A DREAM AWAY R(maybe, not sure, very suggestive;)

More mind candy from the sleepy, overworked Laura...My boss promises me a
normal life soon/so you can all relax...I only do this when i'm Tired:-)

~do your best to picture a disclaimer here~

Will Riker turned in his sleep, pushing the covers off of his sweat ridden
body....Behind his closed eyes, muted shadows played a perpetual game of
torture with his soul.

"Will." The soft voice stoked over his mind.

"Stop fighting me." Her plea was subtly laced with passion, a ghost of a
promise emanating from her dark eyes. He backed away from the under toe of
desire that was pulling him under, threatening to drown him in his own want.

"NO" He turned to run into the star blanketed world behind him. Surrendering
instantly to the heat of her hand running unmercifully over his bare back.
Her body pressed into his, molding itself as though it were part of him. Her
warm hands played over his bare chest, each gripping stroke closing in on
his need to respond. He spun around to face her, grabbing her wrists firmly
in his, stopping her exploration of him.

"Stop it!" He bellowed, his voice echoing off the water that lapped over her
nude form. She sunk her body below the warm water, leaving only a mystery of
what lie under the rippling blue. He seized the opportunity to run back into
the dark abysses of stars that had always been his sanctuary, the place that
had sheltered him from his fears. The sigh of relief he intended to release,
halted in his chest as she surfaced in front of him. He watched a trickle of
water, it running seductively over the curves of her breast, falling
painstakingly down her firm belly, and finally rippling the water that
concealed the unknown his body ached to explore. The battle he had waged
upon himself, squelched by the heat of her tongue as it unrelentingly probed
his mouth. He relished in the taste of her, the fantasies he had kept hidden
deep in his core manifesting themselves with each caress of his hands over
her body. She backed away suddenly, the pulsing light of the stars above him
signaling him to come home....his eyes darted between the light that shown
in her ebony eyes......and the sparkles in the dark that beat in a never
ending constant above him. Both calling to him, gripping his heart and
tugging at his soul.....

"Do you understand Deanna?" She gripped the arms of her chair tightly, his
powerful presence raising goose bumps over her skin.

"Yes." She attempted to hide the quiver in her voice.

"I'd never hurt you again." His tone tempered, his glistening blue eyes
roving her body. She watched him as he fondled the paper weight in his
hands, gently but forcefully stroking his fingers in a rhythmic pattern. She
silenced the shiver that pervaded her, relinquishing her fantasies of the
magic his warm hands could work on her.

"Deanna." He whispered, squatting in front of her. She closed her eyes, his
hands slowly working up her thighs, stopping just short of where she longed
for them to be. "Will, stop this. I can't go through this again." She pushed
her hands against his shoulders, and got quickly to her feet. Turning her
back to him, a warm breeze circled around her...the sound of water cascaded
softly over her mind. With only a breath of reservation she turned to him,
knowing in her soul what she would find. He stood on the shore, his hair
dampened by the spray of the falls, his eyes sparkling with an unrelenting
passion. "I love you..Deanna Troi." His voice sprinkled with conviction,
danced off the cascading water. He held out his arms, her eyes gliding over
him, and the unconditional hug of protection he offered. She walked slowly
towards him, the words he had spoken earlier, set into eternal repetition as
they bounced off the mountains that cradled the falls. She lifted a small
trembling hand to his outstretched one....It falling through the space he
had occupied, the glimmering of the transport beam cruelly pulling him back
to the sky. She offered a quick glimpse to the heavens above her, the stars
twinkling their victory as they pulled him back to their galaxy of promises.

"Computer Lights"

She ordered, her heart bleeding in response to the blades of emotions her
mind had insisted on impaling her with. She felt the heat of the tear that
fell slowly down her cheek, she wiped it away, as she had so many others.
The pillow she had pulled protectively to her chest felt cold against her
heated skin, the sensation causing an anger to well inside her...anger at
him, anger at starfleet, but mostly anger at herself for allowing herself to
fear that which she coveted most.

The beeping of the door chimes intermingled with the swirls of desires she
was fighting to defeat, images of him wanting her, as she wanted him sailed
like brush stokes over her mind, painting pictures of a life only possible
in her dreams.

"Deanna......I can't do this anymore." Her eyes flew open, the voice usually
sprinkled with the residue of laughter, heavily spiced with unfulfilled
desire. She blinked once to convince herself that the man that stood over
her was not part of the game her heart was playing with her mind. He waited
patently for his cue, his hair tousled, a boyish glint of anticipation
gleamed in his eyes.

"Neither can I Will." Her fears melting away as he lifted the sheets that
draped over her. He removed the pillow she still held securely to her chest,
the heat that emanated from his hungry body, stilled the cold that suffused
her. He offered a slow lingering kiss, before pulling her tightly against
him. He dusted her skin with kisses of promise, painted pictures of forever
with his tongue, and used his hands to perform the magic that only he
possessed. She moaned softly, as she released the desires she had feared for
so long, a tear of passion dripped from his eyes, and fell like an angels
kiss onto her cheek. "I love you Imzadi." He vowed, his body shuttering in
response to his release.

"I love you too Will." She sighed, looking to the portal of her cabin.

The stars that had seemed to loom an imposing threat over both of them,
glittered with infinite rays of possiblities.......and wrapped them both
securely in paradise.