Immaculate Reunion

Taking a shower will never be the same...

With the dawn of a new day aboard the Enterprise-E, morning came all too soon for Will Riker and Deanna Troi. The previous night's passion left them overcome with a pleasing exhaustion. Will lazily stretched in his bed, with Deanna still resting peacefully on his chest. He spared a glance at his chrono, and realized they would be expected to attend a diplomatic banquet within another hour or so. As much as he dreaded going, he knew they‹d have to get out of bed sooner or later.
He gently nudged her shoulder, "Deanna..." he whispered. She feigned sleep, and smiled at the sound of his voice. He returned her smile as he looked at her. "Honey, wake up. We have a senior staff meeting in an hour to prepare for that banquet. Come on, we'd better get up and get motivated."
She snuggled close to him, enjoying the warmth of his body next to hers. It was a feeling she had missed for far too long. "We don't really have to attend the meeting do we?" Deanna ran her hand across his chest hair.
"Of course," he said, brushing a strand of her hair away from her face. Will decided she looked even more beautiful as a glow from the aftermath of their, more pleasurable pursuits, blushed upon her cheeks.
She sighed against him. "Well, I suppose we should get ready." She was hesitant in her response. "What do you say we take a shower to start off?" Deanna looked up at him and grinned. A hint of mischief was in her eyes.
"We? You mean, as in you and I?"
"Sure, why not? I think we can handle it." She raised herself up from his body and stretched her arms above her head. Deanna easily stripped off her satin nightgown, tossed it to him, and headed to the bathroom. Will couldn't ignore the teasing look in her eyes as she left him on the bed. He smiled mischievously and followed after her.
"Computer, sonic shower." Deanna ordered, and stepped in. Streams of warm water fell upon her, relaxing every muscle in her body. She let it wash over her face, down her arms, all the way down to her spine. The steam filled her lungs, and when she exhaled, Deanna felt at peace. She turned to the wall, and gasped in surprise.
Will Riker was leaning against the wall outside the shower-he'd been observing her the entire time. He grinned that boyish grin at her.
"Will!" she chided, "Don't do that!"
He let his shorts fall to the floor and stepped inside the shower with her. "Relax, Deanna. I was just admiring the view." He put his hands to her elbows.
She teased him, "Yes, well, if you ask me, I think you do that much too often, Commander." Deanna bent her head towards the water, thoroughly wetting her hair. She closed her eyes, running her fingers through the dark strands as she did so. Deanna reached for the shampoo, and Will took it for her.
"Here, let me do it." She turned her back to him so he could get to her hair. He poured a small amount into his palm, rubbed his hands together, and proceeded to massage it into her scalp. As Will rinsed his hair, Deanna decided to surprise him with a little Spanish. "Imzadi?"
"Te amo mucho mi amor."
There was a look of surprise on his face. "Espanol, mi amor?"
She smiled, pleased, when he responded. "Si. Y ti gusta?"
"Si," he replied in a deep, seductive voice, "Muy mucho." Will almost forgot that Deanna was fluent in Spanish, among numerous other languages. Now he was glad he had decided to take a course in the language when he started out at the Academy. Otherwise, he had a feeling he‹d be missing out on something he definitely wanted to be apart of.
Deanna turned around to face him, wrapping her arms around his neck. She traced the outline of his beard and placed a finger to his lips when she was through. Will took both her hands in his and guided them down his chest. He watched them as they moved, then looked back to Deanna. Her eyes burned with something wild. She met his gaze, waiting for his next move. He then took his hands to her face, moving her wet hair away from her eyes. His mouth met hers with a kiss that set both their desires into a full blaze. Deanna teased him, nibbling at his bottom lip. Will directed her up again, so she could kiss him fully.
After a few minutes, she pulled away, breathing heavily. Not all of the heat was coming from the hot water, that she knew for sure. Will said nothing, just waited for her to give some sort of signal from them to continue. Anticipation radiated from his eyes as she stared into his hot gaze.
She took a breath, and told him, "Si no te tengo aqui y ahora, siento que voy a explotar de pasion. [If I don't have you (in me) right here, right now, I will explode with passion] Mi cuerpo arde por ti [my body aches for you]." Riker needed her to speak no further for instruction. Before either of them knew it, they were making love in the shower.