They still belong to Paramount, just invading their space again.

This is an imzadi story... I swear

"Captain Riker." He spoke to himself, as he stared at his reflection
in the mirror. Tonight the enterprise would officially be his, his dreams had
been fulfilled..... The door chimes sounded through his cabin, he brushed his
hand through his hair and made one last check in the mirror.
"Come In"
The doors slid open, and framed in the doorway....was his angel, his salvation,
the only thing that had kept him going since....
"You look beautiful,Anela." He allowed his eyes the pleasure of drinking in
each part of her.
"Why, thank you Captain." the words floated from her mouth on a sea of laughter.
"Is there something about calling me captain, you find amusing?"
"Not at all....I think it's quite fitting for you." She tossed the strands of
gold that fell losely around her bare shoulders and reached her arms around his
"I believe your the most handsome Captain on this ship."
"Well thats good, I guess?" he ran his hands through her curls, and lost
himself in the blue of her eyes. "Since Captain Picard is an admiral
now.....I'm the 'ONLY' captain on this ship."
She pulled back, and looked into his eyes. He knew he was hiding nothing from
her, she saw into his soul, as if she were a part of him.
"Your also the captain with the saddest eyes." She felt his pain, she always
had since their first meeting on Betazid. She led him to the couch, and placed
herself on his lap. He pulled her as close to him as he could, trying to drown
himself in the sense of her.
"I always thought she'd be here...when I made Captain, I mean." He felt the
tears burn on his cheeks, and watched as they dripped endlessly into her hair.
He could feel her body shaking, as she wept along with him....loving him so
much that his hurt was her own. Will had never fully understood the bond that
had been created between them....it was as if they were a part of each other
from the moment they met.
He remembered the first time he'd met her, he'd returned to Betazid to
comfort Lwaxana, or perhaps he'd returned so Lwaxana could comfort him. It had
only been two months since the accident....the accident that not only took
Deanna's life, but his as well.
He had returned to their special place......the only place in the universe
where he felt he could go. Lwaxana had warned him not to.
"It's too soon William." she'd said.
But something, or someone called him there. His mind could picture it, as if
it were yesterday......the scent of jasmine, and the sound of Mach Tach filled
him with remembrance. He'd needed to talk to her...to tell him how empty he was
without her, to tell her his career was over....how his life was over, but
instead he'd heard the voice of an angel. An angel in blue jeans, and a
T-shirt, with dirt on her face, and his life in her hands.
"She must have been very special?" she'd said "I doubt she'd want you to throw
your life away."
He had wanted to be annoyed with her, tellin himself how he didn't need a
telapath right now. But instead he'd looked into her eyes, and had seen a piece
of himself.
"What do you know about her? What do you know about me?"
"I know your eyes should be sparkling like sapphires, not smoldering like
He creased his brow, forcing anger he didn't feel. "I'm sure as a telapath, I'm
an open book to you!"
Her blue eyes locked with his. "I am not a telapath! I'm not even from
Betazid!" As the words left her mouth....they pierced his heart. His resentment
and anger over Deanna'a death had left him almost numb, until he had seen that
look in her eyes. The look melted his heart, and he had told her
everything....about his imzadi.....about his career, and about all the mistakes
he'd made in his life. It was as if in that moment in time Deanna had answered
his prayers, and sent him forgiveness.....in the form of this angel before him.
Since that moment in the Janaran gardens, he had started to live again. She had
offered him another crack at life, another shot at his career, and chance to
heal his heart, mind and soul.

He ran his fingers over her silky skin, wondering if he'd hurt her with
his wish to have Deanna here with him on this special day. As her eyes met his
he knew he hadn't...that she understood the eternal bond he shared with Deanna,
even in her death.
"Thank you Anela." he whispered the words, into her ear.
"For what Will? For being your friend?" She cupped his face in her hands, and
filled his heart with her smile.
"For giving me hope....for not letting me give up. And for being here on this
special day." He brushed his lips accross her cheek. "I wish you could stay on
board always." With his words a sadness of her own filled her eyes, a sadness
he'd never understood....the one hidden part of her that he had no access to.
"Well Captain, we should get going...you don't want to be late for the change
of command."
"I guess your right....shouldn't be late for my first official duty as
Captain." He held out his hand, a slight twinkle returning to his eyes. They
walked down the hallway to the turbo lift, slowing only for a moment at the
quarters that had once been counselor trois. Anela rested her head on Will's
shoulder for a moment, a sense of panic welling inside her. Will didn't notice,
his thoughts were focused on the empty cabin, and the empty place in his heart.
The sound of the turbo lift pulled them both out of their thoughts.

Guianin had spared no expense in making this the most festive gathering
she had ever hosted. There was an air of excitement, mingled with sadness
covering the room. The excitement of a new captain....and also the sadness of
losing Admiral Picard to Star fleet head quarters. The sadness showing itself
most prevalently in the green eyes of the first medical officer. He had always
hoped the unrealized love between Beverly and Jean luc would become a reality,
but now with their separation he feared it would be an unfulfilled hope.

