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Beyond PWP


No disclaimer: if "they" find time to read this, and find reason to call attention to it, then "they" have too much time on their hands.

I will warn, this is not smut and I gave up fluff a long time ago, so, guess I canít call it that.....I call it FTR (fantasy tainted by reality:-) Just remember after reading this, I have written OK stuff too <BG>



"Captain Riker." The bartender for the Monponsette inn ran a clean white cloth over the shiny mahogany bar and looked up at his newest customer, "Will Mrs. Riker be joining you?"

"Not tonight Frank, itís just me." Riker returned the young manís smile and leaned back in the low backed stool, "I was just feeling lonely I think."

"Lonely.....you?" The young man, half Rikerís age looked shocked. His shock quickly lapsed into concern, "Is Mrs. Riker away?"

"Not exactly, but itís nothing' to concern yourself with." Seldom, if ever had Will seen Frankís cocky grin waver or the spirit flicker away from his cobalt eyes. He and Deanna had spent a lot of evenings here since deciding to make the pacific west coast their home. Since the birth of their son two years ago, a home away from his starship had become a necessity.

"Iím glad," Frank said, resuming his signature grin as his eyes looked over Willís shoulder. Recognizing the look on the bartenderís face Will followed his lustful gaze. Only flickering candlelight illuminated the few small tables in the bar, deceiving shadows and luminescent glows that could trick the most discerning of men into believing the woman across from them was perfection.

"Wow." Franks voice sounded as if it had come from a light-year away.......Riker, at almost fifty couldnít remember the last time any woman had captivated him as this one had. Her hair, layered and untamed whispered against her face and fell like liquid copper over breasts barely covered by a breath of pale green silk.

<God, I love redheads.> he thought, wishing he could see her eyes, her face, get a full on view of the rich moist bottom lip she was biting on. He considered it thoughtfully, mentally sucking it into his mouth as his hands pushed that damned piece of silk further up over her lightly bronzed skin. About the time heíd realized heíd completely disrobed this woman, he also realized she was looking at him, and that Frank was hovering above her table.

<Shit.> he silently cursed, making a note that the eyes that would be looking up at him as he glazed them in ecstasy were a rich chocolate brown.

"Captain?" At first he heard his title as lustful and breathless; asking him for more, begging him for more. But as it repeated, and was followed by the click of glass against wood he jerked himself from his very indecent fantasy.

"Frank," he said, clearing his throat and shifting in his chair, "What?"

Frank clicked and waggled the square glass against the bar. Rikerís gaze fell to it and the muted red shades of liquid that glistened inside the chiseled crystal.

"What is that?" Riker asked, lowering his head and squinting his eyes at the pink mist that rose from the glass.

"Itís called rapture," Frank returned, his brows disappearing under the onyx blaze of curls that hung over his forehead, "Itís from the lady," he tipped his head discreetly towards the intoxicating redhead. It had been awhile, but instinctively Riker tossed a crooked smile over his shoulder.

"That wasnít enough?" he asked Frank.

"Depends," Frank shrugged, "I think the Rapture warrants more then a nod and a smile, but then Iím not married to someone as hot as your wife. Guess this would be your call captain......But my opinion, everybody needs a little spice now and then."

"Yea," Riker responded, scratching his nails thoughtfully against his beard, sequestering his illicit fantasy, "I suppose at least a personal thank you is in order."

"At least." Frankís response and his suggestive chuckle sounded behind the squeak of Rikerís rocking barstool.

Riker lifted his glass before he sat down at the chair sheíd gestured to with a long manicured nail. "Thanks for the drink," he grinned, inhaling a breath, capturing the scent of her perfume, "Iím not sure Iíve ever had one of these." He couldnít pull his eyes from her face to gesture to the glass.

"Rapture." Flowed over lips that looked as if they been kissed to their full, perfect ripeness. "You havenít lived then."

"Maybe I should start then." He sipped the drink and stared at her through the mist that rose over the glass. The pink smoke only served to enhance her features, and the strong but exotic taste only served to cloud his judgment.

"How do you like it?" She added a more provocative question to her innocent verbal one by stroking her hand against his thigh.

"Just like that." He sucked in a breath, willing himself to keep his eyes open and not surrender to the hand that inched up his thigh.

"And you," he asked, staring into the smoky shadows of her eyes, "How do you like it?"

