and let her mind drift off to more important things... Will Riker. It had been almost two months since they had decided to re-consummate their long-forgotten relationship. And every moment they had spent together since then was-in a word-incredible. They made frequent trips to the holodeck, at least three or four times a week, they had dinner (if not every meal) with each other every night. And then of course there were a few bubble baths' on occasion in between. He paid visits to her office when he had the chance. But that was only to say 'hi' or to just generally check up on her.
Lately, she found herself wanting to do more with the physical sense. It had been years since they had...been active, and she'd probably been living the celibate life for just as long. It was really beginning to look pathetic, especially for this particular Betazoid. It's a good thing Mother doesn't know about this aspect of my life... she thought. Deanna knew her mother, Lwaxana, would be absolutely thrilled if she knew Deanna and Will were back together again. But she'd never stop nagging her if she knew the two wern't 'engaging in physical activities.' It'd hardly be expected of an Imzadi couple, such as themselves. As soon as this appointment with Ms 'I-don't-know-why-I-can't-get-a-man is over, Deanna mentally noted, I've got to find Will and reaquaint him with the physical aspects of our relationship. She attempted to grin mischieviously on the inside, but evidently, her excitement turned outward as well.
"Counselor," the frisky ensign inquired, "are you okay? With a grin like that on your face, you look like you're planning something devious."
Well, well, well, Deanna thought to herself, The blonde does catch on quickly. She pretended to act clueless, "What? Oh, I'm sorry, Julia. My mind must have wandered. You were saying?"
The petite ensign put her hands on her thighs, and said, "Actually, Counselor Troi, I think I know what I have to do. I'm sure I've taken up enough of your time."
Yes you have, Deanna thought, impatiently. "All right, Ensign. I hope everything works out," though she wasn't really very sincere about the sentiment. With that, Ms. Callaway got up, nodded a good-bye, and walked out the door. "Finally!" Deanna triumphantly remarked. she tapped her communicator, "Troi to Commander Riker."
"Deanna? I'm on my way to your office right now..."
She grinned, "Good. I've been waiting for you all day." And though Deanna couldn't see him, she had a feeling Will was grinning just as much as she was. With that said, she didn't hear any more from him until he appeared before her in her office.
A few moments later...
Sure enough, Will Riker was grinning as she had predicted earlier. The moment he stepped in the door of her office, Deanna sensed he was feeling for the same thing she was. They went to each other almost simultaneously, and kissed. Will pulled back from her slightly, and looked at her amused, "You act like you miss me or something."
"Of course," she laughed, with her arms around his neck, "You're the only one I've made any productive conversation with all day."
"Well, if you're game," he teased, "I say we do something else productive other than make conversation." He grinned down at her, knowing she would say yes. Deanna made her response by provocatively kissing his eager lips. She started at the bottom, then made her way up, eventually covering his mouth with her lips, and teasing him with her tongue inside.
When she was through, she smiled seductively and said, "Let the games begin."
Will then picked Deanna up in his arms, and carried her over to her desk, where indeed, the next few hours of games were to take place.
The next day, over drinks in Ten-Forward with Beverly Crusher...
"So...I forgot to ask how your day turned out yesterday."
Deanna continued to stir her hot chocolate and began to grin for ear to ear, reacalling the past evening's events. All she could say was, "Let's just say it went from eventful...real quick." she left her comment at that for the moment, leaving Beverly with a curious look on her face.
The doctor continued to stare at her friend for a few seconds longer, the she caught the drift of what Deanna was talking about. "Well, I guess I can draw only one conclusion from that comment and that evil look on your face..."
Deanna looked up at Beverly, her smile gettin bigger. "Will Riker must have paid you a visit some time along the course of the day," and good doctor crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair, looking very satisfied at her deduction.
Deanna confessed, putting her hands up like a criminal, "All right, you caught me. I admit it."
Beverly leaned forward and teasingly asked her friend, "Admit to what, exactly?"
Deanna smirked once again and replied, "I admit to using my office furniture for more than just decoration..."
Beverly playfully smacked Deanna, "You DIDN'T!"
The coy counselor crossed her arms, and looking very proud, said, "Yes, we did."
Crusher burst out laughing, drawing attention to herself. She said in a forced whisper, "Oh my God! Did anyone come in on you?! How long were you...?"
"Don't worry," Deanna said a little quieter than before, "After Will came in, I took all the necessary precautions, Beverly. Fortunately, I was officially off duty two hours later...meanwhile, I just locked the door."
Crusher was still giggling, "You're lucky we didn't hit a comet, and suddenly go on red-alert, Deanna. Security would have just busted in there..."
"With Will and I in all our glory..."
The two laughed over the image that went through both their minds. "I can see it all now," Beverly joked.
The doctor took another sip from her drink, and then after a brief pause, asked coyly, "So, after all was it?"
Deanna coasted back in her chair, and said with a sly smirk on her face, and the lust still in her voice, "It certainly exceeded my expectations." With that, the two of them laughed on.
"Do I dare ask if your desk survived all that turbulence?"

The End