The Eye Of The Storm


1/1.....plot what plot....or had a second that turned into a Riker moment. I suck at this sort of thing....so laugh at will, well not at Will, but freely<g>



The cold rain fell, the wind driving it helplessly, impaling it relentlessly against the glass. It sounded loudly in his ears, his reflection distorted by the dribbling water. He ran a restless hand through his dark hair and began to pace.......he felt trapped, ensnared by his own feelings, his own lack control. He'd come here to save himself, severe this invisible thread that seemed to be thickening. But instead it had only intensified his needs, his desires, his unquenchable thirst for her. So much of him wanted to love her, satisfy his hunger by devouring her, savoring her, tasting every inch of her. But a small part of him hated her, resented her for ever becoming a part of his life.....A distant rumble of thunder sounded an agreement to his thoughts, but also reminded him that the eye of the storm was still far away, that it had only begun to torment him with its power.

He threw another log on the fire, it resisted it's fate, igniting and dying but finally falling prey to the flames that coveted it. He opened the window, the icy breeze in his face superseded the warm comfort of the fire behind him. He felt torn, torn between the ice and the fire.....unable to find a place that offered him the benefits of both. He leaned against the wooden frame of the window and chuckled as the black space that drove him lay hidden behind a mask of gray clouds.

<And this is my life> He thought, <How ironic that I run to space to escape my past, and then run to my past to escape what awaits me in space.>

This cabin was all that was left of his childhood, their weren't any memories, only the ones his father had given him. But his mother had been here once, she'd laughed here, she'd sang to him here, she'd rocked him in that very chair. He moved away from the window and pushed the rocker with his hand, it creaked with age and his mind pictured them there, as it might have been. Again he chuckled, a woman he hardly knew, and another he knew better then himself seemed to control the basis of what he was. Another crack of thunder drew him to the window, a flash of electricity severing the sky seconds later, followed by a frigid burst of cold air against his back. Turning around wasn't necessary, he knew she was there, and he felt an uncanny anger welling inside him.

"Why are you here?" He asked as another blast of thunder rumbled overhead.

"I wanted to make sure you were all right?:"

"Why wouldn't I be all right?" He asked, "In four hours I'll be a captain, and not just any captain but captain of the Enterprise E. Of course I'll have to find a new ship's counselor, since mine has seen fit to resign from Star fleet." He allowed his bitterness to bleed into his voice, deriving satisfaction from the hurt in her eyes.

"Actually I wasn't talking about my resignation, I was referring more to last night." She folded her arms, looked him up and down and hoped in her heart he would understand without explanation.

But when his eyes grew even darker, more stormy, she drew in a deep breath and tried to justify her decision, "I'm sorry Will, but I need to be home, I should have been home long before this, but I hoped, I wished that mother would recover." She brushed her damp hair away from her face and tried to lock on to his emotions, her own continued to gyrate, leaving her vulnerable and out of control.

He chuckled, a low and nasty chuckle, it chilled her more deeply then the icy breeze that blew into the room.

"And which of last nights screwings are you concerned about.....Imzadi?"

"Will, I didn't mean for it to happen, at least not in that order.......i wanted to tell you I was leaving, I was afraid....afraid I'd change my mind, afraid you'd stop if you knew."

"Afraid I'd stop?" He answered, freeing a disgusted breath, "I'm a guy, your chances were pretty good I'd carry it through to its conclusion .....and sex isn't what I'm angry about....shit, we can have sex right now if you'd like.... believe me, slamming you against that wall right now sounds very therapeutic to me."

Deanna looked at the floor, uncomfortable with the strangely erotic feeling he'd generated in her. She released an uneven breath, and tried to rid herself of the mental images her mind seemed set on tantalizing her with. A crack of thunder sounded overhead, she raised her eyes to find him standing only a whisker away from her.

She took a step back as his indigo eyes met hers, his breath hot and erratic swept over her cheeks ......a bolt of lightening lit up the room, illuminating the devilish gleam that now shined in his eyes.

"The things I said last night," She said, cursing her voice as it cracked under his gaze and backing further away until the logged wall stopped her escape, "that's how I see us always."

"Mmm" His mumbled reply came as he hooked his index finger inside her blouse, a quick tug sending her buttons like tiny jewels to the floor, "like thunder and lightening" He said, ridding her of her blouse, yet only permitting his breath to touch her.

She felt her body fill with heat, even against the cool wet breeze that blew through the window, her cheeks flushed under his visual attack. She ran her hands over his chest, he drew away, another roll of thunder echoing overhead.

"And where is she now?" He asked, shedding her skirt as easily as her blouse, "the lightening?"

"She's coming." She answered, capturing his lips just as the delayed lightening dimly lit the room. His response to her kiss was delayed just as the lightening to the thunder, but as she slid her hands under his shirt and ran her nails harshly over his back, he answered her kiss with a deep groan of pleasure.

His kisses moved over her jaw, down her neck, leaving a heated trail of fire that burst into flames as his mouth found her breast.

"Will." She moaned his name, using his own technique to rid him of his shirt. She tangled her hands in his hair as he dropped to his knees in front of her, his tongue tickling over her belly, up her thighs, trailing tortuously along the lines of her underwear. She arched her back encouragingly, her actions rewarded with only a wicked chuckle and his tongue working its way back up to her mouth. His mouth closed over hers, his hands dipping between her legs, increasing her desire as a thunderous roar shook the tiny cabin.

"Hot." He whispered into her mouth.

"Hot." She whispered back, roughly stroking his erection.

"That's it," He said, lifting her off the floor, both his hands firmly pressing her against him.

She wrapped her legs tightly around him, her body screaming to be filled....the lightening followed the thunder just as he put her on the bed and pulled her panties off.

He rid himself of his pants just as quickly, and offered her a ravenous look that caused her to arch her back pleadingly. He ran his hot hands over her, leaving no part of her untouched, leaving no part of her not wanting him. She closed her eyes as he positioned himself over her, with one fluid motion he penetrated her deeply. Her breath stalled and her body quivered, the satisfaction killed as he just as quickly took it away.

"Look at me." He ordered forcefully.

She pulled her eyes open, drowning not only in anticipation, but the dangerous look of desire in his darkened eyes. As he entered her again, her eyes began to close, his threat of withdrawal coercing her to open them again. He moved agonizingly slow, she arched her back, spiraled her hips, silently begging him to move deeper, faster. He smiled, a wicked smile and slipped his hand between them, his thumb moving over her clit at the same painfully slow rate.

"Will......pay back in spades." She said on a winded breath. "We're both idiots."

He sped up his movements, she matched him thrust for thrust, his thumb spiraled faster, her body spiraled out of control. As her body shuddered under his aggression, his movements became erratic, frantic, he met her release just as a simultaneous jolt of thunder and lightening converged ...clashing with angry noise and tranquil light.

He fell spent on top of her still trembling body.

He pulled her to him, stilling her shivers with his warmth and his almost tangible love.

"The storms breaking Imzadi," He said, looking through the window as the stars sparkled into existence.

"It doesn't matter Will......." She said, resting her head on his chest, "We're like the lightening and thunder, months can go by without them seeing each other....but when they do..." She lifted her head to look at him, he finished her sentence just as she knew he would.

"They always come together?" He added with a waggle of his brows.

"Exactly imazdi, exactly." She answered, returning her head to his chest as another storm began to brew inside her.