paramount owns it all, but my twisted mind was churning again.

Will jolted from sleep, again being invaded by his recurring nightmare. He
felt the sweat on his sheets, and hoped his sudden movement wouldn't wake his
new wife. He watched her as she slept peacefully, her dark hair feathered
lightly across the pillow. She had been in a completely tranquil state since
the day they were wed. But in his dreams, in his dreams she struggled, calling
him to save her. He couldn't get the images out of his mind....the image of his
beloved Deanna in so much pain. He slid himself down beside her, and pulled her
to him. She opened her eyes slightly, and smiled softly. "Are you all right?"
She whispered.

"Fine" he lied and kissed her lightly. Within moments he felt her even
breathing, and realized she had gone back to sleep. He was relieved he hadn't
worried her, but a little surprised that she hadn't detected his lie. Obviously
she was totally exhausted. He assumed most honeymoon couples were. He also
assumed that most newly married men, didn't have chilling, and hideous dreams
about their wives.

He decided sleep wasn't an option, and something he chose to avoid. He opened
the doors to the terrace, and allowed the warm breeze to comfort him. A two
month honeymoon was more then they had ever imagined, especially with his
appointment as the new enterprise captain. But Admiral Picard had insisted, and
in fact given them a wonderful two week stay on Shantel. Shantel holding a
special place in the Admiral's heart. It had been an interesting two weeks, but
he was sure Picard would have been disappointed to know that most of their time
was spent in their suite, not exploring the long list of archeological sites he
had given them. The one site that had explored proved to be worth venturing out
from under the sheets. And the artifact they had found in the submerged caves
of Dahcany, was sure to be a treasure to the Admiral.

He watched as the suns rose over the mountain studded shoreline. He was glad
deanna had insisted on spending their last two weeks on Risa, a place where
dreams had been shattered, and hopefully repaired for all eternity.

"Will...come back to bed." The sleepy, but sensual voice called to him. He
stood in the doorway admiring the soft beauty of the new Mrs. Riker.

"You look very inviting this morning."

She ran her hand through her tangle of curls. "I'm sure I don't, but your very
sweet for lying." She patted the bed beside her, and smiled coyly. Will obliged
his new wife, and slid in beside her.

"Is there something I can do for you Deanna?" He asked, the mischievous twinkle
in his eyes being replaced with confusion as he watched deanna get off the bed.

"Yes there is Will. I need you to get some sleep, I know you were up all
night." She laughed as she watched him fumble with his words.

"But..but..I ..."

"I'm going shopping, *you* hate shopping, so you won't be missing anything."
She could see the frustration in his eyes, and found it quite amusing. "You'll
need your strength later." She teased, and she turned and headed for the

The part of him he was thinking with told him to get up, and carry her back to
him. But his rational side, a side he hadn't been using much lately told him
she was right. The look in her eyes before she left also told him, that she
wasn't joking about needing his strength later. He covered his eyes with his
arm, and smiled in anticipation.

{Imzadi! she screamed the word over and over. He could feel her pain,
incredible, unbearable pain. He watched as her body seemed to melt into the
floor. Her screams elevating as she sunk deeper, and deeper. Her arms reaching
for him, as more, and more blood seeped from her pores. "Deanna!!" he called to
her... the name echoing through the chamber. The weight of his own body
intensified, the more he struggled to reach her, the heavier the weight became.
. He could only watch as she suffered and finally disappeared into the earth.}

"Deanna!" He woke to the sound of his own terror. His entire body trembling in
response to his nightmare. His heart was racing, and he knew he was going to be
sick. He ran to the bathroom unable to control his response. As he knelt in
front of the toilet he hoped he could rid himself of everything. That somehow
he could cleanse his body of all the emotions that entangled his soul. His body
still shook uncontrollably.... he was so cold, he needed to get warm. He
removed his clothes, and crawled into the shower. He allowed the hot water to
wash over him, pulling his knees to his chest, in another attempt at warmth.


Deanna ran to him, wrapping herself around him. He didn't respond, keeping his
head pressed tightly against his knees.

"Will...please!" Her tears fell freely, as his emotions saturated her mind.

"WILL!!" she shook him as forcefully as she could.

"Please, where are you?' She tried with all her strength to reach him, to
somehow break down the wall of fear that surrounded his mind.

