RESISTANCE IS FUTILE (sorry didn't have a title, this one amused me:)
R(only because I'm a Mom, probably isn't really)

((I am much more comfortable fluctuating shield harmonics, then writing any
kind of romantic erotica (especially first person). But at breakfast this
morning a friend kinda challenged me to do this...Well 3 mamosas later, I
agreed. So here it is....I've been on this list long enough, all of you feel
free to laugh at this attempt. I promise I will crawl back into my world of
paranormal psychology, and Techno babble. Liana, I will resume my hiatus
now....just can't turn down a challenge:-))

~no room for a disclaimer after all my guys know the drill~

The stars flashing by the ship dust magical shadows over her ivory skin,
does she even know I'm watching her. Ducking back behind the dense foliage,
I feel almost guilty for watching her with such an incredible desire. It's
been a thousand years since I've touched her, I mean really touched her in
the way that I know that makes her body shiver with pleasure.

But now I can't, I can only lurk in the shadows like some kind of stalker,
and envision the curves of her body fitting perfectly into mine. I made this
bed for myself, and now all I can do is lie in it, alone. The entrancing
smell of the flowers that are my shield, fill my lungs, and heighten my

I gotta get out of here I tell myself.. The erotic thoughts that pulse
through my mind as I watch the gentle raising and falling of her breast is
more temptation then I ever could have been trained to resist. Imagining my
hands gliding over her heated body, my mind is taking me where my body has
forbidden me to go.

Every curve, every nuance of her body is permanently inscribed into my
memory, but like a good book, I yearn to turn through the pages again, find
the one sensitive element I might have missed, and savor those I am sure of.

How is it, I can save worlds, make choices to sacrifice my friends, but I
can't sequester my almost veracious appetite for her.

Backing further into the foliage of the arboretum, I send her a silent good
bye. I know she'll be on the bridge tomorrow, but then the heat of the tears
that cover my cheeks now, and the throbbing of my insistent arousal will
have to be hidden ....buried away, just like every aspect of my love for

I feel my body shutter with his desire, he doesn't think I know he's there,
but the caress of his eyes sneaks over my skin as though his hot hands were
against me.

Oh gods, why can't I just let my guard down, tell him I want him. I can't, I
won't, I'll live with only the memories of his sultry breath whispering over
me. The hungry thoughts that are spinning through his mind cause tiny goose
bumps to tickle over my heated skin.

Sometimes if I close my eyes I can almost smell his sweat....the
intoxicating smell of his sweat, it mixes with a scent that is all his
own....imagining it makes my skin tingle with anticipation. I can feel my
own moist desire, and the eternal ache that will never be soothed, it's
burned inside of me for so long, I find myself wondering if I was ever
without it.

An icy finger seems to trail up my spine, the heat of his thoughts vanishing
as he leaves his covert hiding place.

"Good bye Imzadi" I whisper, turning towards the door as it closes behind

How is it possible for two people to love each other so much, and neither is
willing to take the chance of acting on it. How many times will I cry for
this man, how many times will I allow him to stroll in and out of my life,
each time taking a part of me that can never be replaced. The hot tears that
fall over my cheeks seem to burn the answer into my flesh.

(No more) I pledge, turning towards the door, ready to act on the needs I've
sedated for so long.

And he's there, silhouetted in the doorway, his eyes a smoldering blue gray
like the ocean before a storm. And with an almost unsettling amount of
intensity they move lovingly over my body.

I wipe the tears from my eyes, assuring myself what I'm seeing is not only a
cruel trick of my own mind.

As he moves closer to me, I seem almost trapped in his suggestive gaze,
immobilized by his ardent thoughts. He grabs my face roughly in his hands,
holding it tenderly he seems to be studying my face for a clue.

((oh my god Riker, how much more of a clue do you need!)) My mind screams
the words, my body quivering under his powerful touch. Moving his mouth so
close to mine I can almost taste him, he pulls away. The cold air where his
hands and his breath have left me lash like a razor strap over my cheeks.
Looking into his eyes, the storm that moments ago had only rumbled over
them, now pulls them into a deep pool of smoldering gray, a pool of gray
that is threatening to pull me under.

Looking down at the white silk dress I'm wearing I can see my nipples
staining against it, almost instinctively I wrap my arms protectively around
myself, to hide my arousal, or to protect my heart, I'm not sure.

Raising my eyes to his, his silent command whispers through my
mind...Lowering my arms again to my sides...his hands replace them. Cradling
my back with his masterful hands, his thumbs stroke promisingly over my
hardened nipples. His gentle stroking becoming firmer, his hands leaving my
back and devoting their full attention to his objective, the breath I had
been unaware I was holding quivering from my lungs. Closing my eyes, I allow
myself a brief moment to revel in that which I have experienced only in my
fantasies for so long.

His breath moves closer to my skin, my dress falls helplessly to the floor,
and his body, strong and muscular presses tightly against mine. He makes no
attempt to hide his arousal, but pushes it firmly against my own throbbing
ache, the ache that has haunted me for so long. He runs a tantalizing tongue
over my lips before probing it fiercely into my awaiting mouth, the all too
familiar flavor taking my last coherent thought from my mind.

I remember gasping his name, pushing him forward with his own desires, as I
in turn satisfy mine....swirls of lights and colors, his body moving
rhythmically against mine, becoming faster and harder until my body shatters
in ecstasy under his.

Not a word has passed between us since this little scene began, but in my
fragile heart I know it didn't have to. Somehow Will Riker has broken free
of the chains that held him, not the chains of starfleet, but the shackles
of his own mind. His whispered thoughts pulse through my heart, flow over my
soul, and stimulate every nerve in my body. If there is a heaven, I'm sure
he has just taken me there. Snuggling against his warm chest still moist
with his sweat, I return his unspoken promise.

((As I will always love you, Imzadi.))