"Number one." Admiral Picard held out his hand to his friend. "Or should I say
"Not Captain yet" Will answered as he watched Picard admiring the women on his
"You must be the young lady I have to thank, for sending Will back to us three
years ago." He kissed her hand, and then her cheek. "I'm forever in your debt."
Will cradled his arm around Leanna's shoulder, and beamed with pride. "This is
Anela Kahu, Admiral. I always hoped you could meet." Anela and Admiral Picard
engaged in pleasant conversation, as Beverly pulled Will aside.
"She's very lovely Will, should we be expecting a new addition to the
Will deepened his gaze on her. "No Beverly...we are only friends, nothing more.
She'll be staying in the Tamaran Cluster, when we arrive."
"Tamara? no one stays on Tamara...at least not on purpose." Beverly's eyes
danced with questions. Will considered making a run for it....but he knew he
was only putting off the inevitable. "O.K. Beverly get them all out of your
"Are you in love with her? When you say friends...how close? Why Tamara? Is
that where she's from?" Will let out a soft chuckle, it was always important to
bev to know everything. Since Deanna's death, she had taken on the job of
mother hen.
"I didn't mean you had to ask all your questions in one breath Beverly!" He was
uncomfortable answering she could see that, he shifted his weight back and
forth, and looked at the floor.
"I do love her....but not like you think."
"And how do I think Commander?" She asked with special emphasis on his rank.
"We're friends...not that it's any of your business..... but we're not Lovers."
He felt his cheeks flush, and he again looked at the floor. Beverly looked like
she had just heard the most shocking news of her life....Will was pleased to
see she was actually at a lose for words. After watching her eyes change from
blue, to green, to almost grey...she finally spoke.
"Is it because of Deanna?" Hearing Deanna's name aloud...sent a wave of grief
through him, as though it was only yesterday that she'd died.
"I don't understand it myself Beverly. But I...we... have never felt that way.
When I met her it was like a soft breeze had entered my heart, and chased away
the storm inside of me. It was like I could see a part of Deanna in this
women......a part of Deanna that needed me to live again. Sometimes I......."
He stopped when he saw the look on Beverly's face. "I know....it sounds
crazy...but without her...." he shook his head and shrugged.
Beverly reached up and kissed his cheek. "It sounds wonderful to me Will." She
turned her attention back to Jean luc.
The ceremony was carried out, and Will was now officially The captain of the
enterprise. The celebration lasted until the wee hours of the morning....until
only Will and Anela remained in ten forward.

He was totally exhausted but after walking Anela to her guest quarters, he
headed to the bridge. As the turbolift doors slid open his chest swelled with
pride, he walked down the ramp,and proudly sat in the captain's chair. He
watched as the crew went about their business, but his eyes avoided the empty
chair to his left....Deanna's chair. He closed his eyes, and opened his
mind....removing a barrier he'd placed there so long ago. <I wish you were here
His eyes shot open, as he jumped to his feet....her voice lightly kissing his
mind...<As do I Imzadi.>

After tossing and turning for what seemed like hours Anela had given in to
her fears and headed for Deanna Troi's cabin. Standing in front of the closed
doors, she struggled to fight her desire to go inside. To her surprise the
locked cabin doors slid open, allowing her access to an unknown fear. She felt
the sweat growing on her neck, and watched as her hands shook. her mind telling
her if she passed through these doors her life would change forever. A shaky
breath escaped her lips as she stepped into the cabin. It seemed that all
Deanna's personal belonging were gone....but it seemed a piece of her remained
in the room. Anela walked into the sleeping quarters, the bed was neatly made,
with a few extra pillows....Anela assumed were not starfleet order. She ran her
hand across the satin pillows, a sense of tranquilty healing her fears. Perhaps
her fears had been unwarranted, maybe the room wasn't what she feared, but what
Will Riker would do if he found her here. She turned to leave the quarters, but
instead was drawn to the vanity in front of the mirror. A beautiful antique
hair brush lay on the table, she stroked the smooth surface, her mind trying to
picture Deanna. She staggered forward, a wave of pain penetrating her
mind....she steadied herself on the vanity, unable to open her eyes. As the
pain slowly subsided she regained her strength, her eyes set on the reflection
in the mirror. Will had never shown her a picture of Deanna, and she had
respected his wishes....but she knew that the face looking back at her was
Deanna Troi....and she understood why.
"Help him to find me."
The image spoke and the pain again swirled through her mind.

