Spies in the Arboretum

The captain and his chief medical officer get a little nosey...

Beverly Crusher and the captain were enjoying their afternoon stroll in the ship's arboretum. Or, at least Beverly was. "Jean-Luc," she said, "You look a little preoccupied with something. What's on your mind?"
He was hardly paying attention to her through the course of their walk together. "What? Oh. Nothing, Beverly. I was just thinking."
"Thinking? About what?"
He smiled a little and told her, "About two particular senior officers aboard this ship."
Very coyly, the doctor asked, "Oh? Would those two officers happen to be...say, you and I?"
Jean-Luc looked down at his hands for a moment, then forward again. "Us? No, no. Not us."
Well why not! Beverly thought hotly. "Oh," she said with some control, "then who?"
Just as they turned around a corner, Jean-Luc's eyes spied the familiar pair that were on his mind. As if he didn't know, he asked, "Beverly, who's that?"
He proceeded to point in the direction he was speaking of. She glanced over his shoulder, "Why, its...Deanna and Will."
The captain stopped in his tracks and continued to look on the couple. "What are they doing?" he asked curiously. The red-head playfully jabbed him in the arm, "Jean-Luc, you and I both know very well what they're doing. Come on, I'm sure they would like their privacy..."
The captain wouldn't budge. "Just a minute, Beverly." She remained hooked into his arm. "Look at them," he said, "They're so content with each other."
His companion barely managed to keep her giggles at a minimum. "Jean-Luc," she said through her concealed laughs, "I believe that's because they're...'making out,' I believe it's referred to as. I'm absolutely certain 'content' is the least of their feelings right now."
God, he envied the two. From the setting, it looked like they had been picnicking. A wicker basket, along with a bottle of champagne (probably the chardonnary he'd given to Will earlier), and two accompanying glasses, chilled nearby the sheet the couple rested on.
Jean-Luc could see his first officer gingerly lying on top of Deanna, while she had one leg leisurely propped up beside him, and one of her hands was tousling his hair. All the while, they were-as Beverly said-making out, completely oblivious to the world (and luckily visitors) around them. It was a scene he momentarily considered imitating in the future, but... Nah, it wasn't his style. They're still young, yet. And he-well, no comment. This time Beverly was insistant as she tried to pry the captain's peeking eyes away from her best friend and her handsome companion.
"Come on, Jean-Luc. We really should leave them alone. If I know Deanna, she's probably picked up on us by now. Let's go."
She tried pulling him away, but the stubborn Frenchman silently refused her request. "Only another minute, I promise," and he peered closer between the nearby foliage to get a better view. By this time, the doctor was getting annoyed.
"Jean-Luc Picard," she said in a forced whisper, "Why are you being so nosey? I know for a fact that you would not appreciate someone peeking in on you, nor approve of some one else doing so. Why..."
But he wasn't listening. The intuitive Beverly had him figured out in a second. "Unless..." she said coyly, "You're thinking of following up on your First Officer's techniques?"
He chuckled, "Certainly not. My First Officer's techniques would-in the least-serve me a court martial. What he prefers always tends to fit into the categories of wild, dangerous, and probably illegal in most parts of the galaxy. It kind of makes me wonder why Deanna wants anything to do with him in the first place."
Now it was she who laughed, "Oh no. Don't be thinking that Deanna Troi is a perfect angel. She was-if you can recall-once a member of the Tal Shi'ar, terrorized the crew, even though she was possessed by an alien lifeform... And went sparring drinks with Zephram Cochran. And on top of all that, you mustn't forget-she is Lwaxana Troi's daughter."
"Why of course," he said with concealed sarcasm and no enthusiasm whatsoever, "How could have thought such a thing about my much-trusted counselor. The one with whom the mental health of my crew rests. I feel so secure in realizing all of this."
"Well," Beverly said in spite of her friend, "at least she's qualified to deal with multi-life crisis. Deanna's probably been through one or two of her own...especially since Will Riker came back into her life."
Meanwhile, as their friends were gabbing with each other, the couple being discussed murmured softly in midst of their spying friends. "Do you think we should let them know we know they're watching us?" Will spoke against his Imzadi's lips.
"No," Deanna said as she smiled deliciously, "but I do think we might as well give them the show they're dying to see."
He got a mischievious glint in his eyes and grinned like the Chesire cat. "Why Counselor, you read my mind."
In the middle of the captain and the doctor's combined laughter, the peeping tom's of the arboretum saw a change in the uneventful scenery. Beverly noticed Deanna's leg steadily climbing up Will's calves
. "Uh-oh," she warned Picard, "It looks like they're getting serious..."
He said nothing, but merely continued to admire the display. Will rolled, and his beloved was above him, gently resting in a straddle position as she sat up. Next, Deanna ran her fingernails up his abdomen, deep into the skin under the shirt. "Ooh," Riker said in a loud whisper.
Even Beverly was starting to get goosebumps. Will took ahold of Deanna by the hips, shifted her gently forward, and creeped his hands up her blouse were he rubbed long, erotic stokes up and down her spine. You had to admit. Even if it was an act, it was like a mating ritual set aflame in the eyes of the actors. She made no sound, but continued to let him set her body on fire. To Will and Deanna, it certainly didn't feel like pretend. Will unbottoned her shirt and removed it from her body, leaving only her bra. In an instant (and to the surprise of Riker), Deanna unfastened the hooks in front of her top piece and tossed it in the direction of the captain and Dr. Crusher.
They instinctively backed away from the plant they were hiding behind. Jean-Luc looked upon the discarded garment inches away from him and then back to the doctor, "I think we've...uh...overstayed our welcome, don't you?"
Except now Beverly was captured by the passionate play before her, and found it hard to stop staring. "Huh? Oh...yes, we...should...go." And before she turned away, Crusher saw Will cover Deanna's body with his own as their lips met once again.
"You know," the captain said as they made their way to the exit, "I don't believe they realize this is a public place." "That's obvious. but I don't think they much care, either." And as they walked out, Beverly could hear Will and Deanna's obnoxious laughter. Damn you, Deanna, Beverly thought in slight irritation. They had known of their presence the whole time. You'll wish you hadn't don't that during tomorrow's poker game. Oh well. It was still a good laugh in the eyes in one Will Riker and his Deanna Troi.