"Imzadi!" His eyes flew open in response to the word.

"D..Deanna?" He cupped her face in his hands, and pulled her on top of him. She
felt the relief wash over her, as his heart, and breathing slowly returned to
normal. Her questions could wait, right now they both needed the comfort of
each other.

Will sat on the terrace, and waited for Deanna. His memories of the previous
night were sketchy at best. But his nightmare was permanently burned into his
mind. He hadn't wanted to tell her about it.... Psychologist, or
didn't seem conducive to a romantic honeymoon. He had tried to spare her all
the morbid details of her death, but he was sure his emotions had betrayed him,
and she knew everything.

"How are you feeling?" Her voice as always a breath of fresh air to his soul.

"Much better......must be the company." He pulled her to his lap, and kissed
her passionately. She returned his affection before pulling away.

"When the enterprise arrives tomorrow...I insist you see that
understood Mr Riker?"

"Ofcourse Captain, never let it be said that William Riker doesn't know who
runs this bridge."

"Good." She said, pulling him to his feet. "Then your second order of the day,
is to continue to please your captain."

"This way." she pulled him along behind her, her voice filled with the
excitement of a child.

"Deanna, Where are we going?"

"To fulfill a dream." She pointed to a large emerald colored boulder.

"It looks like a rock to me. It's green, but basically it's still a rock." He
failed in trying to hide the laughter from his voice. Of course he knew of the
fabled 'honeymoon rock', and any couple who shares a kiss on the rock will be
forever blessed with a happy, and fruitful marriage. But he found great joy in
frustrating Deanna, and he wasn't going to let an opportunity slip by. He
watched as she climbed to the top, and gestured for him to join her.

"No. Really Deanna....I think we'd be much more comfortable down here in the
sand." He raised an eyebrow waiting for the heated response.

"Oh really Will. Do we have to play, you push my buttons, and I'll push yours?
This is important to me."

It was a disappointing response, and one he wasn't prepared fact he
felt like a jerk.

"O.K. I'm sorry. I'm coming up." He sat down beside her, and tried to get
comfortable on the hard surface.

"Ya know....I still say we could be alot more fruitful in the soft sand."

She smiled slightly, her eyes filling with tears. She looked away from him, and
let her eyes rest on the waves as they broke the shore.

A flutter of guilt filling him for a mistake he had made, many years ago.

"I came here that day."

He didn't have to ask what day, he knew all too well.

"I sat here for hours, and thought of you. I thought maybe if I wished hard'd know. I kept telling myself you'd change your mind, that
you'd relize that we'd never be complete without each other."

<O.k. Jerk isn't a strong enough word.> he thought.

"No Will. Don't you understand? I was right.....even then I knew. Your body may
have left me, but you left behind a piece of your soul." She stroked his face.
"What I'm saying is...."

He grabbed his head, the pain permeating his entire body.

"God! Deanna make it stop!" He slid from the rock, and landed in the sand. The
pain completely enveloping him, he held his head, and rolled uncontrollably in
the sand.

"Gods.......he must have his communicator....he always has his communicator.!"
She searched through his clothes, her heart breaking at the sound of his cries.

She pulled the communicator from his shirt pocket, his emotions causing her own
body to tremble.

"Riker to enterprise." she spoke, her voice emanating panic. <I will never
badmouth your devotion to starfleet again.> she pledged as Data's voice

"Yes counselor....Are you in need of assistance."

"Yes Data! This is an emergency. Lock on to my signal, beam two directly to

She felt the almost instantaneous response, as the transporter beam swirled
through them.

"His pain seems to have subsided." Beverly Crusher looked into the worried eyes
of her friend.

"I've run every nero-scan in existence, and even some I've concocted since my
tour of duty on the enterprise began......I'm sorry Deanna....he seems to be in
perfect health."

"Well he's not in perfect health Beverly. There has to be something we can do."

"Don't worry Deanna....I'm not giving up. I plan on keeping him here for

She watched as Beverly fisted her hands tightly in her jacket pockets. Always a
sure sign of the doctor's frustration.

"Hello, Ladies? I'm right here."

They both jumped at the sound of Will's voice.

"Well Captain. How are you feeling?"

He massaged his temples, and attempted a smile.

"My head hurts alittle....but I'll be fine." He attempted to get up from the
bio bed.

"Oh no You don't." the women replied in unison.