The bridge crew rushed to their Captains side, as he struggled to stay on
his feet. The sensation sweeping his mind, being so intense as to cause him
"Captain Riker. Do you need medical assistance?" Data's strong hands lowered
him back into the captains chair. Reaching for his head he opened his eyes and
was met by the gold eyes of his first officer.
"I'll be all right Data....It's just a headache. Please everyone return to your
The crowd around him broke up, and only the metallic gaze of his android friend
remained fixed on him. "Really Data, I'm fine. I should have returned to my
quarters after the celebration,"
"Yes Sir...if you were tired that would have been the appropriate thing to do.
Your bridge duty does not begin for twelve hours, I suggest you return to your
quarters and get some rest."
Will nodded his head, and stood the leave. "You have the bridge number one" he
"Understood Sir."

Captain Riker had no intentions of sleeping his mind still haunted by the
sound of Deanna's voice. He needed to talk to Anela, she would understand.
"Deck eight" he spoke.
As he approached her quarters, he increased his pace. The doors to Anela's
cabin were locked, and there was no answer to the chimes.
"Computer....locate Anela Kahu"
The sound of the computer accessing it's memory seemed to be endless.
"There is no Anela Kahu on board the Enterprise."
Will's anxiety was quickly replaced by panic.
"What the hell is going on!"
"Unable to answer....... insufficient data." He rolled his eyes at the
computer, wishing there was some way he could hurt it.
"Override lock on guest quarters eight thirty six.... recognize Riker William T"
The doors to the quarters slid open, as the computer responded to his orders.
"Anela? Anela!" he called her name, his heart telling him there would be no
response. He searched the quarters finding no evidence that she had ever been
on board. He hurried back to the bridge, slowing as he passed Deanna's
quarters. Instead of returning to the bridge, he found himself standing in
Deanna's cabin. It was the first time he'd been there since the shuttle
accident....and as he looked around he understood why. His professionalism was
no match for the emotions that encircled him.

Hurt, and loneliness were not the emotions that surrounded him as he stood
in deanna's cabin. But it was feeling of love and tranquilty that engulfed his
soul. The same feelings he had taken for granted while Deanna was alive. The
feelings Deanna had so willingly showered upon him, since the day they met. His
eyes searched the room, as his mind again reached for the familiar persona that
had entered his mind earlier. His efforts to reach her were futile, only a
vacant spot where Deanna had once been remained. Against his better judgement
he entered the sleeping quarters, the satin pillows he had brought her from
Risa still strewn on the bed. For a moment a sense of despair seeped into his
heart, before his eyes spotted the locket on the floor. It was Anela's locket,
the one she had worn since the day they met. He reached down to pick it up,
thankful that at least a piece of her remained. He had often wondered what
treasure she had stored in the locket, something so precious that it never left
her neck. His large hands fumbled to open the locket, not knowing what he would
find inside. His eyes widen as he stared at the pictures that greeted him.
There was no mistake about the identity of the people contained inside. the
people that Anela held closest to her heart......confusion only touched on his
feelings, as the faces of Ian and Lwaxanna troi stared back at him. He sat down
on the bed, feeling the enterprise slowing to impulse, he knew he'd be needed
on the bridge soon. He needed his questions answered now, and he could think of
only one person that could help. He headed back to his quarters to contact
Lwaxanna Troi.

"What is it William?" He was surprised she didn't already know what he was
feeling, but her telapathic abilities had failed considerably since Deanna's
death. She had never been the same after the loss of her daughter, and he hoped
what he was about to ask wouldn't make it worse.
"Mrs. Troi, I don't want to upset you, but I've had serveral strange experences
since our entrance into Tamaran space."
"Please William, don't worry about me. If I can help you ofcourse I will." She
smiled with her mouth, but her eyes remained vacant.
He squeezed the locket in his hands before holding it up to the screen. There
was no need to ask his question as he watched the tears well in Lwaxanna's eyes.
"Where did you get that?"
"It belonged to Anela....the young women I told you about." He tried to keep
his voice calm, not wanting to make this more difficult then it was for her.
"Mrs. Troi....the pictures in the locket.."
"Are of me and my darling huband Ian. I know. I would like to speak to this
Anela women." Her voice had calmed the powerful Betazid mind kicking in it's
"I'm sorry Mrs. Troi, but Anelas gone. Why would she have this locket?"
Mrs Troi focused her thoughts before she spoke. "The universe is a strange and
wondrous place, Perhaps it's a gift from the gods. The locket has been in our
family for hundreds of years, it was precious to me, as precious as the last
person to wear it."
Will's anxity was building philosophical discussions weren't what he needed, he
wanted answer, and he wanted them now.
"Who was the last person to wear it?!" His voice had elevated, his good
intentions of not upsetting Mrs. Troi seeming very unimportant.
Lwaxanna breathed deeply, he couldn't tell if she was fighting her tears, or
avoiding the truth.
"The locket was entombed with my daughter." She lowered her eyes, avoiding the
look of concern on Will's face. "It was the last gift I had given her, it was
always passed to the oldest daughter."
Her tear stained eyes raised to meet his doubtful ones.
"Yes William, the locket belonged to Kestra."

