Just playing around in a sleepy state...and paramount owns my toys.

"This is important Will." Deanna leaned forward on the desk, attempting to
make her presence one he wouldn't soon forget.

"Why are you really here Deanna?" Will's steely blue eyes glistened with an
unsettling amount of suspicion. She inhaled deeply, the scent of him playing
havoc with her senses..she tried to stop her eyes from wondering to the
muscled chest that she longed to feel pressed against hers.

"I think I've stated my wishes over and over again Will Riker. Why are you
challenging me?" He got up from the chair behind the desk, so at ease with
himself it infuriated her. He leaned his body against the front of the desk,
his face so close to hers she could feel the warmth of his breath on her

"I just think there's something your not telling me.......Deanna." He
whispered her name, she felt her knees buckle as he stroked a promising
tongue over his lips. She was loosing ground and she knew it...she found
herself falling into the abyss of his powerful presence. She turned away
from the eyes that threatened to drown her in her own desires. She stared
out the portal into the blackness of space, focusing her thoughts and
quieting the desires that seemed to be swallowing her alive. She had come
here to battle for Ensign Devall and the honeymoon he so badly needed..her
visit to Captain Riker's office in the middle of night had nothing to with
what he seemed to want to believe. She turned to face him, his unrelenting
gaze had never wavered. She fought to ignore the deep blue shirt he was
wearing that hung open to reveal his tight stomach, fought her need to open
it further and run her hands over him. He pushed himself off the desk,
rolling his sleeves to reveal tanned and well muscled forearms. She turned
quickly back towards the window, every essence of her body longing for the
man behind her.

"Maybe we should discuss this tomorrow." The breath of anxiety she had
intended on releasing turning into a quivering sigh as his large hands
encircled themselves around her waist.

"What are you afraid of Deanna?" He ask, his hot breath sending a shiver
over her entire body. As he pressed himself closer she felt every aspect of
this man, her burning desire screaming to be freed.

"I thought we had discussed this."

"I don't remember discussing this." His hunger was thick in his voice, her
body slowly sur combing to his mouths exploration of her neck. "Can we
reopen the discussion?" He whispered, unzipping her dress, it falling
obediently to the floor. He didn't await a response, nor give her an option
on weather to turn to face him. Grabbing her by the shoulders he spun her
around, pulling her almost nude body against the warmth of his heated flesh.
As soon as her body responded to his, he pushed her away from him, cradling
her face in his hands. He held it so close to his own, his lips as they
moved stroked against her own....his intense blue eyes almost black with

"Are you ready to negotiate?" He asked slipping the straps of her teddy over
her shoulders, and stoking the curves of her breasts. He kissed her slowly
and gently, pulling away she could see the love that shown in his misted
blue eyes. Her teddy fell helplessly to the floor, her body fell helplessly
into his. Her moist lips painted kisses of passion against his skin...the
taste of him, the scent of him, the gentle sensations of passion that
stroked her body, mind and soul sealed the treaty he strove to negotiate.
She looked into his rich blue eyes, promises of forever imbuing her to her

"I think negotiations are finished Captain...I surrender." He released the
breath he was holding...his body surrendering also to the love he had denied
himself for so long....There bodies melted into one, the intoxicating scent
of his sweat intermingled with hers......their cries of pleasure, and
whispers of love hushed from all by the hum of the warp engines. Their
heartbeats and their breathing slowly returned to normal....but they knew
their lives had changed forever. In finally allowing themselves to sur comb
to the others desires they had broken a rule that had set years ago. But
rules were made to be broken, or bent slightly to conform to those that
followed them....in giving in to their needs, they set a new set of
rules....a set of rules they both would find easy to follow.

"New rule Deanna.....forever and always." Deanna settled her head against
Will's chest, sighing an agreement to the law he had just set. Wrapping
their bodies against each other they fell asleep, blanketed only with a
promise of eternity.