"I believe holding your Captain against his will *could* be considered a form
of mutiny." With each word he spoke, the pain in his head elevated.

"I think we'll risk it.' Beverly smiled, and administered the hypo spray.

"O.K. Doc. I've been in here for three days. if you don't let me out of here,
I'll have you transferred to the Yagandi."

She rolled her eyes at his idle threat, and watched as her captain paced the
confines of the quarantine field. He was right ofcourse....she couldn't keep
him here any longer. There were no more tests she could possibly run.....she'd
tested him for everything. Whatever had caused his irrational behavior, seemed
to have vanished....even his sleep patterns had returned to normal.

"I've called for your wife, as soon as she arrives...I'll let you out."

"Ha....It was the Yagandi..wasn't it?" he attempted his best poker face, but
the smile in his eyes, as always gave him away.

"Actually Captain, I'll be happy to get you out my sick bay." she tossed her
hair behind her shoulder. "Pediatrics is not my forte."

Will mocked astonishment "What the hell does that mean?"

She raised an eyebrow. "Nothing." She turned to leave.

"Gods. what a difficult man." she spoke under her breath.

"I heard that.....what did you say?" Will called after her......his only
response was her gentle laughter coming from her office.

He sat on the bed, and covered his face with his hands. He needed to get out of
here, he had a ship to run, but more importantly he had a wife to go home to.
He lifted his head at the rhythmic sound of the stasis field shut down.

"Are you ready to come home Imzadi?" He took her in his arms, it had been only
three days since he'd held her......but it had seemed like a lifetime.

"I missed you Deanna," he spoke softly, without releasing his hold on her.

"I believe we have an unfinished honeymoon to return to."

She smiled up at him. "I believe your right Mr. Riker." and she pulled him
towards the door.

"Wait. I should say thanks to Beverly." He pulled Deanna towards the doctor's

Deanna pulled his arm to stop him.

"Actually Will." she bit her lip, to hide her smile. "She asked me to just....
get you out of here."

"Yea.....I guess I was kind of a jerk."

'That's not exactly the word she used.....but it will suffice." She giggled as
she pulled him out the door.

Will looked around at what used to be his quarters, Deanna had wasted no time
in adding a piece of herself to his cabin. She had turned his dismal existence
into a place he would want to be

"It's wonderful, Deanna."

She breathed a sigh of relief, as the words left his mouth. "You've been a
bachelor for a long time....I was afraid you'd object. I just wanted it to be
our home."

He stared into her wide dark eyes. " As long as your with me......I'm home."

He kissed her head, as the pain again crept in behind his eyes. He closed his
eyes, and turned away from her.

"I'm sorry Deanna......I really need to get to the bridge."

He faced her only long enough to see the disappointment in her eyes. Without
kissing her he exited his quarters.

He was sure he could hide the dull ache that encircled his mind from his
shipmates, but he had needed to get away from her. The one who could look into
his eyes, and see the reflections of all that he was. As he entered the turbo
lift the voice echoed in his mind, the pain it projected piercing his heart.

"Help me, Imzadi." The phrase bouncing off the interiors of his mind, and
projecting it self into his heart. He could feel her agony, the heart wrenching
pain sending him to his knees. As the turbo lift doors opened, the pain ebbed.

"Captain" Data's voice, only a hollow tone, as it mingled with the cries in his

"I'm fine, Data." he pushed the android away, as he struggled to his feet.

"Yes Sir." Came the incredulous voice of his first officer.

He took his seat, and remained silent......the haunting voice still calling out
to him. He busied himself with the display in front of him, trying to ignore
the concerned glances of his crew.

<Deanna is fine....why is this happening to me?> The voices in his mind, and
his own emotions creating an array of trepidation deep in the recesses of his
soul. He pulled his eyes away from the screen in time to meet with the worried
gaze of the young ensign at ops.

"Is there a problem, Ensign?" his words were laced with anger, as he rose to
his feet. The young officer quickly averted his glance. "No Sir.....I was

Rikers jaw tightened. "You were only *what* Mr. Whise... Scrutinizing your
Captain, when your eyes should have been focused on the panel in front of you."
He could feel the uncontrollable rage pervading his body. His temples pounded
with pain, as he clenched his fist tightly. "There is no place on my bridge for
an ineffective crew member......DO YOU UNDERSTAND MR WHISE!!" The ensign
avoided the chilling stare of his captain.