Will stared at Lwaxanna, there were no words he could use to explain to
her what he was feeling.
<What am I feeling?> he turned the question in his mind. Only hours ago he had
had hope. A hope of a new life.....a hope that Deanna somehow had penetrated
his mind, that their bond had surpassed time and space, and she'd returned to
him....and a hope that Anela could help him to understand it all. But the empty
place in his mind, and his heart had again returned to haunt him, and without
Anela he knew it was more then he could stand. Had she been a mirage, an oasis
to a desperate mind, a drink of cool water to a beaten soul. No.... she had
been there for him for three years, she was not a fantasy, she was real, as
real as the locket in his hand. He ran his hands over his beard as he always
did when faced with a descision. He needed to tell Lwaxanna about his contact
with Deanna....but as he looked at the tear filled hopeful eyes of mrs Troi, he
knew he shouldn't. She believed that somehow Kestra had entered his life, to
protect him.....he knew it was impossible....that it was only a mother's hope.
If Anela was on Tamara he would find her. He didn't know too much about the
Tamaran people, only that Anela insisted on coming here. She had called it
home, the one place in the universe she had most wanted to be.
"I understand your doubts William.....but surely you've heard the legends
about Tamara." He turned his eyes away from her, her hope breaking his heart.
He fumbled with the locket in his hands,as he recalled Deanna telling him about
the island of Moehawne,....an unseen culture....a paradise.....an advanced race
of beings who were capable of surmounting the bonds of space and time.
"Legends Mrs. Troi. Similar to the city of Atlantis.....no proof, only a
dreamers vision. I didn't mean to hurt you with my questions.....I am sorry."
"Nonsense my boy....you've soothed an old women's soul."
He was riddled with guilt, not only had he made her think of Deanna again, but
the loss of Kestra. A battle in her mind that had almost cost her her life. He
studied her carefully watching as each emotion she felt could be read in her
eyes. A slight smile played at her mouth, something he hadn't quite expected.
"Don't be so quick to dismiss the things you can't understand
William.....before Deanna would you have believed in a bond so strong that it
would surpass death."
With her words the screen went blank. He felt a chill run through him, as
though hundreds of spiders were released on his spine. He grasped the locket
tighter in his hands and held it to his heart.
"If your out there I'll find you." He spoke the words aloud not knowing if he
was talking to Anela or Deanna.

He sat on the couch in his quarters replaying the events of the last twenty
four hours, he could feel the haze enveloping his mind, and soon sleep ended
his struggle.
{ He was floating on a sea of clouds, unable to see. He could smell the
perfume, and hear the soft musical voice repeating his name. Anela's voice, so
real, so close....he needed to see her to touch her again if only in his
thoughts. A soft beam of light ebbed it's way through the clouds, and revealed
Anela. Her arms outstretched to him, her smile once again melting his heart and
his fears.
<You have to hurry Will>
He tried to speak, tried to reach for her, but she was just beyond his touch.
<Please Will> she stretched closer to him, but something was holding her back.
She faded deeper, and deeper into the clouds, until she was gone.
"NO!" his voice returned, as his angel was vanished. He continued to float on a
never ending sea of emptiness, tears staining his cheeks, and anger filling his
being. Again the light ebbed through the clouds, he waited hoping Anela would
return. But only a faint distant image filled his mind, the image that was
Deanna Troi.} He jolted quickly from sleep, as the essence of Deanna touched
his mind.
<Don't leave me Imzadi.>
His stomach churned with excitment, the part of his mind that had been void
for so long filling itself again with the familar sensation of Deanna's love.

