Resolved Arguments

How Will deals with a fight with Deanna...
One evening in Ten-Forward...
She had walked into the lounge only a few minutes ago, and was now staring outside the starry window. The counselor remained with her back away from the man calling her name.
"Deanna," the man said again, this time a little softer than before as he came within her space. The man who was now identified as Will Riker in the light, turned her around. Deanna Troi looked up at him with defiant eyes, though she wasn't really angry with him. She didn't move more than an inch when he touched her arm. She just stood there by the window, staring at him, eye to eye. He got a little closer-so close that his lips brushed against hers. Deanna's eyes never left his as he whispered, "I'm sorry."
She said nothing, but allowed his mouth to gently touch her own. she could feel herself being seduced by his closeness. Deanna was only encouraged to fall into his trap when he whispered, *Forgive me, Imzadi* like a breeze through her mind. And so, she fell into him just as she found her own lips caressing his, and he whatever space that was between them with a deep, loving kiss. At that, Deanna considered him forgiven, and they let their thoughts return to each other rather than whatever it was they had been fighting over...
After a moment of silence, Deanna gazed into her soulmate's eyes, and asked in a voice only loud enough for him to hear, "Is this how you plan to end all of our disagreements?"
Will grinned at her and merely said, "It works, doesn't it?"
She joined her hands around his waist and replied, "Yes," and she smiled, "yes it does."
And that-as they say-was that.