"Yes Sir." his reply was filled with fear.

"You understand! You understand...... and yet you don't afford me the respect
of looking at me when I address you!" He reached out and grabbed the officer,
pulling him up with more strength then he thought imaginable. He felt his
stomach clench as the overwhelming anger completely engulfed him, and heard
only the sound of his fist as it plunged into the ensign's face. One blow
wasn't enough to satisfy the wealth of anger that filled him......he felt the
strength of a thousand men, as Data pulled him off the terrified young man.

"I'm sorry Deanna, I have no choice but to relieve him of duty." Beverly shot a
concerned glance to the bio bed where Captain Riker lie sleeping. "His violent
demonstration on the bridge, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he's
incapable of command."
Deanna folded her hands tightly on her lap, and tried to control the anxiety in
her voice.

"I understand Beverly.....but I still say he'd be much more comfortable in our
quarters. You said yourself there was nothing more you could do until we reach
star base 36."

Beverly rose from her chair the positions of being both doctor and friend
splitting her in two. "I'll tell you what. Let me run one more test, if the
results are as I expect they will be......I'll let him go home with you." She
enjoyed seeing a smile return to the worried face of her friend. "That's
wonderful Beverly. Thank you."

"I'll just need a little time alone with the captain......I'll call you when
he's ready to leave." She placed her hand on Deanna's shoulder, in an effort to
show the optimism she didn't really feel.

Dr Crusher examined the results of her recent readings on Captain Riker. "How
can this be?' She again scanned her tricorder over the sleeping captain. "This
is impossible"

"What's impossible?" the sleep ridden voice of Captain Riker, startled her out
of her thoughts.

"Your still in considerable pain, aren't you Will?"

He attempted a smile "That depends on what you mean by pain? If you mean the
constant throbbing in my can live with that. If you mean what I
did to Ensign Whise.....then..yea. What the hell is happening to me Doc.?" The
sadness and confusion in his eyes, pulled at her heart.

"Tell me exactly what your feeling Will?" He tried to prop himself up on his
arms, but the pain in his head prevented any movement. She could see even
talking had become a chore for him, and she waited patently for his words to

"Intense pain, not just my head." He reached for her hand, and squeezed it
tightly. "Beverly....I can't seem to control anything." She understood, even
now as he struggled with his words, the tears fell hopelessly down his cheeks.
"Am I going insane?"

She grasped his hand tighter, attempting her best bedside manner. "No Will, I
don't really understand my findings.....but I think I have a theory."

Deanna leaned against the doctor's desk. "What have you found out Beverly?"

"I wanted to run this by you, before we tell Will." She watched as Deanna's
eyes were drawn to the trembling body of her husband.

"The brain scans I've run on Will are a little out of the ordinary." She pulled
her eyes away from Will, and focused her attention on the doctor.

"The bond that you share with Will, has always fascinated me. The part of the
brain, doctors refer to as Limbic has always been highly developed in Captain
Riker." She hesitated waiting for a reaction from Deanna. Deanna only shook her
head, and gazed in confusion at Beverly.

"I ignored my initial findings, Will's mind has always functioned differently
then most. But now the size, and contents of that part of his brain has
exceeded anything I've ever encountered." She could see Deanna's frustration,
and she knew she would have to phrase her next statement carefully.

"Deanna.......The Limbic is the portion of the brain that processes
emotions....but in Will's case it is also the portion of his brain he uses to
communicate with you." She got up from behind her desk, preparing herself for
the inevitable reaction. " I believe your the cause of Will's abnormal brain

"That's ridiculous Beverly!" The words shot from her mouth on a sea of anger.
"Why would I want to hurt him?" Deanna's anger swirled through the office, Dr
Crusher giving it a moment to settle before continuing.

"I'm sure you wouldn't hurt him on purpose Deanna.....But please I need to run
a few tests on your brain patterns, It's the only theory I have."

She waited for a response, but Deanna only turned her back to her..

"I understand your shock Deanna."

"No Doctor I don't think you do."

Beverly was allowed only a moment of surprise, before the Phaser blast sent her
into the unconscious.

Will turned his eyes to the familiar sound of the phaser fire, and watched a
blurry image of his wife, as she fled the room.