He closed his eyes and allowed the sensation to completly engulf him. The
undeniable presence of his imzadi, the person who made him whole had again
filled his heart.
<Where are you Deanna?> he thought cast with all his strength, receiving no
answer to his plea. Perhaps her words wern't forth coming, but she again was a
part of him, and he'd move heaven, and earth to find her.
He exited his quarters a new stride to his step, and an old familiar twinkle
to his eyes.
"Bridge" he spoke as he entered the turbolift. It was time for him to do
something, anything to help him find Deanna. As the doors opened to the bridge
he was greeted by his first officer.
"Captain, I was just about to summon you.. the chancellor of Tamara has
requested your presence at dinner to celebrate their admitance into the
federation." Will nodded to Data, unable to keep a smile from his face.
"Inform the chancellor I'd be honored to attend...and then please join me in my
ready room."
Data cocked his head in qeary to his new captain, obviously confused by the new
man in front of him.
"Oh and Data...could you ask Dr. Crusher to join us."
"Ofcourse sir." Data watched as his new captain practically danced into the
ready room.
The chimes to the ready room sounded only moments after he'd left the
"Come" he called to the shut door. He was greeted by the faces of his friends.
Data's confused eyes stared at his captain, but Beverly took one look at him
and practically ran to the desk.
"Will? Will, what is it? you look like......Is it Anela?" her eyes shimmered
with delight as she awaited an answer. Will tried very hard to erase the huge
smile from his face.
"No Beverly, it's Deanna." Beverly's delight was quickly replaced with concern.
"Deanna?" She glanced to Data, who she assumed had much to say.
"I do not understand sir. Counselor Troi is deceased....How does this make you
Will stood up and leaned against the front of the desk, his eyes focused on his
first medical officer, whom he knew would never accept his next statement.
"Deannas alive." he raised his hand to Beverly, "Just hear me out."
"I can't explain this to you, unless you've felt it. But I know that somewhere
Deanna is alive, and she's calling for me. Your my best friends, and you have
to help me find her."
He walked to the window and stared at the planet below. Waiting for the
inevitable protest from the doctor. Beverly opened her mouth to speak but
quickly closed it. She brushed a strand of auburn hair from her eyes,and
remembered. She remembered the bond she had shared with Jean-Luc on the planet
Kesprytt, how incredable it had been to share his thoughts and feelings. If it
were possible to have a bond like that with anyone she wouldn't be the one to
stand in the way.
"How can we help you Captain?" she asked softly.
He turned to face her, knowing at that moment why she had been Deanna's best
"Thank you Beverly.....I think Tamara has something to with it. My feelings
started after we entered Tamaran space."
"But Will, Deanna was nowhere near here when her shuttle exploded." She choked
on the words, remembering how they had all watched in horror as the shuttle
exploded. He placed his hand on her shoulder wishing he could allow her to feel
Deanna as he was.
"I'm sure it has something to do with Tamamra."
She looked into his eyes appreciating the sparkle that had been gone for so
'Wouldn't Anela Kahu be the one to ask about Tamara?" She asked watching as his
eyes darkened .
"I believe Anela is the one who brought us here. I think this is what she
"Pardon me Sir," Data looked with almost human concern at his captain. "Did you
say Anela Kahu? I have been accessing all information on Tamara, and the name
Anela Kahu has shown up in all Moewhane legends." Riker looked at Beverly then
to Data, annoyed at how calm he could be.
"Yes Data...Please continue!"
"The ancient translation for Anela is angel." Will felt as though he had been
punched in the stomach.
"The translation for Kahu is guardian. The Anela Kahu is thought to protect all
pure love. According to legend those who possess pure love will never die, but
be forever protected by the Anela Kahu."
Will turned back to face the window "More mystical Bullshit." he spoke under
his breath. Beverly looked to Data who had stopped his explantion of Tamara.
"Excuse me Sir, You are asking us to believe that a deceased woman is alive,
and sending you messages in your mind. With all do respect I believe that could
also be called 'mystical 'bullshit' as you put it."
Will turned to face his first officer, as Beverly tried to stiffle the giggle
she was feeling.
"Touche Data. Please continue." Will turned his back and listened as Data
explained the Tamaran Socity. The seperation between the two races, those who
had chosen to progress into the future, and those who had chosen to live as
there ancestors had done. Data referred to the primitive race as natives, and
yet the others has tamarans.
Without turning he responded to Data's information.
"Wouldn't they all be natives Data?"
Data looked at his captain with surprise, making Will feel a little silly, and
wishing he'd paid more attention in Alien studies.
"No sir....The Tamarans are only settlers on the planet....the moewhan are the
original occupants of the planet. The moewhan have lived on the islands of
Tamara for thousands of years."
"Moewhane? Data I thought they were only a legend." He faced the commander,
thoughts of Anela, Kestra and Deanna spinning in his mind. He had encountered
many things he couldn't explain since he began his starfleet career, but this
was bordering on 'spooky'.... something he had never put much stock in. Data
remained silent for a moment realizing his captain was struggling with
something he couldn't understand.
"The sacred Island of Moewhane is the source of legends.....but the people of
the islands still believe it to exist, a place of dreams. Hence their name
Moewhan which means dream in the native tongue."
Will straitened his tunic, and turned to Beverly.
"Your a romantic Dr. Crusher, what do you make of all of this?"
"I"ve always thought a mystery should be solved. I suggest we pay a visit to
the Tamarans." She smiled coyly and awaited a response.
Will nodded, his blue eyes sparkling with a sense of adventure. "Agreed....Data
please inform the chancellor I'll be bringing a guest to dinner. And thank you
both. Dismissed."
He stoked his fingers softly over the locket, feeling a slight flutter in
his stomach. He didn't believe any of the things he'd heard in the last thirty
six hours, but he was sure of one thing. If Deanna needed him, where ever she
was that's where he'd be.

