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not mine...Paramounts, and they may get me for this little piece of mind
candy. I've never tried this kind of writing before(nothing spooky). either
enjoy it, or hit the delete key, and say "Why did she try this?".....:-)

Something so reassuring about waking up in the room you grew up in. She took in
a deep breath and filled herself with the familiar scent of home. It was
exactly as it was when she left, exactly as it was when she had first met Will
Riker. She pulled the lavender puff under her chin, and remembered the times
she had laid awake thinking of him. And thirty years later here she was,
snuggled in her warm bed reflecting on the same man.

<funny what life throws you>, she thought.

The opened window gently blew the fragrance of the garden flowers to her nose.
She sunk her toes into the plush carpet, and went to admire the beautiful
gardens below. The mahanu tree her father had planted the day she was born,
hung heavy with the sweet lavender blooms. She ran her hand over her cheek, she
felt the moisture of her tears and the signs of age. And yet she could almost
hear her own childhood giggles. Looking past the pleasant memory, was where the
rows of summer roses started their winding path, the pinks and reds blended
into a maze of color. And in that blaze of color is where her memories of Will
Riker began....It was there among the roses, she had sat alone and decided he
was the man she loved, and would always love. She had brought him there so many
times during their early courtship......she remembered the sweet flutter she
felt each time he touched her. She felt her body flush with just the thought of
his hands working their magic on her.

<Funny how life works>.

She turned and retrieved her robe from the bed, allowing the silk to flow
slowly over her bare shoulders. She stuck her head out of her room, hoping not
to awaken anyone...she needed to enjoy this time alone, to relish in the
memories of him. She stepped out into the garden, the warm gentle breeze
causing the soft silk to tickle her skin.

<Why now?> she thought. <Why now, do I feel the past so fresh in my mind.?>.

She first stopped to admire the small gathering of kestra daisies that her
mother had planted recently. They seemed to smile at her, the wind causing them
to bow at her feet. she smiled back and spoke a soft hello to the sister she
never knew.

And then there were the orchids, with their soft petals, and gentle scent.
Orchids like the one Thomas Riker had left hanging in engineering. Again a
smile touched her lips, at the bittersweet memory of him. < "What the future
holds nobody knows." how true,> she thought.

As she neared the roses, her thoughts turned to the one she somehow needed to
focus on. The man who had come and gone from her life so many times over the
years, but had never strayed from her heart. So many years since their heated
taste of each other in the jungle, so many years since there first encounter
on the enterprise, and so many years since they had started to rekindle their
feelings in the briar batch. She sat quietly beside the pool of water buried in
the center of the bed of roses...and looked at her reflection. The years had
crept across her face, each soft line a reminder of the smiles he had brought
to her. She stroked her hands over her stomach, and then lightly over her

<Not exactly as I remember them> she thought, and smiled at her own reflection.
The lines around her eyes also had deepened since last she had looked. She
moved her hand over the tiny lines, and almost admired them. <Funny> she
thought...<I sat here years ago, and watched my tears fall into this same
crystal pool>. With her thought, a tiny drip rippled the water. She let out a
heavy sigh, and found it almost impossible that she was sitting here in the
same spot thirty years later....shedding tears for the same man. Perhaps not
the same kind of tears, but tears just the same.

His arms slipped gently around her. "Your more beautiful then the day I met
you." She shook her head, and closed her eyes, erasing the thoughts of the
young officer that had imbued her mind. She turned to face him, this man so
blinded by love that he saw her as she once had been.

"How much time do we have?' She whispered, her breath lightly kissing his skin.

"None." his disappointment reflecting in his eyes, as he covered her mouth with

"Mom. Dad said you could cook pancakes." Deanna smiled at her husband, and
winked at her son.

"I think he meant to say, *he* could make pancakes.".....She lowered her voice,
and spoke into her husband s ear "You shouldn't lie to the children.". Her face
was serious, but her laughter circulated softly in his mind. The father focused
his eyes on his two children, attempting a stern expression.

" First clean up. We'll be right in guys." The children nodded, and disappeared
into the fields of flowers.

"What were you doing out here Deanna?" With his words, his eyes slid over her,
exactly has they had the first time at Chandra's wedding.

"Nothing." she spoke. The same flutter that had filled her years ago rushed
through her body. He let his hands run down the silk of her robe, his breath as
he inhaled filled with hunger. She smiled into the deep blue eyes, the eyes
that had been her solace since she could remember.

"So tell me Imzadi, how long does it take to make pancakes?" He allowed his
hands one last pass over her body, before pulling her quickly towards the
house. She followed behind him, parts of her life reflected in the flowers that
she passed........but the largest part of her life held her hand tightly, and
winked a promise of forever.