"Deanna!" He wasn't sure if the word had actually left his mouth, or if it just
echoed in his mind. He fought his way off the bed, using every ounce of his
strength to reach the unconscious Doctor. She had a pulse, slow and erratic,
but she was alive. He turned her over to the med tech, and stumbled out of
sickbay. He heard the sound of the red alert, as it ehoed through the
corridors, The starfleet officer in him immediately feeling the increase in the
enterprise warp engines.

His mind swirled with emotions, unsure of where his new found strength was
coming from. He knew what he had seen in the Doctors office....he had seen his
wife fire on her best friend. "Computer locate counselor Riker." He hoped his
words would be understood by the enterprise computer.

Counselor Riker is in the engine room."

Entering the turbo lift he heard the ominous warning from the enterprise
computer "Enterprise approaching warp ten.....due to increased speed.....hull
integration will be breached in 10 minutes."

The lift doors opened to reveal the engineering room, what he hoped were only
unconscious bodies dotted the floor. Only Deanna remained standing, her hands
dancing across the display panel.

"Deanna Stop!" his words barely audible over the sounds of the over extended
warp core. She regarded him for only a moment, before returning to her tasks.
He crawled towards her, the pain inside him becoming insufferable. He held his
head, feeling as though his brain would explode inside him.

"Back away from the console." Data's metallic voice sounded around him. The
androids words had no effect on the determined Counselor. Data approached her,
only to be met with a blow that sent him flying against the wall. Riker reached
for the phaser that had been knocked from his first officers hand. His
trembling hand unable to grasp it, he looked to the android recovering from his

"Use it Data!" he barked the order through the sobs that filled his being.

Data took the phaser, and fired....the setting having no effect on the
determined counselor.

"Increase the setting" Will choked on his words.

"But sir?"

"Increase the setting Damit!"

With the sound of the phaser blast, the pain in his mind reached it's climax.
He watched his wife fall lifeless to the floor, as his own body surrendered
itself to the unendurable pain.

The nero blocks, and muscle relaxers Doctor Crusher, had administered to
Captain Riker, had kept his mind in a fog. Beverly wished he could stay that
way, she wasn't looking forward to telling him about Deanna. She turned to face
the bio bed that held the counselor's body....She had managed to repair her
body, but the lifeform that had invaded her mind.....had drained it of it's
very essence. She couldn't bare the thought of shutting of the machines that
kept Deanna's heart beating.....not until he could say good bye to her. He
would need to say good bye, and feel the warmth of the women, he would never
feel again. Her blue eyes filled with tears, as she pushed a loose strand of
ebony hair away from Deanna face.
"I'll miss you Deanna." She whispered, turning her attentions back to the
captain. Without Deanna's cries of pain filling his mind, he would be fine now.
Or he would at least not be burdened with the pain. She doubted he would ever
be fine.

She turned suddenly as Data entered the room.

"Were you able to destroy the lifeform Commander?"

Data tilted his head in his usual fashion. "It is unknown, Doctor. When it
exited the counselor's body, it did appear injured. But after it left the ship,
we were unable to track it."

He turned to his captain "Has he been told of counselor Rikers death?."

Beverly wiped a remaining tear from her cheek "No, I was just about to
resuscitate him. I'm not looking forward to telling him about this."

Data looked at Beverly with his normal amount of confusion. "Captain Riker made
the *only* decision he could have, under the circumstances."

"Somehow Data, I don't think that's going to help him," She sighed as she
fingered the hypo spray in her hand. "I think it would be best if I did this
alone Data."

Data agreed with the doctor and exited the sick bay.

She decided to bring him to consciousness slowly, giving his mind time to
replay the nightmare he had just witnessed. He opened his eyes slowly, and took
a moment to readjust them to the light of the sickbay.

"How much do you remember, Wil?."

She could almost feel the emotions that entangled his mind, the flashes of
memory that pervaded his thoughts. He moistened his lips, and struggled to

"You mean Do I remember that I killed my wife." His words broke as he spoke,
the tears fell freely down his face.

"I know what I did Beverly.....and it will be the last order I ever give."

Her heart broke for him, as the heartbreak he felt, reflected itself in his
eyes. The sparkling blue, dimming to only a shadow of gray. She knew his words
of resigning commission were not an idle treat, but a promise he had made to
himself as he gave his *finial* order.