Dr. Crusher,and Captain Riker stood on the entrance platform that would
lead them into the city of Teldon. Riker watched as Beverly stood in awe of the
city before them. The towering buildings and elaborate compounds, were years
ahead of anything on earth. It was obviouse the people of teldon treasured all
material objects. The city itself actually shielded of the natural light of the
tamaran suns. Riker found it disturbing, he was happiest amongst the stars, or
on the snow covered tundra of his Alaskan home. Entering the city he found even
the air to be stagnant, without the scent of weather, and nature it was almost
a sterile environment.

"Captain Riker." The tall eloquently dressed gentle men bowed his head in
tamaran tradition. Riker returned the gesture, and introduced his companion. It
was quite apparent the Chancellor found Beverly to be most intriguing. As the
Chancellor surveyed each part of Dr. Crusher,Will allowed his eyes to wonder to
the beautiful women of Tamara. Each with hair so black, it reflected almost
blue in the artificial light, their eyes a shade of violet, he couldn't
describe, and their skin the color of desert sand. He admired their exotic
beauty, but understood how a women like Beverly would be a refreshing change to
the almost clone like appearance of the tamaran females.
" So Captain What do you think of our wonderful city?"
<I hate it, I feel like I'm in a tomb,> he thought, but to the chancellor he
"It's quite impressive."
The Chancellor pointed the officers in the direction of one of the more lavish
"This is my home." The chancellor spoke "We will dine here"
Beverly leaned closer to Will "They certainly spare no expense when it comes to
Will nodded....the home was decorated with all the amenities that go along
with wealth., even the walls were cushioned with a shiny metallic fabric, the
art work on the walls all represenative of the Tamaran's worship of the
"yea, so comfortable in fact if we sit in one of those chairs, we may never get
Beverly smiled at Will's sarcasm as she took her place at the table. The meal
was served in courses, each more splendid then the last. The dinner
conversation remained on a casual level with very little talk of anything but
Tamaran advancements. Will was getting restless feeling as though he was
forever sinking further down into his chair. <Soon> he thought <I can rest my
chin on the table.>
He watched as the Chancellor showered his attention on Beverly.
"I have never seen hair the color of mahutu before, it is quite lovely." The
doctor looked to her lap hiding the blush in her cheeks.
"Mahutu?" Will asked.
"A flower that grows on the islands of the primitive."
Beverly gave a sideways glance to Will realizing their opportunity had
presented itself.
Beverly straitened as much as she could in her chair, watching the amusement of
her Captain.
"Tell us about the islands, Ahmon." Will raised an eyebrow at the first name
basis she had established with the chancellor, he hadn't realized how little of
the dinner conversation he had heard.
"There is not much to tell really." the chancellor responded "The islands are
home to the natives of the planet. Those who choose to live amongst the
vegetation like animals. They waste their time on heathan rituals, worshipping
the ground and the trees.....and using magic spells to heal their sick. They
really are a hopeless species."
Beverly kept her eyes focused on the chancellor, using a small amount of her
femine wiles to keep the chancellor interested.
"I'll bet the islands are beautiful....I would love to see them, and perhaps
the flower you spoke of."
"You may only see the islands from afar. The Moewhan do not allow outsiders to
visit, they believe outsiders will reveal their secrets. What secrets they
could possibly have, eludes me." He spoke with disgust. "Come I will show you
the islands."
Will struggled his way out of his chair, and offered his hand to Beverly. They
followed Ahmon to a large metal door similar to the one they had entered
"I will stay inside....I don't wish to expose my skin to the elements of the
outer layer." Will looked to Beverly and rolled his eyes, deciding this had to
be the shallowest lifeform he had ever met.

Will breathed in deeply, filling his lungs with the fresh clean air. The
vast blue water seemed to stretch endlessly until meeting the puffs of pink
clouds that settled themselves over the islands. The clouds almost sheltering
the islands from the Tamaran technology.
"It's almost dream like." Beverly whispered.
Will agreed, recalling his dream of Anela as she floated in the clouds, and the
voice of Deanna begging him not to leave her.
"I've got to get to that island Beverly. I have a feeling all my answers are
under those clouds."

The officers returned to the enterprise, after spending an endless evening
with the Chancellor. Will was anxious to get started on his plan to visit the
island.... but Beverly had ordered him to bed after noticing the circles under
his eyes. Will laid on his bed the events of the last few days spinning through
his mind. He was far too anxious to sleep, and the wrath of Dr. Crusher was not
going to stop him from making his plans.
"Riker to Data"
Data's almost instantaneous response came.
"Yes Sir"
"Data meet me in the observation lounge, we have a strategy to plan."
"Aye Sir"
Will got to his feet and headed for the door, an overwhelming sensation running
through his mind. The essence of Deanna still remained, but a presence he had
never felt before fell in beside hers. He closed his eyes, and supported
himself on the door. The feeling becoming stronger he slid himself to the floor.
<Deanna, What's happening?>
It was not the voice of Deanna that answered, but a faint almost invisible cry.
the sound causing him actual pain. but as quickly as it entered his thoughts,
it was gone, replaced again with the familiar presence of Deanna.