"Like this," she said, grazing the erection that was growing under his uniform before pulling her hand away from his leg and taking it in hers. She placed his hand on the bare leg that peeked out from the slit in her dress and encouraged him to follow the trail sheíd mapped on his. Riker let his hand rest just where sheíd put it, in the middle of a bare silky thigh, the tops of his fingers disappearing under the fabric. With his other hand, he snagged his glass and gulped another sip of the drink. The cool liquid modifying his internal fire, but doing nothing to take away the moist heat that grazed his fingers.

"No," he said, moments later after relishing the thought of the glistening curls his fingers had been only a whisker away from, "Iím married, it wouldnít be right." he sucked his bottom lip into his mouth, mentally tasting the sexual flavor of her.

"Right," she practically purred, leaning closer to him, "is the opposite of what I was hoping for." Riker was fairly sure he wasnít breathing as she punctuated her desires by dragging the backs of her fingers over the curves of her breast.

"Maybe we could dance." He suggested, forcing himself not to watch the nipples that now strained against the shimmering fabric of her dress, "You did buy me a drink."

"Youíre sure?í she said, "I wouldnít want to get you in trouble."

"Why do I find that hard to believe." He stood up and shifted a few times to alleviate the tension of his uniform, then held out a hand.

"I hope youíre not suggesting," she said in a voice that had surpassed bedroom and was teetering on "Oh my god I'm going to come.", "That I want to get you in trouble."

"Iím not suggesting anything," He tugged her against him, "because nothing I had to say would be fit for a public place."

She laughed, her breasts moving against his chest even as he crushed her to him and moved his cheek against her silky mane of curls, "What is that perfume?" He inhaled another breath of it, a breath that stalled in his lungs as her belly, keeping perfect time with the music, and perfect time with his erection moved against him.

"Intimate encounters." she answered well after his question was forgotten and heíd already begun wondering what exactly the charges would be if he took her here and now. He continued with his speculations as she took advantage of his stunned expression and the close proximity of his lips, using her tongue to emulate the degree of thrusts heíd been plotting for his cock as it pumped into this auburn-haired temptress.

"Your wife doesnít wear intimate encounters?" she asked, nipping at his bottom lip after sheíd asked the question.

"My wife," he said, reciprocating her nip then sucking her bottom lip into his mouth, "has lost her mind."

"Why?" she ask, initiating a pout he was sure she must have practiced for hours as she painted on her lips, "you told me once fucking a redhead wa....í

"Did you say fuck," His voice cracked with arousal, the flames heíd managed to snuff and rekindle ignited into an inferno that engulfed him from the inside out, "in a public place?"

"Yes," There was still a seductive lilt to her voice, but her frown and the wrinkle of her brows displayed disappointment. "Is that bad?"

"I liked it." His voice, just shy of a growl was followed by his hand tangling in the back of her hair, and a kiss, or maybe something beyond that trapping her mouth. All the games heíd been playing dissolved, all she felt was complete, unrestrained trouble.....what sheíd been looking for all along. His lips pulled away with a hollow smack, but his hands continued their exploration of the silken trail he deviated off of several times.

A bit flustered, a little confused and more then a bit annoyed, she looked up at him through the thick lashes that had taken a life time to get to just right, "I donít get this," she said, angry, but not enough to pull her body away from the rock hard erection that pressed against her, "I went through hell to make myself look like this....and all I had to do was say fuck! Frank must think Iím nuts."

"Iím sure he doesnít," Will consoled, "Well, maybe now he does."

"Men," she said on a heavy sigh, cut off by another of his beyond kisses, "Iím naked under this dress," she confided as he pulled away, "I had plans."

"And I have plans." he returned in a voice she was certain somehow heíd managed to stroke against more then her ears. "Shall we?" He gestured towards the exit.

"Fine," she murmured behind a hidden smile, "but next week is my turn."

"Whoa," he snagged her hand, "I thought this was your turn."

"It was," she smirked, "but you always managed to turn my turn into your turn."

"When making love to you, itís always my turn."

"Very smooth captain." she said with a smug smile, "but next week, champagne, petals on the bed, no credits for sexy dresses, just a smile and a dirty word on the tip of my tongue."

"Thatíd work for me," he grinned, taking advantage of her four foot heels and easily teasing her with a kiss.

"Gardening would work for you Will." she smiled coyly and slipped a hand in his, "Letís go."

"Night Frank." Riker called, slapping his hand a few time against the bar.

"Night Captain, night Mrs. Riker, see you next month."


End or not.....if I can tame chapter 2 of this as I did this one, maybe iíll post it too. The next time my meds cloud my judgment <g>