"I need to see her."

She nodded, as she administered the shot that would remove the nero block from
his mind. She watched him closely as the veil was slowly lifted, and he was
freed to feel all the pointless pain he would heap upon himself. She jumped in
shock at the sound of his deafening scream. She was unable to react for a
moment as she watched him fall to the floor, holding his head, and collapsing
in pain.


He called her name over, and over, as she attempted to restore the block to his
mind. With the help of a med tech that took him into stasis, but even in his
semiconscious state he called to her.

"Three cc's alapropaline" she ordered, as she continued the tricorder scan on
the captain. After recording her findings she again scanned the empty shell of
counselor Riker.

She worked the ticorder with the precision of a concert pianist, from the
captain to the counselor she continued her adjustments.

"I've seen these brain readings before................... Computer call up
records.....Picard jean luc." The results instantaneously appeared on her
screen. She studied them for only a moment before shouting her next order.

"Hook up the cranial stimulators......create a link between the captain, and
the counselor."

"But Doctor?" the confused voice of the med tech answered.

"Just do it Mr. Barke." She knew what she was doing was highly unorthodox, it
could cost her, her career if she were wrong, but more importantly it could
cost Will Riker his life. But she knew if he were here he would insist that she
try. She quickly worked the controls that sent the cranial stimulators in
motion. She increased the degrees with each jolt to the captain, scanning
Deanna with each attempt.

"One more time."

She knew if she was wrong on this try, it would most certainly mean the end of
her friend. Captain Riker's entire body shook in response to the current that
penetrated him. She quickly read the readings after scanning counselor Riker.

" Reduce the magnitude..20/ 10.....but leave them attached." At this point it
was the captain that worried her. His body whinced in pain, as he sur came to
the reduction in pressure that had trapped his mind.

"Doctor?!" The urgent voice of the med tech pulled her eyes away from the
captain. She watched carefully as she was met with the distant brown eyes of
her friend. Not the distant eyes of death, but eyes again filling themselves
with life.

"Deanna, you have to tell me when to stop."

Deanna reached for the doctors hand, squeezing it with all the strength she
could convoke. Beverly looked into the eyes of her friend, the professional in
her giving way to the reaction of a friend. The tears filled her eyes, as she
watched the vivid sparkle return to Deanna.

"Stop the transfer!"

Deanna's eyes turned to Will, the softest of smiles touched her lips.

"He is fine, Beverly>"

Deanna closed her eyes, as Beverly watched a similar smile touch the face of
Captain Riker.

The Admiral sat across from the newly married couple, completely mesmerized by
the story they were telling.

"If the alien wanted control of the ship...why didn't he choose Captain Riker,
as his victim?."

Beverly smiled warmly at Jean luc, realizing how much she missed having him

"I believe it was the alkaline environment of the Betazid brain. Humans don't
seem to handle stress as well as Betazids......there fore Will's brain was
filled with acid."

Will cradled his arm around Deanna, and pulled her closer.

"But what the alien hadn't counted on was the strength of Deanna's mind." He
kissed her lightly "Now if the alien had ask me, I could have told him how
stubborn she was."

Jean-Luc leaned back in his chair. "This is fascinating. So it literally
transferred your very 'being' into Will."

Beverly's excitement twinkled in her eyes. "Yes, and when I saw the
similarities to your brain readings....when your body had been relieved of it's
'soul', so to speak....I realized what was happening to Deanna."

Will half listened as jean-luc and Beverly discussed all that had happened, but
his thoughts, and his heart were focused on Deanna. He let out a self induced

"It's been a big day for myself and Deanna.....if you'll please excuse us?"

Will and Deanna sat and gazed at the sea, the waves gently crashing against
there holographic creation of 'honeymoon rock'. Deanna placed her head on
Will's chest, appreciating the steady sound of his heart, a lullaby to her

"Deanna......I want you to have this." He held out the most delicate of chains,
a small heart at the base. He placed the fragile necklace around her neck,
reciting the words he had thought only a romantic's dream. The words not only
engraved on the necklace, but permanently engraved in his mind.

"One heart, one mind, one body, one soul.....forever."


The idea for this story was actually stimulated by the death of a very close
friend, I know I carried it to the realms of the unexplained......but I'd like
to believe, that a piece of all those we love, remains forever embedded in our
own souls.