"What the hell was that?" He got to his feet, still massaging his head. He
stood for a moment trying to shake the feeling of a stranger in his mind.
Trying to recall the word it had called to him.
"No use" he thought as he fought to remember, "I have to find Deanna." He
headed for the observation Lounge, his instincts telling him he was running out
of time.

Captain Riker, and his first officer spend most of the night planning there
infiltration into Moewhane society. After accessing several programs, and
creating a halo graphic program to learn more, Will decided he was ready.
"Now Data, all we need is a little help from Beverly. She should be joining us
Within moments Dr. Crusher entered the observation lounge, her green eyes
flashing with anger.
"I shouldn't allow you to go anywhere. Look at you, you haven't seen a bed for
Will responded soothingly . "I promise Bev, if we pull this off I'll stay in
bed for a week when we get back."
Beverly understood why he'd be staying in bed for a week if he found Deanna,
and she couldn't help but smile. "That's not exactly what I meant....Oh never
mind, What is it you need."
She watched the smile spread across his face.
"I need to become a blond."
Beverly giggled
"Don't laugh Beverly, I've never given any thought to changing my look. All
Moewhane are blond haired, with blue eyes." He shifted his weight, his smile
leaving his face.
"They are also free of body hair."
He ran his hand through his beard, and saw the delight on Beverly's face. "You
mean you have to shave that fur off your face."
"I knew you'd enjoy this. But it's not just my facial hair that has to go, due
to the lack of clothing worn by the Moewhan, I need my chest,arm, and leg hair
removed." He waited for a response, but instead was faced with sea of laughter.
"This *is* an away mission Doctor....and I think a little professionalism is
called for."
'I'm sorry sir, your right. We should get started right away." She took his arm
and pulled him towards the door.
Will felt a twinge of panic as the far too eager doctor escorted him out of the

Beverly bit her lip, and the transporter chief looked away as Captain Riker
entered the transporter room. She eyed her Captain from head to toe, his
clothing..... or lack of it leaving little to the imagination. His face, legs,
and chest were completely free from hair, his blond hair hung to his shoulders,
and the eyeinserts she had put in his eyes, created an almost iridescent look.
"I hope your right about this Will."
Will looked at the doctor "If I figure out any of things that have happened
since we got here, even the pain of my chest hair growing back will be worth
She leaned in closer to him the smile she'd been wearing since Will's
transformation began dissolving into a look of concern.
"I know you have to do this, but please don't be too disappointed if your
Will stroked his finger across Beverly's chin. "If I'm wrong....You'll never
see that 'fur' on my face again." he winked reassuringly as he stepped onto the
transporter pad.
She turned away hoping he'd come back with a full beard.

The coordinates Data had programmed were a little off due to the cloud
formations. But since he had no idea what he would find or where to go it
seemed of little importance. He walked very carefully, with each step some
other foreign object penetrated his bare feet.
"Son of a bitch!" He sat down on the nearest stump, and brushed the bottom of
his feet. He closed his eyes, searching for Deanna, hoping he would feel closer
to her here. Actually his human instincts told him he was alone.....it was
strangely silent, in fact almost deafeningly so. It was as if life had stopped
when his presence had been detected. He walked for miles, each tree, each vine
looking similar to the last. The smell of water filled his senses, walking
towards it, he realized the cloud cover actually met with the ground.
Everything around him was hazy, but he followed the sound of the water. As he
arrived at the falls he stopped to rest. He reached down to retrieve some water
and smiled at the strange image of himself that stared back.
"Maybe I am nuts." he thought as he splashed his face with the cool water. He
laid down on the grass, the swirls of pink clouds and blue water mixing
together to create an almost hypnotic pattern.....he felt his mind slowly
closing down until darkness fell over him.

As he awoke the peaceful sound and smell of the falls had gone. He opened
his eyes, and surveyed his surroundings. He was in a shelter of some kind, very
simple, and very quiet. He sat up on the bed deciding weather to leave, or find
out who brought him here. His latter question was answered, as he looked
towards the door.
He felt his body grow weak, as the worries of a hundred life times were
lifted from his shoulders. Unable to move, he stared into the dark ebony eyes
of his visitor. He wanted to run to her, to feel her body against his, to fill
his senses with each part of this women he feared was lost forever.
But something was wrong, she stood motionless in the doorway, her eyes
studying him closely. Finally she spoke, the exotic unmistakable sound of her
voice filling the room.
"Are you the one who fills my thoughts. The one who will not let me rest."
Will's heart sank with her words....as he struggled for words of his own.

He fought off the emotions that her words had caused, and struggled with the
tears that stung at his eyes. He felt her love in his mind as fresh as it had
always been, yet this women before him, watched him with an unsettling amount
of suspicion.

He remained silent closing his eyes, and hoping his thoughts would reach her.
Hoping if his words could touch her mind, it would erase the uncertainty from
her eyes. <I'm here Deanna> he thought.

She raised her hand to her head, the suspicion in her eyes replaced by hope as
she reached her hand toward him. "Then you are the one. She said you would

His hand trembled as he reached for her, and pulled her to him. The questions
in his mind paling in comparison with the pleasure of her touch. He could feel
her tears against his bare chest, as she struggled to get closer to him.
Without knowing who he was, she had accepted him as part of herself. She
surrendered herself completely, and gave herself totally, until only the sounds
of their passion filled the small shelter.

She rested her head on his chest, and tried to understand the feelings that
enveloped her. With no recollections of this man beside her, he had walked into
her life and filled her with the pleasures, she had felt only in dreams. Filled
every aspect of her being just as she had been told.

Will stroked the satiny skin of her shoulder and pondered the questions that
still filled his mind. He knew all that mattered was she was here beside him,
she had again become a part of him...but something gnawed at his soul.

Deanna rose from the bed, and filled his heart with her smile. Pure
unconditional love willingly bestowed on a man she didn't even know. He watched
as she dressed herself, admiring each curve of her body.

"I will return" she spoke softly, the breath from her words softly kissing his

He laid quietly on the bed, filling himself with thoughts of her, but again the
small unfamiliar presence entered his mind. So weak compared to that of Deanna,
but still lightly touching him.

"We hoped we would reach you." he jumped at the sound of the voice.

"Anela!" he watched as the angelic face smiled upon him.

She shook her head. "I was only the messenger they sent to you. It was the
minds of many that helped us find you."

Will stared in confusion, the questions that had seemed so unimportant earlier
tumbled from his mouth. He pulled the locket from his pack and held it to the

" Does this belong to you."

"The locket was only a tool, a way to lure you here." She tossed her golden
hair, and penetrated his soul with her eyes.

"Your imzadi's 'death' was not meant to be.....there was suppose to be so much

He felt the knife in his stomach as he struggled to ask the next question.

"Is Deanna dead?"

She remained silent, her eyes telling him he shouldn't have ask. She reached
for his hands, and held them to her lips.

"We were responsible for the accident. We will not allow our experiment to
interfere in the lives of others."

Will's curiosity was quickly being replaced by rage.

"Experiment?! What the hells going on."

She held her hand to his cheek, his anger evaporating with her touch. She spoke
slowly her voice soothing his fears.

"I believe your love is strong enough....that you will never reveal our
secret......We are the creators of the Tamarans. It was their technology that
caused Deanna to die. All those who have been destroyed by the Tamarans are
brought here. They are our failure, and we must fix what they have become."

Will choked on his words.."So she did die?"

"The dimensions of time and space are something far too complex for you to
understand. But your Deanna taught us of a power much more complex..We were
amazed that the veil placed on Deanna's mind could be penetrated by her
thoughts. Her love is very strong, most of those we save are happy here. But
this one struggled in her dreams.....calling a name over and over."

Will's eyes held hers as he spoke "Imzadi?"

'Yes, After many months we decided she would never be happy until we found this
imzadi she spoke of. And now you are here....you can take them home and make
them well."

Will ran his hands over his face. "Them?"

Her beautiful smile disappeared from her face. "Deanna was not alone on the

He was afraid to ask, afraid to speak. It was all getting to be too much to be
real, he thought for sure he would awaken soon, the terrible empty void
returning to his mind. If this were a dream...if this were death, he would
rather be here then ever live again.

She waited patently for him to tell her he was ready to hear more. Will looked
into the eyes of the women, perhaps the most perfect creature he had ever seen,
and nodded.

"Deanna was carrying your daughter."

He felt his legs turn to liquid, and sat quickly on the bed. "Daughter? is

"She is here with us......she is very beautiful." As she spoke the words he
knew for sure that hers was the voice of an angel......an angel that had
returned him his life, a new life filled with hope and promise....."

He turned suddenly at the sound of Deanna's voice.

"We are ready Imzadi." The word melting his heart as it drifted from her lips.

His tears freely fell on his cheeks as he gazed at the beautiful child before
him. Her hair a shiny tossle of ebony, and her wide eyes as blue as the betazid


Deanna's eyes mirrored his tears as she spoke.

"This is your daughter.....Anela."

"Anela?" Will's words were almost a whisper, as he squatted to the floor.

"Angel" he said,as he scooped the child in his arms. The unknown presence in
his mind being replaced by this small piece of heaven Deanna had given him.

He watched Deanna as she whispered to the woman, never releasing the small
precious gift in his arms.

"Thank you" Deanna whispered "Thank you for taking care of him"

Will watched as the two women shared a hug, that would have to last them a

"You must go now." she spoke softly, a hint of saddness in her tone.

Will nodded wrapping his new family in his arms.

"We will be together again someday." she whispered, as she watched them
disappear through the falls.